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Thunder Lord Aeatos

Rachael lowered her still-outstretched fist. "I don't care how quickly you heal or whatever." She said simply. "That felt GOOD."

'I TOLD you it would. I've been telling you for YEARS, 'Just go hit somebody!' But you INSISTED that it was a bad thing.'


"Mmm..." Sam muttered. "Tell him to blow it out his -expletive-, I'm trying to sleep..."

11/25/2010 #421
Zeal of 1200BC

(I REALLY want to say something, but I can't think of anything...)

11/25/2010 #422

"Did it, now? What made it feel 'good'? Would you still feel 'good' if I told you that it was all an act, that I felt no pain?" He wagged a finger at her. "It's not wise to antagonize the gods, either..."


Navon blinked. "...Y-yes, but... Sam, I'm tired too, but... we have to go. He's already angry with me..." He wanted nothing more than to lie down and sleep, but he couldn't, not now...

11/25/2010 #423
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Doesn't matter." Rachael replied. "It just felt good to hit you at all."

'Do it again.'



Sam grumbled something. "Can you turn into something smaller, then?" She asked.

11/25/2010 #424

"Good, good. We're starting to think alike. But, I find no satisfaction in something as base as physical assault. No, I have something much more... elaborate planned." Ml vanished, still grinning.

After a moment, his voice spoke from all around them, like before. "You will find that your fuel and stores are full once again. I've also repaired certain parts of your ship that needed maintenance, and made slight improvements to your weapons and engines, because I'm just a nice guy like that. However, the other Onaran have also just received an anonymous tip as to your current location."

"Why?! Can't you just help us?!" Iar demanded, fear creeping into her voice.

"I'm afraid not. Now, be sure to adjust for the extra weight, and then you'd best be off. Bye-bye!"

(Should they go to Gray-fall? They could also head to Balund and revive that, though less is going on there than at Gray-fall.)


He blinked. "...Er, yes, yes I can. ...Why?"he asked uncertainly.

11/25/2010 #425
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Rachael decided to, once again, give into baser demands and try to hit him again.

"That's a goodbye present from my dear sister." She said. "Now get out."

(( Up to you. ))


"Do it." Sam said. "I'll get us there faster."

11/25/2010 #426

(Ml already vanished. :P)

(Um... Meh, let's go to Gray-fall.)

"...R... Rai... We have to go," Iar said, sounding shaken.

He hesitantly nodded, mumbling something as he turned to the controls again.

"Oh, one more thing!" Ml said, as he reappeared.

"What now?!" Iar demanded.

"Just this." Ml reached out with one finger and touched Rai's throat. Rai immediately flinched away, instinctively clutching the area of contact. Ml laughed and vanished.

"Rai! Rai, what's wrong? What'd he do to you?"

He swallowed, then let go of his throat, hesitantly. "...I... I think I'm alright, milady... I don't know what he did, but I feel fine..." His words were perfectly understandable to Iar, which was normal, but oddly enough, they were now also perfectly understandable to Rachael.


Navon hesitated, but then nodded and closed his eyes. He began to change, growing back into the winged serpent form, though much more slowly this time.

Once he'd finished, he immediately collapsed to the ground, panting for breath. "M-my apologies, miss, I'm a little tired..." he muttered. Catching his breath, he then paused to think. "...How small do you want me to be?" he asked, glancing at her again.

11/25/2010 . Edited 11/25/2010 #427
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Darn, must've missed it. XD ))

Rachael blinked. "You're... talking." She said. "Since when could you speak English?"

'It was that weird guy, I'll bet!'

'Wow, Do'aur, how intuitive. You win a medal for POINTING OUT THE OBVIOUS!'


"Small enough to ride on my back." Sam replied.

11/25/2010 #428

Rai paused, blinking. "...Er, what is 'English'? I'm speaking Onara-Kalakan, ma'am. I don't know any other-" He suddenly paused again. "...Wait, when did you learn Onara-Kalakan?"

"...Um, everything seems the same to me..." Iar added uncertainly.


Navon blinked. "...What? No, no, I can't make you do all the work, miss Sam," he protested. "I... I can travel on my own, just as well as you can."

11/25/2010 #429
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Wait... What?" Rachael asked. "But I can't speak... Onala-blahblah..."


"We'll make better time with me doing it." Sam replied. "I've been in this body for 7,500 years, so I'm a lot more fit and used to it than you. Besides, It's my fault you lost time in the first place. Now don't argue and just do what I say."

