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Name: Ri'alo

Type: Planet

Physical Description: Ri'alo is approximately 8/10 the size of Earth, it has roughly the same atmospheric composition of Earth except with a slightly increased oxygen level. 50% of the planet is covered in water with the remaining 50% consisting of six landmasses, of which all are oddly symmetrical and perfectly circular from orbital view. It has exactly one moon, which is completely charred and covered with volcanoes, and is the only non-gas giant planet in the solar system.

These landmasses are all very similar in appearance, at the edges of these landmasses are large sandy beaches which, as you go further inland, recede slowly into the treeline. As one ventures further would reveal massive, moss covered plateaus rises up from the ground in a yet another perfect circle with massive waterfalls at some points creating almost a natural moat and covering most of the lower island in a thin mist of water which easily invades all but completely water-tight craft and equipment causing many catastrophic failures. On the before mentioned plateau are vast lush rainforests vibrant with wildlife and many fast moving rivers resulting in the waterfalls. Towards the center of the landmass lies a small 'valley' completely filled with water aside from a small bit of land in the center with a strange structure reaching into the sky almost as if the structure is attempting to reach into the stars themselves.

Streams of water pour down from various points on the structure pooling into the 'valley' and rivers resulting in a light fog that quickly fades before it can reach the rainforest. The structure appears almost obsidian in origin from the distance, but upon closer inspection is actually composed of a strange metal substance that glows with a faint black light contributing to the obsidian appearance from afar, and repels all but the strongest forms of attacks. At the base of the structure is a door made of the same material, but embedded with thousands of strange rune-like symbols. From orbit the structures themselves are completely invisible, however scans would reveal six immense power sources emitting from miles below the surface of the planet in the center of each landmass detectable by even the weakest sensors in existence so long as they are in the solar system.

Who lives there: Aside from the many numerous large carnivores that reside within the rainforests, there are rumors of a sentient race of machines. These AI are very slim and appear to be hunched over onto their 'hands' and 'feet' like monkeys. They are covered in crystalline shards that give them the appearance of having fur but act as a very strong armor which easily absorbs all types of energy fire and reflects small caliber projectiles. When fighting they stand on two legs and use massive whips made of the same crystalline shards, but pulsating with energy (obviously acquired from being shot by energy weapons). Their faces resemble that of a wolfs with one long metallic cord reaching down from both sides of their face for about a foot which emit high-frequency pulses that disrupt nearby sensors and communication devices. They are black and grey in appearance with bright blue 'eye' (sensors obviously) and can easily outrun most advanced ground vehicles. They are known to locate and disassemble landing craft then carry off the resulting materials, as well as attack anyone attempting to gain access to the structure. There is an unknown number of them and they are very intelligent (Otherwise they wouldn't be much of an AI). Explosive weapons and high-caliber weapons have been reported to work well against them, however no landing party has ever managed to make it inside the structures or leave the planet after arriving.

Location: Ri'alo is 800 light-years from Earth.

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