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Moris continues forward in advance without backing down. The embers subsided from the wind, he pulled another laspistol with two weapons in both hand, laying a flurry of shots at the convict. Three Troopers join the support, firing in a safe distance behind him. As he gets closer to the convict a toss was thrown, rolling gently into Mort's very toes.

Horlos immediately sees such a horrendous sight that the girl commits. "Stop, what are you doing, you can't do that just because you want to play!"

6/18/2010 #31
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Yes, actually, I can." She said. "All of us can."

6/18/2010 #32

"But not when playing dangling intestines and use them as jump ropes." Horlos countered

6/18/2010 #33
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"We can do whatever we want." She replied, stopping her jumping.

6/19/2010 #34
Typing Typhoon

Just then, the missle struck the very middle of the battle ground... And deftly exploded, blasted everything within a quarter mile radius with an explosive wave of fire and noxious fumes.

6/19/2010 #35

"We?" Horlos mentioned until he witness a sea of flame coming at them. "Holy, crakus--come on little girl..." He quickly lifts the girl and dashes to safety. "sorry about this."

The three Troopers gaze the flames towards them and took cover behind the ruined buildings. Moris on the other hand, who had no cover showed his hands to the flame and immediately the fire engulfs him whole.

6/19/2010 #36
Thunder Lord Aeatos

She promptly started stabbing at him with the Scalpel. "Put me down or I'll go get s*** and daddy!" She shouted at him.

6/19/2010 #37

"O-ow, wait a minute little girl, can't you see that I'm saving you from the sea-swarming flames." Horlos explain. "I'll drop you when we're in safe cover."

6/19/2010 #38
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"But I wanna go play with mister Mort!" She protested, giving him a blue-eyed "Bambi" look. "And you can come too, we're gonna have tea and cookies and..." She continued on in this vein for several moments.

6/20/2010 #39

"I think, that's not the best moment right now, owww, hot, hot, hot," Horlos speak out but immediately aching from the flames burning his buttocks. "hot, hot, hot, owww, we need to get into cover and fast."

6/22/2010 #40
Typing Typhoon

(Hey, sorry about my dissappearence... Is this thread still alive?)

6/28/2010 #41
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Hardly. ))

6/28/2010 #42

((Still Living))

Moris survive in the blistering heat. He leaps from the air and making several shots at the convict.

6/28/2010 #43
Typing Typhoon

Mort sat up and looked around disgruntledly. His whole torso was utterly charred. Stupid Iphone...

Just then several rounds of perfect shots peppered his torso, further irritating his already seared flesh.

"You..." Mort growled, gingefrly getting back up to his feet, "I'll shatter you first!"

Shrugging off the damage Mort bolted toward the soldier at an astonishing speed, his massive fist drawn back.

6/29/2010 #44

Another shot was given to the convict before a blinding attack punch him to his gut. Blood spurted from his mouth and his armor crunch with little defense of succession. Moris is almost gone black to make a falling to the ground. Laying motionless, Moris has given enough time for the Troopers to make a clear shot.

A simplified Plasmic cannon is in the hands of one Trooper and has been able to fully charge its power. He directly aims in perfect shot in blinding light coming out from the cannon.

Horlos brought the young girl to a simple shelter and lay her down gently though his buttocks was caught on fire. "Alright now, you stay here, while I go back to the rest of the others."

6/30/2010 #45
Typing Typhoon

(You needn't narrate my attack, Cedric. :D)

"Hahaha, you weren't much were you. Get outta here, you armored pansy!" Mort jested, pulling back his leg into what would ineventibly end in a football style punt. Just then a massive bolt of energy homed in on him and blasted him off his feet and several yards back, where he landed with a heavy thud. His vision blurry, Mort struggled to get back up to his feet. It wasn't working too well though, that Plasma cannon packed quite a punch.

6/30/2010 #46

(I apologize for that T#T)

"Go, go, go." The Trooper holding the plasmic cannon started. Two Troopers dash towards to Moris for immediate checking. His body has been pretty battered by a single punch but Moris still breathing. "Get Moris out of the area, I'll hold him off." He added as the two drag Moris to safety. The Trooper quickly charges his Plasmic cannon for another fire.

"KZzzz...this is Group 2, Group 2, Moris is down, I repeat. Moris is down, request immediate assistance..."

"This is Group A Leader. Be advise that we are accomplish dealing the walmart and are near to your position. Be advise that several Technomancer are coming for aid, hold off the line as possible."

"Understood, be quick then." The Two gently lay down the injured Trooper, Moris in shelter as they hurry to join the Trooper wielding the Plasmic Cannon. Horlos on the other side behind of him stationed on top of the building setting up his Sniped Plasma rifle in place. He scope to where the convict and idles for him to get up.

6/30/2010 #47
Typing Typhoon

(Haha, no prob at all :D)

"Anklebiters, retreat!" Mort shouted, still grounded. The remaining anklebiter's instantly fled pell mell in no apparent direction.

"Hmmph, don't let this victory get to your heads. The Walmart Super Center will be mine!" Mort shouted, pushing himself up to his kness. He pulled a smoke grenade from his top hat and threw it down in front of him. A massive wave of peppery black smoke enshrouded everything wthin a quarter mile. Mort's jerky shadow slowly faded away in the blast...

7/1/2010 #48

"OPEN FIRE!!!" The Troopers laid fire to the smoke. The Plasmic Cannon Wielder fired a full blast to the smoke and slight burst filled. Horlos scope to the target but the smoke evaded his detection. As the smoke were clear they were gone, including the convict.

