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In this forum, you can choose to have your alternate be M or T rated. I am fine either way. Create your furry characters and bring them in as you see fit.
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Riku Carnan

Post your characters here. I will use mine as an example

Name: Xidon

Race: Panther

Age: 23

Physical Description: A seven foot tall panther with an extremely muscular body. Wears leather armor during combat and has twin blades. When he doesn't have his armor on, he wears just about anything a normal person would wear.

Personality: Very kind and is willing to help others around him. He is quite confident in his abilities, but sometimes he gets overconfident.

Strengths: A great warrior with high skill in blades.

Weaknesses: Can ger overconfident, doesn't have much defense.

7/27/2009 #1

Name/ Lina

Race/ Lynx

Age/ 21

Physical Description/ 6'9 tall Lynx with a lien but muscular body, She wears a tight bodysuit all the time with a mask on that hides her facial features, her main weapons are twin hidden blades in the wrists of her bodysuit.

Personality/ she dosent talk much and tends to use intimidation and violence to get what she wants, she is very short tempered around others especially if she thinks there idiots.

Strengths/ a very skilled assassin with a master of ninjitsu.

Weaknesses/ her temper tends to get the better of her during battel and thus she gets reckless and dangerous.

7/29/2009 #2
Riku Carnan

Approved. I'll make an RP for us.

7/29/2009 #3
Jade Lin Zheng

If this rp is still alive can I join yours?

12/23/2009 #4
Riku Carnan

Well, I RP mainly nowadays on fanfiction.net...

12/23/2009 #5
Jade Lin Zheng

oh really? With what category?

12/23/2009 #6
Riku Carnan

Just about any, really...I'm just really doing random RP's with any of my friends, though mostly Sonic.

12/23/2009 #7
Jade Lin Zheng

Haha! I love Sonic! Vector's my fav! Maybe if I ever decide to join one I'll see ya!

12/23/2009 #8
Riku Carnan

Maybe, though I make my own forums and I only do M-rated really anymore. M-rated with my girlfriend and the like...and a couple of my other friends. Really, this place is just kind of a last resort for me if FFN goes bad

12/23/2009 #9
Jade Lin Zheng

I don't really care about rating, but if it's a private rp then I guess it's not for me.

12/23/2009 #10
Riku Carnan

That's something else...I usually only do private ones. Ah well...

12/23/2009 #11
Jade Lin Zheng

Yeah, I don't do so well when it's only a few people... Like one or two. I thrive on chaos.

12/23/2009 #12
Riku Carnan

And that, my friend, is where we kind of differ...I'd rather be in control and know what's going on...and have things at least somewhat organized when I roleplay. Especially when it comes to lemons...

12/23/2009 #13
Jade Lin Zheng

I agree on the private part for when it comes to lemon, and I like to be in control, but sometimes it's nice to just sit back and watch as people begin to weave their own stories. For me it just gets boring if things start getting planned out.

12/23/2009 #14
Riku Carnan

Then you could do both? You could have somewhere else to go if you get bored of that, should you choose?

12/23/2009 #15
Jade Lin Zheng

Choose? Eh, sometimes it's just better to go with the flow. I don't think lemons should be planned out either. Just follow the rush, is what I say.

12/23/2009 #16
Riku Carnan

I don't prefer to have it that way at times...especially when that rush can lead to relationship ruining...that's something about me, I don't like having couples ruined if they're made

12/23/2009 #17
Jade Lin Zheng

But that's what makes it a thrill to write! All relationships have their bumps because no matter what, everyone has their differences. Just because some couples may fight and spend a little time apart doesn't mean their ruined, it just means that when they finally work through it they'll be closer than before. It also makes the intimacy seem more genuine.

12/23/2009 #18
Riku Carnan

Well...that's the one thing nowadays that you have to understand that I can't stand in RP's because of my ability to be so in character...

I can't take too heavy drama. I realize that there might be bumps here and there...but there are the times when I'd rather not deal with that...

You and I think on far too different levels...

12/23/2009 #19
Jade Lin Zheng

Drama? *gags* Ugh, I can't stand whiny people or those that purposely create problems. I'm a very dark person. Blood and gore I can handle, but romantic dramas are just too much. Heavy drama is not what I meant. I was reading through your rp posts and for someone like me it just irks to see people say that they 'love' someone after such a short amount of time. I am also someone who likes and prefers to stay in character. If I wanted them to have drama I would've made them bipolar.

12/23/2009 #20
Riku Carnan

...so you're calling me a whiny person who likes to create problems? Unless I'm mistaken in some form, which, if I am, I apologize.

And...yeah, I've gotten out of that to some degree...I don't do fantasy couples as much anymore. I still tend to do them in some stories and the like. But, really, if you can't stand that, then you and I are also going to be kind of polar opposites...well, maybe. I don't care with the couples...just as long as they aren't so long that they take up a whole RP topic to complete and aren't so fucking hard to do. For example: A couple that takes forever to form...and there's drama for them at every turn

12/23/2009 #21
Jade Lin Zheng

No I wasn't insulting you and I'm sorry if you took offense. Normally if romantic drama can be avoided then I'm all for it. I'm just a person that has a tendency to repel people, both in the real world and in rp's. I specialize in hardcore characters so people don't generally have to worry about whether any of my characters are going to 'hook-up'.

12/23/2009 #22
Riku Carnan

I can deal with romantic drama...to an extent. If there's the chance of such things as rape or kidnapping that I have to deal with...I wont' do it. If they're being hunted and chased all over the place and they're being put into such danger that they can't have a moments rest with each other, then I wont' do it. Etc. If ya know what I mean?

Also, rape in general...won't fly in my book...just FYI...

12/23/2009 #23
Jade Lin Zheng

Good to know your standing on rape. As a girl I find rape highly disgusting. Anyway for me I prefer the run and hide action. One of my rps is a perfect example of it, but my character's a part of a couple, and with the way it's written they have precious moments that make it that much more special. Being hunted with danger at every turn, they never know when their time together will run out. No rest for the wicked, aye?

12/23/2009 #24
Riku Carnan

I guess...so your a girl. Good to know, which also means that I know why your standing on couples is the way it is.

And the run and hide...eh...I really don't like that...I'd prefer peace times or wartime with actual fighting...not running and stuff. It's just me...I'm a video gamer, so I get ideas like that...I don't read books that much

12/23/2009 #25
Jade Lin Zheng

Who said I wasn't a gamer? And just cause I'm a girl doesn't mean that's the reason why I think the way I do. How many girls do you know can still eat after seeing a dead body? Since you brought up the topic, what games do you play?

12/23/2009 #26
Riku Carnan

Sorry, just...me, I guess. I've been with a girl once who was super drama heavy...and preferred not planning anything and the like...got scarred by her...sorry.

As for games that I play, I play as many as I can excluding racing and sports and fighting. I excel at everything else, usually. The most recent game that I've been playing is Resident Evil 4

12/23/2009 #27
Jade Lin Zheng

Ah I see then, no problem. Can't blame you for having a bad experience. I don't usually play games like Resident Evil, but I like stuff like Assassin's Creed and games where I can blow stuff up like in Jak and Daxter.

12/23/2009 #28
Riku Carnan

I see...and, I'm sorry about assuming what I did about you. You just sound a lot like her in ways...so I just assumed. I really am sorry...

Also, I've never played either of those two, sadly.

12/23/2009 #29
Jade Lin Zheng

I take it as an insult that you think I sound like the same person that scarred you, but I accept the apology. I'm a rather blunt person so really I don't see how drama and I mix.

12/23/2009 #30
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