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Zeal of 1200BC

Do you really like it? :D

9/27/2010 #91
Thunder Lord Aeatos


Also, a very familiar (but slightly modified) character will be making a reappearance shortly. :D

9/27/2010 #92
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Name: Samiyra (Or "Sam" to Friends, Family, and any guy she happens to take interest in)

Gender: F

Age: Estimated at around 7,300 Earth Years

Species: White Wolf

Appearance: Sam is a large white wolf, save for a black spot running between her eyes from her nose to her ears. That's pretty much all there is to it (though she does wear a red, cowboy-style bandanna around her neck; how she puts it on is unknown,)

Power Class: 1

Abilities: Able to recover from most fatal wounds (In other words, you can't use brute force to kill her unless you go all-out and tear her into tiny pieces), currently inestimable natural lifespan.

Weaknesses: Particularly vulnerable while recovering from injuries, her issue with single men (Very exploitable)

Personality: Samiyra is somewhat unstable, often exploding into excessive rage at small matters, and has a deep mistrust of humans. Despite this, due to a combination of wolf instincts and human preferences, she finds herself difficult to control around suitable males; flirtatious comments at minimum are guaranteed to ensue.

History: Samiyra was born human in Sumer during its early years. She had the misfortune of angering a tribal shaman during a brief travel away from the city, who cursed her to transform into her present state. It had unintended side-effects, most notably halting her aging and giving her resistance to dying. When she realized what had happened she single-handedly (or would that be single-pawedly?) mauled the entire village; they believed they were under attack from a malevolent demon when she continued to rampage despite taking numerous spear-stabs. Since then she's simply existed; she's all but forgotten what it's like to be human.

Other Stuff: Yay, first RP character here makes a return!

9/27/2010 #93

Definitely modified. No more transformations?

9/27/2010 #94
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Nope. Decided it wasn't that important (not to mention now that I've watched Wolf's Rain it seems like a cheap knockoff of that.)

9/27/2010 #95

Finally got some inspiration. This guy is based off of Quetzalcoatl, a native Mesoamerican deity.


Name: Navon

Gender: Male

Age: About 10,000 Earth years. This is well over the natural life expectancy for his species, but his aging has been halted (see below), so he's not only still alive but also still in his prime.

Appearance: Navon is the last remaining member of his race, the Lonians. In appearance, he normally resembles a large, 20-foot-long, winged snake, with white feathers covering his body instead of scales. But, unlike other Lonians, he also has the ability to change his form at will (see below).

Abilities: Lonians can naturally fly and eat people and things like that, and their bodies are fairly durable and resistant to attack. However, Navon also has several other abilities, which were given to him by his master (see History): shapeshifting, but only into predetermined forms set by his master, and he has to change back into his natural form before turning into anything else; limited teleportation, usable only when in his natural form; telepathy, also usable only in his natural form; and immortality, though he can still be killed violently.

Power Class: 2

Weakness(es): Though tough in a hand to... tail? fight, Navon is not invincible and can be easily taken out by normal weapons, even in his natural form. When he takes on a different form, he has all of the limitations of that form, so anything that could hurt that form will hurt him. Also, as mentioned, he must revert back to his natural form before transforming into anything else.

Personality: Navon is extremely stiff and formal, the kind of person who gets straight to business and rarely lets anything sidetrack him. Very organized and orderly, he is accustomed to things going exactly according to plan, so when something unexpected happens, he often becomes a little flustered. Because of what he is (see history), he is always under immense stress, and he almost never stops working; but even so, he is incredibly stoic and devoted, never complaining about his situation. To him, nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than pleasing his master. Yet, despite his stiff demeanor, he does have a basically kind nature, and he will often try to help those who need it, as long as it doesn't interfere with what he's supposed to be doing. Humble and modest, Navon is painfully polite and respectful toward other people, always calling them "sir" or "madam" or some equivalent, and he tries to dodge praise whenever possible, feeling he doesn't deserve the spotlight. He is actually very docile and a little timid, rarely arguing with or resisting other people unless he really has to, and even then he doesn't often become very violent about it. But, when someone he cares about is threatened, he holds nothing, and I mean nothing, back. Finally, having been to many places and having seen many things over the course of his long life, Navon has built up a great deal of wisdom, which he sometimes dispenses to others when the situation seems appropriate. However, although he has also met many people in that time, he is still very lonely, because he can never stay in one place long enough to form any lasting relationships.