"Crackus, he has gotten away." Said one of the Troopers. "He sure knows how to get away in time, coward."

"Let it go, Trooper, we have more important things to do, namely escorting Moris for medical." The Secondary Leader said and looks up to Horlos. "Horlos, get down here, we need you in ASAP." He shouted.

Horlos gives a thumbs up and went back downstairs. He immediately finds the girl and asked. "Hey, I don't know this much, but would mind coming with us."

7/1/2010 #49
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Absolutely not!" She replied defiantly. "I'm gonna go play with Mister Mort!"

"Hang on, s***, I'll get you there." A second voice, almost identical, said. Another strange girl, this one ashen-skinned and point-eared, appeared out of nowhere, grabbed her arm, and disappeared.

7/1/2010 #50
Typing Typhoon

A second gunship rapidly approached Morris's squad from the air. Within' a fraction of the second the heavily armed compter closed the distance between the patrol, and slowly descended.

7/2/2010 #51

Both Groups were reunited after the split up. Group A manages to lost two Troopers while B lost only one.

They immediately settled inside the Walmart , mending to their slight wounds and mental strength. Moris has been deeply battered by a single punch. He has major broken bones to his rib cage and internal bleeding within it guts. It seemed it would be a miracle if it would be healed.

The Trooper tries all that he can to mend the wounds but does all he can as he doesn't have enough medical supplies to treat him. Horlos and a couple of Troopers dined in a burger stand. Eating, drinking, talking, that's what they normally do in these situation. Horlos takes a burger that is left for the picking and munches down bit by bit. A shadow descends above him as he and the accompanied Troopers gaze up the ceiling. A Gunship passes them and immediately Horlos rushed to the Captain.

"Captain, captain," He called in extensive pace. "A gunship has appeared and--"

"Do not be fret, Horlos." The Captain inquired. "I know. They are already inside the walmart as we speak..."

"Sir, we have company.

7/3/2010 #52
Typing Typhoon

(...What if I didn't want to be in the Walmart, which is currently in ruins. :/)

Helsing waded through the rubble of the Walmart. PAWN intelligence had informed him of Mort's whereabouts. But he was nowhere to be found. Of course, that didn't mean he was never there. The clashing construction, the blast craters, and the ankle biter scraps where more than enough proof. He was obviously driven away, but who aside from PAWN would be powerful enough to defeat Mort?

Helsing's train of thought was cut short as he stumbled upon a group of armed soldiers at a suspiciously intact restaurant. His hands immediately went for his signature revolvers.

(Hey, I'll be gone for a good three days, I post again Wednesday. Sorry, Imma' lil' busy. :D)

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #53
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Another figure knelt down to examine a blast crater amidst the destruction. Said figure was obviously female, and looked almost human, but there was something.... off. For one thing, a nearby fire seemed almost attracted to her, its flames pointing towards her at a very odd angle.

"Hmm.... something happened here...." She mused, then touched a hand to the blood of a nearby dead trooper. She examined it for a moment, then licked her finger. "Fresh.... I must've missed the party by only a few minutes...." She muttered, then stood up and walked towards the Wal-Mart; the flame continued to move at her until she was a short distance away, then went back to the more traditional skyward pattern.

7/5/2010 #54

(Then head for the bank and looted the place %) )

A couple of Troopers surround the person and aimed blankly in close range in stopping him to seize his weapon. The Captain takes a look at this man as he didn't suspect about this. "Who are you?" He questioned. "Your not from the Union, identify yourself!"

(We know, we know)

7/6/2010 #55
Typing Typhoon

Helsing put his arms out to his sides, to show he wasn't going to make any sudden movements. Of course, with a revolver in each hand he still could if he needed to.

"My name is Dan Helsing, I work for PAWN and I'm here for Mort." He stepped back from the imposing soldiers, he was not going to give his armnaments up to them.

7/10/2010 #56
Thunder Lord Aeatos

The strange woman took notice of the group, and walked toward them. The group should start to notice that it was suddenly getting warmer; not deadly heat, but certainly a noticeable change.

7/10/2010 #57

The Captain nearly jumped. "Helsing, you mean THE Helsing?" He stammered for a second. A command from his Troopers lay down their guns as they too heard that name. "My goodness, why didn't you say so, we were about to blow your brains out but its a good thing we didn't." He added jokingly. "If your looking for Mort Pummelyu, he isn't here. But we quite did a lot damage to him and he's running off like a fleaving wounded animal."

Horlos can't even believe the way the Captain expresses. He hasn't even heard PAWN in his life but if the Captains know him then they must lay down. He quickly focuses to another scene when an increase heat temperature stirred up to his surroundings. The others didn't sense the temperature for they are farther away from him. Being a sniper he casually scopes to the surrounding to spotted something towards to the group. It was strange and curious.

He slides down from greater heights and landed safely on the ground that the woman is designating at. He manages to see the woman in distance and shouts "HALT" at the intruder.

7/10/2010 #58
Thunder Lord Aeatos

She kept walking, placing a hand on his gun barrel as she passed. "Don't make me mad, soldier man." She said quietly, continuing past and releasing his gun barrel; it was glowing and warped beyond use.

7/10/2010 #59

Horlos immediately aimed at her forehead. "First things first, who are you and what business have you come here." He asked, being very cautious. He feels a raging temperature coming out from her and wonders for the cause of it.

7/10/2010 #60
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