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I was thinking of having random monster #1 trash Etherik's and Kivo's ships, and then chase them into some sort of cover where Aal is currently hiding. Does that sound okay?

Also, I made a few changes to the profiles of Aal, Rai, and Iar. Mostly minor and/or grammatical, but Aal's personality section was extended considerably so as to match my current standards.

8/1/2010 #61

I guess, as long as the Sparrow isn't destroyed beyond Kivo's ability to repair it. He and Torpole worked for three years to make her spaceworthy.

8/1/2010 #62

Well, of course not. It just won't be moving for a little while (i.e. until the plot demands *is sniped*).

8/1/2010 #63
Soul of Light and Darkness

Name: Portensus

Species: Aura

Gender: Technically he can be either, both, none, or several you've never heard of, but since 90% of the time he poses as a male, he sees himself as male.

Age: Unknown. He's been around so long that even he can't remamber.

Appearance: Portensus can take any shape he wishes. However, the form in which he is most often seen is that of of blue, transparent human male.

Abilities: Quasi-omnipotence in small degrees. Given the limitless potential of aura his abilities are bound only by his imagination. However, when he is outside his home plane he can only use the supply of aura that he brings with him, and that supply is exhausted quickly. While in his home plane, the only things more powerful than him are Jhandius, Venrib, and the Elder. However, since no one can enter his home plane without his permission he has never been forced to use this immense power in a combat situation.

Weakness(es): Being a construct of aura, Portensus is incredibly vulnerable to any beings capable of manipulating aura, although anyone attempting to affect with him needs to be at least half as powerful as him to actually overpower him. For example, a fledgling human aura wielder would not be able to do anything of merit to him. Also, he is deathly weak to aura poison, which is basically the corruption of normally pure aura. While aura poisoning is a rare and highly dangerous art, even the smallest sample is all but, and often completely, lethal to him.

Personality: Portensus is possessed by a strong sense of justice, and feels morally obligated to help those suffering or in need. This sets him apart from other aura beings, who are very much content to sit in their home planes and do nothing while neighboring planes are torn to pieces. A friend of Portensus has a friend for eternity, and can be sure that if they are in peril Portensus will appear to aid them. He also feels that since it was by the grace of Jhandius that he even exists he should do his part to assist in Jhandius' efforts, and can often be seen following after the four Heralds. He also believes very greatly in caring for those who are less fortunate than himself, and will gladly offer the full extent of his hospitality to any deity allowed into his plane. Any god or spirit needing sanctuary can depend on Portensus' goodwill, even if they have never met him before.

Portensus is very wise, a trait gained through innumerable millenium spent in silent meditation. He can therefore be counted on to impart a sage piece of wisdom when the time calls for it. However, sometimes his advice, while pertinent, can come at a time when it is unwelcome. Also, being an aura being he has knowledge on the inner workings of reality that most people cannot hope to grasp at. He loves sharing little tidbits here and there, but unfortunately he has developed a slightly bad habit of correcting people on harmless mistakes for no real reason.

Portensus is very disdainful of those with overinflated egos. He believes that no one can be truly perfect, and is disgusted by those who believe themselves better than they are. He simply delights in cutting these people down and forcing them to accept their shortcomings, and will go to great lengths and construct extremely elaborate traps and scenes to this effect.

History: Portensus was born with the creation of his home plane. He is the physical embodiment of all the aura of his home world, and as it grew and developed, so did he. For most centuries than any being could count, his plane swelled and grew onwards toward infinity, and with its expansion Portensus' power and intelligence grew. This time he spent learning about himself, about the aura, and about the universe as a whole.

For what seemed an eternity Portensus sat alone within the void. There were no other gods within his plane, and he could not interact with mortals, so he was for all intents and purposes alone. This did not trouble him at first, for he believed it to be his lot and accepted it silently.

It was entirely by that Portensus learned about alternate planes and about the worlds beyond his own. One day, just like so many others that had come and gone before it Portensus was quietly crafting a star nebula when he felt a tremor in the universe that he could not place. Try though he might, he could not locate the source of the fluctuation he was feeling within his home plane. Frustrated by his inability to find what he sought, he allowed his aura to act unrestrained in an effort to locate the source of the tremor. To his amazement, the unshackled aura tore a hole between his universe and one next door to it, introducing the concept of parallel realities to Portensus for the first time. Portensus now knew of the worlds beyond his own, and was no longer content to sit in isolation any longer. He has since spent much time outside of his home plane, exploring other worlds and meeting other dieties (including everyone currently approved in this forum).