History: Navon once lived a fairly normal life on his homeworld of Lathil, and he even took a mate, another Lonian named Safan. But then, a sudden epidemic disease all but wiped out the Lonian race, and for whatever reason, Navon seemed to be the only one who was not affected. Left as the sole survivor of his race, he aimlessly wandered his desolate homeworld, wishing he could die as well. Then, impossibly, he encountered another Lonian. However, it quickly informed him that it was not a Lonian, but a Wv named Tl, a representative of a massive, universe-spanning empire. It told Navon that it had used its vast powers to save him from the disease, and it asked him to become its servant, since he had nowhere else to go now. At first, Navon was angry, demanding to know why it hadn't protected Safan as well, but eventually, his anger faded, and he finally agreed. In the ten thousand years since then, Navon has traveled to countless planets, acting as an agent of Tl.

Other Stuff: He's based on two things. First off, and most obviously, he's based on the Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl, which is sometimes depicted as a winged serpent. Less obviously, he's also partially inspired by the Doctor from Doctor Who, in particular his wandering nature, and the fact that both are the last of their kind.


Does Sam like? :P

10/9/2010 . Edited 3/22/2011 #96
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Sam like. :D

10/9/2010 #97

AUGH! The Wv still exist!

Oh, and since everyone seems to be here, can someone reply on Earth? Unless no-one knows what to do?

10/9/2010 #98

Sam like. :D

Well, he was designed specifically with Sam in mind, so that's good. :P

AUGH! The Wv still exist!

Of course they do, they aren't going anywhere. XP But they will probably be a lot less annoying now, mostly relegated to background roles rather than appearing directly (due to the power limit currently in place).

Oh, and since everyone seems to be here, can someone reply on Earth? Unless no-one knows what to do?

To be honest, I've got nothing, which sucks because I love Rai and Iar. I will however think about it a little, maybe figure something out eventually. Right now I have to go to sleep in like two minutes.

10/9/2010 #99

Name: Asahiel

Gender: Acts and sounds male, technically n/a.

Age: impossible to ascertain, possibly several centuries.

Appearance: a 1.9 m-tall, (normally) gray-scaled humanoid, but with unusually broad shoulders and chest and a narrow waist and hips.His legs are digitigrade (walks on toes, looks like the ankles are the knees, similar to a dog, cat, horse, etc.), and he has four fingers per hand, two of which are opposable thumbs (why have one when you can have two(per hand)?).Asahiel's general appearance gives the impression of something artificial, with the outlines of muscles clearly visible under the skin, and an angular head with no visible mouth and (sometimes) glowing eyes.Imagine him as a three-way cross between an Evangelion(except smaller),the Nano-suits from Crysis, and sneak suits from Specials (by Scott Westerfield).

Abilities: Asahiel is extraordinarily strong and fast, capable of lifting several times his own body weight and with reflexes gauged at nearly 30 milliseconds.His skin is covered in scales that can react to varying conditions: change colour to blend in, lock to create armor, or even act as spikes.He doesn't give off waste heat, making infrared detection useless, and is capable of healing himself over time, although regeneration of lost limbs is impossible without the assistance of his ship.He also directly interfaces with the Broken Infinity, his ship, by means of a port at the base of his neck.It is assumed he is immune to the effects of a vacuum, or to extreme sub-zero temperatures, as his ship is unpressurized.He has been occasionally seen using a strange device he calls the Telum.It resembles a staff wrapped in two ribbons.The ribbons move independently, can be flexible or rigid at will, and form symmetric forms depending on the situation.The most common form is that of a two-pronged spear, where the ribbons gradually uncurl along the staff, and at the end of the staff straighten out to form two long points.

Weaknesses: Any sufficient physical trauma will kill him. Heat in particular seems to affect him, disrupting his healing abilities. He is also known to be affected by strong EMP, which causes effects that can be equated with a really bad hangover in an ordinary organic being.

