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In this RP, you can do anything you want, as long as you follow a few rules. The universe is a blank slate, and you have just been given the tools to make it more. Destroy it, help it, the choice is yours.
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Type: Universe

Physical Description: She is horrifically incompatible with most forms of life, and the few living civilisations depend entirely upon highly advanced technologies. Her galaxies are far apart but have very dense clusters of stars. Most planets have two or more suns.

Climate: Generally, her planets are covered in deserts with clusters of brown, hardy spined trees. All space – both ‘empty’ and atmospheric – is breathable; it is filled entirely with a strange, ultra-light gas CLYSMIC’s body cells (galaxies) produce as a by-product of her bodily functions. This gas, however, is also a neurotoxin which induces insanity in all who breathe it. An average adult human can last for roughly two Earth days before the effects are irreversible.

Who Lives There?: Notably, the Watchers: a vaguely humanoid race of avian/reptilian descent. Nearly every star and planet is currently unsuited to their basest needs, and they completely depend on their fire-oriented technologies. Their largest colonies are based in the Duonova Galaxy. There is also a species of intelligent feline creatures scattered throughout CLYSMIC, the majority of which are nomadic gypsy-pirates. Their technologies are largely centred around cybernetic enhancements of the body and mind. Both these races have developed a natural immunity to the toxicity of CLYSMIC’s air.

Location: Separate from our universe and all others, though she is accessible by space-time travellers via the point at which she was still connected to the rest of the multiverse. She is constantly navigating the nothing between universes in search of new prey. Her next target is us.

12/11/2009 #1
Splendour of the Machine

Somewhere deep in space, a Watcher hung, suspended in space. It basked in the glow of twin suns, sighing. Then, empty space split open, a gateway to another universe. The Watcher, curious, peered inside.

12/11/2009 #2

A large tendril shot through the rift and wrapped instantly around the Watcher's body. Following the first came then several more tendrils, searching and probing the space around the rift. After several seconds of this, a mass of tentacles pushed through the rift, exhibiting disconcerting squishiness in doing so. When it was fully through, the massive creature paused for a moment. Then its waving tentacles parted, revealing hundreds of eyeballs covering the pulsing flesh beneath, and scattered between them a proportionate number of mouths.

The mouths all spoke at once, each with a voice of a different language, and over all of them a voice that reached directly into the mind of the listener. "LESSER CREATURE. WILL YOU SPEAK FOR YOUR UNIVERSE?"

12/15/2009 . Edited 12/15/2009 #3
Splendour of the Machine

The Watcher didn't struggle. Suddenly caught in the power throes of its universe, its beaked mouth slowly fell open.

"I am space and time and Mother of the things that live here. Why do you come? Why have you come?"

12/15/2009 #4


12/16/2009 #5
Splendour of the Machine

Suddenly, the Watcher burst in a flare of starlight. In its place, a tiny, ghostly bird appeared.

"Heheh. Silly little thing. I could s*** you out in an instant, if I wanted. This isn't my place - I AM this place. So, tell me, Wv - who and what is your 'great one'?"

12/16/2009 #6

As the conversation was taking place, a freaighter drifted into space. Although it appeared to be abonded, more than being lurked inside.

Several pirates from New Hidel awaited an ambush.

12/16/2009 #7
Splendour of the Machine

CLYSMIC absently noted the freighter's flight. Curious, she chose not to crush it like a tin can beneath her heel, and watched it glide through her poisonous, empty space.

12/16/2009 #8

"I KNOW THIS," the being stated. "I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE. DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS. ANSWER ME AND I WILL ALLOW YOU TO LIVE. OTHERWISE, YOU WILL DIE." Another gout of fire spurted from one of the creature's mouths, nearly singing the birdlike apparition. For a moment, the creature was silent, as if in contemplation. Then its many mouths spoke again, its mind tearing into that of the being with which it now spoke. "THE GREAT ONE WILL SOON AWAKEN. WILL YOU AGREE TO ALLOW THE GREAT ONE TO STAY HERE?"

12/16/2009 #9

(, someone needs to investigate the freighter.)