Power Class: 4.5 within his home plane, 3.5 everywhere else

Other Stuff: Portensus possesses a blade made of crystalized aura, named Secare. Secare is a sentient weapon with more than a little attitude, and is not afraid to let just about anyone have it. She communicates with a series of chimes not unlike those heard from crystal bells, and although only Portensus can perfectly undestand her, her peals possess an expressive quality quite removed from normal music, so just about anyone can guess at what she is thinking.

8/1/2010 #64

Sure, approved. Just a note, though, the Heralds and the Elder no longer exist. Doesn't really affect him that much, though.

Also, Fen says he "sounds sexy". *sniped*

8/1/2010 . Edited 8/2/2010 #65
van Easnaht

OK, I posted this character on a supernatural forum but it is less active than it first appeared, so I'll try it here with a few modifications for the Sci-Fi universe. :)

Name: Lucas Carter

Gender: Male

Age: 23 Earth years

Appearance: A standard anglo-saxon human, with buzzed blonde hair and gray-blue eyes. Approx. 5'9, and relatively skinny. Commonly wears blue, white, gray, or black shirts, and almost always has cargo pants filled with gadgets of varying uses. Is also often seen wearing a vest with even more pockets filled with even more devices. One particular gadget is a a watch he always wears which can be used to communicate with L-Bot(described below).

Abilities: Is telekinetic. Can move objects with his mind, the bigger the object, the slower and harder it is to move. I.E. he can move a small pebble at the speed of a high velocity bullet, or can move something weighing a ton a few inches at a time. He can also use this ability to temporarily compress molecules of liquid or gas together to form solid objects, the larger the solid, the shorter amount of time he can keep it compressed. He has been training his ability since he first discovered it at the age of 15. Also has an innate awareness of objects and beings in the near vicinity around him, as a result of his telekinetic abilities. Finally, is relatively tech-savvy, thanks to spending so much time tinkering.

Power Class: 2ish

Weakness(es): Other than the telekinesis, is purely human, taking all weaknesses that go along with being said race. If he is caught by surprise, he is as defenseless as a power class 0.

Personality: Wary, he never quite trusts the motivations of others around him. If given the choice, he will often take the safest route offered, even if it means giving up some potential reward. Rarely angered, when he -does- get angry his telekinesis has been known to go wildly out of control with unpredictable results. This rarely happens any more, but it has seriously hindered his willingness to become involved in other's affairs. As result of this, he often spends a lot of time alone, devising gadgets and various tools to help him survive.

History: As stated before, Lucas discovered his telekinesis at the age of 15, and has been improving it over the last 8 years. He has struggled to find a place where he fits in, never quite feeling at home, leading to him becoming a wanderer. He has had some incidents of injuring, and worse, others in his past, especially when he first discovered his ability.

Other Stuff: Loosely based on an older version(age-wise) of the main character in the story I'm working on, The Life of Luke(just started it a few days ago so it is in its infancy).


Name: L-Bot

Gender: Robot

Age: 4 earth years

Appearance: A stretched-out sphereoid approximately one foot tall and 2.5 feet long with four double-jointed legs, entire casing is a glossy black.

Abilities: Large amount of storage room for data, fast processing speeds, able to produce logical answers in a short amount of time. Also has many scientific and communication devices. Able to climb steep terrain. Small enough that Luke can launch it with his telekinetic abilities long distances.

Power Class: -1

Weakness(es): Just about everything

Personality: Neutral, fact-based Artificial Intelligence

History: Built by Lucas, it has been his only permanent companion for the past four years.

Other Stuff:

Let me know what ya think. :)

8/5/2010 #66
Thunder Lord Aeatos

I like it.

Of course, I had a somewhat similar character back before this forum underwent a massive reboot, so of course I like it.

You're cleared.

If you'd like, I can go ahead and resubmit Ryan so you'll have something to do.

8/5/2010 #67
van Easnaht

Ah, one more thing, Lucas has a jankity cargo ship he uses to get around in and to collect random items for his many tinkering projects. It runs but it is by no means in good shape, Lucas fixes things when they go wrong, rarely before. Think the Eureka Maru from Andromeda.

