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Imotios did not move or even seem to notice the others, his face hidden behind the mask. However, he soon spoke. "I would not touch me if I were you, kekekek. It could be fatal..."

4/14/2010 #31
Typing Typhoon

The geth gave no response. It squatted down on its haunchees and prepared a killing neck bite. In a flash the geth sprung across the terrain and came barreling at Imotios.


Rekk grimaced asthe air around him was displaced, he side stepped just as a massive reptilian beast rocketed straight past him. Warriors intuiton. A second and third moster appeared behind the first and scattered, chasing away the militia. Screams of agony pierced the air as the geth sank their claws into the fleeing militia. The one facing Rekk snarled. It drooped low to the ground, its tail swishing to and fro.

A massive sphere of photonic energy rocketed from Rekk's wrist and closed in on the monster. The geth jumped clear of the blast and slammed down upon Rekk. The hunter grabbed the flailing beast by the throat and snapped its neck between his thumb and forefingers. No sooner had he tossed aside the first carcass when its lackeys followed up the attack.

4/14/2010 #32

Before it even touched him, the geth was sliced in half. The reason for this condition was not readily apparent; Imotios's movement would have been invisible to the n*** eye.

He crouched, then jumped forward, landing unharmed at the base of the cliff. He silently watched the conflict, unsure of and not really caring which side he should help.

4/14/2010 #33
Typing Typhoon

Rekk turned heel and ran, surprising his predators. Both geth snarled and took chase. Rekk said nothing as the geth rapidly closed in on him. He put on an extra burst of speed and rocketed straight into his ship. Both geth made a jump for him yet Rekk placed a heel on the crumpled nose of the ship's cockpit and used the momentum to propel himself backward, and over the monsters. The geth slammed into, and rebounded from the cockpit, closing in on him rapidly. With a clean stroke of his blade, Rekk rent the first one in half, the second was eradicated with a photonic flare. Rekk landed nimbly some ten yards away.

It was impossible to maneuver your way out of an attack while airborne. It was as simple as that. Without another word Rekk turned around locked eyes with the cloaked figure that observed the fight from the safety of his perch. What nerve.

4/14/2010 #34

Imotios appeared beside Rekk. "Kekekek, could use some work, but not bad. What is your allegiance?"

4/14/2010 #35

(I'll break the rut!)

The Vessel bent space again, this time ending up at the far side of Lakas.

"Down to buthinethh, now. We will be able to provide about twenty heavy infantry unitth, a few dothen droneth of varying gradeth from thcout to AT tank, and some armored thupport. In return, we would like the reward to be converted from local currenthy to goodth and repairth. Do we have a deal?"

4/14/2010 #36
Typing Typhoon

Rekk was not disturbed in the slightest by Imotios' interesting power, he has seen it many times before. Which is why he carried a flail. "Money." Rekk grunted, his hand on his weapon. "I don't suggest walking around in that peculiar cloak of yours, some hunter's may consider you as part of the Syphon Corporation." Rekk followed up, tilting his armored head.

4/14/2010 #37

"I do not know nor care about either these hunters or this 'Syphon Corporation'. Ikikik." Imotios looked down at the many weapons Rekk had on his person. "If they have a problem with me, they will not voice it or act on it, because if they do they will be dead, kekekek."

4/14/2010 #38
Typing Typhoon

Rekk found that quite amusing. "I assume you're yet another bounty hunter. Lakas has been a hot spot lately. Mostly because of the rumors about the Royal Guard."

4/14/2010 . Edited 4/14/2010 #39

Imotios hissed at that. "You would mistake me for that filth? Kikikik, I am the most skilled mercenary in existence. Not cheap, but I never fail. Now, kekekek, let's pretend I know nothing about this 'Royal Guard'."

4/14/2010 #40
Typing Typhoon

Rekk's face flashed with both surprise and contempt. "Haha. A mercenary? And you're not after the Royal Gaurd?! Haha! That's laughable. So, what sort of petty nobody were you hired to kill then, mercenary?"

4/14/2010 #41

"I was hired to kill no one. My target is already dead, and was dead as soon as I accepted the contract, kekekek. My target's name is 'Damien Black'." Imotios turned away from Rekk. "Watch your tongue, ikikik, or I may have to put it in front of your eyes for you."

4/14/2010 #42
Typing Typhoon

Rekk swore to himself. "You were hired to kill Damien Black? Hmph, I guess I must have underestimated your abilities. Forgive me, then. Are you still interested about the Royal Gaurd?" Rekk asked, still shocked.

He would have to keep an eye on this one.

4/14/2010 #43

"I know as much as I need to about the Royal Guard, ikikik, but tell me anyway," Imotios said. He looked at Rekk sideways through his mask. "Kek, I want to know how much you know..."

4/14/2010 #44
Typing Typhoon

What a ridiculous entity... Why is it important to you to learn how much I know? Rekk thought darkly. He kept to himself though, he didn't know what this thing was capable of.

"Hmmph, fine then. If your hunting Black there is no such thing as being too prepared. Damien Black robs planets of Omniessence and absorbs it into himself. He's doing this until he amasses enough power to engage in galactic conquest. Because of this, he won't risk siphoning the energy from the planets himself. So he has a small group of twisted fiends to do it for him, in return, he grants them immortality.

These 4 entities are twisted monsters of amazing strength that spearhead all of his operations. They are: Sirian the Behemoth, Aeon the Obelisk, Strages the Twisted, and the fourth; well, he remains a mystery. All of them report to Black monthly with massive tanks of Omniessense ore. Supposedly one of them resides here. They are paying a hefty sum for each one eliminated. With just one bounty you would never have to work another day in your life. My goal is to kill them all. However, they are your best and only way to Black, which is a complication." Rekk mused.

