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Typing Typhoon

(BOOM! HEADSHOT! *C*** rifle*)


( Honestly I'm only trying to spout a plot, got any ideas?)

(Edit, why is the term "c o c k" censored? People c o c k guns, that doesn't make any sense...)

4/17/2010 . Edited 4/17/2010 #31

(Who needs plot? I like to just wing it. :P But if you really want to, you could have one of your clones show up.)

4/17/2010 #32
Typing Typhoon

(YYAAAYYYYYY! *Confetti and cupcakes rain down in the thread* Yes, that would be great. Aside from that, I can just wing it for awhile as well.)

And with that, Roark (and Fen?) set off deep within the bowels of the universe.

(Excuse the pun.)

4/17/2010 . Edited 4/17/2010 #33


(And he has no reaction to her... advances? XD)

4/17/2010 #34
Typing Typhoon

(And so I fail. As for the lack of reaction to her advances; he isn't very human. He's ignorant of all this and he sees everything in life in a more practical way. To bring light to this, that means that his reactions would be more akward/funny to more obvious attempts.

4/17/2010 #35

(And so there shall be... Once she figures out that her subtleties aren't working. }:D)

(Uh, so let's see... I'll dump them on a planet.)

Soon they came to a planet that was obscured in a cloud of blue gas. Upon closer inspection, there were thousands of large crystals of ice floating near the top edge of the atmosphere; Fen landed on one of these and motioned for Roark to join her. "What do you think...?" she asked him.

4/17/2010 #36
Typing Typhoon

Roark blinked, it was amazing. He had never seen a planet like this before. He steadily descended and landed adjacent to Fen's avatar.

"It's amazing, I have never seen anything like it before..." Roark exclaimed, observing the amazing planet from the perch.

Somewhere in a nearby planet, a massive shockwave tore through the terrain, hurling back everything it came in contact with. The apacolyptic force for spread about a half mile before it suddenly retracted, returning everything back to how it was before it was blasted. In the very center of the phenomena an odd armored figure straightened itself.

He looked around, landscape before exclaiming...

"EPIC! THIS CALLS FOR A TACO BELL!" Captain Cliche shouted, throwing his hands up above his head.

Just then, the odd shock wave started again, rapidly covering the mass of the planet...

4/17/2010 #37

Fen nodded. "I could say the same about you..." she said, smiling at him. Then she suddenly paused. "...Wait, what's going on? Uh..." She frowned and disappeared.

"Sorry, but our date'll have to be postponed," her voice said to Roark. "I don't know if you know about it yet, but something strange is going on inside me... Is it one of those things you were wanting to check for...?" As she spoke, a picture of the situation where Captain Cliche had appeared flashed through Roark's mind.

4/17/2010 #38
Typing Typhoon

Roark was quite put off by the first half... If he didn't no better this sentient universe was... Roark winced as a close up Captain Cliche' flashed through his mind.

"Wha... Oh, right." Roark stammered, he could feel the clone's destructive presence from here.

With out another word he vanished in thin air, leaving a small funnel of distorting space where he was standing. Even as he disappeared the portal rapidly started to fade away...

Roark appeared high in above the adjacent planet, he was lost for words when he saw that the whole world had evolved into a massive metropolis dotted with thousands of Taco Bells. The Captain must be nearby...

4/17/2010 . Edited 4/19/2010 #39

"I lost him," Fen said. "Sorry... I don't know who he is, but I don't appreciate what he did here... There were almost a hundred different civilizations living here until a few moments ago..."

4/17/2010 #40
Typing Typhoon

Roark frantically tried to located the source of the energy, it was everywhere...

"These monsters work fast, judging by the tranformations this world took, I guess the clone is... hungry... This isn't the first time I've seen this take place. Things will only grow worse from here." Roark mused, gazing intently down at the network of fast food buildings beneath him.

"SALUTATIONS NEWCOMERZ! WELCOME TO MY SECRET PLANETARY BASE!" A picture perfect clone of Captain Cliche appeared before them, holding a half eaten taco...

4/17/2010 #41

Fen's avatar (or whatever) appeared next to Roark. "You have to leave," she said to the clone. "I don't want you here..."

4/17/2010 #42
Typing Typhoon

An anime style tear drop slid down the side of Captain Clone's armored head.

"But I don't want to leave, they have Taco Bells here." He whined, drooping his shoulders.

He then looked between the two of them akwardly.

"Wanna bite?" The clone asked, holding up his half finished taco.

4/17/2010 #43

Fen hesitated, then shook her head. "This planet had people on it... Look what you did to it..."