Speaking of which, are there any rules surrounding FTL travel?

8/5/2010 #68
Thunder Lord Aeatos

I don't think so; Ask Cel if you want to be sure.

Well, if he's an interplanetary traveler, Ryan won't do much. Luminari might, though he'd probably get overshadowed really quick considering she's the most powerful psychic under my control.

8/5/2010 #69
van Easnaht

Well right now I'm catching up on what has been going on in the threads... not quite ready to jump into the fray yet. I need to get.. acclimated. ;)

8/5/2010 #70
Thunder Lord Aeatos

That's okay; Balund and Earth are pretty full so we'd probably be better off starting somewhere new, and anything that's not in a "Mark II" topic is now irrelevant.

8/5/2010 #71
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Name: Luminari

Gender: F

Age: 2 years younger than Markos

Species: Ramynist

Appearance: Luminari stands at just under fifteen feet high, average by Ramynist standards. Her hair is waist-length and golden, and her eyes are solid blue, in a similar manner to those of her siblings; no distinct pupils or the like, the entire eye is a single solid shade of blue. Her right ear is pierced; the earring is shaped like a pair of crossed crescent moons. She dresses much less intimidatingly than Markos, wearing a golden-trimmed toga-like outfit and golden boots. She has a small knife for defensive purposes.

Abilities: Luminari is the mind-based member of the trio. Her psychic powers are incredible: She can predict future events down to the second, control the minds of weaker individuals with ease, and crush entire buildings under sheer force of will. She is, naturally, also highly intelligent; her abilities as a strategist would make her an unbelievable asset if she ever got involved in a war. She doesn't age or require air, and can conserve energy efficiently, like her siblings.

Power Class: 3.5

Weakness(es): She can be killed the same way as anything else, so long as it doesn't involve aging or suffocation.

Personality: Luminari bears the typical traits of her species; she's somewhat arrogant and can come across as completely full of herself. She's rather easily bored and enjoys toying with "lesser beings" than herself. She's not as violent as her brother, however, and less power-hungry than her sister. She tends to be the nicest of the three; she does try to lessen the blow of anything insulting she might say. She doesn't like to kill people, even when bored, but she's not averse to causing a little mayhem.

History: Luminari was born two years after Markos and Rane, and even at a young age showed a proficiency in learning. She devoted a lot of her life to the pursuit of knowledge. She was studying a rare geological find when the Purge occurred, leaving only herself, her siblings, and a few dozen others alive. She was fortunately able to remain with her siblings despite the remaining Ramynists being scattered.

8/5/2010 . Edited 11/26/2010 #72

All right... I believe these are the characters I will be using for the rest of the RP, now that everything has changed.


Name: Johann Maxwell

Gender: Male

Age: 179

Appearance: Wears a camouflage turban and pilot shades over his face, a black tattered small arms proof trench coat, black gloves, and paratrooper boots. Under that, he appears to be in his thirties, with black hair and brown eyes. About 5'9". Appears to be a corpse under all his clothes.

Abilities: He does not age, He extremely skilled in all forms of combat, and is very good at making weapons out of his environment. He has more stamina and strength than the average human as well. Having died, Johann has gained some unearthly powers. He is able to move through solid objects at will, but only if he has both his hands on them. He also has a device that lets him disguise as others with reasonable realism. These of course leave him drained of energy after using them for some time.

Power Class: 2

Weakness(es): Though he does not age, he is still a a mortal who can be killed.

Personality: He tends to display the personality that will help out the most given the situation. However, if he is in the norm, he has a very dry, satirical personality. No one close to him has ever seen him shown any real form of love, though he will shown friendliness or even companionship after a long time knowing him.

History: Born in New York, 1830, he was drafted into the civil war at the age of 32. During the war, he fought bravely and ferociously, catching the eye of an impartial spectator, Braac. Wounded at King's Mountain, dying, Braac offered him a chanced to live, at a price. He would never age, and he would be stronger than an average human, but he would be cursed to eternal pain and suffering. Johann chose this rather than the prospect of death. Braac contacted the Furies, a race of elusive "Witch doctors" who wander the universe searching for patients. The process they used saved his life and made him super human, but he retained the appearance of a corpse. Johann went on the help his country win the war. After that, he scoured the world, looking for conflict, destroying all in his path, but never satisfied. After awhile, with a little help from Braac, he left Earth for awhile, and hitchhiked through the universe. Years passed, and to present day, Johann took up work with the CIA, with Braac still watching as close as ever.