11/25/2010 #430

He paused. "...But it sounds like you're speaking it," he said, confused. Lifting his hand/claw then, he touched his throat. Slowly, realization came over him. "...That... person, he must have done this. Somehow we can understand each other now... Uh, I'm Rai," he introduced himself, giving a slight bow. "I know my lady introduced me before, but I guess this is our first, er, real meeting, ma'am."


Navon hesitated for a long moment, but then finally gave in. "I understand. I'll repay you somehow..." He concentrated, and his body began to shrink. Not changing, just growing smaller.

When the transformation was complete, where once there had been a large winged serpent, there was now a tiny winged serpent. He flapped his wings and rose into the air, then flew over to Sam and landed on her back. "I hope I'm not too much of a burden for you, miss," he mumbled.

11/25/2010 #431
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"And I'm Rachael." Rachael replied. "Nice to properly meet you." She paused. "You know, I'm curious... what did you say about me earlier?"


"You paid me well in advance." Sam replied. "And you're fine. Just hang on, don't fall off."

With that, she crouched low to the ground, then sprang forward into a surprisingly fast run, around 45 miles an hour if someone were to measure.

(( The average arctic wolf can do 25 to 30, but as Sam's had just a little bit more time to work with, she's built it up considerably, so doing 45 is pretty normal for her. ))

11/25/2010 #432

He flushed slightly. "...Uh... Er, to which comment are you referring?" he asked nervously.

(I just got done watching like three episodes of Doctor Who in a row, so I'm imagining all of them speaking with English accents. @_@)


He did as she said and clamped his mouth on a tuft of fur, barely hanging on as she sped off. For once, he wished he had thought to add some of those hand things that were all the rage these days.

(Okay, so... I'm assuming we're timeskipping on this end. Do we want Sam and Navon to join up with the others? We can just claim that all of that stuff happened before the events in the city, and have them arrive right before the others leave.)

11/25/2010 #433
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I don't know..." Rachael said. "But Iar scolded you about it, and I wasn't wearing anything..." She had turned slightly red again on mentioning it.

(( As for Sam and Navon, I... guess it wouldn't hurt. ))

11/25/2010 #434

"...R-right, uh, well it... wasn't anything important..." He looked away, still blushing.

"Here's a hint: if you ask him directly, he has to answer," Iar told Rachael conspiratorially, making sure Rai couldn't hear.


(Okay, well... Hm, let's start with them arriving at the city. Navon will be sleeping, probably, so have Sam wake him up or something.)

(After that, I dunno, they'll find the spaceship by accident or something.)

11/25/2010 #435
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Mmkay. ))

"Rai, can you please tell me what it is you said in the aforementioned instance?" Rachael asked.

'Thanks.' She thought back.

'Yeah, now we can find out if I have to beat him to a-'

'Nice, freshly-healed and energized individual due to your inability to cause harm.'


"Navon!" Sam hissed. "Wake up! Something's gone wrong!"

11/25/2010 #436

He gulped, reluctantly bringing his eyes back up to hers. For a second, he hesitated, but then he muttered reluctantly, "I, uh, remarked that you... were much, uh, cuter, without those... coverings, m-ma'am. A-and... that I wouldn't mind, er... um, c-cuddling with you. ...M-my apologies, ma'am, I uh, just forgot myself for, for a moment..." He shuffled nervously.

"...Part of that may have gotten lost in translation," Iar remarked, observing both of their thoughts simultaneously.


The tiny reptile's eyes blinked open. "...Hm? What, what's wrong?" he asked drowsily, stretching sleepily.

11/25/2010 #437
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"O-oh." Rachael replied. "Well.. n-no harm done.. and th-thanks for the compliment..."


"Look for yourself!" Sam replied, pointing her nose towards the direction of the city.

Or rather, what was left of it, seeing as how much of it was a destroyed wreck, littered with smashed buildings, thrown cars, fire, dead bodies, debris, smoke, spraying water pipes.... general chaos and destruction.

11/25/2010 #438

He breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm, uh, glad, ma'am..."

"...If someone ever said anything like that to me, I think I'd kill them..." Iar muttered. Then she paused. "...Hold on, you didn't... quite get it, did you? ...No, you didn't. He didn't actually mean what you call 'cuddling'. He, er, was using a euphemism..."


He blinked, immediately snapping awake. "...Oh," he said after a moment, staring at the damage with a stunned expression. "...I think we were too late..." His heart filled with crushing disappointment.

11/25/2010 #439
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Rachael turned bright red. ".... Oh..." She said simply.

'Ew, you perv! I oughta slap you!'

'Yeah, then he'll live extra twenty years!'

'Shut up.'


