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Name: Garil

Type: Planet

Physical Description: Garil is almost entirely covered with cities, or at least the habitable land regions are. Being the home planet of one of the major spacefaring races, the Onaran, it has become a bustling center of galactic commerce, as well as a political center. It's said that the lights of Garil's cities are so bright and spectacular, some spacefarers have mistaken them for stars. However, recently, the planet has become so important on a galactic scale that its lights are often blocked out by the clouds of spacecraft that surround it.

Climate: The Onaran are able to freely control the weather over their own cities. However, in its natural state, Garil is very stormy due to having a lot of water.

Life: There are many native lifeforms here, although a lot of them have been inadvertently driven into extinction by the Onaran. The Onaran themselves are the dominant sapients here, while another sapient race, the Kalakan, have been forced into servitude. This relationship between the Onaran and the Kalakan has existed for millenia, to the point that even Kalakan themselves rarely question it. Also, many other alien races have taken up residence here as well.

Location: It's about 5,000 light years away from Earth, more toward the center of the galaxy.

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