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The Units all scrambled back almost immediately after the clanking and grinding noises started, not having a clue what it was saying.

They didn't know anything about this device, any of the strange noises it was making... that was good enough reason to step back, they thought. Was this another blessing from one of the deities..? It appeared to be constructed out of a good material to provide that thought candidacy, certainly durable enough after surviving that blast.

Secondary Lightest Blue Wayclearing of 11 Limb and Large Flipperclaw stepped forward uncertainly. If this was to be a gift... should they recieve it? What were they to do? They'd been given no orders about this sort of thing, not ever.


"What?" the Ranlet asked TALC, uncertain of what he could mean. "They wouldn't have been able to get much over this soon, unfortunately. There would only likely be ones clearing a path to get over here so that they may bring in useful devices... do you mean the explosives that they would be using?" she asked, uncertain. "Perhaps those are a bit too strong, but they do need to clear a way to here with some haste..."

1/27/2011 . Edited 1/27/2011 #31

"No, it's... it's not an explosive. Whatever it is, it's steadily generating energy, not like explosives, which usually have a single violent release. I'm running scans on it, but I'm still not really sure what it is... Also, I think it must have been activated after being brought to its present location, because it's well inside my sensor range, but I didn't detect it before now. I would... think... that would rule out the possibility of a vehicle..."

1/27/2011 #32

"Well, I wouldn't have the slightest idea about what it is, TALC. Nothing like what you describe would be here in the middle of nowhere, not unless... hm. Well, it's always a... possibility..." the Unitary Measurer slowed down, evidently thinking about something. "I know it wouldn't be something I have helped them to make, so... that would either mean it's something of yours, which you would likely have recognized as belonging to you, or... it's another visitor to the Primary Level."

1/27/2011 #33

"But, if that's the case, I probably would have sensed it," TALC protested. Then he paused, thinking. "...Although, if it was cloaked in some way, I might have missed it... I don't know why it would reveal itself now, though. Unless... it wanted to get close, without being detected..." He had a moment of horrible realization. "...I, I'm arming what's left of me, just in case. Cloaking implies hostility. I could be wrong, but... I don't want to take any chances."

1/27/2011 #34

Her optical sensors widened, and her photophores cut out light almost entirely, other than the softest of infrared glows. This was a pretty nasty profanity among her kind.

"You... you think it would be armed? But what could be... why would it come here to destroy?" she asked (mostly to herself), curling up inside the box-like machine. This would be bad news, if TALC was right.

(Won't post here until tomorrow.)

1/27/2011 . Edited 1/27/2011 #35

(Wait, so then... Every time TALC turns off his screen or pauses between messages, he's swearing at her?)

"I may be a little premature," TALC admitted. "That isn't the only possibility, it might have cloaked itself to avoid alarming you, or something along those lines. But, as a general rule, if something is cloaked, then it's best to expect and be prepared for hostility." He paused then, before reporting somewhat sheepishly, "By the way, I uh... regret to inform you that the majority of my weaponry is, er, offline. ...Actually, all of it is. ...Sorry..."

1/28/2011 #36

(Not unless he's specifically trying to. The colors only are used as a language in the way that they are framed; lights are arranged in certain patterns, in this case on the different screens of TALC and her survival machine. Lights that aren't arranged in these patterns aren't considered to really be language. Think like the difference between someone talking to you and an ambulance wailing in the background; they're both sounds, but one's speech, one isn't.

Even if he was to be cursing at her in between every pause, the regularity of the action would suggest to her that it's just some sort of error and lead her to ignore it.)

She paused. "... Hm. In the event that it is hostile, actually... There are ships far above us, armed with devices of nuclear devastation. If it causes too much damage, if my Gifted Ones decide it is needed and can focus near it, they can target and wipe out whatever it is from orbit, I would believe. I don't believe we could access such systems from here, however."

1/28/2011 . Edited 1/28/2011 #37

(Yeah, but that's because the ambulance siren has no meaning. If, for example, the ambulance siren instead broadcast the f-word, it would certainly draw some attention.)

This was rather surprising news to TALC. "You... do? That... well. I uh, suppose I'll have to try hard not to offend you, then... Er, but... if you had these weapons in your atmosphere, why did you not use them to stop me from impacting the planet? I'm sure it would have saved countless lives, and you had no guarantee that I would be of any use to you..."

1/28/2011 #38

(No, it's... okay, perhaps that was a bit of a bad example. Say that there's a person who is merely babbling random syllables, bits that technically construct all of our words. The person is still speaking in nonsense despite this.

Similarly, though the Ranlets do speak through light, you have to also remember that they were designed to pick these up from specific organs on the face of the person they were commucating with. Complex pattern and deliberate arrangements are very important in how they put their speech together; otherwise, they'd just get overwhelmed by random, ambient light.)

