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Typing Typhoon

Name: Mirror Earth

Type: Alternate Realm

Physical Description: Mirror Earth is an alternate dimensional plane co-exsisting with Earth. Everything from within' the interior of the planet is exactly the same as Earth's. As Mirror Earth is a dimensional plane, it is not truly a planet of its own. The only way to make it to alternate Earth is to first exsist in the original Earth. What the entity does after that is independent of the original planet. However, entities of power can enter Mirror Earth directly without being cloned.

Climate: Same as Earth.

Who Lives There?: Perfect clones of the original Earth. Once someone appears on the planet, a mirror version of themselves will appear on Earth. However, the system does not appear to work vice-versa.

Location: Earth, just on an alternate plane. Go figure. :D

Extra: We all have so many characters deemed for Earth, and now they're just sitting around doing nothing. This isn't fair for non-mods with restricted characters and the dead ideas are just eating up space in the CC thread. With Mirror Earth we can re-use all of our Earth characters who would otherwise remain frozen.

Terms: Alright this is our Earth topic til' Shank returns. To prevent confusion Cel does not approve of planet hopping, regardless of what the planet description states. The timeline is just before the Pummelyu and Maxwell plots, enjoy!

5/29/2010 . Edited 6/1/2010 #1
Typing Typhoon

(I figured I'd kickstart the topic, since the forum is so barren right now.)

Mort and several dozen ankle biters stormed through the Walmart Super Center with shopping baskets and M1 Carbines in hand.

"That's right! Run for your lives!" Mort barked, firing his gun into the air. Hundreds of people ran pell-mell through the store intent on finding an exit. Mort laughed maniacally, kicking over produce stands and peppering directory signs with 0.30 caliber rounds.

"Here's a list, stock up. Get the parishables last, we might be awhile." Mort muttered to a gnome, bending over and stuffing a large memo into its grubby hand.

With that the anklebiters dispersed, causing even more panic. Once he was sure the store was cleared, Mort sheepishly grabbed a tube of Lotrimen. He had a rash...

This was the second Walmart he had claimed today. Once he was satisfied with the carnage he had wrought, Mort planted a time bomb near the reception desk and retreated to the parking lot, gnome droids following close behind.

"Behold! The lot for the new Mort Fort 17.45689!" Mort shouted gleefully, no later had he opened his mouth did a massive explosion tear throughout the inside of the Walmart. The building collasped in upon itself and engulfed them all in a massive wall of dust and debri. Crushing memories of his 147 previous forts flashed through Mort's mind, 102 of them had been felled by Helsing, 31 had been destroyed by one of his freak experiments, 13 had been smashed by other operatives and military, and 1 had been destroyed in a freak explosion during his family reunion.

However, Fort 17.45689 would be invincible. "To the Home Depot! I want this fort up by 9:00 P.M.! Becuase that's when my show is on. And you know what happens when I miss my show..." Mort grumbled from within the dirt cloud. A second, much more violent memory reel flashed through his head. By the time the dirt and debri had faded away the gnomes had already started construction...

6/1/2010 . Edited 6/5/2010 #2

A distress from the citizens and the explosions stirred everyone in panic. Moris, a veteran soldier with a couple of fifteen Troopers are on a heavily armored Transport in destination to the Walmart Super Center.

Derived from keeping the peace and stability, a task force called The Partisan, set themselves from the rest as the advanced and efficient force. Their technological knowledge advantages even the most from both the army and the anarchist's and there goal is none other to repel any that stands the threat if by means any necessary.

"We are almost close to the location of the Walmart," The Squad Leader announced, standing front of the Troopers and giving them the message. "Our information depicts that it is none other than Mort and his cronnies, the ankle biters, that's causing the ruckus. We are advised to get out of the Transport in medium distance and stay hidden in the shadow. The mission of this is simple, eliminate or capture members of the ankle biters so we could interrogate them at home base; Mort on the other hand is off not concern, either alive or dead that is your choice. Is that clear?"

"Sir, Yes, Sir!" The Troopers said in union, almost eager to enter into battle.

The Squad Leader gives a slight nod. "Alright, once the vehicle stop, you know the drill." The Troopers are patch of preparedness and Moris putting his helmet on; as the vehicle slows down in motion stillness, they rushed outside quietly and approach in caution with their Plasmic Rifle in ready.

((I hope this is alright for you. I was thinking that the ankle biters spotted them and reacted on retaliation but their projectiles weapon did not effect the Partisan's at least and they either kill or subdue the target and that Mort would never notice them coming until they attack their gnome android. Just suggesting if that would work for you?))

6/7/2010 #3
Typing Typhoon

(Damn, I haven't seen a detailed RP post like that in a long time. You'll fit in good here. As for your plot suggestion, that'll work fine. Anyway, for plot's sake, Mort Pummelyu is on page 13 of the character creation thread. My other incoming character, Dan Helsing is on page 12.)

