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Name: Palace of Mirrors (Mk. II)

Type: Structure, possibly pocket universe

Physical Description: The palace of mirrors is a structure made entirely out of ice. Despite this, very little light filters through its thick walls, and because its walls are so thick, it is considerably warmer than the rest of the planet. It possesses some mysterious, unexplained properties, such as a tendency to seemingly change its internal structure when no one is looking, and its walls are also lined with mirrors made of glass. These mirrors sometimes seem to reflect things other than whatever is in front of them, and the viewer may even think s/he recognizes someone from his/her past. This may however be an optical illusion. No one has entered the Palace of Mirrors for a very long time, and no one knows who built it. Also, time does not flow regularly inside the Palace of Mirrors.

Climate: It's a building, it has no climate.

Who Lives There?: No one does. It is said that the mirrors hold the souls of deceased persons from the visitor's past, which are trapped inside. This is usually dismissed as fiction because it has never been proven.

Location: It is the one artificial building on the planet Gelcium, shaped like a series of connected spires made of ice. It and its origins are wrapped in mystery.


So, if a character of yours dies, you can partially-revive them at this location by having another character walk into a mirror and encounter them. Depending on the characters involved, you can either use this to re-fight villains (what it was originally for) or, possibly, to allow your living character to have a chat with a "dead" character. There are a few limitations: "Dead" characters can't leave the Palace, you can't demand another person's dead character appear here, and only one character can appear in one mirror at one time. Also, characters shouldn't gain special powers here or turn into ghosts or anything like that; they're exactly the same as they were before. They should obviously not have knowledge of anything that happened after their death.


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