Other Stuff: We carries large amounts of items in his coat, mostly weapons, drugs, and important documents. He conceals a seemlingly normal watch that is actually a complicated small computer, with various technological abilities.

Some of his more frequentweapons used are his Webley revolver, his fully automatic Mauser, his swan off Winchester, His Ppsh-41, His switchblade, made of depleted Uranium, his "Kyphlers" two weapons which look like brass knuckles, but with a space in the middle of each, where the supporters hide switchblades. He also uses P** regularly, to elevate his abilities in battle.


Name: Voth & Anna

Gender:Male & Female

Age: 750,00 & 7 years old

Species: Cyclops & Human

Appearance: Voth: 10'3", wears a Black mask with a red skull on the front,completely covering his entire head. No shirt, but a bandoleer, and camouflage pants. Anna: 4'6", blue eyes, dark brown hair, wears a tattered white shirt, and faded jeans.

Abilities: Voth is a literal monster. He can run straight through both sides of a concrete building without so much as a headache. He can use almost any weapon available to him, ranging from a butchers knife to a school bus. Voth cannot be killed in combat, due to the blessing of the higher power. He can however, be killed outside of combat, and during combat he can be incapacitated. For example, if he gets raked with a minigun for a couple of minutes, he might be out for an hour. Detonate a nuke next to him, and you won't see him for a few years. He can also rip holes in space, allowing him and Anna to travel very quickly to any location. Being an Oracle, Anna can see into the future, though this ability is uncontrolled. Voth carries a machete, a crossbow, and an axe, which has a hollowe out shaft that allows it to function as a mortar.

Weaknesses: Anna is only a little girl. Outside of combat, Voth can be killed, but good luck with that. If Anna dies, Voth will as well, but if Voth dies, Anna will not.

Personality: Voth is usually silent, stoic creature, while Anna is a bright optimistic young girl.

History: For hundreds of thousands of years Voth fought as captain of the Divine guard, defending the "Higher Power". (Possibly the same power that commissioned Arc.). Yet, after all of his faithful years of service, The higher power commissioned him to be guard of the new mortal Oracle, Anna, a young girl who grew up in Boston, only learning of her powers at the age of five. Since then, they have wandered throughout the universe, predicting the future and knocking heads together as they went along, touching the lives of many.



Gender: N/A

Age: 7,500

Appearance: ...Well, it's a ten foot tall and ten foot wide blob of green and brown tentacles. XD. Now, some of these are tipped with spikes, some with claws, some with stingers, some with pincers, some extend up to ten yards, and some have stingers. It moves by slapping a tentacle out, and dragging himself forward. It has a single eye that is about a two feet in diameter, dark green, and bloodshot.

Abilities: It has a variety of abilities at his disposal. One, his tentacles are very handy. (Shot) It has a beak, which can breathe fire, and is very sharp. But it can't really peck, only bite. It sees in infra red, allowing him to see in the dark, and....oh, thats right. It has laser eyes. (Eye, really). Its really rather intelligent, becasue its brain is massive, it has an excellent learning curve and memory.

Weakness(es): It doesn't have many. It's eye is a weak spot, and other than that, your best bet is freezing it. Which is hard, becasue it can breathe fire.

Personality: Its very neutral. It can't talk, and telepathic communication is hard. It won't generally attack things, only if it is hunting.

History: So, many years ago, the peoples of Mark VI decided to play Frankenstin, and make a monster. So they did. And they started running tests on it. And #96 was sad.....So, one day it smashed its way out of the lab, packed itself into a crate, and escaped on a freighter. And then it ran around, doing.......stuff.

Other Stuff: This is the most stereotipical alien evar. Beware....


Name: Zerstörung (Its German for "destruction")

Gender: Male

Age: 145

Appearance: Zerstorung has dar, dark brown hair which is always slicked back. He nearly always wears pliot shades. His preffered clothes are a dark leather bomber jacket, along with dark baggy jeans. Underneath the Jacket is usually plain T-shirt. He always wears Combat boots.

Abilities: He has all of Halifax's powers and half of his strength, along with physic abilities, including telepathy. What makes him more effective than Halifax though, is his lack of responsibilities, and free will.