Personality: Contrary to what one might expect, his personality isn't that of a cold, calculating robot. He tends to be contemplative, but hard to stop talking once he starts. When he speaks he tends to do so artistically. He has been heard to compose battle poetry and speak in iambic pentameter and will sometimes take on and abandon mannerisms within the space of a sentence. He also tends to be meticulous to a fault.

History: Asahiel claims to be a scout for an advanced civilisation from another universe.He had been sent to both observe and participate in the affairs of the various races in this universe for evaluation, to see if the his race would be capable of cohabiting with the races of our universe. This is debatable, but he is obviously a product of advanced technology, likely a heavily modified and enhanced being. There are several points which lend weight to his story, though. For one, he hasn't ever consistently fought for any 'cause' or side: he has fought as a mercenary, for freedom fighters, for totalitarian regimes, he has helped a struggling colony world and he has even served as a sort of librarian for a sect of knowledge-gathering monks. In all, don't count on his doing the same thing twice in a row.

Other stuff: This is my adaptable character, he can be both the good guy or the bad guy. Also a product of my ongoing love/hate affair with Neon Genesis Evangelion. Doom and gloom and psychology and biotechnology.More infos to come on the Seraph and Telum in the 'Equipment' thread.

Comments and critiques welcome! :D

11/7/2010 . Edited 12/12/2010 #100

He looks pretty good, although I have two technical complaints. First of all, he needs a power rating (although I'd guess he was around 2-3), and second of all, I'm not certain what "Telum" is used for. I'm guessing it's a weapon since its name is Latin for "spear", but the way you described it made me uncertain.

And in other news, I decided to re-submit this character with some tweaking, in case a good opportunity arose.


Name: None (Technically nameless, but referred to as "Syn" for convenience's sake)

Gender: Female

Age: Her physical body is brand new, but otherwise her age is incalculable.

Appearance: Syn has the basic shape of a young human girl, only with light green skin, leaves instead of hair, and a yellow flower on her forehead. Despite her shape, her physiology is much closer to that of a plant than to that of an animal, so although she's more mobile than a plant, her body is still much stiffer than a human's would be. Her eyes are always kept closed for some reason, though she doesn't seem to need them anyway. Her frame is small and somewhat thin, and she is very light, even relative to her size.

Abilities: Syn is the incarnation of an incomprehensible, otherworldly being from beyond this universe. Her true self is very powerful, so powerful that just by existing, it could destroy the universe. To avoid this, she has put her true self into a kind of hibernation and compressed it, sealing it into a body of her own design. This has caused her awareness level to drop some, although she is still fully sentient. She keeps her eyes closed at all times, because if she were to open them, she would become aware of literally everything in the universe all at once, which would wake her up. Yet she doesn't seem to need her eyes anyway, as she is somehow aware of her surroundings even without using her eyes. Her created body also has a hyper-effective immune system that makes her heal faster, but other than this, she is almost completely defenseless while hibernating. As a side note, her speech is not English, or even any other language, but is always understood by everyone and vice versa.

Power Class: 0, due to being in hibernation.

Weakness(es): She cannot access the majority of her power while asleep, and her body is actually physically quite weak. Also, her healing factor, though fast, is not instantaneous; it takes a few hours for most injuries to heal, and several days for more severe ones. Additionally, her inexperience and innocence make her easy to manipulate.

Personality: Due to her limited experience in this world, Syn is very curious and naive, yet also very shy and cautious, being hesitant about interacting with people and slow to trust anyone. She is aware of what would happen if she were to be killed or woken up, but she puts others above herself regardless, selflessly giving everything for her friends. Quiet and submissive, she tends to keep to herself, and she always defers to those she considers her betters, preferring to let them make decisions for her. She almost never speaks up or offers her opinion, unless she is specifically asked to by someone she trusts. Very absent-minded, she often forgets things and is prone to spacing out frequently, and she seems to be kind of disconnected from reality, often saying or even doing things that don't seem to make sense. She also is extremely clumsy, not used to a physical world and all the limitations thereof. Lastly, she has the maturity and innocence of a young child, which unfortunately makes it easy to take advantage of her. (Not in that way, you sicko. ...Okay, possibly, but that wasn't what I meant!)

