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Thunder Lord Aeatos

Even in the movies (prequels in particular), the Jedi are portrayed as kind of a stuck-up bunch of old people who forbid any kind of real emotional thought.

The Sith just look bad IMO because they attract all the spiteful evil ones who won't go to the Jedi BECAUSE of the whole stuck-up emotion-haters deal.

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #31

It's made very clear that the movies are a battle between the "light" and the "dark". Heck, in his efforts to convert Luke to the dark side, Emperor Palpatine tries to provoke him into releasing hatred/anger/cliche negative emotion.

7/31/2010 #32
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Yeah, but even then "Light" and "Dark" are subjective; Heck, Mace Windu's entire DUELING STYLE (and this was in the various exposition books FOR THE MOVIES, so you can't exactly scream fanon) is based around using the "dark" side and turning it into a weapon for the "light."

From what I gathered, light and dark aren't synonymous with good and bad.

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #33

Even what you just said implies that "light" is good and "dark" is bad, and that there's an absolute separation between the two concepts.

7/31/2010 #34
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Perhaps you're not getting what I'm trying to imply; I shall clarify.

What I mean is, I don't think there's a direct connection that "light = good, dark = evil." Call it fanon all you want, but I agree with this line from one of the games. "Powers aren't inherently good or evil, it's how you USE them."

Just because something is used for evil doesn't make that thing inherently evil; A golf trophy, for example, isn't evil just because a man uses one to bludgeon his wife to death.

7/31/2010 #35

I'm not talking about powers, I'm talking about the Sith and the Jedi.

I know what you're trying to say, but I'm just not a huge Star Wars fan. It may have created many cliches, but by today's standards it is still riddled with cliches, and thus is not a good universe to base characters off of.

7/31/2010 #36
Thunder Lord Aeatos

It's an expression.

I guess the big thing here is that the "dark" side isn't inherently evil. They call it "corrupting" but in truth it tends to be the Jedi's fault it is, if you think about it.

They call the parts of the force controlled by emotions "dark" and teach you to shut out your emotions, and therefore, the "darkness."

Which tends to lead to bad things because, when emotion does get through, they don't know how to control it and it takes over. It's only "corrupting" because the Jedi don't teach their students how to prevent their emotions from controlling their actions.

The ideal way of doing it would be, rather than saying "no emotion" teach them how to harness their emotions and use them to do good. Which is, as I stated, exemplified in Mace Windu's fighting style.

7/31/2010 #37

I think I remember reading something like that somewhere, but like I said I'm not huge on the Star Wars lore. Nevertheless, that was probably a retcon that was made later. In the original trilogy, "the dark side" definitely referred to "evil".

7/31/2010 #38
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Well of course it did. That doesn't make it a complete retcon, though, because the only people talking about the dark side in the original trilogy were either traditional Jedi Masters (Who, as I said, claim that dark = always evil), their student, or the Evil people.

7/31/2010 #39

If my character is so bad it causes fights and arguments, then just delete her. I'll come up with something else.

7/31/2010 #40

It caused no fight or argument. We were just talking about Star Wars or something. But I still can't accept it as it is, you'll have to edit it.

7/31/2010 #41

Ok, I'll do that.

7/31/2010 #42

Alright. Tell me when you've done so.

7/31/2010 #43

There. Edited into something totally different.

7/31/2010 #44

He's approved, but you didn't necessarily have to replace your other character entirely.

7/31/2010 #45

Dooka just wouldn't have worked. Playing as a powerless character is more challenging too. And for some reason I'm getting a sense of deja vu. I hate it when that happens. Any suggestions as to where I should start?

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #46

Not on any thread I'm in. Every thread I enter seems to grind to a halt.

7/31/2010 #47
Thunder Lord Aeatos

He kinda makes me think of Etherik. (She's a character of mine from before the reboot, I'm going to resubmit her.)

That's not a bad thing, BTW.

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #48

Earth is kind of full. Maybe Balund? I'm hoping to use Aal there...

7/31/2010 #49

Kivo is based on another of my Star Wars RP characters. There, he was on a colony ship returning home for safety due to his race, the Squibs, being attacked by their archenemies, the vile Ugors. The ship was attacked and Kivo's family were captured and killed. His friend Torpole died fighting when an Ugor snapped his neck. A shapeshifting heroine named Shaa Krya boarded the Ugor's flagship and saved and adopted him as her foundling, and they've had many adventures since then, even fighting in a space battle over the Squib homeworld, Skor II, when the Ugor warfleet attacked and tried to invade it. The Ugors failed epically, but caused great damage and over ten thousand deaths.

