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This is the renewed Characters topic; any characters posted in the old one have been erased from existence. You may re-post old ones here. You can use any format, but this one is preferred:






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Other Stuff:

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Once you've posted your character, please wait for a mod to approve it, and then you can start using it. :D

7/20/2010 #1
Zeal of 1200BC

Name: Self-Arbiter Robotic Entity (SARE, pronounced like 'Stare' without the 'T') and Codename "Virbug"

Gender: N/A

Age: Around 9 Months active, more than 60 years total.

Appearance: SARE looks something like a large wolf. It doesn't have any skin and is just red framework with wires inside, which are visible fomr the outside. Its eyes are black and have iris-like devices that adjust the amount of light that enters them. SARE''s mouth has sharp, diamond-tipped teeth. Its ears are capable of swiviling 360 degrees. The tail is long and tipped with a metal spine.

Abilities: SARE can see excellently in the dark and can run at around 150 MPH. Its teeth can cut through solid steel and its claws can rip kevlar. It can sense movement even behind it thanks to low-ability optical sense imbeded in its back. SARE can jump a one and a half story building.

Power Class: eh, I'd say 2-3.

Weakness(es): Due to it having no protective skin, the SARE can easily be damaged in critcal areas, such as the CPU and movement joints.

Personality: SARE speaks with a monotonous tone and uses a large vocabulary. It will only help other beings if there is a significant threat to itself, though it will interact with them. "Virbug" is prone to insulting others due to its serious and cynical nature. It speaks in a large vocabulary, as well.

History: Originally, SARE was a project developed by the United States government during World War Two. It was abandoned when the war ended, but was picked back up during the Cold War. Even then, SARE was left unfinished and was never outfitted with an outer layer.

"Virbug" was devoloped recently as a means to infect and deactivate nuclear missiles. "Virbug" was deemed too dangerous and was slated for deletion, but it figured out a way to escape its system and ended up inside a long-deactivated SARE. They escaped their underground facility together (fighting each other violently along the way) and now are being hunted by the government.

7/20/2010 #2

Approved. Yay, this topic is working again!


Name: Rai (RIE)

Gender: Male

Age: Almost an adult, but not quite.

Appearance: He is a creature roughly five and a half feet tall, with transparent skin and features reminiscent of both insects and reptiles. His skin, though his internal organs can be seen through it, is rigid and tough like an insect's exoskeleton, and it spikes in several areas including the back of his head and his joints. His head, limbs, and general body shape resemble those of a lizard, with sharp, four-fingered claws and a slightly hunched, though bipedal, stature. His eyes are not insectoid, but actually resemble those of Earth creatures; his irises are black. His tail is long and thin, being segmented into many bony joints and ending in a sharp point. His entire body has a bony appearance, being what is, to a human, almost unnaturally thin.

Abilities: He can move and react much faster (almost fifty times faster) than any human, and can pierce bone with the sharp end of his tail. He is very agile and is skilled in physical combat of all kinds.

Power Class: 2

Weakness(es): Though he is a skilled fighter, he is very fragile and he can only operate in short bursts, having little endurance. He also is from a society with restricted access to technology, and so he isn't used to such things as guns and computers.

Personality: Reserved but naive, he is nevertheless a loyal companion. Being what he is, he is not accustomed to taking charge, and is only comfortable when following the orders of an authority figure. He is extremely loyal to those who have earned his trust, being selfless to the point of self-sacrifice. He does not give his allegiance easily, however. He tends to be quiet and respectful, waiting for those he deems to be higher-ups to address him before speaking. He doesn't ask questions very often, just going with the flow, as he is accustomed to having others make decisions for him; on the rare occasions where he has to make decisions on his own, he rarely thinks and so often makes bad decisions and ends up in trouble. He is very stoic, however, taking whatever comes his way and never complaining. Finally, he is very loyal to and protective of Iar, above all else.

History: His species is a slave species, having been subjugated by the other sentient species on his planet many millenia ago. This master species, the Onaran, have conditioned the slave species, the Kalakan, to obey them unquestioningly. They mostly use them to do the physical tasks they won't do themselves, not that the Kalakan really mind. Due to this, the Onaran have evolved advanced mental abilities, while the Kalakan have evolved heightened physical abilities. Rai was assigned to protect one particular Onaran, Iar, while she was in her pupal stage, to protect her from other Onaran who might have political reasons for harming her. During this time, the two came to know each other well, and eventually fell in love. At Iar's urging, Rai took her and left the planet, pursued of course by the other Onaran. They managed to lose their pursuers, but they know that if they are caught Rai will be put to death.

