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Name: Arcaela

Type: Moon

Physical Description: Arcaela is very large for a moon, almost the size of the Earth, though slightly smaller. Its surface appears lifeless and desolate; however, underneath said surface, it holds a massive, artificial, underground structure, a gigantic laboratory belonging to none other than Yj, the Wv scientist. Here in his laboratory, Yj conducts experiments of every kind, from the development of world-shattering weapons, to the alteration of the laws of physics themselves.

Climate: Arcaela has a very thin atmosphere on the surface, and it's basically uninhabitable there. Within the confines of Yj's laboratory, though, the atmosphere can be altered at will.

Life: Other than Yj and his various assistants and test subjects, there is no life here.

Location: Arcaela is located far away from the Milky Way and indeed any other galaxy, circling an unnamed planet that revolves around an unnamed star in the middle of the black void between galaxies. This means that it is isolated from most other space-faring civilizations, so that Yj can experiment without being distracted or interrupted, and also so that he doesn't accidentally hurt someone with his work.

3/23/2011 #1

With a flash of light, the group reappeared. "-be able to do anything," Navon continued, only to drift off a moment later, as he realized what had just happened. Blinking, he glanced around at their new surroundings in bewilderment.

For, now, the group found itself standing in the middle of what seemed, at first glance, to be a massive, sprawling city. However, on closer inspection, something seemed artificial about the place: for one thing, there was no sunlight, with the sky being completely blocked off by a rock ceiling far above, and for another, there were no other people to be found anywhere. Not only that, but the buildings also seemed unusually clean and white, as if they had never even been used.

"This is my laboratory," Yj announced proudly.

(Okay, so let me see. The characters that are here are, I believe: Yj, Navon, Sam, Rachael, Kv, Michael, Rai, Iar, Angel, Gar, Kay, Marcus, Zerst, Maxwell, Qil & Co., and Syn. Did I forget anyone?)

4/2/2011 . Edited 4/2/2011 #2
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Sam, of course, didn't answer his question, as she too was looking around, entirely bewildered as to what had happened.

In fact, most of the others were in similar states, except Angel, who merely looked around in a semi-curious manner.

4/2/2011 #3
Marcus jumped, but otherwise didn't show much surprise. "I guess it's a good thing I got ready," he said. He was carrying his satchel, which seemed slightly bulkier than usual, and he also had a long, unfamiliar package strapped to his back. "Though I was kind of expecting my ship to come too." Kay, on the other hand, gave a sort of 'eep' sound, and stroked her whiskers before relaxing.
4/2/2011 #4

"Your vessel is on the surface," Yj told Marcus, before adding to Qil, "As is yours. They should be safe, I have instructed my aides to guard them."

Then, turning to face the group, he waved one small claw, and a holographic image appeared in the air in front of him. It resembled a group of three spheres, two of which were revolving around the third. He pointed at one of the smaller two. "We are currently on this moon, I have named it 'Arcaela'. The planet and the other moon have no name, nor does the star around which the planet revolves. We are roughly... 400 trillion light-years, on this planet's scale, away from the planet where I found you." He made another gesture, and the hologram zoomed in on Arcaela, the two other spheres vanishing at the same time. Then the surface of the moon also vanished, revealing what appeared to be a vast network of buildings underneath. In the middle of the metropolis was a single, glowing dot. "This is where we are, at the moment. Most of these buildings hold valuable equipment and experiments - so please try to be careful - but some have quarters for guests and test subjects. Let me show you which ones..." The hologram zoomed in a little more, and several of the buildings it showed turned red. Then, glancing up at the group, Yj went on, somewhat apologetically, "I... am afraid that my tests and such could take... several days, if not longer. If you don't mind staying for a while, then you may choose one of these quarters and settle in. Otherwise, please let me know, and I will take you back to where I found you."

4/3/2011 #5
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Qil nodded. "Good. Just be sure your.... aides... stay on the *outside*, because I hold no responsibility for anything that might happen if they go inside. What with the computer-controlled DNA-targeted autocannons and all."

Sam finally got over her shock enough to speak. "Hey! a little warning next time would be nice!"

"I'm fine with that." Rachael said. Angel nodded in agreement.

4/6/2011 #6

"I've already disabled your security measures," Yj told Qil, with the tiniest hint of a smirk. "Don't worry, no one will be hurt." Then, turning to Sam, he pointed out, "I did warn you. You simply chose not to listen. Too wrapped up in your... heated conversation, no doubt." As he said this, he glanced at Navon, who turned slightly red and looked away.

Meanwhile, Gar turned his attention back to Rai, having finally recovered from his surprise. "Everyone, that Kalakan is a dangerous criminal," he announced. "How did he come to be with you? Do you even know what he is charged with?"

Rai flinched, turning to face Gar once again. "Sir, I..." he began, only to trail off again when he realized he didn't really have a good excuse. He swallowed nervously, averting his face in shame.

Iar came to his rescue. "He didn't kidnap me. I asked him to take me with him," she growled.

Gar paused, taken completely by surprise. "...What do you... You asked... him to... Why?" he finally managed to get out.

She hesitated then. "...W-well it's... it's kind of, um, complicated..." Rai continued to stare at the ground as she said this.

4/6/2011 #7
Thunder Lord Aeatos
"We're already in the presence of dangerous criminals." Rachael pointed out, gesturing at Qil.

It was at this point that Angel burst out laughing again. "I told you!" She got out, trying to calm herself. "I told you things weren't as they seemed!"

Qil, meanwhile, glared. "You can't do that." She snapped, and spoke to her arm again. "Override One-one-eight-four-three-beta, reactivate all defenses to fire on non-personnel targets." She glared up at Yj again. "You can't honestly expect me to be okay with just leaving my ship undefended."

4/7/2011 #8

Yj watched Qil calmly. "Your vessel cannot hear you. Nothing can get in or out of this place except me, not even radio or subspace communications. Don't worry, your vessel will be defended. I can personally guarantee both its safety and that of your crew."

(I didn't make that up, btw, I'd been planning for plot purposes that no communications could get through. Actually, you just gave me a really convenient way to reveal that, so thanks.)

Gar glanced at Angel, confused. "What? What do you mean? Could someone please tell me what is going on?"

4/7/2011 #9
Thunder Lord Aeatos
Angel rubbed her eyes and grinned at him. "Still not allowed to say anything, but they can explain it well enough themselves."

Qil snorted. "You'll forgive me if I don't exactly trust your guarantees. Especially after you told me you intended on tampering with my ship."

4/7/2011 #10

"Only if it doesn't meet the conditions of the Waren-Trissik Pact," Yj said patiently. "Otherwise, I will do nothing to it."

Suddenly, there came a loud boom sound from somewhere in the distance. Yj glanced in the direction it had come from, seemingly unfazed. Then, turning back to the group, he announced, "Excuse me, but I have to attend to something. When I am done, I will finish explaining everything. Until then, you may select your quarters and settle in. My aides will take care of you." He then abruptly vanished, leaving behind the floating map.

Gar sighed and turned to Rai and Iar again. "In that case, please, elaborate," he asked them.

Rai hesitated. "...Well, it... We just... needed to leave, I guess... sir..."

"...For the love of... Just, just tell him, Rai," Iar interjected, sounding impatient but also a little nervous herself.

"...Yes, mistress..." Rai mumbled. Glancing up at Gar again, he then reluctantly muttered, "...We... We're in... in l-love."

The other Onaran stared. "...What?" he asked in disbelief, unable to comprehend what he'd just heard.

"You heard him..." Iar murmured.

"...But... he's a... and you're a..."

4/9/2011 #11
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