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That's fine. As for the equipment itself, it's interesting, but probably impractical. Usually when a person's body decides to go unconscious there's a reason...

3/14/2010 #31

Name: Hyper Rifle

Type: Range Attack Equipment

Appearance: Shotgun like appearance with one huge barrel with a lot of gizmos attached to it. Big as a P90.

Stats: Very high advance piece of technological weapon like a nanite. It weights four times much as P90. Which is pretty heavy, like heavy as a 9 year old girl.

Ammo: Creates a small, oval warp bubble like ones the spacecrafts use, except it fires the bubble at a target and lanuches whatever is caught in the bubble 2.5 light-minutes from the position where a item entered the bubble.

Fuel: Standard Lakasian Marine Hydrogen Battery. It is ninety thousand volts. Handle with care.

Ex: A soldier fired a hyper rifle at a target and the next second, the target's head was gone, not shot, not blown up, not immolated or vaporaized, just gone as if it was ripped apart.

Rate of Fire: 1 shot every ten second.

User: Anyone who is sentient and has enough knowledge and the strength to lift the weapon.

History: Developed by Lakas Empire's scientists to counter massive amounts of rebel during the Lakas Civil War a thousand years earlier.

Other Stuff: The SLMHB is easy to obtain if one enters Lakasian Empire's border. However, one can expect to find difficult how to plug the battery into the hyper rifle.

3/14/2010 #32

Name: Blitz Schrotflinte

Type: Special ammunition assault rifle.

Appearance: It would appear to be a standard PVC pipe, with a shoulder stock, and several wires connected from the metallic box on the side of the stock to the end of the pipe.

Specs/Stats: Its a lightning/fallout rifle.

Ammo/Fuel: A special nuclear reactor that is relatively safe to the user, and generates plenty electricity and nuclear waste to be used as ammunition.

Rate of Fire/Top speed: 30 RPM.

User(s)/Operator(s): Johann Maxwell.

History: Developed as a way to clear rooms efficiently and quickly during the street fighting in Berlin.

Other Stuff: Developed by Nazi Germany too late in the war. Only known prototype captured by Johann Maxwell.

3/15/2010 #33
Zeal of 1200BC

Name: Codename Elimansia

Type: War Machine

Appearance: The Elimansia is a large machine that propells itself with an antigravity device, therefor it doesn't touch the ground. It has a chamber sealed with a glass door where the driver, a Velvetoss, sits. Branching out from the main compartment are two arms. One ends in a hammer, the other in a five-fingered hand with a high-powered laser in the palm. The whole structure is a red color.

Specs/Stats: The machine is a war machine.

Ammo/Fuel: The Elimansia uses excess fluid from the Velvetoss user as a power source.

Rate of Fire/Top speed: The laser can fire continuously for 50 seconds.

User(s)/Operator(s): Any Velvetoss.

History: The Elimansia was created during the war with the Averi. The Velvetoss's best scientests learned alot about their bodies, including the fact that their cores are almost seperate creatures.

Other Stuff: The machine was named after the Velvetoss goddess of fire and war, Elimansia, which as a word means "To conquer".

3/17/2010 #34
Typing Typhoon

Name: The Diplomat

Type: Modified M16A4

Appearance: A thickset, heavy pump-action rifle. It's roughly 35 inches in length and weighs about 14 pounds. The burly gun is painted jet black with it's misnomer name etched across both sides of the barrel in golden print.

Specs/Stats: This rifle has been modified and upgraded by Helsing with the assistance of several PAWN weapons manufacturers. It slightly resembles and M16 except the barrel is around twice the width. Semi-Automatic, takes cartridges.

Ammo/Fuel: The Diplomat is meant to fire slugs and shotgun rounds with the precision, speed, and distance of an assualt rifle. The most common ammunition you'll find in the cartridge are .750 caliber armor piercing bullets and custom high caliber buckshot.

Rate of Fire/Top speed: 200 RPM

User(s)/Operator(s): Dan Helsing

History: When Helsing's signature revolvers and Torniquet sub-machine gun aren't enough, this usually is. The Diplomat doesn't kill things, it oblitherates them. Helsing once again shoulders this mighty behemoth on his mission against Death Hammer. This gun easily puts him on the same level as the many monstrous brutes he's about to face. The Diplomat has been confiscated several times due to the sheer horror inspired after each incedent. The most recent of which was the death of the Warlord Guild's titan, Lil' Texas, who exploded in a wave of gore upon fire. As you can see, this weapon is only used in the most dire of situations.

Other Stuff: Only seemed fair. Helsing's power level is around a 2 and he's taking on super powered villains. This will mostly be used against Splinter Head.