"Ah... well, see, the thing about that. These ships are turned... inward, not outward. They are more for my Gifted Ones to use against their enemies among the other Units, rather than for any sort of defense from alien creatures..." she began to explain. "By the time we had noticed you within our... relatively tiny sensor range, you were already streaking towards the ground at a faster rate than our missiles could have intercepted you at. It would have been a waste of a decent weapon."

1/28/2011 #39

#39's arm then pulled down into the ground, as its back broke the surface. It continued to struggle to get up, and its head finally broke the surface. The last thing that the bot had experienced was being attacked, and going into emergency shut down. It couldn't see yet, and had no idea where it was. In case the pirates where still around, the backpack opened. The lid came open with a hydraulic woosh, and a clanking revealing one chaingun poking over the brim.

The other was jammed inside the pack, and continued to make a scraping sound. #39's arm finally broke the surface, and began pulling the rest of it's body up.

1/31/2011 #40

While the Wayclearing squad wasn't very educated for the most part, they did recognize that the gun looked vaguely similar to the claw-cannons granted to their kind by a different alien. Claw-cannons had revolutionized their warfare, along with much of what had been told to them... they didn't particularly want to mess with #39, given that possible weapon and its apparent durability.

Many of them dropped to the ground in a gesture of supplication, low grinding noises reverberating throughout their shells.

1/31/2011 #41

At last, #39's head broke the surface, and it quickly began to take in the area. Fortunately, it's face mask had been down when it crashed, and it flipped open with a clang, giving the bot a full view. It's large red eye scanned the surroundings, as the chaingun did another sweep. #39 realized quickly it was out of danger, and the chaingun began to retract, the clanging in it's backpack stopped. Both hands were now free, and it pulled its full self out of the hole.

Even though it was fre, it has caked with decades old sediment, and it began to scrape itself off. Continuing to view the surrounding organisms, it noticed how primitive they were. A sound akin to someone clearing their throat was broadcast, along with some feedback, and then #39 spoke. "I am not here to hurt you." It spoke, in a low mechanical voice.

1/31/2011 #42

(What language is 39 speaking in?)

"Oh. Well, I... I see." TALC's screen went dark for a few moments. Then, he spoke up again, saying in a mildly subdued manner, "Unitary Measurer, I'm detecting motion from the object. It's not... It isn't going anywhere, at least not yet... But I'm not sure what it is doing. Perhaps it would be best if... if you were to go to it, and evaluate the situation...? Or, no, maybe it would be safer for you to remain here... Uh, never mind, don't mind me..."

2/5/2011 #43

(I would imagine it's not in their language, given the lack of much of anyone else visiting, and how #39 spent its time there in hibernation. Given that, I'd suppose it doesn't matter too much.)

As the strange being let out those rumbling noises, some of the nervous Units looked up, still fearful. The being had stowed away its weapon... it had decided to take mercy on them! Perhaps their hastily-made prayers had been the cause?

This time, all of the Units stretched themselves against the ground in the same supplicative gesture, letting out sharp clacking noises of praise and thankfulness.


She considered that. "Well, it's my job to encounter aliens, given my own alien nature, and I have already provided you the means to communicate with my Gifted Ones... It would not be so great a loss to my Gifted Ones were I to even perish, not compared to the potential gains. I will go, and hope I do not draw the object's ire... whatever it is."

With that, her survivial machine began to roll out in reverse. She'd still prefer to die on some other day, were it to come to that.

2/5/2011 #44

(does Martin suddenly appearing and nuking the area sound like a good idea?

Ok, maybe not.)

2/6/2011 #45

(Okay, Shank, I think we're waiting for you here)

2/8/2011 #46

Regarding the organisms for a moment more, the bot then turned its attention to other matters. The telescopic lens on it's eye moved out, and thoroughly scanned the horizon. Seeing nothing of interest, its eye retracted, and refocused on its immediate surroundings. Deciding to get a better view, It attempted to fire off its rockets. There was a loud scratching noise, akin to a massive match being lit across an even larger matchbook, and a large explosion pushed #39 ten yards into the air, before it landed clumsily on it's feet again.

It attempted to fire it's rockets again, and only the loud scratching sound was heard. Finally, the AI brain did a reading on the system's overall status, revealing it was completely out of fuel. #39 was still for a few moments, before turning around to face the organisms once again. Deciding that they would be no help whatsoever, it began walking away from its crater.

2/8/2011 #47

(Um... there would be more than 'nothing of interest' at the horizon, though I guess it'd depend on what you mean. There's a downed spacecraft that's not very far away in a still-smoking crater... it's a bit far for the Units to see from this point as more than a dark blob, or even for my own character, but with telescopic vision and its higher vantage point, #39 should be able to easily make it out. Just saying, sorry that the scene wasn't made clear.)