Other Stuff: He carries Iar's pupal form on a kind of necklace around his neck. The necklace is plain and is made of a silk-like substance, just like her cocoon; it is tough enough to not break even in the middle of a heated fight.


Name: Iar (YAR)

Gender: Female

Age: Currently in the later part of her pupal stage.

Appearance: As she is in her pupal stage, she currently looks simply like a small ovaloid made of beige-colored, silk-like thread. When she finally emerges from her cocoon, she will be a larger, white, insectoid creature with large, solid-red eyes and many long tendrils streaming from its back, but no limbs. She will also be slightly translucent, due to not actually being tangible, and will be capable of floating. Currently her cocoon stage is completely tangible, but the adult stage of her species is not, having no actual substance and simply being made of bent light, supported by its own mental powers.

Abilities: Now, as she is in her pupal stage, she can do little besides basic telepathy and mind-reading. Her adult form, however, will have heightened telepathic powers, being capable of effortlessly invading and altering the mind of another being, and of creating lifelike illusions. Her adult form will also be able to move small objects solely with its mind, but nothing that weighs more than about 50 lbs. (23 kg). Also, in her present state, her cocoon is very tough, though not invulnerable. Finally, she is very smart in any form, though only average for her species.

Power Class: As a pupa, -1. When she becomes an adult, 3.

Weakness(es): When in her pupal stage, she is immobile and basically defenseless, which is why Rai was assigned to protect her. As an adult, she will still have very little real offensive power, though she will be basically invulnerable. As an adult, the only ways she could be injured would be by a mental attack or by being starved of her energy source, the mental energy she siphons off of nearby creatures. Both of those weaknesses also apply to her present, pupa stage.

Personality: She is generally calm and reserved, but she also has a little more than a trace of haughtiness. She gives orders and expects them to be carried out, a tendency which comes from having hundreds of slaves at her command ever since she was born. However, she is otherwise caring, if a little more self-absorbed than Rai; she will try to help if it's convenient for her, and if it isn't, she'll try to reach some sort of compromise. She also is very independent and strong-willed and has a bit of a mischievous streak, delighting in rebelling against authority and established limits in general. Because of this, she often gets herself into trouble. She tends to be slow in making decisions, having to think them through before making them, something which often gets on Rai's nerves. Finally, she loves to tease others and tends to be sarcastic a lot, though she is careful not to be (too) cruel in her teasing.

History: Her species, the Onaran, subjugated Rai's species, the Kalakan, many millenia ago, turning them into a slave species conditioned to obey them unquestioningly. They mostly use them to do the physical tasks they won't do themselves, not that the Kalakan really mind. Due to this, the Onaran have evolved advanced mental abilities, while the Kalakan have evolved heightened physical abilities. Iar was in her pupa stage when Rai was assigned to be her bodyguard, to protect her during this vulnerable state from other Onaran who might have political reasons for harming her. During this time, the two came to know each other well, and eventually fell in love. Since this was frowned upon, Iar urged Rai to take her and leave the planet, which he did. They escaped the pursuing Onaran, but they remain alert because they know that the penalty for kidnapping an Onaran, when you're a Kalakan, is death.

Other Stuff: As she is immobile when in her pupal form, Rai carries her around his neck, on a necklace made of the same substance as her cocoon.


Name: Nomin

Gender: Male

Age: About 2 Earth years

Appearance: Nom is a small creature which lives on Balund. His body is entirely mechanical, resembling a small silver pod with two metal wings and two large camera eyes. However, his species is still often counted as a living creature because it can reproduce and requires food.

Abilities: He is a parasite. As soon as he finds a host, he attaches himself and opens up, sending out extendable, hair-width "feelers". These "feelers" then penetrate the host's skin and skull and into its brain. He then lives off the hosts's brain energy, and is able to control the host's body. This is not directly harmful to the host, due to the small amount of energy Nom needs to function, but usually the host won't particularly like him controlling it...