(I'm going now for the night, see you tomorrow. Maybe.)

4/17/2010 . Edited 4/17/2010 #44
Typing Typhoon

The clone looked down and shuffled his feet sheepishly. Then finished his taco (which fazed through his helmet?), careful not to make any eye contact.

The clone looked up and a lightbulb appeared over his head. On that was not properly lit. "I guess I can fix it... SHAZAM!" He exclaimed escatically.

A second shockwave erupted from the surface of the planet below them and rapidly engulfed the suface of the world, changing everything back to how is was. Hundreds of large metallic automatons trampled the surface of the forest land.

"KER-FIX'D!" The clone shouted, pointing back down to the surface of the planet, which was rapidly being torn apart by the machines.

"What you see down here is only a projection of the clone's imagination. The planet should resume its original form once it has been destroyed." Roark stated, a thick energy infused spear materialized in hand.

Captain Clone glanced at the spear...

4/19/2010 . Edited 4/19/2010 #45

(Wait, are they not on the planet anymore?)

Fen looked at the planet, then at Roark, and then at the clone. "...Wait," she said suddenly, grabbing Roark's arm. "If... it's fixed, then why not just send him away?"

4/19/2010 #46
Typing Typhoon

(Yes, they're still on the plaent, I never specified where, though. FAIL on my part. They were airborne staring down at the planets surface. You said Fen's planets were covered in mostly insectoid life? That's why there's automatons there. Captain Cliche' thought he improved. By the universe's description I figured machines would be better over something else cliche' like ninjas or jedi's at automatons would seem more out of place.)

4/19/2010 . Edited 4/19/2010 #47


(...Well, a reply would still be nice. XD)

4/19/2010 #48
Typing Typhoon

(XD, can't thoguh. Fen's last post doesn't match the automaton armmageddon on the planet. That would lead to a several holes in the dialouge. :D)

4/19/2010 #49

(He said it was just a figment of the clone's imagination, right? Or... am I missing something? o.o; )

4/19/2010 #50
Typing Typhoon

(In CC's profile it states his powers are limited to anything in comprehension. If he wants a planet of taco bells, his wish is material and matter is manipulated/displaced. Becuase it is of his mind, it continuosly siphons energy from the clone to maintain that reality. Once the clone is killed, nothing is manipulating that matter and an aftermath/snap back effect returns everything to how it was. This remains true for only the clones though, the original is much more powerful. Naturally, anything the clone physically affects is set in stone.

Any better? I should probably edit that into his profile. The mere possibility of the Captain multipyling via binary fission makes everything that much more complicated... Anyway, robots are destroying your planet. It ain't fixed yet... I don't want to override anything and be a j***...)

4/19/2010 #51

(Okay. Ignore Fen's actions in that last post then.)

Fen nodded slowly, listening to Roark's explanation. "It sounds like... you've fought these a lot in the past...? But don't let me distract you," she added, stepping back to watch.

4/19/2010 #52
Typing Typhoon

(Right, nevermind... :D)

"You understand I have to destroy you, right?" Roark asked, twirling his spear threateningly.

The clone had combatted the small moment of sincerety by repopulating the planet with war machines. This was a steady sign of degragation. Now the clone's prefrontal cortex would continue to shrink until the creature became twice as ridiculous and potentially as destructive as the original. Roark knew he had but a small outlet of time to silence the monster before it started aquiring the original Captain's more combative abilites.

Captain Clone looked sincerely confused. "Why? I fixed it, and made it EPIC!" He asked, swerving out of the way of an incoming blast from a droid.

"Epic isn't always better." Roark stated, and with that, he hurled his weapon straight at Captain Cliche's torso.

The clone snapped his fingers, and the spear became a beach ball mid-flight, and bounced of his armor harmlessly.

"You're not very epic. Begone! For I banish ye' from my epic kingdom of epicness!" Captain Clone shouted, dramatically pointing upward.

Roark grunted and generated a second spear...

4/19/2010 . Edited 4/19/2010 #53

Fen had an idea. (We're all screwed.) She paused to gather up every bit of knowledge and information that existed in her mind, then she glanced at Roark, and said simply, "Throw it now."

She then formed a link between herself and the clone, pumping as much information as possible into its mind in an effort to at least distract it.

4/20/2010 . Edited 4/20/2010 #54
Typing Typhoon


The clone certainly did seem to be distracted, Roark launched his spear a second time. The weapon buried itself deep into the clone, leaving a graphic trail of confetti from where the it struck. Captain Clone grimaced, and clapped his hands against his helmet, as if he could somehow block the mental attack.