After those Units were thrown back by the blast, well, they weren't taking any chances on this deity's mercy. They'd began running for the hills, even as a small, box-like object rolled at a swift clip towards #39, away from the possible safety of TALC's hull.

(To skip unneeded filler posts, are you willing to just have #39 spot her and come closer? Or the ship, I guess. Either one.)

2/8/2011 #48

(Well, I had the impression that it was just a pulverized landscape, but I guess that was just a mutual miscommunication.)

#39 hadn't gone far when it noticed something moving on the horizon. It's eye zoomed in, and saw a small vehicle hastily making its way across the land towards it's position. The eye zoomed back in, and the Bot's face guard flipped down with a clang. IT sprinted towards the vehicle, and skidded to a stop some yards away from it. In it's again mechanical and monotone voice it asked, "What Planet is this?"

2/8/2011 #49

Unfortunately, whatever the language that the large robotic creature was speaking, the Unitary Measurer found her machine quite uncapable of translating it. That was... unfortunate. However... there were a fair number of alien languages installed as a default on her survival machine, though those might be somewhat outdated given all these years... it was worth a try, regardless.

In as many different languages as it could recall, her machine began spitting out calls of, "Do you understand [language name]? If so, please reply in [language name]!", hoping that one of them might be understood by the both of them. Failing that... well, other than bringing the device on over to TALC (which might not have been a great idea), she had no idea what she could do.

2/8/2011 . Edited 2/8/2011 #50

The vehicle had begun broadcasting in a multitude of languages, obviously in hopes speaking with #39. The Dialect of Mark IV's people obviously had not been understood by the creature inside, as it was mostly dead these days. #39 chose to repeat its question in one of the languages that the vehicle was broadcasting in, as it had understood most of them.

2/8/2011 #51

The machine cut off mid-sentence in a flash upon registering the reply. A momentary pause to search for which language it had fit...

"You communicate in this language? Great rejoicing will be had, I do hope! I welcome you on the behalf of all the extents of Primary Level."

(She's going to probably talk a bit funny in this one, compared to the language of the Units.)

2/9/2011 #52

The combat bot paused for a few moments, registering this. It then made a very slight, and stiff bow, as a sign of appreciation. "Much thanks." It replied. The machine it had come upon was quite unusual, and was starkly different from the other organisms it had encountered.

"Where is this planet, relative to the other major Planet's hosting major civilizations?"

2/13/2011 . Edited 2/13/2011 #53

"Your difficult question is made hard by that I do not quite know what meaning of 'major' you have. However, it is truly known by myself that my home nation of all Ranlets-- would you possess knowledge of them?-- would be somewhere in the circle of five light years from the location of our presence. Other than that, little clue may be provided by myself, apologize."

She couldn't help but feel that the translator might be seeming a bit... off. That she'd had it at all was still a blessing, she knew, though, and so she just hoped that the gist of it was getting across.

2/13/2011 . Edited 2/13/2011 #54

"Very well. I am familiar with the race known as the Ranlets." #39 had a databank that was extensive enough to have adequate knowledge of most civilizations that were common to Spacefarers. However, the planet it was currently on was a total mystery.

The bot eased itself to the ground, and sat Indian style, leaning forward. "Please, tell me more about the planet that we are currently on, as well as how you yourself got here."

2/14/2011 #55

"I am apologizing, but you will have to obtain the specifics over the condition of the planet for which you wish to request information of me," a speaker on the box continued. "There is much that is known by myself over this planet, as you might possibly witness, for I am become a sort of group leader among that which is present as a kind. To repeat, much is known, so a specify will to be needed. As for the question of the latter, I had made myself recieved on the planet a great many revolution of this world ago, when I had not been findable in space by myself. I had made myself a navigation error, along with failure of mechanics."

2/14/2011 #56

"Of course. To be more specific, What of the other sentient beings of this world? Any that I should particularly be concerned with, or any recent developments that could be interesting?" In #39's AI brain, it was still very much on the hunt for the pirates, and would not rest until that object had been completed, or the priority of it's mission had changed.

2/15/2011 #57

Hm... should I tell him? Well, even were he to go crazy, I guess he couldn't bang up TALC much more than the poor ship already is...

"There had been a recent comet strike of other being not at a time far removed from this. It is machine as you are, but many larger sizes, a ship. Smart. I will guide the ones of which placed in my control to fixing of the ship... would you so happen to have a desirous of viewing the ship of space?" she offered.

2/15/2011 #58

"This is most interesting indeed." Replied the bot, rising to it's feet, whilst brushing off sediments. "I would also greatly appreciate being introduced to this being.

2/15/2011 #59

"It is very greatly of you to have accepted, I bring back," happily chirped the speakers, the box-like machine starting to roll back.

(Timeskip over to the ship?)

2/15/2011 #60
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