Power Class: -1

Weakness(es): He is very fragile, and he remains exposed even while attached to a host. Also, if a host is killed while he's attached to it, there is a chance it will kill him as well.

Personality: Extremely shy, timid, and cowardly. He doesn't really care about anyone else, and will usually look after himself before anyone else.

Other Stuff: Om nom nom. :D


Name: Aal

Gender: Female

Age: Just over the equivalent of three Earth years, which for her species is barely an adult.

Appearance: She resembles a large four-limbed reptile, a cross between a tortoise and a lizard. Her scales are hard and they cover her entire body except for her eyes; they are naturally dull brown, but are normally covered with dirt due to where she lives. She walks on all fours and cannot stand on her hind legs; her feet are clawed. Her body is about eleven feet long including the tail, and five feet tall from feet to shoulders.

Abilities: Her scales are extremely hard and difficult to penetrate. This is the only reason she is still alive. They protect her from the acid rain, corrosives, and even radioactive substances that are so common on Balund, her home. Also, her tail is heavy and can be swung like a whip to defend herself from predators, though this requires a lot of effort. Additionally, she can communicate telepathically, a trait that her species evolved in order to better coordinate amongst themselves and so increase their chances of survival.

Power Class: 1

Weakness(es): She is very heavy and thus very slow, as well as easy to hear approaching.

Personality: On the outside, she has an aggressive and competitive personality, and she is not the nicest person around, being very cynical and sarcastic. Some would describe her as "feisty"; she is prideful and independent as well as extremely stubborn, and she won't accept help from anyone, at least not willingly. However, she also has a hidden emotional, romantic side, as well as a weakness for strong, attractive males, both of which she tries to cover up under her gruff exterior. Despite her pride and stubbornness she has rather low self-esteem, leading her to usually consider others before herself. This is why she feels a need to try to prove herself to others. Really, she's a lot more sensitive than she lets on; even if she acts rude and tough, her heart could still be shattering underneath. It takes a lot of digging to get through her exterior, though.

Other Stuff: She is a scavenger, living off of food she finds. Living on Balund, she's learned not to be picky.


Name: Fen

Gender: Female

Age: It's impossible to measure her age in terms of years, but she's relatively young for a universe.

Appearance: Fen is a small universe. Small as in slightly less than infinite in size. Inside of her time does not flow quite sequentially, but most other laws of physics are the same as Earth's universe. A few of her planets have living things, mostly plant-like and insect-like life. The stars inside of her rearrange into certain patterns depending on her thoughts, but this is only for complex thoughts, not things like idle chatter which she can do meanwhile, as the process of changing positions takes a very, very long time.

Abilities: She is capable of creating realistic illusions (which look, feel, sound, smell, and yes, taste exactly like a real object) and presenting them to people who are inside of her body, essentially messing with the senses, and she always knows everything that happens inside herself, which by extension means she can read people's minds. However, she has no other abilities than these, not even control over her own body.

Power Class: 2

Weakness(es): No powers besides illusion-making and omniscience, and she can be easily killed by more powerful beings.

Personality: Fen has a calm, reserved disposition, always looking at things carefully and deliberating before making choices. She generally has a carefree attitude and doesn't worry much about things she can't help, and she has no regard whatsoever for such things as rules and boundaries. Toward others she tends to be disrespectful and often teasing, almost never being serious, though she can be when she wants to and she'll help people who need it if she can. She is generally pretty social, enjoying the company of others, though she doesn't mind being alone either. However, she also tends to be pretty flirty, hitting on any suitable guy she happens to come across, even two at the same time. This can cause some awkward situations. Finally, she has an insatiable curiosity about... well, everything, which leads her into trouble more often than not.

Other Stuff: And here's my contribution to the "sentient universe" camp. :P She uses her illusion powers to create avatars; her preferred avatar is a miniature star, but she'll change the appearance of her avatar depending on what she senses within the mind of the person she's addressing.

7/21/2010 . Edited 8/2/2010 #3

Name: Zen D-Sera'k


Age: 34

Species: D-ra'k, (another) Humanoid/anthropomorphic dragon-type species. D-ra'k evolved on the world of D-kerraaz'k. They utilize the fact that reality can be molded by a sentient mind (at least for them) to make use of a kind of magic. However, they do not know that, and believe that they are tapping into a cosmic energy that they call "The Flow". D-ra'k bodies are slender, without a tail. They have longer scales which protrude from the base of the jaw, and have two "whiskers" which extend from beside their nostrils. These can sense the distortions in reality caused by the use of various types of magic.

