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Name: Ransource (Formerly "Research Nation II of Greater Elscer".)

Type: Planet

Physical Description: About earth levels of mass with about five percent greater volume. There is a somewhat thinner atmosphere than Earth's; at sea level, it's equivalent to living in the heights of the Andes. The composition of the atmosphere has a rather low percentage of oxygen relative to other gas in the air; be very careful not to strain your characters if they require this.

From a view in orbit, the planet is covered by vast, rather barren continents of a red-brownish color, barely separated by purplish seas. Nearest to these seas are some spatterings of a vivid reddish/yellow coloration; these tend to be dotted with dark patches of black.

The continents are filled mainly with dust, and aren't really habitable. In the reddish patches near the seas, however, there tends to be a rather predictable environment; large swaths of small, crimson branch-like things lying around, some bearing yellow pods. These durable yellow pods slowly swell and occasionally rupture under high pressures, spewing some sort of suspension off into the distances. This is a mechanism intended to spread the species. Beyond these are small bits of fuzz that drift on the air, occasionally setting down to feed upon the contents of the sprays. These two appear to be the only non-sapient lifeforms around, besides the purplish algae-like drifters of the sea.

The black cities have vast shades built over them. These cities are filled with Ranlets, moved along and cared for by a variety of mechanical tracks and devices. These black cities are all connected by a web of tubes, some of which cut straight through the seas. The presence in space is rather active; it is all filled with somewhat outdated exploration vessels and research stations. The planet is guarded by a number of somewhat clunky warships, still armed heavily with very, very powerful nuclear devices. Many of these ships and stations are in the process of being reoutfitted with better technology or undergoing some much needed heavy maintainance.

Who Lives There?: The one sapient species present are the Ranlets, derivitives of the Elscer. More specifically, they were descended from Elscer sent to this planet to do long-term research on terraforming this planet at relatively breakneck speeds, and later on various Elscer on the edge of society who decided that living on a minor fringe planet with not much government oversight would be a dandy idea. This created an interesting mind-set on the planet when communications with the rest of the Elscer were cut; learning is one of their higher values, and, unlike a number of apathetic Elscer derivatives, they are quite determined to survive and succeed, even on what relatively scant amount they've been provided. For a visual image of a Ranlet, imagine a slug several feet long with large flaps on the sides, a 'face' of some sort of glowing, multicolor pattern, and small arms with tiny hands on the end.

Location: Nearly five light-years towards the galactic core from Primary Level.

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