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This is an area not affected by the events of the RP. This is a thread that you can use to test out your characters in battle with another RPer's. Anything is possible, really, 2v2, 2v1, 3v3, you name it. You can use pick any number of characters entered, and fight in any location, as long as both (Or all) RPer's agree.

Though events in other RPing topics do not apply, the general forum rules still do, and this thread is to be treated like any other, except that it is intended for complete expirimental combat.


11/27/2009 . Edited 11/29/2009 #1


I'm all for this.

11/27/2009 #2
Soul of Light and Darkness

*Portensus appears with a very large sword and a smile*

Well Secare? Shall we?

*Secare rings a scream of lust and passion*

11/28/2009 #3

With a flash of light, Ml appeared in cloaked-humanoid form. He lifted his arms, and a huge sword with a dragon-like shape appeared in front of him, floating in the air. It spun once and then snapped to his left hand. "Haha, it's time to die, Portensus!" he said with a grin.

11/28/2009 #4
Soul of Light and Darkness

Portensus raised an eyebrow, an amused gleam in his eye.

"You will attempt to kill that which cannot die? You amuse me, mortal. Tell me, what will you do if I take away your technology?"

Portensus jabbed a finger at Ml, and aura tendrils erupted from his hand and hurled themselves at Ml with the obvious intent of burrowing straight into his body and ripping out every piece of synthetic creation to be found.

"Where is your power now?"

11/28/2009 . Edited 11/28/2009 #5

Ml swept his sword down so fast that the aura tendrils dispersed into a mist. "'Technology' is such a relative term. You seem to think it's something that can be separated out from the 'natural'. But it's just the application of science, which is the acquisition of knowledge. What you see here is not what I am." Ml grinned, and then suddenly a ring of swords identical to the one he was holding appeared around Portensus. "You're dead, my friend. Heh."

11/28/2009 #6

At once, several of the buildings that surrounded the two (No one said anything about a setting, So why not Madison avenue?) had a breakdown on the lower levels of their structures. Massive explosions sent nine of the building craching down, towards the two combatants.

Halifax rose from the rubble.

11/28/2009 #7

Just then, an old man walked onto the scene!

"What's going on here? I CANT SLEEP WITH THIS RACKET!"

11/29/2009 #8

A tentacle shot out from one of the destroyed buildings, and wrapped around his waist.

11/29/2009 #9
Thunder Lord Aeatos

At a rooftop cafe at a nearby building, a black-haired human woman looked up from a cup of tea. " Explosions? Here? And... I know that voice..." She said, looking around. Nobody else was within visual range atop the roof. Nodding to herself, she crouched to one knee and placed both hands on the ground.

She pushed herself forward in a dead run towards the side of the building. After three steps, she began to change, hair growing shorter and turning white, matching white fur sprouting all over her body, clothing merging into it. By the time she reached the edge, Sam had fully taken her true form.

Then, she jumped, sailing much too far for any normal wolf to jump. She landed nimbly on a protruding flagpole on the opposite building, jumped down to a ledge, and found her way to the fire escape, descending quickly.

11/29/2009 #10
Soul of Light and Darkness

Portensus watchd the blades circling him with evident nonchalance.

"The sheer scope of your ignorance and stupidity," he stated casually to Ml, "is matched only by the size of your own misplaced ego. You think yourself a god simply because you have a few impressive toys? Fool. For all your special widgets and what not, what do you know? Can you tell me specifically in ten words of less how to rewrite the law of constant gravity using the amount of energy found in a car battery? Can you explain the exact relationship of dark matter and a black hole in such a way as it manages to warp the fabric of space in ever widening circles? What causes dark flow? How do you cure, not suppress but cure, a virus?"

With a wave of Portensus' hand the circling blades vanished as though they had never even existed. Secare gave a series of small mocking chimes.

"Your range of knowledge is so feeble it could probably fit within all the libraries of Earth (to a god or other similar creature this is a very grave insult, but let's see if Ml knows that ;) ) For instance, you seem convinced that you can kill me. Such nonsense is not only impossible, but laughable. I am infinitely older than you ever will be and I suffer none of the limitations that mortals are bound by. And you do. Behind all the gadets and special effects you're just a little boy in a playsuit pretending to be something you're not."

The chaos happening around Portensus did not register with him at all. It was of no consequence anyway. He had eyes only for the arrogant fool standing before him.

11/29/2009 #11

Ml laughed and vanished instantly. His voice echoed around Portensus, mocking and gleeful. "I know a good deal many things you'll never know. My kind have only gotten to where we are by using our stunningly cunning minds and intellects. I can give you accurate weather forecasts for any planet in any number of universes. I can calculate and even control the rate of space expansion in any part of this universe." His grinning face appeared, floating in front of Portensus. "I know about you, too, Portensus. I know what you are, and all of your weaknesses. You're a do-gooder, one of the uptight kinds I can't stand. Oh, I understand your sense of 'justice', but I see no point in adhering to it when you have as much power as you and I have. Why waste your life helping others? You can easily find more entertaining ways to, er, entertain yourself."

Ml's face vanished, and he then appeared next to Portensus. "They're like ants. Lesser beings have no importance, and you have a right to squish them as you wish. They can easily make more of themselves, right?" He laughed. "You feel the same power I do. You know you're tempted to use it to benefit yourself... Of course, I only use my power for what seems interesting to me. I would never just wipe out an entire people. Cause disruption, certainly. Cause change, definitely. But eradication is a little too boring for my tastes. I prefer to watch how beings act when I twist their lives around. When I put them in places they don't want to be." He paused thoughtfully. "Of course, sometimes the higher-ups want things from me I don't want to do. Occasionally eradication of a species. I don't particularly like that, but I don't mind either. There are always more interesting places and people."