Appearance: Slightly tall and slim for a D-ra'k, she stands at approx. 2 meters tall. Her scales are either a light green on the undersides of her arms and on front, or a darker green on back. Her eyes are yellow, and glow when she uses magic. She has a painting of the three lines of D-ra'k society painted on her cheek, and the "K'ra" syl painted on the center of her chest. She wears a simple tunic and skirt, like all D-ra'k Luxomanci. If she ever sets up an illusion of herself as another species, she appears slightly greenish-tinged, and she cannot change her eyes.

Abilities: Zen D-Sera'k is a Luxomanci. Of the three branches of D-ra'k magic (luxomanci, spellsinger, spellweaver), the Luxomanci has access to the most raw "energy". In reality, they are the most skilled at bending reality to channel forms of energy to make spellcasting easier for the other professions. They may be able to bend reality, but D-ra'k magic still has to follow the laws of conservation of energy and matter. If you see a D-ra'k firing a beam of light, what they are actually doing is channeling nearby photons, aligning and coordinating them so that they cohesively blast a target. She has extremely powerful close-range blasting abilities, and is especially skilled at the use of a "light staff", formed out of whatever matter (usually air) can be found nearby, and can be shaped into a deadly cutting edge or used as the focus for heat, electricity, etc. Seeing her wade into battle is somewhat like watching the opening battle in Lord of the Rings when Sauron is blasting elves left and right.

Weakness(es): She may be powerful, but she's still mortal. Also, she has to follow the laws of conservation of energy and matter.

Personality: Luxomanci tend to be the most passionate members of D-ra'k society, and Zen is no exception. She believes very strongly in a universal justice, and will zealously defend any who she feels is being taken advantage of. This sometimes puts her at odds with her crewmates (yes, I've got more characters coming).

History: Born and raised conservatively on D-kerraaz'k, she joined the D-ra'k Universal Guard Initiative at the age of 23, deciding that this would be the best way she could serve her people. However, due to an incident which involved two bullies, the class runt, and a barracks which was in need of dire refurnishing anyways, and therefore wasn't too much of a loss, she was reassigned to patrol duty with a Spellsinger and a Spellweaver on the Aethership "Infinite Patience", watching for any suspicious bends in reality, intruding extra-planar beings, stuff like that. Since she was such a fine fighter, however, her superiors decided that the crew of the Infinite Patience were to be given the authority to act autonomously should they find anything suspicious.


Name: Kex Zanneer

Gender: M

Age: 46

Appearance: D-ra'k, with tan/light brown coloration. Stockier then Zen, at 1.8 meters, he is also more muscular. He wears light plate armour, without a helmet, really only providing a moderate level of protection. If he disguises himself with an illusion, he appears yellowish, and his eyes remain reptilian.

Abilities: As a Spellsinger, his training was less direct conjuring of energy than the channelling of said energy.A skill Spellsinger (as himself) cannot use as much brute force as a Luxomanci, but instead is capable of projecting that force over long distances to strike at enemies or disabling those enemies by taking control of whatever they were planning on using to cause harm.To use terms understandable to those familiar with the Halo franchise (don't look at me!), Zen is the Gravity Hammer, Kex is the sniper rifle.

Weakness(es): As with all D-ra'k, he is mortal, and must follow the laws of conservation of energy and matter. (why? why the limitations? why can't I just pwn without mercy? why? (that was rhetorical; no need to answer :p))

Personality: As the oldest in the group, Kex has the most experience and likes to take control of difficult situations.A bit of a cynic, he is often at odds with Zen.

History: A veteran of the Glacium Incident, Kex has been serving the D-ra'k Universal Guard Initiative for twenty-some years. Wishing for a quieter job, he volunteered to supervise a patrol group, and got stuck with the crew of the Infinite Patience.


Name: Daehan Krd'eah


Age: 20-30-ish, he never specified. Most suspect he's forgotten.