Power Class: 3.5

Weakness(es): He can be killed with half the strength it would take to lock Halifax away, but remember, that's quite a bit. He is rather reckless, however.

Personality: Zerstorung is a very energetic, occasionaly bubbly being. His emotions are very volatile, and can harldy ever be predicted. He is generally very firendly, but does have a temper than can be easily flared up. Occasionaly he will lapse into unnexplained depression, which can continue for indeterminite amounts of time.

History: Born to a German Psychic, with Halifax as his father, the young half-deity (?) grew up basically f*cking s*it up. After thirty years, however, Haylla came to Earth, and seeing how much damage was being caused, trained Zerst to control his powers. After that, He left Earth, to find other stuff to do.

Other Stuff: ....Yeah. I think that's it...


Name: Captain Gorbech

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance: 6'0", Brown hair, lean. He wears BDU's when sitting around, and a state of the art Ghilie suit when in the field.

Abilities: Good shot, can operate almost any weapon or vehicle, in great physical condition, has total support of USMC, airstrikes, extra soldiers, tanks, supplies, ETC.

Weakness(es): Fear of witches (Don't ask), an injury to his shoulder which is a weak spot for him.

Personality: Gruff, but gets along with other well (Even if he doesn't always play nice.)

History: Served as a scout sniper for years, till his spotter was killed by supposedly defected Libyans ( Spelling, and its ALWAYS the Libyans)

Other Stuff: Big fan of cigars, and Beer.


Name: Major Allen

Gender: Male

Age: 52

Appearance: Graying black hair, 5'7"

Abilities: Excellent fighter and tactician.

Weakness(es): He's human.

Personality: Very kind, understanding and wise.

History: Enlisting for the vietnam war in '70, he won the medal of honoring for saving four fellow marines from a Vietcong ambush. He continued through the war wounded during a retreat. After the war, he continued in the military, achieving the rank of major. He refused to go any higher, wanting to stay on the frontlines to direct his troops. He still however, was treated with the regard of a four star general throughout the military.

Other Stuff: He's old, but he's still a tank. He can kick almost anyone's **.

8/10/2010 . Edited 12/8/2010 #73
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Name: Qilarte (Kill-are-tay), Goes by Qil.

Gender: F

Age: 84 Earth Years

Appearance: Qil is a Semnek, the same race of Dragon-like sentients as Etherik. She appears as a small, dragon-like creature, with scales, wings, sharp claws and teeth, and a lizard-like tail. She stands at roughly 2'4", tall for her species, but not abnormal given the size variances present in most of their species. Unlike her sister, she prefers two-legged walking and is rarely seen on all fours. Also unlike her sister, who inherited their mother's greenish scales, Qil is vivid red like their father. As with the rest of her species, she bears a few traits in common with mammals, including her shoulder-length black hair which she keeps tied back at all times. She dresses similarly to her sister (garments considered relatively revealing by earth standards, a tank top cut off just below the chest and very short shorts), but with the addition of a long white coat which has the Darkspine Raiders' emblem sewn into the back. She carries a stolen proton pistol under said coat, and sometimes a mass driver rifle or heavy mining blaster strapped to her back.

Abilities: She can fly and breathe fire, survive in harsh environments, and has a life expectancy of roughly four hundred years. She has ten years of military training under her belt, and can speak numerous languages from all across the galaxy. She is, as stated, capable of walking on either two or four legs, and prides herself on accuracy with her pistol.

Power Class: 2

Weakness(es): Her fire breath, while stronger than Etherik's, is relatively weak, and she can't fly for long distances. She's entirely mortal, and extremely susceptable to caffeine. She's a bit obsessive over money and valuables, which can be exploited relatively easily.

Personality: Unlike her sister, Qil is very self-centered. She's a bit of a control freak, and loves money and valuable things. She has no qualms about committing acts of violence so long as she stands to gain something (meaning she wouldn't just randomly gun someone down for no real reason, but might mug someone if they were loaded.) She's also not averse to taking prisoners, but doesn't treat them badly. She's very calm and polite, even to her enemies, unless angered. She does harbor a more tender side, however this can be hard to reach.