3/22/2010 . Edited 3/23/2010 #35

I take it this weapon is meant to be shoulder fired?

3/23/2010 #36
Typing Typhoon

It's a rifle, check the weight. The barrel is pretty large and the ammo is quite thick, but it's held and operated like a shotgun, it's big, heavy, and more importantly, modified; so it doesn't have to follow any specific gun mechanics that would otherwise inhibit it's design.

3/23/2010 #37

Uh, the thing is, firing a .50 caliber shoulder weapon is an ordeal, and seeing as the only .750 weapons I've ever heard of where Anti-Tank weapons, It'd be a bit hard to not break your shoulder fring it.

Actually, I'm just nitpicking. Its an awesome weapon, go bananas.

3/23/2010 #38
Typing Typhoon

Like I said, modified. Mind you, I would never personally use this gun. The recoil would probably knock me clean of my feet. Which is why Helsing is toting it, good for mary sue slaying.

3/23/2010 #39

Hopefully there aren't any Mary Sues to be slain, unless they were mutated after I approved them... D:

3/23/2010 #40
Typing Typhoon


3/23/2010 #41

This is just a joke.

Name: the "Thing in the Sewer"

Type: a mouse

Appearance: Green. big as a book. hairless

Specs/Stats: Skinnier then a pencil but somehow alive. never ate anything besides waste that comes down the sewer.

Ammo/Fuel: food and water

Rate of Fire/Top speed: 5mph

User/operator: no one

History: Was born in the sewer. wants to eat real food. plans on stayin in the sewer

Other Stuff: has teeth 5 inches long

3/24/2010 #42
Typing Typhoon

Rate of fire? 5mph? XD

Very OT, but funny all the same. :D

3/24/2010 #43

I would like it if you would post actual equipment/weapons here. Thank you.

3/25/2010 #44
Typing Typhoon

OT (Off Topic)

Though I agree it wasn't the best move, this was the first amiable move at a hi-jinks in thread. I think we should hit print screen and hang his post up on the wall of first gags. :D

Rekk's Equipment

Adamantine Katanas (2x)/ not much to be said here...

Serrated Adamantine Talons (Right arm)/ These extend from the region above his knuckles.

Wrist Blaster (Left Arm)/ Because super battle droids are the coolest droids evah. Fires a powerful, battery powered photonic blast from a small amplifying cannon on his guantlet. 6 RPM

Geth Net launcher (a pipe cannon attached to the underside of his left arm) Launches a small pod which rapidly extends into a wide woven steel net that ties around the victim with use of magnetic tips. 1 RPM

Phaser Knives (25x)/ These are like miniature lightsabers which activate upon withdrawl from their armor slits (they come with special sheaths with special depolarizing magnets woven through the design to dissapate the photonic blades). Used as throwing knives.

Automatic Grappling Hook (cannon under right arm)/ A futuristic hookshot.

Adamantine Chain Flail (coil attached to the upper back)/ A long, thick adamantine chain which ends with a heavy, serrated axe head.

That's about it. I thought I'd post his main weapons here so he doesn't seem to randomly procure them like Helsing does. Assuming he's approved of course, if not, Helsing will be recieving another crate...)

3/25/2010 #45

Adamantine Katanas

Wow, guysef. Wow.

3/25/2010 #46
Typing Typhoon

guysef? Elaborate.

3/25/2010 #47

Katana's have been r*** so badly by fan fiction, anime, western series, and every RP in existence, using one is more cliche than the captain.

The thing is, no one usually bothers to look into a different type of sword to use for their character, such as a Mameluke, Ida, or a Hangar. Simply, its been overused and expresses a lack of creativity in my opinion.

3/25/2010 #48
Typing Typhoon

Bullcrap. Think about the claymores and zweihanders everyone is running around with. I haven't seen a single katana anywhere in the media for awile. Besides, it's a freaking space katana, it's not a standard issue Japanese sword, I just stated what it resembles.

3/25/2010 #49

Its fine, that's just my opinion.

3/25/2010 #50

Chill, please.

3/25/2010 #51
Typing Typhoon

Whoops, I should of put a smilie emoticon at the end or something. That whole thing was more impassive, I wasn't offended or anything. Srry. :D

3/25/2010 #52

I randomly decided to post this here, even though it probably won't show up in the RP.

Name: Acligius

Type: Blade

Appearance: A dull-gray sickle-shaped weapon. It has no decorations, and its handle is a simple, black piece of wood. Its blade is about three feet long.

