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Name: Lakas

Type: Habitable Planet

Physical Description: A life-habitable planet slightly bigger than Earth. Only thirty percent of the planet is ocean, ten percent is rainforest, no desert, ten percent tundra and taiga, and rest of the fifty percent is a mixture of temperate grassland and temperate decidous forest. However, most of its taiga and decidous forest is now part of a interconnected city complex, which covers thirty percent of the planet

Who Lives there: The Lakasians, a race of sentient and highly advanced humanoid. They prefer to stay out of contact with most other races.

Location: About halfway between the edge and the center of the Milky Way.

3/17/2010 . Edited 3/17/2010 #1
Typing Typhoon

A massive meteorite flew overhead, piercing Lakas' atmosphere and slamming in the surface of the planet. A massive, radiating orb of darkness lay buried in the ground in a crater near a half a mile wide. Meanwhile, watching the impact on scope, a massive ship slowly hovered above the planet.

"The sphere has struck the surface. Judging by the concentration of radiation I would say the Lakasins, and our mining squads, have about half a day before the sphere reaches enough power to generate geth. Send out a contract for $5,000,000,000. Our militia won't be able to hold them off for long...

3/25/2010 . Edited 3/28/2010 #2
Typing Typhoon

Rekk's gunship slowly closed in on Lakas. This was the highest paid bounty he had seen in years. He looked at the planet's surface through the scope. A massive stretch of the planet was heavily fortified. Massive strongholds and webs of mining camps took up approximately forty percent of the planet's surface. Far down below he could make out dozens of humanoid figures, which were hounding up geth down around the campsites.

He slowly arced his massive craft through Lakas' atmosphere, careful to avoid being- A massive spray of charged bolts ebgulfed his ship, as the AA canons locked on to his craft. Rekk skillfully piloted his craft in an attempt to avoid the majority of the fire. Nevertheless, spray of bolts blasted straight through the hull and peppered the engines and generators. The ship rapidly started to spiral out of control. A heavy hail of gun fired easily picked apart the armored craft. Rekk braced himself for impact as the massive ship hurtled into one of the mining camps...


(So, there's meh dood. I figured this would be an easier place to start. Erm, thanks to Shank joining, things are looking pretty good. However, I still need villains; and a hero or two wouldn't hurt either...)

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Typing Typhoon

(Behold! The very first triple post! No attacking me, this is for retcon.) *Shot anyway*

The cloaked man stared down Imotios critically.

"Your reputation proceeds you, mercenary." He started, now pacing along the deck of the gunship which orbited Lakas.

"You have been chosen out of millions of other potential choices for this mission. For this is much more than a simple assasination. You face an unprecedented amount of oppostion that seperate your goal. Consider yourself not a mercenary, but more along the lines of hired muscle. You do have a main target. He goes by the name of Damien Black. He is the leader of the Syphon corporation. The one that is draining Lakas of its resources as we speak. He is the one that must killed, the one that will fufill your contract." The large man stopped in his tracks and turned to the mercenary.

"It is not nearly as simple as it seems though. Black has been moving under the radar for over decade now. No one knows of his whereabouts. However, down there on Lakas' surface, a rival Lord has hired a Saigan Bounty Hunter who's purpose is to clear the planet. He has been hired to find and slay Black's royal gaurd on a classified retrieval mission. He has many more leads and resources than I do. Stick with him, and he will invariably lead you to Damien. After that, feel free to dispose of him as you wish. Time is of the essence, take an escape pod. Bring me Damien's head, and I will pay 1,000,000,000,000,000gc." The man finished, he dismissed Imotios with a wave of his hand and disapeared into the captian's quarters.

(Sound good?)

3/29/2010 . Edited 3/29/2010 #4

(Nothing's happening on Sheer, so I'm bringing in the Savior's Vessel)

Space rippled and tore as the kilometer-long bulk of the Savior's Vessel appeared.

"Thur, we theem to have arrived at an inhabited planet," Savant spoke with his usual lisp. "There are thignth of advanthed thivilization, and a methage offering a very, very generouth bounty for the eliminathion of what they are calling 'Geth'"

"Well, then, we could use any money at the moment, if they agree to turn some of it into supplies and repairs. But what are Geth? Try contacting the people who broadcasted the bounty."

3/29/2010 #5

Xin came find his home desecrated. "What the-!" he shouts. Aboard his battleship, he growled like an animal. "Computer! Get the Shields up, drones all launch, hyper missiles on standby and get the hyper cannons online! And find whoever did this to the planet!"

Thanks to technology and dimension collapse technology, Xin's battleship was bigger in the inside. Thousands of drones quarter of the battleship's size launched from the drone bay and surrounded the battleship. The turrets came online, searching for targets and the missile bays opened. Xin opened a broadcast to every channel within the solar system.

"Come out, come out whoever did this and get a taste of my hyper cannon!"

3/30/2010 #6
Typing Typhoon

(Awesome, two joiners!)