History: She was the elder of two sisters, her younger sibling being Etherik. She 'grew up' much faster than her sister; she didn't hold onto her childhood for long. She joined the military at age 40, fresh out of the top class (which is akin to graduating high school); she served for ten years before growing tired of taking orders and resigning. At age 52 she decided that residing on the lawful side wasn't for her; she stole an RSC craft and left the planet. She started up her own small raiding group, the Darkspine Raiders, which over the following thirty years came to be an infamous and feared group. At age 60 she commissioned the Darkspine Raiders' flagship, The Eldronis, which she now captains, crewed by a force of around 80 other members of her species.

Other Stuff: Eldronis will be getting her own techno-profile.

8/15/2010 #74

I think I'm going to rewrite Marcus.

8/16/2010 #75

Fine, just let me know when you make the changes. :D

8/17/2010 #76

This looks like fun, mind if I join?

Name: Cyrus Williams

Gender: Male

Age: 232 (looks about 23)

Appearance: Cyrus is a Narati, a race of humanoid aliens that live for thousands of years. Narati stand at about the same height as humans, have coppery tan skin and usually have black hair. They're eyes are like normal humans, but with black sclera and a variety of colors for iris's (it wasn't uncommon to see a Narati with neon orange eyes). Cyrus' eyes however, are silver, which marks him as a great hero. He was the one who was supposed to save his planet from utter destruction, unfortunately, he couldn't do this. His home planet was destroyed in a massive explosion, he is one of a handful of his race that are left. Cyrus wears baggy blue jeans, a plain black t-shirt, and a thin black leather jacket. He stands at about 5'11. Being a Narati, he has the same coppery skin and black sclera as his ancestors, with the silver iris's mentioned earlier. His hair is jet black and falls to about his chin in a thick wavy mop. Though no one can see it because of the jacket, Cyrus' forearms have a series of gray, vein-like lines that run down his arm and congregate around the flat of his hand where they seemingly end.

Abilities: Being a Narati, Cyrus has the ability to use Kotaru (I will have an entry in equipment about that), most of his race had one, but he has two of them, one for each arm...Being the chosen one has benefits like that.

Power class: 2.5

Weakness: He is terrible with all long range weapons except for Kotaru

Personality: Cyrus is very care-free and easy to get along with most of the time. Though sometimes he likes to have some time alone so he can think about his long life ahead of him, he does have a kind of guilt problem, being the one that brought utter destruction to his home planet and all it's inhabitants.

History: (Some of this stuff has already been explained), Cyrus was born on his home planet of Naratia, a, what some would describe as, paradise. When he was born, the doctors realized that his eyes were silver, making him the chosen hero that would save the planet from...well, you know what. His parents named him Cyrucio, which meant "great savior", he changed his name to Cyrus after his planet was destroyed. Cyrus grew up being taunted and bullied, being told that he didn't have what it takes to save the world. Eventually, Cyrus left his home planet all together, under cover of darkness. He was eventually found on a small planet know as Gray-Fall and told that the time had come for him to save the world. He was given enough money to by a small ship which he name Last sun, he tried his best to reach Naratia, but there were certain agents that hated the Narati and did everything the could to stop him. By the time he reach Naratia, it was too late. His planet had been destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion, along with everyone on it. Cyrus wept at the demise of his planet, realizing that all of those people were right, he didn't have what took. He didn't want to go back to Gray-Fall, but he realized that he had nowhere else to go, so he flew back to his current home, where he now resides.

I hope this is good enough.

Peace out.

8/17/2010 . Edited 8/17/2010 #77
Thunder Lord Aeatos

The BIGGEST issue I see is that Earth is rather full at the moment; we really don't have much of an open spot in the current goings-on right now.

8/17/2010 #78

I guess I'll have to change that.

8/17/2010 #79
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Y'want me to set a space pirate on him? XD

8/17/2010 #80


I can tell we're gonna be good friends.

Does that mean I'm approved?

8/17/2010 #81
Thunder Lord Aeatos


Though you'll need to submit the planet under suggestions so I can make it a topic.

8/17/2010 #82

Yea, I'll do that after I'm done with the Kotaru in equipment.

8/17/2010 #83

Edit: edited some of the stuff about Martin. Added some infos for people new to the RP.

8/17/2010 #84

Redoing one of my characters:

Name: Marcus Soliam

Gender: Male

Age: mid-twenties-ish

Appearance: A brown Drakken with green eyes, which is fairly unusual in the Drakken race. He generally wears either a fairly nondescript whitish robe and a black utility jumpsuit.