Mort grimaced, this would be a perfect time for a preemptive strike against his fort, which was still under construction. The Home Depot across the street collasped in upon itself as the building was cleared of its steel support girders. Those would do nicely in his new base. However, it would be hard to properly anchor them in this flaky asphalt... Mort's train of thought was cut short by the roar of motorized axles. Motorized axles which belonged to the gunship that was rapidly homing in on his position. He didn't think much of it, it wasn't a PAWN transport, so it was nothing his anklebiters couldn't handle. With that, Mort turned heel and headed off for the leveled Home Depot, a couple jack hammers would break up the road work nicely.

(Unfortuneately, I'll be gone for most of the day. I usually check in on the forum 4-5 times a day though so it won't take long to get this RP going.)

6/7/2010 #4
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Anyone mind if I put in on this? Oh, and you'll find my character if you look hard enough. Hint: Don't search for the name given, it leads nowhere. Get creative. :D ))

A little girl got in front of him as he walked. "Hiii!" She said cheerfully. "What's your name? Ooooh, are you an army man? Where are you going, army man? Can I come? I'm Mallory! But you can call me Mal! Do you want to play with me?" The little bubbly ball of happiness started tugging his shirt sleeve, continuing to babble on and spout random questions and statements, combined with the occasional "please play with me."

6/7/2010 #5
Typing Typhoon

(Erm, weird... No prob though)

Mort stopped and looked down at the little girl. Did no one know respect anymore?

"Erm, okay... You can be an anklebiter..." Mort said begrudgingly, he caught a passing gnome and pulled off its ridiculous stocking cap and plopped it on Mallory's head.

"There, now go follow the short one and do as he does." Mort said in a cheerful tone, pointing after the dischiveled de-capped gnome.

6/7/2010 #6
Thunder Lord Aeatos

She pouted. "But that's no fuuuun!" She protested. "I wanna go over there!" She pointed to the destroyed Home Depot and gave him a big, sparkly blue-eyed look.

6/7/2010 #7

(Alright I'll check on it)

The Squad Leader and fifteen of his Troopers charges toward the destruction sight of the Walmart. Few ankle biters took fire at the oncoming enemies and relentlessly on their Squad Leader. "Split up, cover ground," The Squad Leader shouted in command, the bullets landed directly at him on the chest. Fortunately his armor resisted the attack as he takes cover. Two Troopers counter-fire their Plasmic Rifle at the ankle biters, killing them in the process. They proceed as the coast is clear and advanced towards the Walmart.

"Form onto two groups." The Squad Leader said, still in soar after the hit. "Moris, take route to Mort Pummelyu coordinates and don't let him get away, the rest of us will deal the ankle biters and secure the ruined Walmart.

Moris didn't say a word but leaves a slight nod of confirmation and leaves with five Troopers accompanying him; the Squad Leader with now only eight Troopers set off to liberate the sector.

6/7/2010 #8
Typing Typhoon

(Alright, I give... Who's Mallory?)

Mort looked down at the irritating girl, contemplating his next move...

Luckily, he didn't have to respond, just then a set of soldiers came into view. A grin expanded beneath his splatter mask. Maybe if he massacred the offenders badly enough he would scare the girl away...

6/9/2010 . Edited 6/10/2010 #9
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Class-2 Efayn avatar. ))

She looked at them, then back at him. "Who are they? Can we play with them?"

6/11/2010 #10
Typing Typhoon

(Sorry, dude... This place is pretty dead. I think I might just step out for now. Besides, the plot won't get any further without Cedric... D:)

6/12/2010 #11
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Aww.... ))

6/12/2010 #12
Typing Typhoon

(I know... D:)

(I wonder what happened to Cel and the others?)

6/12/2010 #13

((Hello, I'm back, sorry about that, I was kinda doing something else, alrighty then...))

While the Squad Leader and his gang, liberated the vile ankle biters and the Walmart...

Moris has been waiting for a long time to find some challenging enemies; for so long as he can remember there hasn't been any worthy to fight anyone and now might have the chance to fight once more until he goes back to eternal sleep. A dash to the target, they spotted Mort Pummelyu with a girl as his captive prisoner.

A Trooper with similar traits as Moris, calls out to him, "Mr. Mort Pummelyu," He shouted as fellow Troopers surround his presence of escape. "you have been deemed as a nuisance to this world and the world that in which you will conquer next; by the authority of the Partisan, you have been sentence for life and will be detained to the prison until you have recollected your mistakes and urge on solely joining the Partisan; if you so decline or use aggressive action against us then we are force to deceased you from your existence. Which do you choose?"

Another Trooper of the group with timid and cautious personality gets even closer to girl, trying to help her on getting out of the situation. "Psst, hey you, little girl." He whispered to the little girl. "Get over here, you will be much safer with us than this bohemian convict?"

((Have you guys heard this game called Homefront? This game is probably one of the weirdest and most interesting story that I ever heard))

6/12/2010 #14
Thunder Lord Aeatos

She turned to look at him. "Hi." She said. "What's your name?"

6/12/2010 #15

The Trooper look puzzled, but answers anyway. "It's Horlos, now come one, we need you to get you to safety."

6/13/2010 #16
Thunder Lord Aeatos

She stamped her foot, crossed her arms, and shook her head. "I'm not gonna go! You can't make me!"