Specs/Stats: It is made of a material which is seen almost nowhere else. This material gives it two extra properties: its user can change its physical properties (but not shape or anything like that) at will; and it can be used to cut through anything, even things that aren't solid or visible, such as illusions, telepathic links, and even space itself. By using it to slice through space, it can be used to create portals to almost any destination. Its properties also make it the only "traditional" weapon capable of wounding godlike beings such as the Wv, and its name in fact means "god-killer" in an obscure alien language.

Ammo/Fuel: None.

Rate of Fire/Top speed: Depends on user.

User(s)/Operator(s): Many, the most prominent of which was a mercenary known as Imotios.

History: It has been passed between many different generations, races, and even planets in its time. It is unknown who its manufacturer might be; even beings with the ability to travel through time cannot discover a time when it has not existed. It has a long history of being used by different races to kill their particularly oppressive deities.

Other Stuff: It's the signature weapon of Imotios, one of my alien mercenaries who may in fact be one of my greatest creations of all time. I haven't submitted him here yet, but maybe I should...

3/27/2010 . Edited 3/27/2010 #53
Typing Typhoon

(Nice, yeah, post Imotios. A Wv killer would be an interesting character.)

3/27/2010 #54

Imotios is interesting because he's half comic relief, half badass (if you'll excuse the language) mercenary. He could be considered a beta form for Mors... The "comic relief" part comes from the fact that he's half-crazed by circumstances regarding his origins.

3/27/2010 #55

Name: The Pathmaker's Lamp

Type: Weapon of mass destruction

Appearance: It is a foot-long cylinder made of a black metal, with several slits cut a half-inch apart all around its sides. The slits are about a half-inch in width each and are perfectly rectangular, running all the way down the cylinder's surface. On one of the cylinder's bases is a handle, which can be turned like a knob to activate it.

Specs/Stats: If the handle is twisted by a living, sentient being (otherwise it will remain inactive), the hollow area inside of the lamp will glow. No one knows what produces the light, because the casing is virtually indestructible. No one knows what color the light is either, because of the special property of the light given off by the lamp: it instantly kills and vaporizes the bodies of all living and/or sentient beings which are exposed to it. There are no exceptions to this. Even beings which are not capable of dying will instead be locked out of the multiverse, permanently. Not looking at it won't save you, because if even a single photon touches your skin, you will die. Also, machines and other non-living things will be unaffected as long as they are non-sentient as well, but if they are, they will be vaporized on contact. However... it can only affect beings which are actually physically exposed to it, so although an avatar of some godlike being will receive its effects (and the being behind the avatar, as well as the avatar itself, will be affected), an abstract being not physically present will be unaffected.

Ammo/Fuel: Unknown.

Rate of Fire/Top speed: N/A

User(s)/Operator(s): Anyone who might have once used it is long dead now.

History: It has always existed, but due to its nature people are afraid to use it. Its last recorded location was almost 6 billion years before present day, when it was detected floating through space outside the rim of the Milky Way galaxy by an alien freighter. It was brought on board and carefully investigated, but after roughly 7 hours the freighter stopped broadcasting its position. All attempts to find the freighter were unsuccessful.

Other Stuff: This is to help balance out the overpowered characters by making it possible for even a class -1 character to kill a Class Five. However, unless you're really creative, the user of this weapon will obviously always die as well as its intended target, and anyone nearby for that matter. Actually, since light can propagate infinitely in a void, it would probably take out a good chunk of the universe's population of living creatures if used in an exposed environment.

4/27/2010 #56

Name: Ogre's club

Type: Weapon

Appreance: A club

Specs/Stats: Able to make a huge dent on a planet.

Ammo/Fuel: Pure energy (lightning, for example)

Rate of Fire/Top Speed: once per minute

User/Operator: Zepryon

History: This is a club solely made to crack ships.

Other Stuff: Weighs 2 tons.

5/4/2010 #57

Let me get this straight: this is, in fact, a club, which weighs only two tons, and is large enough to dent planets?

5/4/2010 #58
Zeal of 1200BC

Name: Antiblaster

Type: Antimatter canon

Appearance: It goes inside SNR's framework, so all anyone sees is a 10 inch diameter hole.

Specs/Stats: It basicly shoots antimatter. The projectiles are encased in a glass shield, so that they don't detonate on contact with the air.

Ammo/Fuel: Antimatter

Rate of Fire/Top speed: 10 rounds a second

User(s)/Operator(s): SNR, any robotic creature who steals it from SNR


Other Stuff:

5/4/2010 . Edited 5/4/2010 #59

You don't know its stats? You don't have to write anything complex there, just something like "shoots antimatter" would work.

I dunno how it keeps its bullets from exploding on contact with air, though. I imagine it would be restricted to use in space only.

5/4/2010 #60
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