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Riku Carnan

This is for me and Seg to RP and it's T-rated...since something came up...-_-'

9/12/2009 #1

So ok well use the same idea as the goddess's one but instead of sex they just ave to find three heros and help them save hyrule is that ok.

9/12/2009 #2
Riku Carnan

Seg...oh man, I am SO mad right now...(not at you, but at your parents for holding you back like this!)

Richard was walking towards the Elden field, holding a sword and planning to go end his life in that field. He had just recieved a heartbreaking letter from his girlfriend, saying that she was never going to be able to see him again because her parents were going to sell her as a slave to someone in Hyrule Town and that they were going to make sure that he couldn't follow her there..."Why?" he asked tearfully, holding the dagger to his heart.

9/12/2009 #3

Believe me you dont have to tell me about being angry at my parents.

A soft whisper of a voice entured his mind."Hero do not be to hasty there might still be a way for you to be happy."

Several yards ahead of him a ball of golden white light formed and a figure appeared in it of a snow white fox girl whit deep blue eye, she focused straight on him and walked away from the light dressed in a flowing white dress that seemed to move on its own.

9/12/2009 #4
Riku Carnan

He looked to her, staring at her beauty. She was no doubt a goddess...that was the only explanation for how she had appeared and how stunningly beautiful she was. He backed up a bit, staring in awe, but then he instinctively fell to his knees before her and bowed his head to her.

It wouldn't piss me off so much if it weren't for the fact that you ARE an ADULT!

9/12/2009 #5

I know but there like super christions and whine about every like thing they dont like.

She moved to just infront of him and placed a small delicate hand on his shoulder."Rise hero for we have much to discuss about the future and the part you play in it."

9/12/2009 #6
Riku Carnan

'sigh' There's not much you can do about that...besides say that you are an adult and have a right to do what you wanna do...you are in control of your life, they're not in control of yours.

He looked up at her and asked, "Holy goddess..." he stood up and then asked, "What future? I have no future...the future that I had before is now going to be lost forever..."

9/12/2009 #7

you think i havent done that yet that was the first thing i said to them on my birthday and they just laughed there asses off at me.

She shook her head at him."You are wrong Hero for your future is as clear as day to me and you will live and love again with who i cant say but you will, now do you wish to have a second chance at life."

9/12/2009 #8
Riku Carnan

...okay, that is NOT COOL! You know, you should get some help in that regard...you're an adult...you shouldn't be held back like this! This is just wrong!

He looked at her and then sighed and said, "I guess...even though I don't have ANYTHING to live for..."

9/12/2009 #9

your telling me i cant wait till i move out and not have to deal with all this shit every dame day.

She shook her head again at him."Ah but hero you do even if you cant see it yet you do now you are armed and proficient with the sword arnt you."

9/12/2009 #10
Riku Carnan

Yeah...must be utterly painful...

"No...I brought a knife with me to kill myself..." he said.

9/12/2009 #11

She looked thought full at him."Well then you will need to train then for hat calls for you will require the use of a sword, i shall come with you you may need my help."

9/12/2009 #12
Riku Carnan

"But...I mean...um...this is so...I mean...what..." he said, backing up in surprise.

9/12/2009 #13

"You are needed to see that this land lives for longer generations you and two others will be the hero's that will stop the new tyrants that threaten the lands, Now come we have much to do, ah but i have yet to ask your name what should i call you Hero."

9/12/2009 #14
Riku Carnan

He gulped and said, "Um...I am Richard..." he was quite afraid of what was going on...

9/12/2009 #15

She nodded to him."Very well Richard you may call me Melisa goddess of time, no please take heart that i have intention to either hurt you or let you be hurt the land needs you and me and my sisters have been sent here to find heros to save this land we created."

9/12/2009 #16
Riku Carnan

He gulped and said, "I'm still very afraid of what is to come.

9/12/2009 #17

"That is understandable fear is one of the reasons i chose you Richard for with fear comes caution and being cautious will save you in many places now please trust me and come we have to get you ready for the trials ahead of you."

9/12/2009 #18
Riku Carnan

"Now hold on!" he shouted, stopping. "Who said that I wanted to have this happen?! I have NOTHING about the qualities of a hero about me!"

9/12/2009 #19

She held her head and sighed."Please do you really think that the hero of time before you knew he had anything in him that made him the hero he was, no he dont he was shown it and he took hold of that power to save those he loved you can still have your old love, or you can loose her both way because if the enemy of this land will most likely kill her in his attack on the castle town."

9/12/2009 #20
Riku Carnan

Richard was hurt by that remark, and he looked down and his ears folded back. "I...I...I'm sorry...whatever, I think I'm so stupid...because of evertyhing that I've been doing wrong..."

9/12/2009 #21

She came to him and put her hands on his shoulders."No not stupid just upset thats all and its normal we gave you that so never be resent it."

9/12/2009 #22
Riku Carnan

He looked up at her and said, "I...this is...I have to remember my manners..."

9/12/2009 #23

She smiled at him."Dont worry about it you mortals put to much into your manners anyway it feels good to be treated like a normal person, now please lets be on our way."

9/12/2009 #24
Riku Carnan

"Where to, though? You never told me where," he said.

9/12/2009 #25

"We need a master swords man and the only one here is the guardian soul of this land Sir Almer he can teach you to use a sword."She turned and started off looking back to make sure he was still there.

9/12/2009 #26
Riku Carnan

He followed her grudgingly, not wanting this to be happening, really

9/12/2009 #27

Out on the plains it was clear something was wrong with the land the sky was shrouded in dark gray clouds and the grass seemed to be dieing turning the usual green field a grungy brown."You see hero this land is already feeling the effects of that mad mans magic and the only ones who can stand against him is my sisters me and the three hero's we pick."

9/12/2009 #28
Riku Carnan

Now his view differed. He walked up to where he could see it and stared, horrified. "I...I'm out of my league!"

9/12/2009 #29

"you will have help in this Richard you wont be alone the other two will become as brothers to you and as such you will have a better chance to beat this evil."

9/12/2009 #30
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