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Name: Captain Cliché Land

Type: Small realm.

Physical Description: An extremely small, alternate realm. It is roughly two square miles in length and is taken up by a massive picket white mansion. There is pool and enlarged boxing ring in the backyard. The realm resembles Earth somewhat; there is breathable air, a massive plane of green grass, an occasional pond, blue skies, and a massive floating lightbulb which illuminates the realm at a distance.

Climate: Sunny with a chance of pwnage.

Who Lives There?: Captain Cliche

Location: It is an alternate realm of Earth, It is not a separate planet or universe. It can be found by clapping your heels together three times and shouting a ridiculous catch phrase (footless n00bs will have to settle for thinking about clapping their feet). The weirdo who does will be warped outside in the porch of Captain Cliche's estate.

Other: This is where Captain Cliche resides when not bothering other people. When he is exercised from a planet or killed he will always respawn here. People who come here can summon him to induce chaos on other planets or draft him for fights. All powerful beings naturally know how to get here.

Author's note: I just thought this would be a fun thread, it could come in handy later on. :)

3/23/2010 #1


3/23/2010 #2
Typing Typhoon

(Epic lol!) XD

(Well, you guys know the point of this planet. Til' then it will remain dormant. Lest some unlucky n00b stumbles upon it.)

3/23/2010 . Edited 3/23/2010 #3
Typing Typhoon

"Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn! Dun dunuh dundunuh don don don! Danununununununununununah! SHOW YA MOVES!" Captain Cliche' shouted, sliding down the banister of the stairwell in his mansion. He hopped over the railing and plummeted to the bottom story.

"IT'S OVER NINE THOOOOOOUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDDD!" Cliche hollered, doing a triple backflip, double spiral, moonsualt whist descending. He landed with a heavy thud that shook the realm, leaving spiderweb cracks in the silver tile floor.

"Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn! Dun dunuh dundunuh don don don! Danununununununununununah!" Captain Cliche burst through the sliding glass backdoors of his base via cartwheel and launched himself over the boxing ring and landed into his olymic sized swimming pool.

He came only three inches short of the poolside where he smacked his face on the ledge and sank into the water.

"ARRRGGGHH! IT'S JUST A FLESH WOUND!" He shouted, randomly procuring an innertube...

(This is simply what he does when left unnattended. This should sum up the character to you.)

3/23/2010 . Edited 3/23/2010 #4
Zeal of 1200BC

( That character is the exact opposite of myself.)

3/23/2010 #5
Typing Typhoon

Captain Cliche' and Orwin (and his ship) appeared in the realm with a plume of confetti.

"BEHOLD! This is meh base!" Captain Cliche' said happily, using his fingers to form a mock photo frame, which he held in front of his mansion.

(Srry, Uber. We had to evacuate PoM)

3/27/2010 #6

"Hmm what a wierd place," Orwin said. "I hope someone is home."

3/29/2010 #7
Typing Typhoon

"Indeed! For I am home!" A second Captain shouted, appearing behind them. His uniform was soaking wet and a partially inflated innertube drooped from his waist.

Captain Cliche seemed genuinely appalled by the sight of himself.

"Get outta here you imposter!" Captain Cliche shouted, roundhouse kicking Captain Clone from exsistence.

"To the mansion!" Captain Cliche' hollered eccentrically, running off toward his massive house.

3/30/2010 . Edited 3/31/2010 #8

"Wait up!" Orwin used his rocket boosters and flew to the mansion.

3/30/2010 #9
Typing Typhoon

Suddenly, it started raining ninjas! (Because something as awesome as that could only happen on Captain Cliche's realm.)

"Oh teh noes! Ninjas! We must pwn them before they destroy the sun!" Captain Cliche hollered, pointing toward the ominous floating lightbulb in the distance.

The ninja cloud has faded away as quickly as it come, leaving a sprawling mess ninjas which barred their path.

3/31/2010 #10

"Uhh... That was freaky."

3/31/2010 #11
Typing Typhoon

The swarming mound of ninjas detangled themselves and drew weapins.

"It is not freaky! Ninja storms are a natural God-given thing! If you don't like it, deal! Now ninjas... attack!" A random ninja shouted. In seconds dozens of ninjas were upon them.

(Because ninjas 'r' cool)

4/1/2010 #12

"I'm outta here!" Orwin shouted as he juped into his cube ship and disappeared in a instant.

4/5/2010 #13
Typing Typhoon

(Whut, not a fan of ninjaz?)

4/14/2010 #14

(Apparently not a fan of being killed by them... XD)

4/16/2010 #15
Typing Typhoon

(Silence you!)

*Chucks shuriken*

4/16/2010 #16

(D: *wall crawls to safety*)

4/16/2010 #17
Typing Typhoon


"Hey, spamming isn't cool! It's about as lame as doin' drugs and skipping school!" Captain Cliche chanted, doing a riculous pose with every word. The ninjas facepalmed in unison...

(Captain pwned!)

4/16/2010 . Edited 4/16/2010 #18
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