Enflamed Mask

The battleship landed squarely at the outskirts of Digsite #235. Though the area was barren, there were dozens of cave roaring with machinery surrounding the landscape. No reply came to Xin over the radio, in fact, the workers stayed within the caves and ignored everything.


"Hello, this is the Intergaltatic Planet Security Posting Board. How may I help you?" A gravelly voice answered over the ships radio.

3/30/2010 #7

"Sir we found a battleship that landed near Digsite #235. It is not a Lakasian design of a ship or contain any Lakasian in it," the computer reported.

"Really? Then kill them you turd," he said. Two hyper missile fired from the missile launcher and they entered the space. The moment they locked target, they used hyper drive.

Estimated time before destruction of the battleship: 12 seconds.

"Sir, we've also found ships orbiting the planet."

"What the hell were the Planetary Defense Hyper Cannons doing?! Kill them too," Xin ordered and the computer launched another ...16 hyper missiles.

((Hyper Missiles can't be destroyed because they are in hyperspace and emerge from there only to explode themselves up on or... in their target.

3/31/2010 #8
Typing Typhoon

(Wait... What? 0.0

Your ship is the one at the digsite. You didn't state where you landed so I thought I'd punt you over into the action. As for the ships orbiting the planet... Are you trying to ice Taihus' charas? Haha... That's awesome...) :D

A lone man approached Xin's ship from the cave. Ignoring the ships display of defensive protocol he walked straight up to the cockpit...

3/31/2010 . Edited 3/31/2010 #9

After the man left, Imotios didn't move or speak for a long time.

Finally, he said, mostly to himself, "Such a large sum, for such a simple task? This may be interesting, kekekek..." He turned away. "Escape pod," he scoffed, then he disappeared with a faint ripping sound.


Near the digsite where Xin's ship had landed, there was a sound like paper ripping, and with a flash Imotios was there. He turned his masked face to survey the area. "Ikikik, the crate that just landed is the best place to look, no? Let us see whether this Saigan Bounty Hunter is deserving of his life, kekekek." With that, he crouched and then launched himself high into the air, landing with a thud on the hull of the ship.

3/31/2010 #10
Typing Typhoon

(Ahah! A third joiner! My RP is officially a success! Speaking of RPs, where has Shank gone to? Should I PM him?)

Rekk climbed out of the smouldering wreck of his gun ship. He glared at the flaming ruins for a few minutes. A massive plume of smoke ascended from the engine, forming a massive spire of darkness that inevitably draw militia from all over the continent. He swore to himself quietly. He swung around, he found himself in large rocky basin-like structure. Dozens of caverns humming with machinery dotted the walls of the massive canyon. The were several other adjacent canyons connected to this one, he would have no warning if someone where to firing a homing missile from any of the adjacent indentations.

Naturally the flaming wreck attracted attention. Dozens of heavily armed soldier and miners steadily poured out of the cave. It was awkward moment. One of the soldiers was hidden in a thick cloak. He stepped forward and pointed toward him. "Dispose of the intruder, then return to your posts." The man said impassively, turning heel and marching back int- The cloaked man exploded in a wave of gore and debris as a photonic bolt struck him square in the back.

The soldiers were instantly upon Rekk, who calmly procured his flail.

(I figured Imotios could just follow the smoke trail when he was ready.)

3/31/2010 #11

(WHY? how much damage could those hyper-missile things do?)

"Ah, yeth, Thecurity Pothting Board. We with to reply to your requetht for athithtanthe againtht the "Geth". However, we would altho like to know what thethe Geth are, ath we have not heard of them before."

Caius sighed. "Pleathe, I mean, please drop the lisp. You don't need it, and people can't understand what you're saying half of the time."

At this moment, a crewmember spoke up. "Sir, m'lord, you'd better take a look at this. A ship has fired several missiles at us, but they seem to be traveling 'outside' of normal space. We cannot shoot them down."

Caius took a look and shouted "Evasive manuvers, then!"

Julius took a look, and said "With a ship this big? Tough luck. Savant! Bend space just before the calculated impact!"

"Yeth, thur. Charging capathitors."

3/31/2010 #12

"Sir...I accidnetly gave one of the hyper missiles wrong coordinates," the computer apologized.

"Say what?"

"I locked coordinate to the sun, by accident."

"You idiot!"

Xin sighed. "I'll do that locking myself. At least send the drones to swarm the intruders, will ya? Send like half a million of Speed-Demon class, make sure they use hyper until they are in firing range of hyper cannons."

"Yes, sir." After a moment it said, "3 seconds to drone hyper emergence."

Exactly 3.1 seconds later, half a million drones armed with hyper cannons emerged on top of the orbiting invaders and some near the workers down on the planet. And they started to kill.

3/31/2010 . Edited 3/31/2010 #13

That didn't matter to the Savior's Vessel, as it bent space around itself and reappeared a moment later a mere fifty kilometers away from Xin's ship. Savant broadcasted: "We would apprethiate in the future if you provided thome warning before firing."

