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Name: Adu IV

Type: Planet

Physical Description: This planet is about 1.5 times the size of Earth. It was artificially created to meet the needs of a certain race. There is water, but it is in ice form. An industry based around the production of minerals and ores thrives here.

Climate: Extremely cold year-round. During the "cold" season, the temperature can be less than -100 degrees Celsius. Only extremely durable and flexible substances can survive here. During the "warm" season, the temperature rises dramatically to 0 degrees Celsius, and the planet becomes relatively habitable.

Who Lives There?: A super advanced race known as the Hurtrey. They are made out of the strongest alloy known to the universe called godfrey. Godfrey is extremely flexible, more then a human muscle, and extremely durable, able to take on 5 megatons of laser. During the cold season, they stay underground and study the minerals that developed on their artificial planet. During the warm season, they go to the surface to gather anything valuable, from starship wrecks to pieces of meteorites.

Location: Halfway across the universe from Earth.

Other stuff: The Hurtrey made this planet to avoid war. Starships made out of cyro proof metal can enter. BEWARE OF ORBITING TURRETS (which is a bit of a overkill considering that 5 of these can take of a planetoid).

3/20/2010 #1

Orwin dropped out of hyperspace to visit his homeplanet.

"Ahhhh. Home sweet home!. I never thought I would be crossing this system for a long time." Orwin said. His voice was smoother then before. He started to approach the planet at his favorite speed. 21 meters per second.

4/15/2010 #2
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