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Name: Chalym

Type: Planet

Physical Description: Chalym is roughly Earth-sized, slightly smaller, and is almost completely covered by deserts and wastelands. There is very little water there, and currently no known living creatures live there. There is exactly one artificial structure, and it is a large underground complex built for an unknown purpose. Very little is known about this planet.

Climate: The surface is very hot, reaching temperatures higher than 90 degrees Celsius. The only water on the planet seems to be underground.

Who Lives There?: Scans of the large underground structure show activity, but no recognizable life signs. It is possible that this structure was created by a species which has since abandoned it but left certain automatic functions running. No current spacefaring civilization has ever investigated, due to the remoteness of the planet.

Location: It is in Earth's universe, but is far away from the Milky Way and Earth. It is the sole planet belonging to its star, which in turn is free-moving and belongs to no galaxy. This is one reason that so little is known about it.

5/1/2010 #1
Zeal of 1200BC

Astrid landed roughly in one of the underground caverns, bewildered at where she was. "This place is out of the way..." She looked up. "Well, this place is certainly... hot."

5/1/2010 #2
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Rane appeared about ten feet away, although she looked noticeably less bewildered. Probably due to the fact that she barely acknowledged that she WAS there, too busy talking to herself.

"Am I wrong? Is everything I've ever done of any purpose to anyone beyond myself?"

5/1/2010 #3
Zeal of 1200BC

The psycic raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean? I don't know what you're talking about," she said, a sucker appearing in her mouth.

5/1/2010 #4
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Rane's head snapped upward quite suddenly. "Oh! I'm sorry.... I must have.... uh...."

5/1/2010 #5
Zeal of 1200BC

"That's all right," Astrid said, extending her hand to Rane. "I'm Astrid DeHouser. Who might you be?"

(I can't remember if they've met before.)

5/1/2010 #6

The room was dark, its edges obscured by shadows. Within the darkness, several lights blinked on, flashing but not illuminating the area very well.

Something lurched forward at the appearance of the two newcomers. As it passed by one of the lights, its metallic skin was illuminated dimly, and its basic shape could be made out. It was shaped vaguely like a large insect.

It headed directly for them, extending two appendages. The ends of these appendages began to glow brightly.

5/1/2010 . Edited 5/1/2010 #7
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Rane shook the hand briefly. "Rane." She said, then noticed the oncoming thing. "That doesn't look like a welcoming party. Move!"

5/1/2010 #8
Zeal of 1200BC

Astrid began to run away. "Nice to meet you, Rane!" she bellowed. Then she remembered that she could teleport, so she did just that into a cavern on the other side of the planet.

5/1/2010 #9

The thing suddenly stopped, then collapsed, melting into a red-hot puddle.

A glowing... something was floating behind where it had been. Several glowing lights appeared to be floating around it, but none of them seemed to be eyes. "Be careful," a metallic voice said. "Security is loose here, but elsewhere it might not have been so."

Then the lights flickered on, revealing that the speaker was a floating mass of light and revolving metal parts. It extended a limb and scooped up the still-glowing puddle of melted metal, then retracted the limb, storing the remains of the other thing somewhere within its body.


Astrid found herself in a better-lit room, but she was now surrounded by hundreds of robots identical to the one from before.

(Sorry, I won't be on for the rest of the day.)

5/1/2010 #10
Zeal of 1200BC

"OH MY GOD!" Astrid screamed, instantly teleporting back to her original position. "What'd I miss?"

5/1/2010 #11
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Okay...." Rane said. "Uh.... who are you?"

5/1/2010 #12

"I am only me, but most beings call me, in their various languages, the Scrapper. This language thing, it's always puzzled me. So inefficient, how can something's true nature be communicated in this way?" He turned and moved through the air to an opening set in one wall. "I've ordered the drones to allow your presence. My analysis of each of you suggests that you possess no meaningfully harmful power."

5/2/2010 #13
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Rane blinked. "Uh.... okay?" She said sounding as confused as she looked. "Well, that's.... nice of you?"

5/2/2010 #14

The voice, and the creature, paused. "...Did you not come to place an order?" he asked shortly.

5/2/2010 #15
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Uh...." Rane started, now more confused than ever. "Err... I don't know? Um... What would this order entail?"

5/2/2010 #16

"Order, request, query, whatever you wish to call it... Did you not come here for that reason?"

5/2/2010 #17
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I don't know...." Rane said again. "I mean, what does it DO?"

5/2/2010 #18

"...Whatever you want it to." The Scrapper continued into the next room. It was dimly lit, and was filled with seemingly random objects, of every kind, stacked on top of each other. "We might already have something here that could fulfill your purpose. Many people never arrive to retrieve what they ordered, so you're free to take most of this..."

5/2/2010 #19
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I'm.... I'm not really... I'm just after.... well... I want to...." Rane couldn't finish a sentence, or so it seemed.

5/2/2010 #20

"What was that?" He extended an arm and plucked something from a pile, a small object which looked like some sort of green jewel. It melted into a liquid, which he sucked up into another appendage before retracting both limbs. "Defective. Now, you were saying?"

5/2/2010 #21
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I guess I just... I don't know..." Rane looked increasingly frustrated with every sentence.

5/2/2010 #22

Another appendage grabbed something that looked vaguely like a toaster and melted it down in the same way. "Well, you're welcome to return when you do know."

5/2/2010 #23
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I... I don't.... I just want..." Rane started. "I...." She sighed. "I wish.... wish I could do things right...."

5/2/2010 #24

"Explain," the voice said simply.

5/2/2010 #25
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I... I did something.... something I'm not proud of...." Rane replied. "And.... I wish.... wish I could just..."

5/2/2010 #26

"We can make anything for you that you ask, but you have to know what to ask for and how to use it." He continued melting down random items.

5/2/2010 #27
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I.... I just want.... want the strength to talk to him...."

5/2/2010 #28

He stopped what he was doing. "...I'm afraid that that is something you will have to find for yourself. Unless, of course, you meant literal strength. I'm not familiar with your species' social customs."

5/2/2010 #29
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Can... can you... I dunno... bring him here, then?"

5/2/2010 #30
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