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(My last post was an invitation to do so, go right ahead.)

4/16/2010 #61
Typing Typhoon

(Ah hah! I missed that post. I'll have you meet the others at Sirian's head quarters. Will your character always act with his army, or can he and Savant hold their own? The RP won't always be mass militia friendly.)

"How you achieve the means matters not. The Geth can be destroyed by shattering their pod. If you bring a fragment of the geth pod we shall give you the money in your prefered currency." The man said over the radio.

4/16/2010 . Edited 4/16/2010 #62
Typing Typhoon

The tunnel continued on for another quarter mile before Rekk could make out any light. Aside from their last encounter, the cave was empty. They had finally made it to the end of the tunnel. On the other side was a sprawling helipad and several gaurds, behind them was a massive tank full of fuel. Rekk slid up to the corner of the exit. He could the rotary motors overhead, everything was working out perfectly...

4/16/2010 #63

Imotios examined the situation. "I'll kill the guards, kekekek. You ignite the fuel." Then he was gone.

The guards never had a chance.

4/16/2010 #64
Typing Typhoon

Imotios disapeared just as the battlehip had landed. It was truly massive, and it was spiked with dozens of .95 caliber turrets.

He scanned the area, the guards hadn't been iced yet, the massive side door to the gunship slid open. Now was Imotios time to act, as was his. He needed the coordinate files from the main console.

Just then, several troopers exited the ship, each one carying large armaments. One of them was of captain rank. Rekk readied himself for the move...

4/16/2010 #65

Imotios appeared next to a guard, killed him quickly, and then disappeared. Less than a second later, he repeated the process with another guard, and then again until all the guards were dead.

The troopers would be noticing a curious abundance of dead bodies about now.

4/16/2010 #66
Typing Typhoon

"Hmph, it would seem like we're under attack. Fire at anything that moves! Don't let anything get into this ship!" The captain shouted, procuring a blast shield and pulse rifle.

4/16/2010 #67

Imotios then appeared next to the captain. "Yes, it would seem you are under attack, ikikik," he said, before slicing the captain in half. Lengthwise.

4/16/2010 #68

(not mass-militia friendly? How about a few 5-meter tall mechs?)

"Would the pod be accethible to an orbital attack?"

4/16/2010 #69
Typing Typhoon

(I'm just saying there will be a lot of resistance so the focus should be put on primary characters. Giant freaking robots are epic though. I'll make it work for them.)

"No, the pod is deep underground. You'll have to do it by foot." Tthe man said, maintaining his pleasant monotone.

4/16/2010 #70

(Judging by the lack of resistance, I'm going to assume that Imotios took care of the other troopers too. :P)

Once he was finished, Imotios warped back to Rekk. "Kikik, go now," he said.

4/17/2010 #71
Typing Typhoon

(Ah I fogot to respond to the post. Srry.)

Rekk bolted across the helipad and into the ship. He rolled into the vessel and looked around. He found nothing. He hurried down the hull up to the front console. He stopped dead, the pilot was still in his seat. However, he was buried in a magazine and woefully ingnorant of his surroundings. Rekk drew his katana and drove through the back of the captain's chair and out through his chest, skewering the man.

He stepped over to the console and hit the eject button on the navigation screen. He took a look at the coordinates on the screen. The seemed to lead about a dozen miles northward to a second helipad. A small floppy disk was expelled from the computer. He took it and bolted. He ran back to the cave with Imotios and turned toward the tanker. He raised his guantlet and fired a photonic blast at the fuel tank. Which deftly responded in a massive Hollywood style explosion which engulfed the ship and emitted a massive shockwave.

4/17/2010 #72

"Do you have the information you needed, kekek?" Imotios asked Rekk. "I hope so, ikikik, because if not there's no going back for it..."

4/17/2010 #73

(actually, I'm thinking that most of the troops will be helping with any cities or so on that are under Geth attack while a small squad goes to try and destroy the pod.

"Very well, thend uth coordinateth for a drop thite and any locationth in need of reinforthement and we will do the betht we can to help."

Julius walked over to the comms station.

"Right, down to business. What do you need help with, what can we expect once we're down there, and how exactly do we destroy this 'pod' thing?"

4/17/2010 #74
Typing Typhoon

"Yeah, the base is northward. We need to give this helipad some space though with all of the Omniessence floating around. That ore is dangerous, in my opinion." Rekk stated. He swung back out of the safet of the cave and strafed against the face of the mountain, there was a massive plummed of bright sparkling material floating over the burning wreck of the gunship. This would definitely draw attention. After he had made it after the helipads perimeter, the landmass was pretty level from that point on. Level and barren. There will be little resistance in the pass to the H.Q.

A lone saigan bounty hunter watched the two of them via scope from the top of the mountain basin. Perfectly concealed, both his mind and body invisible from any radar. He wore night black camoflauge adamantian armor (which doesn't really do anything for him in the day time). He quitely observed them from the safety of the thick vegetation that lined the top of the basin. He steathly procured a serrated rapier.


(I guess I can make that work then, Taihus.)

The man spoke up again, his pleasant voice now strained. These people obviously had no idea what they were getting into. "Te pod spawns geth, naturally, you're going to have an incredible amount of resistance between you and your target. Secondly the pod itself can only be affected by the heaviest of artillery weapons. We're talking 0.95 AT cannons. You will find the pod near the headquarters of the non-Lakasin miners. Namely those from Syphon Corp. I would also beware of bounty hunters. Who are equally dangerous. Is their any other information you need?" The man asked, exasperately.

