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The Dragon Lover

In silence, Arc followed as well. Her expression was of silent consideration, glancing around to make sure she wasn't surprised.

((...*'nother headdesk*))

11/22/2009 #61

(Yay for RP'ing suckitude!)

11/22/2009 #62

The small group of marines followed the alien through the base, marveling at the advanced technology before them.

After a bit, Allen decided to speak up.

"Sir, I-"

"Where are we going?" Gorbech blurted out.

Allen turned around and shot him a look that would have soured milk, which Gorbech unwisley (Is that a word?) decided to ignore.

(Its the RP Block.



11/22/2009 . Edited 11/22/2009 #63
The Dragon Lover

((*eats Celly*

*eats RP CUBE*

Mmm, so hungry. D: I hate going over to Dally's house because I'm starved over there. They eat, like, once a day! *pitifulface*))

11/22/2009 #64

(Once a day? Thats horrible. I couldn't eat less than three, and I'd be evil without the fourth.)

11/22/2009 #65
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( That bites... pardon the pun. ))

"We are going to the bridge." The alien replied. "Kelm-arn Dantai is expecting us." He led the way to a lift. "I suggest that all of you take hold of the rails." Ryan nodded and took hold of one of the rails on the walls of the lift.

11/22/2009 #66
The Dragon Lover

((Which was exactly why I was so eager to leave. XP Not to be mean, but...damn, I need to eeeeeeeeeeat. I am the girl whose stomach is a black hole, because it takes in so much and doesn't seem capable of packing it all in a tiny body!))

Doing as she was instructed, Arc took a hold of the rails with both hands, her claws gripping it tightly. She wasn't about to take any chances with foreign technology.

Mostly to herself, she muttered, "Tower of Terror, anyone?"

((Oh, and your pun wasn't pardoned. }:D Because I'm a meanie like that.))

11/22/2009 #67

(*uneats Celly* }:D)

Calixra relayed the message to the twins, then took hold of the railing herself. Tinfi flew in circles around their heads, probably making them dizzy...

(I begunded my plot in the Shadow Universe }D)

11/22/2009 #68
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Speaking of which, I've been meaning to ask. Why is Cel so edible? XD ))

11/22/2009 #69
The Dragon Lover

((Because...umm...actually, he's not very edible...


11/22/2009 #70
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Then why does he get eaten every dozen posts? XD ))

11/22/2009 #71

(People have a craving for celery I guess *eaten*)

11/22/2009 #72

(*Throws Cel into a pot of Gumbo*)

Allen smacked Gorbech in the back of the head, then proceded to follow the group.

The rest followed, trying not to laugh.

11/23/2009 #73
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Once he was sure that everybody had a decent grip on the rails, the alien tapped a symbol on the wall of the lift.

Instantly, the lift shot off, traveling at a speed of around 45 miles an hour.

"If you want to see something that will likely amaze you, take a look out to your left." The alien said, pointing. For, our the clear wall of the lift, once could see an awe-inspiring view. The planet beneath them, its sun just coming into view, outlining the entire planet in orange light. For their place in orbit, they could see around three quarters of the great continent, a huge mass of greens and browns, white clouds appearing as small white patches. The Dividng River stuck out, a deep navy blue, matched in color only by the Great Sea, visible on the right side of their view.

11/23/2009 #74

(How is Portensus going to stay on the lift?)

The marines looked over, and tookl in the scenery of the new planet.

Gorbech turned to Allen. "So there are planets like ours out there." Allen nodded.

11/23/2009 #75
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( He's not on it. He and Sam are still back in the teleport control room. ))

"Not quite the same, as you can see." The alien said. "Our planets were much more alike many millions of cycles ago. Your planet, not yet inhabited by your kind, closely resembled our own, a single mass of land amidst a massive ocean. Ours has not changed much, while yours has."

11/23/2009 #76

Gorbech nodded and trailed off.

The rest of the soldiers shifted their rifles anxiously.

11/23/2009 #77
Soul of Light and Darkness

The blue cloud that was Portensus continued to condense in on itself, randomly forming solid shapes that dispelled back into blue fog just as soon as they had appeared. Hecontinued to murmur deliriously to himself for a while, completely unintelligible and evidently unaware of his current location. Suddenly, a lightning bolt erupted from the cloud and blasted a hole in the wall directly above Sam's head.