4/14/2010 . Edited 4/14/2010 #45

"After I kill Black, you may do what you want with them, kekekek," Imotios said. He watched Rekk intently behind his mask. "But how do you know I am not an agent of Black? Ikik, all you have to trust me by are my utterances."

4/15/2010 #46
Typing Typhoon

"I never said I trusted you. But I highly doubt you were sent to kill me. I'm one out of hundreds on this planet who are intent on hunting the Royal Guard. If you are who you say you are, then I have no objections to escorting you to Black. If you're not, than I shall act accordingly." Rekk stated in his gravelly voice. He stiffened, he could just vaguely hear the sound of rotary motors in the distance. A second gunship, most like a war copter.

He pointed toward the nearest cave. "C'mon, we need to dissapear.

4/15/2010 #47

"I am not afraid, kekek," Imotios said, but then the air around him blurred and he disappeared.

(He did that rift thing with his weapon, to bend light around himself. Or something. :P)

4/15/2010 #48
Typing Typhoon

Rekk swore, all of the teleportation was getting annoying. He could only assume the fool has warped into the gunship. The massive helicopter, now visible, had several toxic waste symbols etched across the sides. This one contained vats of Omniessence. That was not good.

4/15/2010 #49

"Well, are you going to move, ikik?" Imotios's voice asked. "You were the one who was saying to."

4/15/2010 #50
Typing Typhoon

Rekk swung around. The teleporting was getting very irritating.

"Hm, I misjudged you. Come on, for now we retreat into caves. We need to take out that gunship. It's coordinates will be locked for their main base of operations. They should land on the other side of this basin where they have a fuel tanker. We'll hack the files and ignite the tanker. Then we'll be clean on our way." Rekk stated. with that, he ducked into the cave and dissapeared around the corner.

Level One: Lakasin Mines

(Hey Taihus, do you want me to send some plot your way? EM hasn't replied in a while and I think it's time to move on.)

4/15/2010 #51

Imotios reappeared and followed after Rekk, moving with hunched, scuttling motions. "Very well, kekekek. I am unfamiliar with this geography, so assuming you are, lead the way..."

4/16/2010 #52
Typing Typhoon


"I took several scans of the area in EDSU, Infrared, Seismic lenses on my way down here. Until I was shot down. To say the least, I should have a decent idea of where we're going." Rekk said gravelly.

He suddenly stopped dead and pressed himself flat against the wall. Sliding of to the corner of the natural corridor he peered around the end. There were several miners, in one hand they had a jackhammer type device, in the other, an energy siphon. Straight above them a pair of geth hung over the ceiling, eyeing them hungrily.

"Hmm, more geth. I'm surprised to see them loose like this. They're usually drugged and chained for use as bloodhounds for finding Omniessence. I wounder how many others escaped like these." Rekk mused quietly. He steathily drew his katana...

4/16/2010 #53

Imotios looked around the corner at the geth. "If you wish, I will leave this to you, kekek," he then said quietly to Rekk, moving back. "I am not quite suited to stealth."

4/16/2010 #54
Typing Typhoon

"It doesn't matter, the geth already know we're here. Any commotion we cause will be dwarfed by these renegade monsters." Rekk grunted. With that, he swung around the corner and chucked a throwing knife at one of the monsters.

Both geth shrieked and dropped from the ceiling, crashing down on top of the miners, who's screams of surprise were cut short as they were crushed. Both geth lunged for Rekk, who fired a photonic blast down the corridor, which both monsters evaded. They were only seconds awy from clearing the gap, Rekk readied his grip on his katana.

4/16/2010 #55

"Hm, an interesting predicament. Still, I'm sure you can take them, eh, kekek?" Imotios glanced at Rekk sideways, making no move to either attack or defend.

4/16/2010 #56
Typing Typhoon

"Of course." Rekk grunted, he batted away one of the geth with his katana, the second was blasted and trapped mid-air by his net launcher. The free geth managed to evade Rekk's follow up blow, but was iced by one of Rekk photonic daggers.

"These ones are simple enough, once they have acess to Omniessence though, they become much more deadly." Rekk stated, pulling his dagger from the beast's throat. The second geth was silenced by a photonic blast.

Rekk walked over to the miners, and in turn, stabbed each one of them with his sword.

4/16/2010 #57

Imotios followed. "This 'Omniessence', ikikik, tell me about it. How does it make them more deadly, and to what degree, kek?" He bent to examine one of the geth's dead bodies.

4/16/2010 #58
Typing Typhoon

(Ah hah, we're almost up to sixty posts between the two of us, epic!)

Omniessence is literally just a sphere of power isolated in radioactive ore. It contains 'pure' energy, the molecular structure of it is devoid of all impurities, including carbon. Once the thick shell of the ore is crushed, the energy from within bonds to the nearest vessel, adding its energy to them. In short, Omniessence makes you stronger, the correlation between strength increase and the amount of ore consumed only steepens over time. With enough ore your body starts to mutate, this is where normal life forms acquire their amazing abilities. There is no direct lead to how are why the ore passes off these traits and there is also no way to tell what powers you'll be granted. Geth have an affinity for Omniessence, and in these mines its not to hard to acquire some." Rekk explained, he wrenched the armaments off the miners, these could come in handy...

With that, Rekk turned heel and continued down the cave. They shouldn't much farther from their destination, these tunnels appeared relatively short on radar.

4/16/2010 #59

(It's because there's only two of us, and we don't have to wait for a bunch of other people... :P)

"Interesting, kekekek..." Imotios stood and went after Rekk. "I will have to be careful of this 'Omniessence'. Perhaps I shall find out how it compares to my abilities? Ikikik."

4/16/2010 #60
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