6/15/2010 #17

Horlos gritted. "Now, now, don't so thick headed." He smooth talks to her and gently grapple her arm. "You cannot stay, come one, don't allow your childish behavior to cloud your mind."

((Where in the world is Typing Typhoon?))

6/15/2010 #18
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Mallory put her own hand on the one he was holding her arm with. "I wanna play right here." She glared at him, red eyes flashing, and squeezed on his hand; this action would feel like having his hand crushed in a hydraulic press.

(( I dunno, I'll find out. ))

6/15/2010 . Edited 6/15/2010 #19
Typing Typhoon

(You sure you want to keep this up? The majority of our members have left. Has anyone even Cel since early June?)

Mort swept his tophat clear off his head and set it on the ground, bottomside up. He then reached into the hat, his arm sinking impossibly deep into the item, and defying any and all laws of physic he pulled a Panzerfaust (rocket launcher) clear out of his top hat.

"Heh heh, if I were one of you smucks, I'd be heading for the hills right about now." Mort said, flipping the weapon on to his shoulder.

With that, he fired.

6/16/2010 #20
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( I wanna keep it up. I enjoy it. ))

6/16/2010 #21

The diplomatic Trooper is uttermost petrified to the rocket coming towards. Unable to avoid the rocket, Moris quickly steps in and grab his armor to pull him out. He pulled out his own laspistol and with one shot the rocket exploded. The shockwave from the burst pushes some of the Troopers to the ground that are close to the rocket... but not Moris.

Moris stands in firm without flinching. "Fine, if you want to be like that..." He said, his voice is lowly and deep. " have force my hand." He added with a grin then a signal commences the Trooper to attack.

Troopers aimed to lay fire but Horlos who heard the signal cannot follow the command for the little girl is crushing his arm. "Ow,ow,ow-- why you!" Horlos hesitate to restrain his force, instead, he pulls out something different. A piece of lollipop.

((I'm still going on))

6/16/2010 #22
Thunder Lord Aeatos

She wrenched his arm free of his. "I wanna play." She said. "Hey, Mister Mort, can I play Operation with them?"

(( And anyone who has seen this girl play Operation will know that pain is inherent. ))

6/16/2010 #23
Typing Typhoon

Mort wasn't paying attention, he procured his Iphone (equipment thread) and activated the energy shield app. A large, semi transparent disc of super charged photons sprouted from the cell phone, blocking all fire. With the other hand he crammed a second rocket into his Panzerfaust and fired fired.

Apparently not a warhead, the flaming projectile stopped inches away from Morris's face. It then rocketed up into the air and started spinning in violent circles, sending masive sparks/embers flying everywhere.

6/17/2010 #24
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Mallory seemed to take the non-responsiveness as a 'yes.' "Well, then, operation time." She said, producing a scalpel and a large pair of tweezers from somewhere.

6/17/2010 #25

"That's impossible!" The Trooper said taking a halt. "None of our blasted fire can penetrate this guy..." A moment notice of the flying embers coming down to them as they rushed out of the way. Some Troopers got caught by the sparking flame but their armor can withstand the beyond temperatures and can easily be wipeout.

Unfortunately, Moris didn't intend on moving. He invited the embers willingly and partially inflamed throughout his body. With a gaze of coldish glow, he presses forward in a rushing pace, firing his laspitol at the convict. The Troopers watch Moris in the offensive as they do the same as well.

Horlos quickly drops the lollipop and pulled his laspistol. He dares not to hurt any civilian or children but if he is threaten he has no choice. "Stay down, stay down no-" Horlos said and paused to see embers falling down. " I think you should move out of the way." He added but was to late as the ember got caught on the little girl's hair.

6/17/2010 #26
Thunder Lord Aeatos

She calmly plucked it out of her hair and tossed it towards another trooper, landing it squarely down the back of his collar. She looked at Horlos and frowned. "Why are you being so mean?" She asked. "I don't wanna play with you anymore. I'm gonna go jump rope." She wandered off towards Mort and the rest of the troops, blade in hand.

6/17/2010 #27

The Trooper feels something burning and to notice that he was the one that is burning. "Ohhh, aaahhh, get it off, get it off." He said, panicked as he rolls over the ground.

Horlos raised an eyebrow and cannot express whether he was lucky to be alive or depress. "...that was...something?" He said. "um hey, wait up, don't go towards to them." He added to the the girl approaching Mort and the Troopers.

6/18/2010 . Edited 6/18/2010 #28
Typing Typhoon

Suddenly, Pummelyu's shield dissapeared. The app had expired, at the same time the spinning Catherine Wheel of death had decided to become a missle again and plummeted toward the battle ground. The blast from the missle would cover the lot, and here he was without his shield. Just then one of Morris's rounds flew plast him, grazing his splatter mask. On normal circumstances Mort would have retaliated, but Morris wasn't the biggest problem at the moment...

6/18/2010 #29
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Efayn ignored Horlos, jumping on a trooper and slashing his gut open, taking the spilling innards out, strangling another trooper with them, and then using them as a squishy pink jumprope.

6/18/2010 #30
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