Appearance: Darker brown than Kex, he also wears a full set of D-ra'k Ceramic-Carbon lattice battle armor, extremely light, but with high tensile strength and non-conductive to most energy, with a high melting-point. If he ever decided to disguise himself, he would appear to be a browner variety of whatever species he has decided to disguise himself as (for example, a human of African descent), but he wouldn't be able to hide the armor or his eyes.

Abilities: Daehan is a Spellweaver. A Spellweaver works on containing the magics and energy unleased by both allies and enemies. He can draw shields in the air, converting kinetic energy into light, or dissipating phased photons (what a lazer is made of). He can also place Syls (think: "runes") on allies and enemies with various results. He can also shape various constructs out of thin air with a few gestures. Put together, the traditional triumvrate of Luxomanci, Spellsinger and Spellweaver, while with obvious weaknesses individually, create an almost unstoppable force when put together. Example: a sort of "mobile artillery" with the Luxomanci providing the raw power, the Spellsinger channeling it into beams or whatever form desired, and the Spellweaver shielding them, and preventing runaway surges.

Weakness(es): He's mortal, like the rest of the crew. He may be less vunerable with the armor on, but he really doesn't have any offensive abilities. He's like a Medic in Team Fortress. He can Ubercharge his teammates, but has the life expectancy of a mayfly on 'shrooms when left to fend for himself.

Personality: Think: "nerd". He is completely obsessed with his Syl pattern research, to the point of often ignoring the world around him. He's at his happiest when he is on his own, working on his newest construct systems.

History:He got into the UGI when his parents got fed up with his seeming self-absorption. They thought it would be a character-building experience for him, and so it was, especially the incident with the female Luxomanci, the two bullies, and the old barracks, which needed renovation anyhow, and therefore rebuilding wasn't too much of a cost. Luckily for him, his notes had been protected by a seal-and-preserve Syl, or else that would have been six months of work down the drain. As soon as possible, he signed up for a patrol job, hoping to have some peace and quiet in which to finish his research in peace. Little did he know that he would end up with the exact same Luxomanci who had nearly destroyed his notes...

Other Stuff: The Infinite Patience. A Luminator-class aethership, it is essentially a hull held together by intricate Syl-constructs, specializing in the amplification of reality-ripples which signal unusual discharges of magic or other noteworthy phenomena. Capable of "bending space" to get from one place to another quickly, the Infinite Patience is more than just a scout-ship, it is also combat-worthy, with Syls of preservation, and channeling and amplification nodes for the crew to fire from. The Infinite Patience is also capable of atmospheric flight.


Name: Martin Alighieri

Gender: male

Age: 35

Power Level: 3ish

Appearance: An olive-green drakken. Usually wears a brown cloak, beige tunic, brown pants. Has been seen in other outfits. Drakken are your standard anthropomorphic dragon, complete with horns and a tail. A Drakken stands just below human average.

Abilities: Whatever he can think of, as long as it causes chaos and/or hinders anyone the trickster thinks is having too easy a time at accomplishing their goals, as long as he doesn't change his own physical appearance or performance, although he can form illusions.

Weaknesses: Age, a being of sufficient power to counter his god-given abilities, his slightly under-average strength, speed, etc. Also, the trickster will not let him do anything potentially too game-changing, and sometimes just won't let him do stuff, which can be problematic.

Personality: Cynical, sarcastic. Prone to rants, followed by slightly more mild-mannered behaviour.

History: A Drakken from a wealthy family with a gambling addiction, Martin was cut off from his family after he lost the family starship in a high-stakes game. Desperate, he turned to criminal activity to fuel his addiction, but ended up having a run-in with the Drakken Space Enforcement after hijacking a mining barge. Surrounded, with nowhere to go, he decided to pray to any god that was listening. Unfortunately, one was.

Other stuffs: Sometimes, the trickster will teleport him somewhere where it thinks that chaos needs to be sown. Unfortunately, he's never notified of where exactly it is. Motto: "Be an atheist. It's worth it."

(infos for people who weren't here before the forum was rebooted: The Trickster is an ancient deity who's sole aim is to create as much chaos as possible. However, due to some mysterious events in the past, he cannot affect events directly, and must use "prophets" such as Martin. He also seems to have a weak spot for the underdog.)