Roark concentrated hard on his spear, which soon started to glow with a divine energy. In a flash of light Captain Clone was frozen in place. Roark procured a balloon.

Just then, a massive rift in opened up some quarter mile away, expelling massive torrents of energy. Just than, a second Captain Cliche was fired from the portal like a projectile slammed straight into Roark, sending him crashing back down to ground level.

Captain Clone the 436th, slowly picked himself up. This one was different, his visor was dented and he was soaking wet. A bright yellow partially deflated inner tube hung from his waist. He looked around at all of the taco bells and the automaton carnage.

"EPIC! THIS CALLS FOR CHEESESTEAKS!" The clone shouted, just as he was about to trigger a shock wave Roark tackled him.

"The clone will only be frozen for a short time! Keep the airborne one preoccupied!" Roark hollered back to Fen. He had #436 pinned with a half nelson, Roark's free hand engulfed itself in a divine energy...

(This fight won't drag on for too long, I'm just going to milk it for what it's worth.)

4/20/2010 #55

(Basically, the clone is being mindraped. XD)

Fen nodded, continuing her assault on the first clone. "Stay right there," she said to it, increasing, with an effort, the rate of data flow. "You aren't going anywhere..."

4/20/2010 #56
Typing Typhoon

(*facepalm* :D)

"LAZER VISION POWERS ACTIVATE!" Roark was blasted clean off his feet, and through several Taco Bells by Captain Cliche's optical visor beam.

"SHOW YA MOVES!" #436 shouted, assuming a victory pose.

His pose was cut short as Roark warped behind him shoved his hand clean through Captain Clone's torso. The clone looked down dumbly at the armored hand protruding from his confetti spewing gut.

"HA! IT'S JUST A FLESH WOUND!" #436 holler triumphantly. His head rotated a full 180 degrees so he was face to face with an unmused Roark.

"YOU SEEM UNPLEASED! HERE! HAVE SOME CHEESE! CHEESE MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER!" The clone shouted erratically. Just then a massive tremor shook the planet. Before Roark could react he was blasted off his feet by a pressurized stream of boiling cheese sauce. The pillar of cheese rocketed into the air and pierced the Ozone layer.

The clone, who was less than and inch away from the cheese, put his hand to his temple in a thoughful manner.

"YOU KNOW WHAT ALSO MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER? MIRACLE PUTTY! BILLY MAYES SAYS SO! HERE! HAVE SOME EPOXY-EY GOODNESS!" The clone shouted, snapping his fingers. The bright orange pillar of cheese quickly took on a gross sludgy grey as the torrent turned into a fountain of epoxy.

"No thanks, help yourself." A cheese soaked Roark appeared behind the clone, and punted him into the pressurized jet of molten epoxy. "AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! IT BURNS!" Captain Clone was blasted off his feet and sent spiraling within the fountain of epoxy, which rapidly faded away.

A thick sticky blob plummeted down and landed with a powerful splot next to the demigod. The only thing protruding from the glob of now hardening putty was #436's head.

"Looks like you can't move anymore in all of that putty, can you, Captain? I guess you'll have to be disqualified..." Roark stated darkly. A bright purple balloon appeared in his hands...

(Epic, right? Here's me milking it for all it's worth. :D))

4/20/2010 #57


Fen was watching this scene, admiring Roark's battle prowess. Wow, he's... really smart, and strong... Without her even realizing it, the flood of images and thoughts which were being sent to the other clone were replaced by her... thoughts about Roark.

( :D *sniped*)

4/20/2010 #58
Typing Typhoon

(Palmface? Whoa, what a revolutionary thought!)

The other clone, the one impaled by the spear, broke free of his divine encasing. Struggling to move, he slowly turned to Fen and...

"ROARK AND FEN , SITTING IN A TREE, K-I-S" The unnamed clone shouted in a sing-song tone.

Roark cringed as the clone's hollering assualted his ears. This is getting ridiculous...

With that, the demi-god started rapidly rubbing the balloon, producing a crippling squeaking noise.

"S-I-N-G-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!" The clone shouted, as his body went up in flames. The paralyzed clone deprately tried to plug his ears, but between the spear and Fen he couldn't move fast enough. Then, both clones exploded in a violent wave of confetti...

4/20/2010 #59

Fen blinked and did not say anything for several seconds after the clones exploded. Then finally, she mumbled to herself, "...Oops... Awkward..."

4/20/2010 #60
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