Other Stuff: She does not have a central "brain", but rather her nervous system is spread evenly throughout her entire body, which minimizes the chances of getting killed by a blow to one specific spot. Also, I don't know if I made this very clear, but if she were to be removed from her body by any means whatsoever, such as being killed or woken up from her hibernation, all of her power would be released at once. This would likely be disastrous for the universe, possibly even destroy it. This is both a blessing and a curse: anyone who knows this is likely to take very good care of her, but as any Final Fantasy fan can attest, there are plenty of nihilists out there who would be willing to take a shot at assassinating her for this exact reason.

11/7/2010 . Edited 2/14/2011 #101

Ah, someone who knows their Latin. Telum is a multipurpose device that functions mainly as a weapon. He only uses it as a close-to-last resort in situations where his usual abilities are insufficient. An equipment post is incoming.

I guess his power rating is 3.

11/11/2010 #102

I hope I know Latin, I've been taking it for three and a half years now. XD

Okay, I guess he's approved, as long as your equipment post explains all of its functions.

11/12/2010 #103

EDIT: slight changes to Kay's personality.

11/20/2010 #104

Uh, sorry for ignoring you for so long, forgot to check. :D' But, Kay's edits are approved.

Also, I edited Syn's profile a little, nothing major, just some de-cluttering.

AND now, since I recall some people were asking for him, I have revamped a certain old character, and I am now submitting him again. Remember, you guys asked for him.


Name: Ml (pronounced "MIL")

Gender: Sexless but prefers male forms and is considered male

Age: ~9 billion Earth years

Appearance: He can assume any form he wishes, but his "true" form is basically a small ball of fuzz made out of something resembling metal. His species is called the "Wv" (pronounced "WAIV"). When humanoid, he prefers the form of a bald, thirty-something man wearing a brown cloak. Imagine a stereotypical monk, and that's him.

Abilities: With the technology built into his body, Ml can do almost anything, including shapeshifting, teleporting, and reality-bending in general. As one old maxim states, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"; his technology is definitely sufficiently advanced. He does however have his limits, being one of the weaker members of his species. His specialty is shapeshifting.

Power Class: 3.5

Weakness(es): He can do "almost anything", but that just means his powers have a lot of uses, not that they're incredibly powerful. His abilities, while still formidable, are more on par with those of mortal magic-users. He also is limited by whatever form he currently is in.

Personality: Ml is very playful and mischievous, and like the rest of his species, he is also very arrogant, only caring about himself. He doesn't often deign to help "lower lifeforms" with his powers, preferring to let them earn things themselves; however, he does love to play with them. Essentially, Ml is a wild card, doing everything just for fun and being generally unpredictable. He could be helpful one moment, and then stab you in the back the next. He prefers not to kill his "pawns" directly, but even so, he views violence as just another form of entertainment, and he will often amuse himself by pitting people against each other. Very intelligent and cunning, he is capable of creating and amending plans on the fly, so he is almost always one step ahead of everyone else. However, with all that said, he will sometimes show a slightly-more-caring side, but only in certain rare situations.

History: His species developed their technology to the highest possible level, and then scattered across the cosmos. Eventually, some of them developed a massive empire, called the Wv Empire, which spans several universes and includes Earth and its universe. Since Earth's universe is considered relatively out-of-the-way, it was assigned to Ml, who is relatively young and inexperienced for a Wv. He essentially watches over it and makes sure it doesn't screw itself over too badly, while amusing himself in the process.


His abilities have been brought down to a more controllable level, but he will be no less irritating. :D

11/23/2010 . Edited 2/5/2011 #105
Thunder Lord Aeatos


11/23/2010 #106

I'm thinking of dropping him on Earth, he'd work well in both locations there. However, I still have to choose one in which to put him...

11/23/2010 #107
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Do the ship; It's more awkward and at this point it's not getting anywhere, really.

11/23/2010 #108

...Hm, okay.

I'll start him there after your next post.

11/23/2010 #109

I made some edits to Maxwell's profile.