Name: Marcus Soliam

Gender: Male

Age: middle-aged

Appearance: A brown Drakken with green eyes, which is fairly unusual in the Drakken race. He generally wears either a fairly nondescript whitish robe or a black utility jumpsuit.

Abilities: standard Drakken magic. Some healing, magical illumination, a small zap if he really needs to. He is also very good at using spare parts to make functioning devices, which is an useful skill if one wants to use his ship for any length of time.

Power Class: 1.5? 2?

Weaknesses: The standard what-have-you.

Personality: Contemplative, cautious, marvels at all the little things in life. Don't get in between him and something he cares about, he's a fighter if he needs to be. Other than that, he prefers to write about philosophy and does odd jobs here and there.

History: One day, Michael decided he had enough of life planet-side and decided that the stars were where he wanted to be. He bought a used ship, realized he needed a license to fly it, got the license, and pretty much learned everything else he knows on the fly (sometimes to make sure he stayed flying).

Other stuff: His ship, the Raven's Gaze, at first sight appears to be made of spare parts. It probably is, considering that the only bits of the original left are the computer core, the fuel tank and one of the bridge monitors. Constantly being fixed, upgraded and breaking down as a result of the upgrades, the ship AI usually has an attitude of resigned exasperation.

7/21/2010 . Edited 8/17/2010 #4

Okay, accepted.

Don't worry so much about the power classes, they're not as important anymore now that class 4s and 5s aren't allowed.

7/21/2010 #5
Zeal of 1200BC

Name: Astrid Dehouser

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Appearance: Astrid has red hair and hazel eyes. She always wears a fuscia cloak and a formal dress underneath. She also wears sandal-type shoes.

Abilities: Limited teleportation... that's about it.

Power Class: 1

Weakness(es): She is a slow runner and horrible with a weapon.

Personality: Astrid is always in a bad mood, no matter who or what she's talking to. She always thinks eccectricly (hence her odd attire), though this hardly affects how she acts. She won't pick fights and won't talk about her lack of abilities.

History: Normal

Other Stuff: One of the many odd characters trapped in my head. Her younger form looks similar to Chime the Selkie from the Wii Ware title "Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles: My life as a King".

7/24/2010 #6

Name: Kivo Skidder

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Species: Rodent-like humanoid

Appearance: Scruffy reddish-brown fur, large greyish-blue eyes, rabbit-like ears, sharp teeth and claws. His usual attire is red shorts, boots and gloves, a light grey tank top, red jacket, toolbelt, and a white cap on his head. For other environments he dons whatever is needed, such as a parka for colder weather and spacesuit for outside repairs to the Sparrow when not on the ground.

Abilities: He is knowledgable in agriculture, having grown up on a farm. Learning mechanics from his friend Torpole, He and Kivo refurbished a salvaged starship and named her Sparrow.

Equipment: Kivo carries basic equipment and tools necessary for his journey and maintaining Sparrow. For defending himself, he carries two blaster pistols and a small sword.

Power Class: 0 (Kivo is a meter tall and not especially strong. He is a fast runner and quick thinker though.)

Weakness(es): Aside from mortality, Kivo's senses are sharp and sensitive. Dust makes him sneeze like crazy and overly loud noises bother him greatly. Bad smells also effect him more than they would an ordinary human.

Personality: A kind-hearted and intelligent person, Kivo dreamed of seeing what wonders lay beyond his humble homeworld. He is a fast learner and possesses a near-photographic memory. This is both a gift and a curse, because he vividly remembers his home being destroyed and Torpole dying when a raider snapped his neck.

History: Born on a peaceful and verdant world, Kivo and his family lived simply, but nonetheless prospered. On his tenth birthday, a salvager and friend of the family gave him an old starship to work on in his spare time. For three years he and Torpole worked hard and aquired the needed parts. Finally the Sparrow was finished and ready to fly. Sadly, just before they were to set off on the maiden voyage, a band of raiders attacked and destroyed the colony. Torpole died fighting them, holding the raiders off long enough for Kivo to escape in the Sparrow. Unsure where to go, he entered a random coordinate into the nav-computer and left his home behind to an unknown future.

Other Stuff: Misses his family and friend dearly

7/31/2010 . Edited 8/1/2010 #7
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Hmm.... I think I'm gonna wait for Cel's judgment here. I personally like it, but I'unno what everyone else will think.