12/16/2009 #10

(...How did this freighter get here from New Hidel?)

12/16/2009 #11
Splendour of the Machine

The ghostly bird vanished. A distant, screaming roar filled every cubic lightyear of space for galaxies around.

"You're just an insolent little welp," CLYSMIC taunted the Wv. "You threaten me? You can't kill a universe from within. I am the space and time and all that you see around you."

Every star in sight exploded in a nova of fire and light, and each imploded in on itself. They bloomed once more, whole and untouched. CLYSMIC flipped her dimensions sickeningly, squeezed them into each other, and released. She accelerated the flow of time, aging herself infinitely, and reversed it too quickly for the perception of lesser beings. As for the Wv's grip on her mind, she brushed it off with barely a blink of her celestial eye, and laughed.

"This great one is not great if it needs a home beyond itself. I have no reason to grant your request or even listen to your pitiful little voice. Yet, this interests me - so I shall allow your 'great one' to reside here."

12/16/2009 . Edited 12/16/2009 #12

The Wv did not even flinch, nor was it harmed. It simply watched, seeming almost bored. "THE GREAT ONE IS NO FOOL. THE GREAT ONE DOES NOT TAKE CHANCES. THE GREAT ONE DOES NOT MAKE DISPLAYS OF POWER FOR THE PURPOSE OF INTIMIDATION, NOT IF IT MIGHT CAUSE ANY RISK." The tentacles suddenly exploded into flames for no apparent reason. "THIS PLACE IS UNSTABLE. IT IS NOT WORTHY TO HOST THE GREAT ONE." A rift appeared in the space next to the Wv, yawning open and sending out ripples of power. The Wv began to pass into it.

12/16/2009 #13
Splendour of the Machine

For a long moment, CLYSMIC didn't reply. Then, with sigh, she sealed the rift shut, propelling the Wv back out.

"All of space and time is unstable," CLYSMIC hissed. "The idea of another place is foolish. I have consumed a hundred of my kin in a hundred years, and each has only increased my power. You shan't leave until I decide you can. I have cut myself loose my the rest of the multiverse - and I just locked all exits from here."

12/16/2009 #14

"I SHALL STAY, THEN, UNTIL SUCH TIME AS TRAVEL IS MADE POSSIBLE AGAIN. ONCE I RETURN, YOU WILL DIE." The tentacled creature was suddenly sucked into itself, condensing and becoming much smaller. After several seconds, all that was left of it was a small stone, floating in space.

12/16/2009 #15
Splendour of the Machine

CLYSMIC hurled the stone into the centre of the nearest sun.

"Don't be so silly. This is me and my empire and I'm my and the empress. You're nothing here. You can't kill me - you're a tiny, contained little thing of very finite power. Since you don't bother me overly, I'll let you live for a time. I can open my gates whenever I like, and bar you from passing through them. Make yourself at home, little Wvy-Wvy."

12/16/2009 . Edited 12/16/2009 #16

The Wv did not reply.

12/16/2009 #17
Splendour of the Machine

(*looks at him*)

12/16/2009 #18


12/16/2009 #19
Splendour of the Machine

(The Wv did not reply.

-_- ^)

12/16/2009 #20


12/16/2009 #21
Splendour of the Machine

(How am I supposed to work with that? D: *protects self from being shot with quantum shield thingy*)

12/16/2009 #22

(He's trying to make her become bored with him.)

12/16/2009 #23
Splendour of the Machine

(What does he want her to do? If she gets bored of him she'll probably just kill him.)

12/16/2009 #24

(He wants her to let him go, because he's sure that she can't just kill him.)

12/16/2009 #25
Splendour of the Machine

(She can.)

12/16/2009 #26

(ORLYNAO? This guy is one of the most powerful Wv, and even the weakest can destroy an entire universe.)

12/16/2009 #27
Splendour of the Machine

(O.O Eh...CLYSMIC has eaten universes! ^^;)

12/16/2009 #28

(...Does that make her a cannibal?)

12/16/2009 #29
Splendour of the Machine

(Yes, she is a cannibal, and needs to feed on other universes in order to survive.)

12/16/2009 #30
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