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Rate of Fire/Top speed:



Other Stuff:

1/30/2010 . Edited 1/30/2010 #1

Here's a more specific example.

Name: Colt Peacemaker

Type (Ranged, Melee, Other): Revolver

Cyclic Rate of fire (Expressed in Rounds per minute, only put if applicable): 60 RPM

Fire modes (Fully automatic, Semi, Burst, Single shot): Semi automatic, single shot

User(s): In this RP, Major Allen.

Caliber/Ammunition type (If applicable, Ex, NATO 5.56x21mm): .45, flare rounds, grenade rounds, others.

History: In use since the mid Nineteenth cenutry, this famouse sidearm was the primary firearm used by the settlers of the American Frontier.

Other: Allen had inherited this weapon from a long line of Gunfighters.

1/30/2010 . Edited 1/30/2010 #2

Um, maybe cyclic rate of fire and fire modes should both be under one heading called "specs" or "stats" or something. The form looks a little cluttered and seems like it's geared toward guns. Also, people aren't likely to know many of those specific things, especially for fictional weapons...

1/30/2010 #3

It's more designed to be for anything that shoots. Every projectile weapon has a firing mode, estimate, and sometimes cyclic rate of fire.

I'll add the specs slot, but I think that the ROF and Fire maods should stay.

1/30/2010 #4
Zeal of 1200BC

Name: TETRA (Not an acronym, just a name.)

Type (Ranged, Melee, Other): Both ranged and Melee- Think of Link's sword in the original Legend of Zelda. It's a sword-like weapon that can shoot bands of stellar plasma.

Cyclic Rate of fire (Expressed in Rounds per minute, only put if applicable): 4 RPM

Fire modes (Fully automatic, Semi, Burst, Single shot): ???

Specs: The blade is about a foot and a half long. It's connected to the hilt be an orb that contains the star. The hilt is about 6 inches long. TETRA comes in a varity of colors.

User(s): Anybody can use one if they find one.

Caliber/Ammunition type (If applicable, Ex, NATO 5.56x21mm): I don't know, stars?

History: TETRA was the first stellar projectile weapon created when the Averi discovered how to control the size of stars. It's standard issue to all the people within the Averi Planetary Defense division of the Averi Millitary. A new model, NIKO, was designed later. The additional model didn't make TETRA obsolete, though.

Other: The Velvetoss created a projectile-only version of TETRA from a stolen device, which they called the Plaz-Stun.

(I think you can see where the names came from :p)

1/30/2010 #5

Not all weapons are projectile weapons, though. There are bombs, melee weapons, and such. Also, some of that doesn't apply to weapons like bows and slings which are projectile weapons.

1/30/2010 #6

Also, some of that doesn't apply to weapons like bows and slings which are projectile weapons.

They do still have a ROF, its just not Cyclic. Your welcome to make any additions you think are necessary.

Also, judging by Taihus's post, maybe we should add manufacturer?

1/30/2010 . Edited 1/30/2010 #7

Manufacturer would go under "history", wouldn't it?

Name: Falx

Type: Weapon

Appearance: Falx looks like a long, metal tube about 3-4 feet long and 1 inch in diameter. It can produce a light blade or be used as a projectile gun.

Specs/Stats: Falx is meant to be the universal weapon. It can be used in almost any situation which calls for a weapon; melee or long-ranged combat, sniping, and even nonlethal sparring and training. Its different settings allow for the latter. It is connected to its user's mind and is controlled in that way. In addition to its combat capabilities, it can float and move on its own, allowing it to fight independently of its wielder, and can electrically charge itself in order to zap someone who's touching it and shouldn't be. It is made of a material that is virtually indestructible with modern weapons, and even the powers of a Wv couldn't destroy it without resorting to just retroactively removing its existence.

Ammo/Fuel: Falx can shoot any projectile that can fit inside its nozzle, and can also make its beam blade and energy projectiles out of energy from a built-in generator.

Rate of Fire/Top speed: It can fire as fast as its user can tell it to. Because of the material it's made of, its cooldown time is basically nonexistent.

User(s)/Operator(s): Mors is the only one known to use it.

History: It was created in the distant future that Mors came from, using what was/will be then-archaic technology. It was created specifically for Mors and his mission.

Other Stuff: It is intelligent and communicates directly with the user's mind, while it beeps to confirm an order.

1/30/2010 #8

Name: Smith & Wesson model 142

Type: Rifled revolver.

Appearance: A three and a half foot long rifle with a eleven inch suppressor.

Specs/Stats: The rifle has a htach, which opens on top. Once the hatch is opened, an 8 shot cylinder is revealed. The weapon has a pistol grip, and a folding stock.

Ammo/Fuel: Subsonic .357 S&W

Rate of Fire/Top speed: Approximately 40 RPM.

User(s)/Operator(s): The American Central Intelligence Agency, Johann Maxwell.

History: The rifle was introduced in the early '90's, and used to great effect in multiple assasinations.

Other Stuff: Due to the internal revolver system, Subsonic ammunition, and efficient silencer, this is the first completely silent rifle ever invented by humans. Only nienty seven exist.

2/1/2010 . Edited 2/2/2010 #9
Typing Typhoon

Name: Mort Pummelyu's I-phone

Type: MP4 communication device complete with touch screen.