4/17/2010 #75

"Right, dropcarriages are on their way."

(What will the location they're dropping into look like? Will there be any enemies?)

4/17/2010 #76

Imotios followed Rekk silently. After a little while, he suddenly stopped. "Wait," he said, "Acligius wants to speak." He pulled a gray, sharp-edged weapon out of his cloak, holding it in front of him with one green claw. He stared intently at it for a moment, then said, "Kekek, don't be silly, Acligius. I would know if someone were nearby. You're crazy, ikikik." With that, he put Acligius back into his cloak and continued walking.


4/17/2010 #77
Typing Typhoon

(XD, that completely caught me off gaurd.)

Rekk stopped and turned to the mercenary. He tried not to face palm, this was a new level of peculiar.

"The sword... it speaks?" Rekks asked interestedly, pointing towards Acligius (Behold, for I have spelled it right).


The saigan, however, facepalmed. That sword was bad news. However, they would lead him to Sirian. Then he would kill them, storm the base, and take the credit for himself. That said, he adjusted his scope... quietly...


(Alright, Taihus... Since you should be closer to the base you will be landing on level forest land. There will be opposition, but they will be relatively hidden. I'll definitely hand you a fight if you want it.)

4/17/2010 #78

"What sword?" Imotios asked, staring at Rekk. "I have none of those primitive weapons, kekekek. My only weapon is Acligius. Ikikik, it is more than enough."

(Yay! :D *throws confetti*)

4/17/2010 #79
Typing Typhoon

(Aigh! I have allergies! *Hack...COUGH...WHeeEEeeEEEeeezzzz*)

Rekk didn't inquire any further. He stared into the distance. The terrain was completely level for a several miles before it erupted into a jagged mountain region. "The base is concealed somewhere in that mess of mountains. That explains why it didn't come up right on my scanner. Let's start covering ground, with all of this commotion going on they'll undoubtably send out heavily armed scouting parties." Rekk stated, resuming his steady pace.

4/17/2010 #80

"Do what you like, kekek," Imotios said, indifferent. "But I have a faster way." With a blur of motion and a loud ripping sound, a white rift appeared next to him, floating in the air. "Ikikik, this'll lead to near where we're going."

4/17/2010 #81
Typing Typhoon

Rekk stared into the rift. "Where exactly, does this lead?" He asked warily. The power the mercenary possessed was extaordinary, but he didn't want to wind up in an enemy occupied area.


Meanwhile, the other bounty hunter watched them from afar. Damn them! I can't follow the through that rift! I can still find the coordinates from the floppy disk though... With that, the saigan of from the edge of the cliff and plummeted a good several hundred feet before catching himself with a well timed shot from a hidden grappling hook. The saigan was less than a foot from the ground. He yanked the claw from the ledge of the cliff and the hook retracted back to whole distance into his guantlet.


4/19/2010 #82

Imotios looked at him. "Kekek, do you have coordinates for me to set?"

4/19/2010 #83
Typing Typhoon

"Ah, I see." Rekk muttered to himself. He took the floppy disk and inserted it into a fold of the armored plating in his helmet. Lights and numbers flashed through the visor of Rekk's helm at an alarmingly fast pace.

"The coordinates are-" Rekk, out of reflex, swerved back as a 0.54 calibur slug whipped past his face.

4/19/2010 #84

Imotios sprang backwards, the rift disappearing instantly. He whipped around to face the direction the bullet had come from. "Who wishes to speed along their own death, kek?"

4/19/2010 #85
Typing Typhoon

A mirror image of Rekk faced them, toting a rather lethal looking Gauss rifle in one hand and a rapier in the other.

He gestured at Rekk with his rifle. "Surrender the disk, peon, or be anihillated!"

Rekk said nothing, but calmly procured his katana...

SUB BOSS: Havekk the Bounty Hunter

(No instant kills for this one. :p)

4/19/2010 #86

(...Sub bosses, too? *eaten*)

"Why can't you just ask nicely for a copy, ikikik?" Imotios watched the newcomer, appearing casual but in reality he was waiting, alert, for him to make a move.

4/19/2010 #87
Typing Typhoon

(Hahaha :D *points and laughs*)


The saigan stiffened and slowly turned to the peculiar mercenary.

"What kind of logic is that?! The bounty is mine, and mine only. This is your last chance." The saigan growled, turning back to Rekk.

"You are in no condition to reason with us." Rekk growled, he pulled the floppy disk from his helm, and slid it into one of his many armored pockets.

Rekk's move was puncuated by a gun shot. The bullet grazed Rekk's shoulder plate, leaving a thick gash in the aromor.

"Grave mistake." The saigan growled, jamming a second cartridge into his rifle.

4/19/2010 #88

Without another word, Imotios flashed and warped behind the other bounty hunter, slashing at his back.

4/20/2010 #89
Typing Typhoon

Imotios' weapon stopped short as it was intercepted by the rapier, which the saigan snapped over his back. Rekk bolted toward the bounty hunter, barely evading the spray of precision fire erupting from the coil gun.

4/20/2010 #90
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