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Name: Chalym (Mk. II)

Type: Planet

Physical Description: Chalym is roughly Earth-sized, slightly smaller, and is almost completely covered by deserts and wastelands. There is very little water there, and currently no known living creatures live there. There is exactly one artificial structure, and it is a large underground complex built for an unknown purpose. Very little is known about this planet.

Climate: The surface is very hot, reaching temperatures higher than 90 degrees Celsius. The only water on the planet seems to be underground.

Who Lives There?: Scans of the large underground structure show activity, but no recognizable life signs. It is possible that this structure was created by a species which has since abandoned it but left certain automatic functions running. No current spacefaring civilization has ever investigated, due to the remoteness of the planet.

Location: It is in Earth's universe, but is far away from the Milky Way and Earth. It is the sole planet belonging to its star, which in turn is free-moving and belongs to no galaxy. This is one reason that so little is known about it.

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