So should I start on Balund then?

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #50
Thunder Lord Aeatos


See, Cel, just because a character started somewhere doesn't mean they're inherently bad.

Lemme resub Etherik first, I wouldn't dream of missing out on the mutual dislike she shared previously with Aal.

7/31/2010 #51

You mean she and Kivo would dislike each other?

7/31/2010 #52

As long as it isn't cliche, it doesn't matter where it's from.

Sure, let's go to Balund. It's designed specifically for normals with no special powers anyway. Though you still gotta be pretty hardy to last long there.

Oh, and Aal says bring it on, Aeatos. :P

7/31/2010 #53
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Name: Etherik

Gender: Female, last time she checked.

Age: 52 Earth Years

Species: Semnek, a race of small, dragon-like sentients. The entire species are genetic cousins of the larger creatures that were the basis of the various dragon myths on earth. They're more technologically developed than their larger cousins, but less physically capable, as well as noticeably much smaller.

Appearance: She basically looks like a miniature dragon; reptilian (although she's actually warm-blooded), winged, with claws and sharp teeth. She has sea-green scales and blue eyes. She does have some traits more akin to mammals (especially humans) including a full head of hair. She does wear clothes of some sort (if scaled up and put on a human, they'd qualify as revealing, however, in her culture it's practically a rule to only cover the intimate places.) The "shirt" is sleeveless, form-fitting and cut off just above her wings, and the "pants" are also very short-cut and form-fitting. One of the easiest things, to notice, though, is her size; if she stands on her hind legs she's only a foot high. She is often seen smoking what resembles a cigarette.

Abilities: She can fly and breathe fire (traits of her distant ancestors), has a nasty bite (nonvenomous but certainly painful), is capable of walking on two legs (though she prefers four), and can speak a wide variety of languages, including seven from Earth and a good number of other "alien" languages. Her natural life expectancy is three to four hundred years, though her profession does increase the chances of an early death. She's capable of survival in harsher environments than your average human. She has some military training.

Power Class: 1

Weakness(es): She's mortal, she can't fly far under her own power, and her fire-breath can be matched by anybody with a can of hairspray and a cigarette lighter. She, like the rest of her species, is extremely susceptible to the effects of caffeine. (To the point where it's an illegal substance on her homeworld, because not only does it cause hyperactivity, but Acid Trip-like Hallucinations)

Personality: She's talkative, but overall rather calm, although deprived of her smokes, she gets cranky, and on caffeine she's a hyperactive livewire, combined with the L**-style tripping. She HATES being called cute, short, or lizard. She's an active chain-smoker, although unlike with humans and cigarettes, there's no risk of lung cancer from her smokes (for her, at least, the smoke would be toxic enough to kill the average human within ten minutes if they got a lungful.) She loves exploring and being a starship pilot, which is why she does the job she does.

History: She was born on her species' homeworld, a planet in the Milky Way not that far from Earth's solar system (relative to others, of course, still a few light years away). She always wanted to travel to the stars, so she aspired to join the Royal Star Cartographers. When she was old enough, she signed on for the military, as four years of military training and two years of service were required for a potential acceptance to the RSC. Needless to say, she did ultimately get the job, and she's now a captain of a one-man starship (which is about the size of a bicycle.), the Sencti Solinar. She has personally mapped out twenty-one systems in the past thirty years, something she's very proud of.

Other Stuff: Yeah, Dragons are from Space. XD

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #54


Who wants to make the first post?

7/31/2010 #55

I'll do it. Kivo's ship is basically a small, battered freighter like the Falcon. In the Star Wars universe, it would be a YT-1250:

As for Kivo, this is what he is in the SW forum:

7/31/2010 #56
Thunder Lord Aeatos

I already did it. :D

7/31/2010 #57

Looks like you posted yours while I was working on mine, or the site was being stupid and taking a hundred and seventy years to load the post. Your turn then.

7/31/2010 #58

And then Aeatos posted again while I was posting... My post was mostly filler, though.

I have to leave pretty soon, just to warn you guys. I'll try and figure out a way to insert Aal before then...

7/31/2010 #59
Thunder Lord Aeatos

May not happen tonight...

7/31/2010 #60
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