11/24/2010 #110
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Name: Rane

Gender: F

Age: Around 5,000,000 years

Species: Ramynist

Appearance: Rane is the tallest of the three, standing at 16 feet 5 inches in human measures, considered tall even for her species. Like Luminari, her skin is fair. Her hair, although it was brown when she was born, is white, due to a mishap with some magic in her youth (Although she learned how to fix it, she liked the look and kept it). Her eyes, like her siblings, are featureless orbs of color, or, on her case, no color, being solid white, which tends to unnerve some. She wears a heavily stylized version of the Arcane Ministry robes, the blatant differences being in the lack of sleeves, a much lower neckline (the traditional robe showed almost no skin below the neck), and the fact that it has color, a pale blue instead of the traditional sterile white.

Naturally, of course, this is merely the description of her true form. Being such a powerful magic-user as she is, she can change into any form she wishes.

Abilities: Rane, were she applied to a fantasy-style RPG, would fit the "magic user" archetype perfectly. She relies heavily on arcane abilities, and, having had 5 million years to study and practice, has abilities beyond the wildest dreams of even the most ambitious members of her species (before they were all but wiped out, of course) One should not ask what she can do, but rather what she can't do. She cannot: Destroy entire universes with ease; completely break the laws of reality (only bend them to a degree), or turn into a cat (just because). She does not age, and is extremely resilient to all forms of damage. She's not completely immortal, however.

Power Class: 3.5

Weakness(es): Her biggest weakness is overtaxing herself. Should she exhaust her (admittedly rather considerable) stockpiles of energy, she would be extremely vulnerable until she recovered. Like most of her remaining species, she also has personality issues that make her easy to control, in this case her ambition as well as a certain other personality trait.

Personality: Rane is an ambitious one, always wanting more out of her life. Unlike most, however, she tends to get what she wants. This trait does make her very easy to manipulate, though. Another product of this is her rather flirty nature. Any relationship she manages to get into generally only lasts until she gets tired of it, or until Markos decides to kill the person just to irritate her. There are a few exceptions, of course. Like most of her kind, she tends to be rather self-centered. She gets amusement out of toying with mortals.

History: Born on Ramyn only six minutes after Markos. Even from a young age she was an ambitious one, and this was only fueled even further by her accidental discovery of her talents for the Mystic Arts. She quickly struck up an apprenticeship in the Ministry, and quickly proved to be quite capable, moving up into a full position after four years of training (Which is typical, the only difference between her and most of the others was that she got started earlier. This has nothing to do with talent, either, just that she, unlike most, made up her mind and got to it immediately instead of taking another year or two to decide.) Shortly after her induction as the Study of a Minstry Council member, the Purging of Raymn occurred, leaving less than one percent of the population of Ramyn alive. She was, obviously, one of them.

Other Stuff: She's been described as the most physically attractive of the three. XD


I'm submitting her for 2 reasons:

1) Ml is back.

2) I just darn felt like it.

Also, made one slight edit and upped Luminari to a 3.5 to match.

11/26/2010 #111
Zeal of 1200BC

I'm revoking SARE. It was a good idea at the time, but I'd rather play a more humanoid character. Also, I'm revoking Nira because I'm never going to use her.

11/27/2010 . Edited 11/27/2010 #112

Um, okay. Just let me know when you want to submit another character.

11/27/2010 #113
Zeal of 1200BC

Name: Tyrinix

Gender: Male

Age: 900

Appearance: Try to imagine this in 3-D, and its arms hanging down:

And also mixed with this (But without the tail, and less orb-ish):

He is 6 feet tall, excluding the distance from the floor.

Abilities: Being a spirit, Tyrinix can float above the ground. To an extent, he can pass through objects. Tyrinix also has the ability to raise or lower air temperature by a few degrees within a small area.

Power Class: 1

Weakness(es): He can't stand to be in light for too long.

Personality: Generally, Tyrinix is a benevolent spirit created by the natural processes of life. He finds it amusing when he scares Humans, but doesn't pursue that amusement. Although he can speak properly (in many languages), Tyrinix is mostly silent. He has a habit of drifting if he is contemplating something or talking to someone. When he does speak, his voice is a bit wavy- his pitch in one word is often higher or lower than the next. Tyrinix floats smoothly forward, leaving behind an afterimage that lasts a few seconds. His arms seem to drag behind him. The color of his markings and mask can dim or brighten randomly. The spirit wanders the world, fading in and out of sight, not really caring where he goes.

