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Typing Typhoon

(... ... epic...)

Splinter Head smacked the bus aside as it continued to increase in both size and momentum. Now within several yards of Zerst, it threw a massive left hook.

3/23/2010 #211

Zerstorung ran up the arm of the beast, and cut a gash in its neck with his machete.

3/23/2010 #212
Typing Typhoon

Splinter Head staggered from the blow, yet was able to swing around and issue a follow up attack.

3/23/2010 #213

Zerstorung lept of its neck, through the window of an office building.

(gtg bbl lololololololol)

3/23/2010 #214
Typing Typhoon

Spliter Head pounded the ground Donkey Kong style in frustration. It scooped up a pair of cars and hurled them into Zerst's direction.

3/23/2010 #215

In response, lightning shot towards the beast from a few stories up.

3/23/2010 #216
Typing Typhoon

The monster was unfased. Now standing roughly 14 ft tall it slammed its mace like fist into the lower sacffolding of the building, which start to crumble beneath its powerful attacks.

3/23/2010 #217

Zerstorung ran up stairs like the lightning he just shot. He got to roof, and threw his machete through the monsters face.

3/23/2010 #218
Typing Typhoon

The machete sank deep within the monster's rune etched face, however, it was now too big to be fazed by such attacks. With a final blow, the whole building collasped...

(Splinter Head gets stronger depending on the wellfare of its controller. If its user has powered up or is somewhere nearby, it gets more powerful. Not Class 4 powerful, but powerful.)

3/23/2010 . Edited 3/23/2010 #219


Zerstorung flew down a manhole, into the subway system.

3/23/2010 #220
Typing Typhoon

Splinter Head scraped away at the road surroundint the man hole with little success. It wordless picked off two of its thorn and let them fall into the sewer. The golem shrunk half a foot and sat down and waited patiently.

The thick wooden spikes rapidly morphed into two smaller version of Splinter Head. Ones that could access the cramped area. The two monster tore off towards Zerst in hot pursuit.

3/23/2010 . Edited 3/23/2010 #221

Zerstorung shot out of another manhole, and flew up several thousand feet high. He concentrated for a few moments, and the entire city was set ablaze.

3/23/2010 #222
Typing Typhoon

Splinter Head thrashed about as as its splinters where oblitherated. The fire rapidly engulfed the monster and it messily stumbled out of the blast radius.

3/23/2010 #223

Zerstorung flew towards it, and a couple hundred feet away blasted it repeatedly with HE shotgun rounds.

3/23/2010 #224
Typing Typhoon

Splinter Head shattered, and sank into the ground...

A dark plated figure appeared over the wreck. With a flick of his wrist a torrent of energy was fed into the fallen titan.



Splinter Head slowly righted itself, once again ready for battle. It shrunk back somewhat at the sight of Zerst, but neverthess prepared for battle. Death Hammer procured a massive war hammer that even make Mort shine a tear of jealously.

"I don't know who you think you are, but you are nothing compared to our combined might!" Death Hammer shouted, twirling his massive weapon.

(Splinter Head is kind of boring one-on-one, I'm tossing in Death Hammer and some back up. Preferably Captain Cliche, cuase I'm bored. Lest you'd prefer Helsing.)

3/23/2010 . Edited 3/24/2010 #225

(Hmmm, two one two?)

Zerstorung growled. "Your no match against the power of my girth!"

With a wave of his hand, #96 appeared facing Splinter head. It let out a screech.

3/24/2010 #226
Typing Typhoon

(I thought 96 was a villain?)

Splinter Head wordlessly through a devastating punch at #96.

Death Hammer struck the ground with his hammer, and the earth beneath Zersts feet broke away.

3/24/2010 #227

(It can be either or.)

#96's tentacle's interecepted the punch, and it skidded back. Severla of its smaller and sharper ones began hacking at the arm while the others kept it restrained.

Zerstorung floated above the broken ground. ""He remarked before firing both barrels at DH.

3/24/2010 #228
Typing Typhoon

"To the contrary..." Death Hammer twirled his hammer like a propeller and deflected all of the bullets. In a fash he appeared overhead, bringing down his mighty hammer on Zerst's form.

Empowered by Death Hammer, Splinter Head grabbed #96's mess of tentacles and reeled the monster within its arm reach. With the tentacles in one hand, Splinter Head used the other to uproot a street lamp, which it bludgeoned the monster with.

(Cool. What page is he on?)

3/24/2010 #229

(Good question. XD)

#96 took a few hits, before spewing flames all over its enemy.

Zerstorung grabbed the hammer handle, sending a violent shock towards the owner.

3/24/2010 #230
Typing Typhoon

(I'll find it.)

Death Hammer flinched as the strong electric current coursed through his body. He planted his foot on Zerst's torso and in one fluid motion, kicked himself away from the super human, prying away the hammer as well.

He landed some twenty feet away before going up in flames.

Splinter Head spasmed as the fire engulfed its body. However, it resynced itself with Death Hammer and lit up with a spark of electricity, throwing an electrified punch towards 96.

3/24/2010 #231





*shot for overly long setting*

Imotios was standing on a dune, for no other reason than that he was awesome.

*shot again*

3/27/2010 . Edited 3/27/2010 #232
Typing Typhoon


A lone figure appeared behind the mercenary. He held up a scroll, which unraveled itself in his outstretched hand. A scroll, with a scetch of the mercenary's face and a bounty. Rekk let the papyrus (cause papyrus never goes out of style) drop to the ground. A sharp crackle could be heard as a pair of serrated talons extended from Rekk's guantlets.


3/27/2010 #233

Imotios turned to the other. "You, who might you be? Ikikik. State the business you have come for, and I will let you go about it. Unless, kekekek, it is something I disapprove of, in which case I will painlessly end your life. Maybe collect a few bounties on you, too. Kekekek."

3/27/2010 #234
Typing Typhoon

Rekk tilted back his chin, in a single fluid motion he slid his bladed hand across his throat and then pointed toward the mercenary.

3/27/2010 #235

"Oh?" Imotios said. "You want to cut off my head? How quaint, ikikik. Maybe you'll prove to be half of a match for me." He remained immobile, his entire body obscured by his cloak and his mask, no weapons visible.

3/27/2010 #236
Typing Typhoon

Quicker than lightning, Rekk bolted forward and threw a blindingly fast swiping attack toward Imotios.

3/27/2010 #237

There was a strange blurring motion in front of Imotios, for a split second, and then he disappeared. He reappeared behind Rekk, and, with a flash of something through the air, counterattacked.

3/27/2010 #238
Typing Typhoon

Rekk avoided the blow with unnatural agility. Rekk rapidly swung around and fired a massive photonic blast from his wrist cannon.

(For future reference, what weapon or attack was that?)

3/27/2010 #239

(He's using Acligius.)

Imotios jumped quickly into the air, soaring up several feet, and then disappeared again.

"Hohoho, catch me if you can." There was a faint clicking noise from behind Rekk.

3/27/2010 #240
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