"Doesn't even begin to cover it..." Sam replied. "Something bad happened here, and it happened recently."

11/25/2010 #440

Rai backed up slightly, his face also turning bright red (screw the vagueness). "...Uh, w-what?" he stammered.


"...Well... I suppose we might still be in time, if we hurry. We have to find the cause of this. Anything out of the ordinary..."

11/25/2010 #441
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( ... I just realized something; how can he turn bright red? His skin is, according to bio at least, transparent. ))

Rachael just looked at him awkwardly for a moment.

"I'm not... THAT attractive..." She muttered.

'Oh hush, Rachael. Even if he is a creepy perv, he IS right about you looking nice.'

'Yeah, what she said!'

'Since when did you care what a human looks like?'

'It's Rachael I care about!'


"It could have been natural..." Sam pointed out, but even she didn't believe that for a second.

11/25/2010 #442

(That would make him more likely to undergo drastic color changes, actually. The only reason people can change colors is because their skin is partially transparent.)

He flushed. "Uh, w-well I... I had an off moment. I, I apologize. I will take any punishment you think fitting..." He bowed his head in humility.


"No, my master would not have sent me here, at this time, unless something important was happening. It looks like something important happened..." He spread his wings, then lifted off her back and into the air, scanning his surroundings for anything unusual.

(Remember that he's tiny. XD)

11/25/2010 . Edited 11/25/2010 #443
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"... Don't do that..." Rachael mumbled. "I'm not going to do anything to you..."

'WHAT?! Why not?!'

'Because she doesn't want to. Duh.'

'Krekkai, why are YOU agreeing with her?'

'Because you aren't.'


"Uh..." Sam said. "You might not want to wander off alone...."

(( And... why is his size relevant? ))

11/25/2010 #444

He blinked in surprise, lifting his head. "...Oh. ...Thank you, m-ma'am..." He then suddenly seemed to remember something, and he quickly turned back toward the ship's controls.

"Don't worry, you aren't the first female alien he's commented on since we left," Iar muttered dryly. "...I think he's just lonely, since, you know, there aren't any females of his kind around. He never did this sort of thing until we left..."

The ship began to rumble slightly. "Uh, I've started up the engines..." Rai reported quietly.


"I won't stray far," Navon promised. Then, something caught his eye. "...Hold on, do you see that?" he asked, pointing with his tail. "In those trees over there. It's making an odd noise as well..."

(It's not, it's just a funny mental image. XD)

11/25/2010 #445
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"And since you're a cocoon and all you can't exactly.... yeah." Rachael finished, nodding. "I can understand that.... just don't let it become too frequent...."

'Yeah, or else I'll-'

'We get it, you want to hit him.'


"Then we go hat way." Sam replied. "Come on. But stay behind me."

11/25/2010 #446

"...Um, y-yeah. ...Er, and... even when I get out of this cocoon, we still will be, uh, incompatible..." If she had a face, Iar would have been blushing heavily. "...So, yeah, I kinda feel sorry for him. O-of course, I don't have the same problem. I'm an Onaran, we don't, ehe, do things like that..." This was said in an extremely unconvincing manner.


"I understand." Navon flew after Sam, staying low so as to avoid attracting attention to himself. After all, he wasn't supposed to be here, either.

Very soon, the small ship came into view between the trees. It was vibrating slightly and was clearly active.

11/25/2010 #447
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Rachael raisedan eyebrow but didn't press it further.

"... You... don't happen to have a shower, do you?" She asked. "I haven't had a good one in... a while."


Sam stopped dead in her tracks. "That.... is definitely not human-made."

11/25/2010 #448

Iar answered. "Um, we don't have a 'shower', exactly, but there's a scrubber somewhere around here... Don't worry, it's clean, it automatically cleans itself and flushes the dirt into the waste compartment. Er... Rai, can you find it for her?"

He stopped what he was doing and turned back around, then paused to survey the small room. After a long moment, he went over to one junk pile, and began to sift through it. "It should be around here somewhere..." he mumbled.


"...It... isn't? Then, this must be what I'm looking for..." Navon hesitated, then flew up to the ship and tapped on the door with his snout. The noise was not nearly loud enough to be heard inside.

(And on that note, I've really gotta be going. Good night, see you, uh, later today I guess. :P)

11/25/2010 #449
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( See ya. Don't get trampled in a Black Friday stampede! ))

Rachael blinked. "A... scrubber?" She asked. "Uh... okay... that works, I guess...."


"Uh, Navon..." Sam said. "That's not going to work; even I can't hear that sound."

11/25/2010 #450
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