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This topic is for things that happen in the vacuum of space, away from any planet. Since this is a very large area, try to keep track of which groups are close enough to each other to actually interact.

1/9/2011 #1

(Aboard the (nameless DX) Onaran ship: )

Gar materialized first, followed by Ini, and finally by Angel. They were in a long, yet wide hallway with polished gray walls, standing for some reason in a spot that appeared to be indistinguishable from any other. A few Onaran were drifting around aimlessly, while several Kalakan were moving about with somewhat greater urgency.

"You are dismissed for now," Gar said to Ini, and she nodded before turning and hurrying off. Then, the Onaran turned to Angel. "Here we are, lovely. This is my temporary home, and I suppose yours now as well. What do you think?"

1/9/2011 #2
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Angel looked suitably impressed. "It's cool!" She proclaimed after a moment of looking around. "Really cool!" She looked around again. "A little drab, though.... could use some color."

1/9/2011 #3

"It's considered bad luck to decorate a vessel," Gar explained, though he was very pleased with her reaction. "A long time ago, it was believed that ornamentation would weigh it down - ocean vessels, of course - and that tradition carried over to our space vessels."

Another Onaran approached them, seeming to study Angel with interest. "What is this, Gar? It doesn't seem to be Rai."

"She's a native of the planet below. She helped me a little in my investigation, and I asked her to come with me. Her name is Angel."

"Is that so? What did you find, then?"

"I'll make my report shortly, then you'll find out."

1/9/2011 #4
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Angel nodded at his explanation, though inwardly... well, let's just say that it would be a sad day for Onaran tradition if she ever got ahold of a can of paint unsupervised.

For now, though,she observed the other Onaran curiously. "Hi." She said. "I'm Angel."

1/9/2011 #5

He mentally nodded at her. "I'm Ror. Pleased to make your acquainta- Hold on, why are you blocking me?" he suddenly said, turning to face the other Onaran.

"She expressed a desire to not have her mind read," Gar explained smoothly. "I am ensuring that that wish is carried out."

"What? Why?"

"I cannot say, but I believe her to be trustworthy."

1/9/2011 #6
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"It's for your own good." Angel put in. "Trust me on that.... Aw, man, I let my art supplies at home! .... Granted, they're probably buried under several tons of roof, but still..."

1/9/2011 #7

"'Art supplies'?" Gar queried. "I could provide some for you, if you wanted. Granted, they would be designed for either four-fingered hands or mental control, but we could figure something out..."

"Oh, I understand now," the other Onaran suddenly interjected, mentally grinning. "Should have realized before, what with your reputation, Gar. I pity your wife, I really do."

1/9/2011 #8
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Hey!" Angel protested. ".... Wait, what reputation?" She seemed to have completely forgotten about art supplies, for the moment.

1/9/2011 #9

"Gar is famous for one thing: charming his way into getting anything he wants, including the company of more than a few females. Both Onaran, and anything he happens to find when we make planetfall."

Gar gave a mental shrug. "A beautiful female is still a beautiful female, no matter the species," he said dismissively.

1/9/2011 #10
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Ah." Angel replied. "Well... We'll see. So, about those art supplies..."

1/9/2011 #11

"Of course. Come, I'll show you to the recreational area, there should be something there. Unfortunately I'll have to leave to make my report then, but you may make yourself at home there while I'm gone." Gar turned and began to float off down the hallway.

"Well, good luck then," Ror said to Angel.

1/9/2011 #12
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Angel nodded at Ror before hurrying off after Gar.

1/9/2011 #13

(Um, how about a timeskip to after Gar finishes with his report? As for the "art supplies", you can just make something up.)

1/9/2011 #14
Thunder Lord Aeatos

(( Sure. Also... mehehehehe... ))

When Gar next found Angel she was in the act of committing some kind of sacrilege; she had a paintbrush, paint, and a wall in front of her, now covered in drying floral patterns and intricate sets of curving lines in different colors.

1/9/2011 #15

Gar stopped in his tracks, staring. "...Angel, please tell me there is a canvas under there?"

(Also, just to clarify, the Onaran do not have any such things as "rooms", and instead their structures tend to be made of just a bunch of connecting tunnels.)

1/9/2011 #16
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Angel turned around, her front splotched with paint as well. "Uh.... Hi, Gar..." She said, sounding more than a little guilty.

1/9/2011 #17

He looked at her, then up at the wall, then back down at her. For a moment he was speechless. Then, he finally said, "...Angel, do you realize how long this will take to clean up? When I told you to make yourself at home, I meant within reason..." He sighed, but smiled mentally even as he did. "Come, let's clean you up, too. Though, I have no idea how we'll replace those... clothes? Yes, those clothes. Are they important?"

1/9/2011 #18
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Angel let out an uncharacteristic, almost animalistic growl, imposing herself between the wall and him. "Don't mess with my art."

1/9/2011 #19

He paused. "Well, I... Normally, I wouldn't, but it's... It's a wall, not a canvas. I could find a canvas that you could copy it onto..."

1/9/2011 #20
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Angel still didn't move. "I don't want my art touched. I don't care what I have to do to convince you, but you leave it alone."

1/9/2011 #21

"It is lovely, but the wall is not the place for it," Gar insisted helplessly. "I had enough trouble convincing my superiors just to let you on board, but if they find you've been painting the walls..."

1/9/2011 #22
Thunder Lord Aeatos

Angel gave him the best puppy face she could muster. "Pleeeeeease?" She begged. "I might be able to.... share a few things with you."

1/9/2011 #23

"If you do, it'll be the last thing you ever share with me before you find yourself back on your planet," he said, mentally sighing. "I apologize, lovely, but it really isn't up to me."

1/9/2011 #24
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"I can tell you how they got away." Angel said seriously.

1/9/2011 #25

That got his attention. "You can? But, I thought you couldn't share that information?"

1/9/2011 #26
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"For the art?" Angel asked. "Totally worth it. Now, where they went is still a no-go, but if you get them to leave my painting alone, I'll tell you how they managed it."

1/9/2011 #27

He hesitated, glancing up at the wall painting for a long moment, but then finally gave in. "Very well, I'll try. I can make no guarantees, though. And - no more painting on walls, please? Or floors or ceilings, for that matter. I'm responsible for you, so if you do anything too out of line, I'm the one whose head they'll be looking for, alright?"

1/9/2011 #28
Thunder Lord Aeatos

"Fair enough." Angel agreed.

1/9/2011 #29

"Good, thank you." He paused expectantly. When he was (presumably) met with silence, he then said uncertainly, "...Ah, my dear, it would... make things much easier, if you told me what I need to know before I talk to my superiors. I can't get anything done if I have nothing to show for it... And besides, if the information is useful, it'll make this look minor in comparison. Which would help my case."

1/9/2011 #30
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