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Thunder Lord Aeatos
Markos' spear changed in an instant, becoming the massive battleaxe. He slashed it forward and disappeared into the gap it created, reappearing just past the orbs.

Michael cursed loudly and disappeared.

2/26/2010 #571

Nm vanished and reappeared next to Markos. "I will help," he said. He fired a stream of destructive light from his mouth at the glowing creature. "While it's distracted with me, strike!"

The creature absorbed the light and then sent off an explosion of white fire again, which again coalesced into a stream that went after Nm.

2/26/2010 #572
Thunder Lord Aeatos
He didn't pass up the chance, taking a mighty swing at the thing with his massive axe.
2/26/2010 #573
Splendour of the Machine
"Oh, it doesn't seem to mind too much, does it?" CLYSMIC murmured. "How about this?" She raised a ghostly hand, and flicked her wrist. The space around the creature rippled and then twsited. The flames froze, and fractured in spiderwebs across the crystalline surface. She drifted closer, and grinned in its face. "Leave us alone, candlestick. You don't want to shatter into one nongentillion pieces, do you?"
2/26/2010 #574

When the axe struck it, it sliced right through the flames that made the creature up. The creature froze perfectly still. Then, it let out a reverberating cry of rage and pain. [WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME]

The next moment, it let loose with a furious storm of flames, all centered around Markos. Orbs exploded from its body, all headed toward him, and countless bolts of white energy crisscrossed the area immediately around him.

2/26/2010 #575
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Markos swore like a sailor's parrot as the attacks slammed into him.
2/26/2010 #576
Splendour of the Machine
CLYSMIC suddenly pushed Markos behind her, absorbing the rest in an instant.
2/26/2010 #577

The density of the attacks intensified, until they distorted the space around Markos. Still they kept coming.

Some of the orbs redirected themselves toward CLYSMIC, but otherwise the creature paid little notice to her.

2/26/2010 #578
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Markos took a breath, then raised his axe. "YOU WANT SOME MORE?!" He shouted, flying right at it again.
2/26/2010 #579
Splendour of the Machine
"Don't do that!" CLYSMIC yelled at him. "Do you really want to be hurt more?"
2/26/2010 #580

"Everyone, attack it at once," Yj said. "It seems it's been hurt." All of the Wv began glowing in preparation.

Kv meanwhile looked for Michael. "Michael? We need you to help, too."

2/26/2010 #581
Thunder Lord Aeatos
"I can handle it!" Markos shouted to CLYSMIC. "I'm not hurt!"

Michael reappeared. "I'm here." He said.

2/26/2010 #582
Splendour of the Machine
"Even though I bit half your face off?" CLYSMIC pointed out, but she let the matter drop. "How is this going to work?" she asked Yj. "A single blast of concentrated power?"
2/26/2010 #583
To evade the attacks, Haylla and Halifax turned into a shower of sparks, and butterflies. The reappeared by the barrier, and fired more powerful attacks.
2/26/2010 #584

Kv nodded at him. "You need to channel everything you have into killing this thing. Hurry."

"Yes," Yj said. "If we all attack at once, we may overwhelm it."

2/26/2010 . Edited 2/26/2010 #585
Halifax turned to Nm mid attack. "What if we tried some Physiological attacks on its mind? Maybe we could break it that way."
2/26/2010 #586
Thunder Lord Aeatos
"I'm HEALED, for Daris' sake!" Markos shouted, taking another slash at it.

Michael nodded and closed his eyes.

2/26/2010 #587
Splendour of the Machine
CLYSMIC clapped her hands, and drew them apart. The space between them was oddly magnified, showing the creature's form in great detail. "Then everyone needs to concentrate their power into this. It'll bind it all together into a single force."
2/26/2010 #588

"It has no mind," Nm said gravely. Then he turned to face CLYSMIC. "Do what she says. Now."

All the Wv exploded in a show of light, which coalesced and flew into CLYSMIC's orb. They were all left drained and unable to move.

2/26/2010 #589
Haylla and Halifax turned to each other, and held their hands parallel to each other. They closed their eyes, and began to glow. The outline of their bodies shot forward, paused, then converged into what appeared to be two wheels.They began spinning rapidly, and then went through the space. They fell to their knees, their skin now gray and pale.
2/26/2010 . Edited 2/26/2010 #590
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Michael was left in much the same state after he released his own burst of power into it.

Markos appeared out of another rift, and delivered an almighty slash, heavier than any he had delivered as of yet. As in, the force was so much it dislocated both of his shoulders, leaving him in not state to swing again.

2/26/2010 . Edited 2/26/2010 #591
Splendour of the Machine
The entire universe shuddered around them, as CLYSMIC strained to contain all the power. "I'd advise everyone to take cover," she grated. "I don't know if I can release it all without backlash."
2/26/2010 #592

"We can't go anywhere now," Yj said, barely audible. "We have nothing left..."

The creature had cut off its attack when Markos disappeared, and now redirected all of its attacks toward CLYSMIC.

2/26/2010 #593
Splendour of the Machine
CLYSMIC absorbed the attacks, but not without cost; they tore holes in her body, opening black rifts to the space between universes. "I can't hold it anymore," she mumbled, and released it all, hurling the power directly into the creature's core.
2/26/2010 #594
Halifax gathered his last strength to form a thin shield around the group. It wouldn't be able to hold the onslaught, however.
2/26/2010 . Edited 2/26/2010 #595
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Markos cursed. "My arms....." He said, wincing in obvious pain.
2/26/2010 #596

The creature did not move, instead waiting as the orb flew at it and was absorbed into its body. For several long moments, nothing happened. Then, it let out a deafening scream and writhed in pain, its wings snapping out straight. It began to glow brighter, and slowly the glow intensified, until the creature's form was obscured. Then its body exploded outward, sloughing off shells of condensed flames that dissipated rapidly in the space around it. After a few seconds, the glow died down, revealing that the only remnant of the creature was a cloud of thinly spread white gas where it had once been.

Suddenly, a small point of light emerged from the cloud and darted off across CLYSMIC. It sped at unimaginable speed, soon arriving at a distant planet floating freely in space.

2/26/2010 #597
Haylla got up, slowly. She let out a cry of pain, and her hand went to her side. "..Is anyone else alive?"
2/26/2010 #598

"No," Ml said. "No one else is alive. At all."

2/26/2010 #599
Thunder Lord Aeatos
"I'm alive...." Markos said. "I'm in unbelievable pain, but I'm alive."

Michael was out cold.

2/26/2010 #600
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