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Name: Kaisitta17 (Mk. II)

Type: Moon

Physical Description: Kaisitta17 has a universally mountainous terrain, broken by flat plain-like valleys in between. There are many dead volcanoes, a number of dormant ones and one or two are active. The mountains are riddles with labyrinthine cave and lava tubes, creating vast fortresses for the different 'clans' of the more intelligent spiders.

Who Lives There?: Septillions upon septillions of vicious, occasionally sentient arachnid creatures, their sizes varying from pint-point tininess to mountain-like proportions. Nearly every surface of this moon is covered by these spiders, and they are a constantly seething mass, warring over space and darkness. The spiders are exclusively cannibalistic, but only when there is no other prey available, which typically comes in the form of living organisms alien to Saitta17. The spiders are deathly afraid of light and heat, which can blind and kill them respectively. Few other forms of life survive here, though it is thought that a town-sized community of sentient mammalians live inside a dormant volcano (Fire-Mountain), and a forgotten, sealed exploration centre with its lights still glaring.

Location: It is one of nineteen moons orbiting a large planet, which in turn orbits a relatively new star. The exact location of this one-planet system is unknown, but it is at the approximate centre of a dense cluster of stars two galaxies away from the Milky Way.

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