Appearance: It's a small, thin, jet black, touch phone with a massive screen.

Specs/Stats: Plays music, videos, stores photos, and blows cop cars 20 feet into the air. Pummelyu rewired this innocent looking little cell phone into a portable photon canon, light buckler, grappling hook, transmission device, and detonation switch.

Ammo/Fuel: Rechargeable lithium battery. I-pod can support about twelve photonic bursts per charge.

Rate of Fire/Top speed: Depends on internet reception. AT&T may have the fastest 3G network, but only in the spots that provide coverage. In an area with good reception he can fire any app in under a fraction of a second. When he's far enough from a reception tower, it can take up to several minutes to load an app. Since photonic weaponry doesn't require internet connection it remains unaffected by connection. Rate of fire is about a round every 10 seconds.

User(s)/Operator(s): Mort Pummelyu

History: There's an app for that... Those words struck Mort Pummelyu deeply. Mort Pummelyu loved his I-phone, which already sported three thousand apps. However, none of them seemed to have any affect on Dan Helsing, who seemed to be shockingly invulnerable to both his laser pistol AND lightsaber app. Unsatisfied with his I-pod's fake digital artillery, Mort came to terms with the fact that the I-phone could not be used to pwn militia. Suddenly, a grim idea came to him. He cracked a twisted smile from beneath his rusty splatter mask.

"PAWN sniping... There's gonna be an app for that..."

(Just thought I'd post this fun)

2/15/2010 #10

^That is the awesomest phone ever. Where can I get one?

2/18/2010 . Edited 2/18/2010 #11

Name: Zerstorung's elephant gun.

Type: Double-barreled shotgun

Appearance: A fairly standard weapon of its type, the extended stock has a wheel within a wheel engraved on either side. (Cel, I expect you to get that reference.)


Ammo/Fuel: .8 gauge grapeshot, .8 gauge slugs, of varying types that Zerstorung creates.

Rate of Fire/Top speed: Zerstorung can get off over 50 shots a minute with the sawed-off version.

User(s)/Operator(s): Zerstorung

History: During his training, Haylla had Zerstorung create a weapon for himself from scratch, similar to an Earth weapon. He has used it against lesser beings ever since.

Other Stuff: The weapon, when Zerstorung is using it, it a deadly tool of destruction. Instead of shooting down clay pidgeons, its been known to take Boeing 747's.

2/19/2010 #12
Typing Typhoon

Cel- ^_^ Haha. My uncle has an I-phone. There is an app for EVERYTHING!

Shank: Elephant gun? Sounds like some epic artillery there. :)

2/19/2010 #13

My dad recently got one of those Google Droids, and now we all joke about how it can do everything including the laundry.

2/19/2010 #14
Typing Typhoon

Haha, funny. Today's smart phones are pretty awesome, huh? I have an envy flip phone. They're pretty cool in their own right... but it can't help me tune my guitar or level my scaffolding.

2/19/2010 #15

Ever hear the swordsmans saying, "Your weapon is an extension of your own body?"

That what I tried to do here.

You'd better get the wheel within a wheel reference Cel...

2/19/2010 #16
Typing Typhoon

Wheel within' wheel? Is that your own creation? Or izit ripped from AOE3's concept art or the Hotwheels TV movie?

2/19/2010 #17

I can't give it away

2/19/2010 #18
Typing Typhoon


You stole it from the Hotwheels TV movie, didn't you? *Snickers meanly*


2/19/2010 #19

You'd better get the wheel within a wheel reference Cel...

I don't, but if you tell me I'll probably get it then.

2/19/2010 #20

The old biblical puzzle...

2/19/2010 #21
Typing Typhoon

Haha, I was having fun guessing. :)

Ezekiel? I forgot all about it... BIBLE FAIL!

(My dusty old bible is laughing at me...)

2/19/2010 . Edited 2/19/2010 #22

Nope, still got nothing.

2/20/2010 #23

(Shakes head sadly)

2/20/2010 #24
Typing Typhoon

Was I wrong? :(

2/20/2010 #25

...actually, I have to look up what part of the bible its in, but I know its in there. Its a metaphor for your relationship to God, supposedly. Its open for interpretation.

And, I would like a response in the warzone, por favor. :P

2/20/2010 #26
Typing Typhoon

Right. Dude, I gotz meh bible. I think it's in Ezekiel 10.

Fear me, I haz references... :p

2/20/2010 #27

:O I'll have to confirm that...

I haz fear.

2/20/2010 #28
Typing Typhoon


I think I'm still reading through Job. That's meh favorite book aside from Revelations.

So, yeah. I do believe it branches off from Ezekiel 10, though.

2/20/2010 . Edited 2/26/2010 #29

Name: Juggler's Mask

Type: Physical Enhancer(Neural Equipment)

Appearance: A mask

Stats: Gives a second personality similar to the wearer's to help the wearer fight when he/she is knocked out. Body is pushed over its physical limits. One often experiences fatigue after the second personality takes over the body.

Fuel: No fuel, just the wearer, or a body to work with.

History: The Juggler's Mask were made by the Lakas Empire to help elite soldiers in melee fights. At first it was success until one of them malfuctioned, causing death of a royalty. It was forbidden in the empire and only few survived.

User with the Equipment: Xin

Is this good?

3/14/2010 #30
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