Abilities: standard Drakken magic. Some healing, magical illumination, a small zap if he really needs to. He is also very good at using spare parts to make functioning devices, which is an useful skill if one wants to use his ship for any length of time.

Weaknesses: The standard what-have-you.

Personality: Contemplative, notices little things. Like the way you hold your fingers. It indicates you sit in front of a keyboard for many hours a day. He may be a genius, but he may also be an arrogant, laconic misfit. It's hard to tell sometimes.

History: One day, Marcus decided he had enough of life planet-side and decided that the stars were where he wanted to be. Fortunately for him, he ended up inheriting a small fortune from a rich relative. He bought a used ship, realized he needed a license to fly it, got the license, and pretty much learned everything else he knows on the fly (sometimes to make sure he stayed flying.) He makes a living doing odd jobs.

Other stuff: Head over to equipment to find out about his ship, and his gun.

8/17/2010 #85
Thunder Lord Aeatos

As if I would say no. XD

8/17/2010 #86

I've decided to trash the three D-ra'k. Here is a replacement.

Name: Kay D-xentor

Gender: Female

Age: nineteen

Appearance: A tan-coloured D-ra'k. The D-ra'k are another race of (whoop-de-doo) anthropomorphic reptiles. They stand, on average, at around 2m tall. They don't have tails. A D-ra'k doesn't have horns, or a ridge on their head or stuff like that. They do have "whiskers", which act as sensory organs which detect the space-time ripples that all forms of "magic" or supernatural abilities cause.

Abilities: Kay has merged the three schools of D-ra'k "magic" into an unified theory that got her banished, but it means she can do some pretty crazy stuff. Form weapons out of solidified air. Fire laser beams from her palms. Limited matter-energy transformation. Drawing "constructs" out of thin air.

Weaknesses: She's mortal. She also needs a nearby source of energy to do anything. Put her in a cold, dark room and you've incapacitated her. Mostly. How thick are the walls? Never mind, she just picked the lock.

Personality: Try to imagine Hobbes (from Calvin and Hobbes), but female. You're getting close. Kay is sensible and intelligent. At least, she thinks she is, and tries her best to stay sensible and calm in all situations. She also tries to avoid hurting people, if at all possible. Inside, however, she is excitable and a more than a little temperamental, and would like nothing better than to sock some people who deserve it.

History: Kay received a conservative education on the D-ra'k colony world of Kor-Sermae. While learning about the three schools of magic, she wondered why people just didn't combine the three. After some experimentation, and getting exiled from D-ra'k space for her experimenting, she decided that it was because someone who combined the techniques of the three schools would be very, very powerful. She was right.

Other stuff: She may be the closest thing Marcus has to a friend, in that she regularly hires him for shuttle services between worlds.

8/21/2010 . Edited 11/20/2010 #87

Sure, approved. Though, what power class would you estimate she is? I'd say about 3.

8/31/2010 #88
Zeal of 1200BC

I know this type of creature has been used before in other media, but she is completely made of my imagination.

Name: Nira

Gender: Female

Age: 60 Million Years

Appearance: Nira is a structure made out of organically-produced metal. The structure looks generally like a turtle's shell. The outer hull has a silvery sheen with a slight blue bioluminescent glow. Between the inner hull and the vacuum chambers inside her lies Iria's brain, which is visible in some areas. This layer of tissue is around 3 feet thick and is consistant throughout the entire vessel. She is 300 feet in length and 200 in width.

Abilities: She has the ability to travel in subspace at about 2 light-years-per-hour. Nira possess 5 "Missiles" filled with a corrosive substance. She can use an advanced system similar in design to sonar to detect objects up to 100,000 miles away. With this same ability Iria can identify different 'classes' of creatures (classified by herself). She communicates with other creatures through telepathy.

Power Class: 1

Weakness(es): She can't withstand entry into a planet's atmosphere.

Personality: Nira is curious and travels the galaxies in search of other life-forms to learn from. She doesn't quite understand humor. Nira finds it hard to focus on two different things at once (an example would be if she's talking to two people at once- she must pause for a few seconds before answering one after the other, or she may not answer one of them at all).

History: Nira started life as a colony of bacteria inside a comet. Over time, the colony began to amass into a single life-form and developed into its current form. She consumes space dust and converts it to energy, and she must do this every 8-10 years.

That looks like ALOT more on MS Word...

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Thunder Lord Aeatos


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