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Name: Atra Terra (Mk. II)

Type: Planet

Physical Description: This planet is roughly the same size as Earth, and is completely bisected by one deep chasm running across the equator. The Higher (northern) Hemisphere is the home of the Filiolus, and is generally a bright place, where life thrives. There are many great, beautiful metropolises. There are no oceans here, but many clean rivers and lakes. The most common terrain is light forest and sweeping, grassy plains. The Lower (southern) Hemisphere is the home of the Diabolus, and is widely a dim, hot environment that is ill-suited to many organisms, though some life forms (namely, nocturnal predators) do very well, especially enormous colonies of bacteria that can occupy entire trees. The Diabolus have been forced to live in a number of huge, entirely self-contained fortresses to protect the populance from the countless nightmare creatures that roam the poisonous jungles and fetid marshes.

Also, the core of the planet is a form of raw, liquified magic, the source of nearly every one of the planet's magic user's abilities. This is called the Deepspring. Were a magic user to leave the planet, they would no longer be able to access their planet's magical reserves. When magic is used by a being on the planet, the magical power is converted back into raw magical energy, and reabsorbed into the core.

One of the most important locations on Atrum Terra is Well's Edge, a volcano-like mountain. It is the only place which allows direct access to the Deepspring.

Who Lives There?: Two sentient races, the Nos Diabolus (We The Devils (more Latin :3)) and Nos Filiolus (We The Gods). They were originally a single species, the Nos Pondera (We The Balanced), but branched into two related races during a three-million-year civil war that broke out between the then Empress of the planet and her younger sister.

The Diabolus are very similiar to most modern depictions of witches and wizards, in the way they can use some kinds of magic. The Filiolus have appearance of human-sized fairies, butterfly wings and all.

Location: Hum hum...about...three hundred lightyears away from the edge of the Milky Way.

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