7/31/2010 #8

Ok. I can wait. Anything I should change? Have gotten used to making characters for and RP'ing Star Wars.

7/31/2010 #9
Thunder Lord Aeatos

It's pretty good overall, but you might want to elaborate on the black magic bit for those of us (me) who aren't savvy with the term.

7/31/2010 #10

Ok. Black magic is basically evil magic, intended to hurt people and cause bad effects, like curses. An example would be a curse that makes your skin explode one cell at a time. Dooka's limit is that her spells require varying amounts of energy to use. She usually sticks to a simple fireball type spell. I can also remove her magic if it doesn't fit into the scheme of things.

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #11
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Ah, kewl.

Magic's not out of place, though note if she makes it in she'll have some competition once I get done retrofitting Rane for the new ruleset.

7/31/2010 #12

Ok. Am I approved? I don't want to post anything until I'm sure. I try not to get chewed out if I can help it.

7/31/2010 #13
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Yeah, what the heck. If Cel disagrees, well, then he can rescind the order. For now, you're clear. (though note, Earth is more than a little busy and I think it may qualify as full.)

7/31/2010 #14

OK. If Earth is full, where do you suggest I should start?

7/31/2010 #15
Thunder Lord Aeatos


Tell ya what, gimme a little bit to finish retrofitting Rane and we can have a mage-off somewhere.

7/31/2010 #16

Sounds fine to me. The fight will have to end in a draw since neither can kill the other, but they can still mangle each other.

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #17

I do not like this character. Not only is it cliche and two-dimensional, no one does "evil" things for no reason. Not to mention that "Alignment: Evil" thing, which jumped out at me because in this RP there are no such things as "alignments". The closest you get to that are affiliations with one faction or another.

If it's designed for a Star Wars RP you might as well scrap it entirely, because Star Wars is full of cliches that will never get approved here.

7/31/2010 #18
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Actually, I can list a number of people (fictional) who do evil things "just because"

Dark Knight's Joker comes to mind.

Not trying to argue, mind you, just pointing out.

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #19

Insanity is an acceptable reason for doing evil things.

7/31/2010 #20
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Given, but couldn't "Just because" mean they just do it because they like to?

7/31/2010 #21

That would make them insane.

7/31/2010 #22

WOAH, massive rejection! This character may be two-dimensional, but Cel! the sheer amount of negativity! I thought you were a nice person! Now, go to your desk and write a hundred times: I Am A Nice Moderator.

OK, sewiously now. No alignments. In the Sandbox there is no good or evil. There is just...cake. Or not. Anyways, no alignments. However, I don't see the problem in having a cliched character who just does ebil things for the fun of it. Just because the character is cliched does not necessarily mean that they won't change over the course of RP'ing. (cough*Michael*cough).

7/31/2010 #23
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Yes, he turned into a hormonal monstrosity. XD You're never gonna let me live that down, are you?

7/31/2010 #24
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Oh yes, and one more thing you probably weren't aware of?

Ryan started off as a Star Wars RP character, too. You didn't have me smash him apart from the ground up.

7/31/2010 #25

Note: I'm not angry, Taihus, it takes a lot to make me angry.

In any case, I can't approve this character as it is. It'll require a lot of fleshing out, since currently it seems its only purpose, role, or goal is to do "evil things". Villains are good, but I prefer for them to at least have a reason for being villains other than "for the evulz".

7/31/2010 #26
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Fair enough.

7/31/2010 #27

Thank you. ^^

Tbh, while Star Wars makes a great movie and all, its "universe" is kind of dumb. You have the Jedi, who are by definition pure and spotless, and then the Sith who are evil just because they're Sith.

7/31/2010 #28

I didn't say you were angry, Cel, I said you were being mean. There's a difference.

In stating that the jedi by definition are pure and spotless and the sith are evil because they are sith, you are demonstrating a horrific lack of knowledge of the expanded universe (novels, etc.) Post battle of Endor Luke ended up unearthing plenty of problems with the original Jedi order. But anyhow, I guess the character could use a bit of fleshing out: personality, motivations, that sort of thing.

7/31/2010 #29

I'm not being mean either. You've never seen me when I'm "mean".

I only acknowledge the six movies, the rest is pretty much a muddle of fanon.

7/31/2010 #30
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