He disappeared and reappeared in front of Portensus. "And that, my friend, is why I will not kill you. I could, but I won't. I'll simply hurt you." He began to transform, becoming bigger, bulges pushing out of his cloak. Claws shot out of his fingers. "Let's see, would you rather stop me, or, perhaps... save your girlfriend? Or wolffriend, whichever term is more appropriate." He grinned, exposing inhuman fangs and teeth far pointier than human teeth were supposed to be.

Elsewhere, as Sam was descending down a fire escape from a nearby building, the stairs in front of her suddenly collapsed. Around her, cracks began to appear in the walls, as the building suddenly lost structural integrity.

11/29/2009 #12
Soul of Light and Darkness

Portensus glanced at Sam's plight with casual indifference.

"I will prove nothing to you Ml," he said. "She can die. But you must learn your place."

"You say your race got where they are because of their intellect, yes? 'Got where they are?' This implies that they weren't always as well off as they are. At some point in time, your people were weak. What if they stayed that way? What if their technology failed to advance? What if I stopped it? What would happen to you?"

Portensus waggled a finger at him. "You have weaknesses that I do not, and I will not hesitate to exploit them. I am not driven by some Star Trek-esque prime directive. I have no qualms interfering with the development of a species if it means ridding the universe of an irritating pest such as you."

With casual ease Portensus stepped outside of three dimensional space and began traveling backward across the fourth dimension toward a time when Ml's people were still learning the basics of fire-building and farming.

11/29/2009 . Edited 11/29/2009 #13

Ml laughed, a suddenly grating and warbling sound now that he was... something else. "So you don't care about her? Oh ho, so you just pretended to care? Manipulated her and her feelings, did you? Looks like there isn't as much separating you and me as you thought. Unless..." His eyes flashed. "Unless you're putting on an act of indifference to make me spare her. It won't work, fool. She will die unless you save her." He growled and lunged at Portensus, slashing with several razor-sharp claws at a speed most creatures couldn't hope to match.

11/29/2009 #14
Soul of Light and Darkness

Ml's blades passed straight through Portensus's body as though he was cutting water.

"I do not expect you to spare her. As I said, she can die. I do not care. Besides, i na moment her will no longer be a possibility, because you won't have been there to cause it."

11/29/2009 #15
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Sam panicked and jumped for the next building, trying to get a hold on a windowsill. She scrabbled at it for a minute with her forepaws, then lost what little grip she had and fell three stories straight down. A sickening crack, a jolt of pain, and an uncontrollable yelp told her that one of her rear legs had been broken.

11/29/2009 #16

"You can't even choose? You prefer to run away to a different timeline rather than face your adversary? Coward." Ml spat at the ground. "I thought you were a worthy adversary, but all I see is a coward! I can do no more here. Keep your justice and morals, and watch as they slip away, swallowed by the real world!" He then exploded into fire which flared for a second, then was gone.

11/29/2009 #17

#96 slowly made its way out from under one of the collapsed buildings, tentacles probing for anything interesting.

(Anyone? Anyone? Going once...)

11/29/2009 #18
Soul of Light and Darkness

Ml's sudden disappearance did not slow Portensus' actions in the slightest. He continued his resolute and steady travel across the fourth plane, marchign backward through the ages just as easily as one might march through a field.

"You must be stopped, you fool," Portensus said to himself. "And I'm going to stop you."

11/29/2009 #19
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Sam limped towards the street, knowing full well that she probably wouldn't make it. But she couldn't understand. She knew Portensus was here. And she knew he would have been able to sense her plight. But where was he?

11/29/2009 #20

(...I'd just like to point out, the original idea for this topic was combat, and nothing but.

But, since you've already come this far, not much point now.)

11/29/2009 #21
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( I was planning on that originally... ))

11/29/2009 #22

(Then let us have at it! #96 is ready to go.)

(Or not...g2g)

11/29/2009 . Edited 11/29/2009 #23
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Aww, sonuva... ))

11/29/2009 . Edited 11/29/2009 #24

(I'm back.)

11/30/2009 #25
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Kewl. And, since he has yet to be used... ))

Amidst the chaos, with people running away from #96, the destroyed buildings, and so on, one person went the opposite direction, right towards it. Straightening his wire-rimmed glasses, Michael Rapsodi stared at the strange tentacle monster. "What in Zeus' name are you?"

11/30/2009 #26

#96 turned towards him, let out a cry, and began spinning, sending multiple of its tentacles lashing out towards Michael.

11/30/2009 #27

Air rippled and a portal opened.

Zen stepped through. She held out her hands and a glowing staff coalesced in them.

"The Flow is being unbalanced here. You will all stop this foolishness," she cried.

Kex stepped through. His body glowed from within.

"Even if we have to stop you ourselves," he stated.

Daehan stepped though. He sketched syls in the air and formed spheres of light around himself and his companions.

"And besides, no one likes monologues," he said.

11/30/2009 #28
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Michael jumped straight up, nearly fifteen feet in the air, and landed, cracking the ground under his feet. "Gonna have to do better." He said.

11/30/2009 #29

"And besides, no one likes monologues," he said.

"Agreed." Isabella replied, anxious to fight. She tossed a few bolts of ice at #96 from her vantage point atop the rubble.

11/30/2009 #30
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