"Huh?" Portensus murmured, sounding suddenly more aware of himself but still evidently groggy. Slowly, a single small sphere appeared in the middle of the cloud and took shape until it resembled a disembodied eye. The eye slowly panned around the room with a clearly confused air as he searched for something recognizable. Finally, he caught sight of Sam and focused on her.

"...Sam?" he asked slowly, as though he was only just remembering her name. "Where...where am...where are we?" Evidently his mental faculties had not completely or even remotely returned, but at least now he was aware of himself. "...what happened"

11/23/2009 #78
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I'm not really sure I know an answer to any of those questions." Sam said. "But... it is me, at any rate. You seem to be improving." She looked a little on edge from having a lightning bolt shot at her, but nonetheless relieved.

11/23/2009 #79
Soul of Light and Darkness

"Ugh..." Portensus mumbled. "Can you talk slower, please? My head feels head..." Portensus paused suddenly. "What happened to me?" he asked suddenly, as though he had not just made the same inquiry not three seconds ago. "Where are we?"

11/23/2009 #80
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I don't know." Sam said slowly. "But you are improving. I am relieved."

11/23/2009 #81
Soul of Light and Darkness

The cloud slowly condensed in on itself until it was a solid sphere hovering in mid-air with the single eye protruding from the front. Portensus didn't quite seem sure enough of himself to try anything more complicated.

" don't?" he asked slowly. He began to hover slowly around the room, looking around himself.

"Oooh!" he suddenly squealed, zooming over to stare at the teleporter pad. "That looks cool! What's it do?"

((Aetos, Portensus has currently been reverted to the intelligence level of a toddler. However, his vast power has not been diminished, and with the proportionate reduction in maturity he'll have far fewer inhibitions about using it when people annoy him. Sam's going to have to look after him until his mind returns to normal, or he's going to blow up anyone and anything who annoys him.

I thought it would be funny. And I like to people :D))

11/23/2009 #82
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Don't worry about that, she was planning on doing that anyway. ))

"Portensus, please come away from there." Sam said in a motherly voice. Clearly this was not her first time dealing with "children." "You could get hurt."

11/23/2009 #83
Soul of Light and Darkness

"Aw..." Portensus mumbled as he floated away from the pad. "But it looks cool," he said in one final protest of his position. "Can't I just look at it?"

11/23/2009 #84
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"You can look from here." Sam replied. "Those nice people over there told me not to get too close, either." She smiled at him. "Be a good boy for Sam?"

11/23/2009 #85

(This is... interesting... *sits watches*)

(...Would this be a good time for Ml to show up? :D *killed*)

11/23/2009 #86
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(If he can get past the shielding, then feel free, but considering as the shield disrupts any unverified incoming travelers, including teleportation, he's likely to be destroyed unless you can find a way around it, verification not being an option.)

11/23/2009 #87
Soul of Light and Darkness

"Okay," Portensus replied reluctantly, hovering over next to her. His eye wandered over to the people she had indicated, and he stared at them as covertly as a five-year-old could. They hurried busily about, acting very proffesional as they fiddled with this and adjusted that.

"Who are they?" he whispered to Sam.

11/23/2009 #88
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I have no idea." Sam said. One of them walked over to her and started speaking in the same alien tongue. Sam raised an eyebrow. He continued to spout off gibberish, and pointed at Portensus. Sam shrugged, and pointed at her ear, then at him, and shook her head. He made a universal gesture for exasperation.

He facepalmed.

He pointed at Portensus, then made a motion of looking around excitedly, staring over one of his comrades' shoulder, then shook his head. Sam raised her eyebrows and then nodded. "Portensus, please don't disturb them." She said. "They are having trouble focusing with you floating around and disrupting their work."

11/23/2009 #89

(Easy, he can warp directly into the place by bending space and such. :D)

A voice spoke, echoing around the room. "And what's this? The weatherman said it would be sunny all day today!" A tall humanoid in an obscuring cloak appeared behind Sam and Portensus. "But it's cloudy instead," he said, looking at the partially-dispersed Portensus. "Hm, I suppose it's not unheard of for him to be wrong..."

11/23/2009 #90
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