3/31/2010 #14

"Yes, i agree. But doesn't that go back to you? Afterall you are in orbit of my homeworld with an army without permission," Xin replied in broadcast. Then he commanded his drone to fire the hyper cannons.

Quarter million drones who had been cloaked and waiting, uncloaked and fired their hyper cannons, and a quarter million of hyper beam that even distorts time and space pierced the shield.

3/31/2010 #15
Typing Typhoon


"Hmm, lemme' see. Geth are anthropomorphic reptillians. They are predators, and attack anything within sight. They tend to swarm areas. Yes, we are currently offering a hefty sum of (state ridiculous high amount of currency here) for every planet that is wiped clean of geth." The operator said, completely unaware of the catastrophic scene going on.

Enflamed Mask (Just a few tips... First of all... Don't blow up the sun, that would be a mass fatality. It would not suite the other characters. Secondly, Imotios is on your ship, why don't you interact with him? Thirdly, as awesome as your guy is, I'll have to ask you to cut down on all of the apacolyptic actions your using here. Attacking Taihus is fine, but sending swarms of heavily armed battle drones all over the planet is a little overkill. Why don't you focus your posts on a smaller scale? Your character is a fine addition here, but his mass scale actions affect the planet too much to make successful replies.)

In flash of bright light, dozens of AA gravity cannons fired right above Xin's ship, pulling the majority of the drones out of hyperspace and eliminating them with powerful distortion blasts ( these were the same guns that took out Rekk, the space drones are fine).

3/31/2010 . Edited 4/2/2010 #16

(how the hell would you maintain that number of drones, and how big are they if you have hundreds of thousand of them AND they each carry a potentially massively destructive weapon? AND they're all operated by one guy. overkill, no? Also, what shield? Your posts are making me confused...)

4/1/2010 #17

((I do agree that it's a overkill. Sorry, I just love big numbers))

4/1/2010 #18
Typing Typhoon

(Haha... Funny, EM. Big numbers are awesome, until you have to calculate their square roots...)

4/1/2010 #19


4/1/2010 #20

(don't talk to me about square roots. btw, how did all the drones get out of your ship so quickly?)

4/1/2010 #21
Typing Typhoon

(Pressurized air cannons? XD)

4/1/2010 #22

The Savior's Vessel's Void Shields activated, causing the attacks to veer strangely, disappear and reappear on the opposite side of the ship, or disappear entirely. The Void Shields also disrupted the drones, pulling them out of hyperspace, where they then fell victim to the Savior's Vessel's point defense.

Julius opened a line to Security Posting Board.

"Could you tell the guy shooting at us that we aren't here to invade? Thank you."

(Enflamed Mask, you really need to put some sort of limit on your character. Half a million? in a few seconds? honestly.)

4/2/2010 #23

(Xin's ridiculous numbers of drones/weapons are hereby retconned to two each.)

(You may proceed.)

4/3/2010 #24

(ok, then...)

4/13/2010 #25
Typing Typhoon

(Someone break the rut. Where's EM? Should we proceed without him?)

4/13/2010 #26

(I have no clue what's going on here. The only one who can reply to anything right now is Mask. Can someone PM him or something?)

4/14/2010 #27
Typing Typhoon

(I'll try, if not, I'll have to make him mysteriously dissapear so Taihus can continue on with the story. There's a massive firefight going on less than a 1/4 mile away, why don't you have Imotios investigate. That was my original idea. Lest you want to wait for EM. Oh, I PM'd Shank.)

4/14/2010 . Edited 4/14/2010 #28

(Don't PM Shank, he can't come here or he would.)

Imotios determined that this ship was probably not what he was looking for, too flashy to be a contact. So he jumped off it. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted what seemed to be a distant cloud of smoke. Thinking that this might be mildly important, he calculated its distance, then vanished with a bang.

He reappeared on a cliff edge overlooking a rocky canyon. A short way below him, the smoke was rising from a wreck of... something, and as he peered closer he observed that there was some sort of conflict going on. He watched, not interfering because he had no reason to interfere.

4/14/2010 #29
Typing Typhoon

(Nice rut recovery)

A massive wave of gore pelted the flanking militia as a large clump of soldiers were dispatched by the flail. Rekk swung it overhead a second time and tore it through more militia. He ignored the shower of 0.330 slugs that peppered the ground around him. They were doing more harm for their ranks than good. In a single fluid motion Rekk drove away the pressing soldiers and coiled the flail around his back. He withdrew a sinister looking sword. Eyeing the militia darkly, Rekk fired a photonic blast into the crowd, sending soldiers flying back. With several more shots he started dispatching gunners.

Imotios was not the only dark force observing the battle. Planted to the underside of the cliff beneath Imotios were several dark reptillian creatures. Another geth approached Imotios from behind. The shockwave from the crash had fractured the basin, setting them loose. They were free, and hungry. That was more than fine with the wonderful abundance of prey...

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