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"Shut up," Aal said irritably. "You sure as hell weren't in any danger." She watched Etherik, waiting for the dragon to finish whatever she was doing.

4/16/2010 #61
Thunder Lord Aeatos

A moment later, Etherik emerged, smoking another one of the mini-cigarette things. "Alright, let's see what we've got here....."

4/16/2010 #62

"Hmph, you're suddenly in a much better mood," Aal said dryly. "The hell is that thing in your mouth? And why the hell is it on fire?"

4/16/2010 #63
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"It's one of my smokes." Etherik said, opening the kit. "Now hush and let me work."

4/16/2010 #64

"Fine." Aal fell silent, shifting to a more comfortable position. She wondered absently what exactly Etherik was going to do, and whether she might be able to duplicate it later...

4/16/2010 #65
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Etherik examined her for a minute. "This'll work out just fine." She said, producing, among other things; bandages, antiseptic, and what looked suspiciously like a surgical needle.

4/16/2010 #66

"Great," Aal muttered. "Hurry it up. The longer it takes, the longer I'm vulnerable, and that's never good." She didn't see the things Etherik was holding; her head couldn't turn that far.

4/16/2010 #67
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Relax, I'm former military and am currently working amongst the toughest organization on my planet." Etherik said, dabbing at one injury with an antiseptic-soaked bit of cloth. "I can handle a problem easy. Look, let's just start over, alright?"

4/16/2010 #68

"You obviously haven't been here very long," Aal grunted, although her hostile demeanor had dissipated. "Anyone who thinks they can 'handle a problem easy' here is bound to get themselves killed." She winced slightly as Etherik worked, but didn't complain.

(I gotta go, see you all later.)

4/16/2010 #69
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I've been on worse slagheaps than this... no offense." Etherik said. "Like I said; I'm part of a major organization that DEALS in things like this. A bad situation is routine for us."

4/16/2010 #70
Typing Typhoon

Zwank watched the two of the interestedly.

"Rather odd creatures, are they not? I think we should let them blow their steam." Zwank said to Nomin in a hushed tone. He bent over and started burrowing into a mound of junk with his beak. He will find more shiny things if he looked hard enough.

4/16/2010 #71

(Zwank should talk XD)

"Okay..." Nomin ceded. (I've always wanted to use that word *shot*) "I guess so. And there're lots of shiny things around here, if you look hard enough, but most of it is rusted away."

"No offense taken," Aal muttered. "You think I like this damn place? But still, you should watch your step, since here every situation is bad." She glanced upward at the sky. "Speaking of bad situations... Are you done yet? Because it's about to rain, and we need to move."

4/17/2010 #72
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Just a moment." Etherik said, closing up one last wound. "That's everything major, at least. Now, what happens when it rains?" She hopped down, pakced up the remaining supplies, and stowed them back in her ship.

4/17/2010 #73

Aal stared at Etherik. "Oh, nothing much, it just turns your body into a puddle. ...Damn, you're really new here, aren't you?"

4/17/2010 #74
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Just landed." Etherik replied. "I could hide out in my ship, but nobody else could get in...."

4/17/2010 #75

"Huh, you do that if that's what you want." Aal stood up, and then turned to Zwank. "Hey, uh, forgot your- Oh, right, Zwank. Uh, I know a place where we can hide until the rain stops, but we've got to hurry. Follow me." With that she started off, going as fast as her heavy body could move.

"And the best part, for you at least," Nomin added to Zwank, "is that after it rains everything will be all shiny, because the rust will be gone."

(Etherik is welcome to come with them. XD)

4/17/2010 #76
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Etherik ran into her ship, came out carrying a few things, and sealed it up behind her, praying that the protective measures would be enough to counteract the rain. "Wait for me!" She cried, running after Aal.

4/17/2010 #77

"Dammit," Aal muttered, but she didn't otherwise pay any notice to Etherik. She'd been kinda hoping to get Zwank to herself...

(Maybe we should wait for Typhoon. :P)

4/17/2010 #78
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Sure. Also XDDDDDD And here I thought RANE was forward. ))

4/17/2010 #79

(Aal doesn't do subtlety. :P)

4/17/2010 #80
Typing Typhoon

(Sup' people. Srry for the absense, I've been crazy busy.)

Zwank plodded along with the two of them.

Acid rain, now that just doesn't do it...

He looked two and fro as he followed them, desperately trying to find something relatively shiny. He had Nomin on his head, and he was shiny.

4/17/2010 #81

Soon the rainclouds had started to empty themselves, and a few raindrops were falling here and there. Aal winced as one landed on her back, steaming and giving off a fizz noise. "Almost there..."

Soon she stopped, in front of a massive pile of garbage. She examined it for a moment, then lumbered up to it and nudged a metal sheet with her nose. With a little effort she soon worked it free, and it fell to the ground with a crash. Under where the sheet had been was a dark opening. "Hurry, get inside. Just don't go too far in; I don't know what else might be hiding from the rain in here."

4/17/2010 #82
Typing Typhoon

Without a word Zwank hopped in the condensed crap cave. The stench assualted his acute sense of smell and there wasn't much light to work wit.

4/17/2010 #83
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Etherik walked into the little cave-thing. "Needs light..." She muttered, producing a small travel lamp.

4/17/2010 #84

Aal followed them in. Once she saw Etherik's lamp, she immediately whipped her tail around, smacking it out of her hand. It shattered on the floor and went dead. "Idiot, do you want to risk waking something up and getting attacked? Grah, how damn stupid can you be?!"

Already there were sounds coming from further inside the shelter. Aal glanced worriedly in their direction. "We might have to find another shelter..."

"...I'm scared..." Nomin said fearfully. "Usually I just hide under some piece of garbage when it rains..."

4/17/2010 #85
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Dammit, I needed that!" Etherik snapped. "I'm not due for another supply run for six standard weeks!" She completely ignored the noises inside.

4/17/2010 #86

A ship plunged from the sky, heading more or less in the direction of the hollow junk heap.

4/17/2010 #87
Typing Typhoon

Zwank wondered if he could communicate with Nomin via thought as well.

I would rather not disturb anything in here, maybe we should just sit here?

Zwank thought, he squinted and strained his mind as if he was projecting the thought, wondering if it could work.

4/17/2010 #88

"Okay," Nomin said in reply to Zwank, "That sounds like the best thing to do..."

Aal turned to face Etherik and gave a low growl. "I don't know how long that is, but I do know that unless you start using your damn brain you won't live that long! Now shut the hell up, you're waking something up!"

The noises became louder. They sounded vaguely like breathing.

4/17/2010 #89
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Etherik gave her a sort of raised-eyebrow look, produced a small sketchbook (again, it was small for the larger members of the band, for Etherik it was the right size) and walked towards the breathing noises. "And before you say anything," She whispered, "I'm doing my job, and that includes documenting wildlife."

4/17/2010 . Edited 4/17/2010 #90
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