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Name: Emtheria (Mk. II)

Type: Gas Giant planet

Description: It's a giant planet made of gas, similar in appearnce to Jupiter. The one thing that makes it dfferent is that it's made of mostly oxyegen and hydrogen gases, meaning it has ice 7 (A form of ice created by intense pressure) near it's core. Fifteen bodies slightly larger than Earth's moon oribit Emtheria, two of which have plant life. They are the moons Emtha and Ateri.

Climate: The upper atmosphere is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but the farther down you go the hotter it gets. Emtha and Ateri are similar in tempreture to Earth in mid fall; not quite winter, but not quite summer.

Who lives there: A species of bird-type creatures lives in the clouds of Emtheria. They take in the oxygen clouds and convert it to carbon dioxide. The radiation from Emtheria's star breaks the CO2 down, relesing the oxygen back into the atmosphere. The two moons with plants have only those; plants.

Location: Around a star 12,000 light-years from Earth in the direction of Betelgeuse.

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