History: He came into existence in 1110 through unknown means. Since then, Tyrinix has traveled the Earth time and time again, picking up languages here and there.

Other Stuff: N/A

Eh, I could think of a better history for him, and I probably will sometime later. :P Sorry.

11/27/2010 . Edited 11/28/2010 #114

Um, sure, accepted. Though his power rating is a little too high for the stated abilities.

11/28/2010 #115
Zeal of 1200BC

Power rating changed.

11/28/2010 #116

Well, I was thinking more along the lines of "2"...

11/28/2010 #117

Name: #39

Gender: N/A

Age: 7,550

Appearance: An 8 foot tall semi-humanoid robot, about 4 feet accross. Its face is shaped like an oval, with one very large eye that zooms in and out like a camera lens, and another considerablely smaller eye. Its "mouth" is covered by the same mesh used in speakers. There is a faceguard (Essentialy just a solid metal plate conformed to its face)on the back of its head, which flips over to protect its face during combat. It's flat, with Dark lens like in a Figher Pilot's helmet. It has six holes below that.

Its forearms have what appear to be large rectangular boxes attached to the outside, which conceal various weapons. It is painted Jet Black all over, save the parts which have been lightly worn down. On its back is a large compartment, unlike a normal foot soldiers back pack, which has a hinged cover on the top, which can only be opened by a command from #39's AI brain. If the robot were to be destroyed, the box would remain unopenable, to just about anyone (Unless you have some kind of incredible power, a 4.5 or 5). It is mainly used for storing ammunition, although it does house twin chain guns that can automatically extended from the pack over #39's shoulders for increased fierpower. The pack also houses a few melee, and explosive weapons, with an occasional non violent trinket here or there.

Most of innerworking are fairly visible between the interlocking armor plates all over its body, giving it a fairly skeletal appearance.

Abilities: #39 is impervious to nearly all forms of conventional combat. Most weapons will have little or no effect on it because of it's extensive armor plating. It hosts all kinds of targeting equipment to accompany its extensive armory. The box on its right arm is the projectile part of its weaponry, outfitted to fire any type of round, regardless of caliber (As long as its not TOO big), while the box on its left arm houses and extensive variety of melee weapons. It is powered by a small fusion reactor, which needs to be refueled every thousand years or so, depending on its activity levels. It has rocket boosters that will allow it to launch lighting quick attacks, or even fly. Its most fearsome ability, however, is strength and learning curve, which has failed to fail it yet.

Power Class: 3

Weakness(es): The robot was taught in both ranged and melee combat, but because it was taught two programs at once, it never fully mastered either. It has difficulty fighting very small targets as well, because its primary strategy was to go after the largest target it could find. When's its face mask is down, it has slightly more trouble finding targets.

Personality: The bot can be annoyingly satirical, as the faction that kidnapped it obviously had some twisted sense of humor. Its interest in other beings comes not from curiosity, but an eagerness to continue to gather battle experience and knowledge for what it thinks will its "Big Mission".

History: #39 was one experiment in a series of projects on Giant fighting Robots, attempted some years before the projects series that #96 was created during, both created by the same group on Mark VI. It was originally designed to lead normal foot soldiers onto a battlefield by remote control. However, it was captured and deactivated by a rival faction on the planet, which replaced its receiving device with an AI program. The experiment shortly left the planet, leading a more free and fairly less violent "life".

Other Stuff: I'm very unoriginal with names.

12/8/2010 . Edited 12/9/2010 #118

Obviously your character is approved since you're a mod, but that reminds me, I've been meaning to talk to you about your other characters.

I've noticed that your characters tend to be very barren in the personality section, so do you think you could maybe go through and expand on some of them? Also, Zerst needs an actual description, right now it says "picture Halifax with...", but Halifax isn't currently submitted in this RP. Thank you. :D

By the way, I'm thinking of allowing class 4s again, if only so we can stop trying to disguise our class 4s as class 3.5s. However, there would still be a limit on how many each person could have, and class 4.5s and 5s would still be banned.

12/8/2010 #119

....Fine, jeez.

Thats fine by me. I never had a problem with the 4.5's and 5's, If any thing, I thought that their interactions with lower tier characters should be limited.

12/8/2010 #120
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