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This is just a random RP I came up with. School life but in Manga form. Create your own character and live their school and deal with typical problems like friends boyfriend/girlfriends and horrible teachers giving you too much homework...
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When creating you character please use this template:




Eye colour:

Hair colour:





Anything extra:

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #1

Name: Mariko Makazawa

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Eye colour: Pale Blue

Hair colour: Bleach Blonde

Background: Parents split up when she was 5, her Dad ignores her and her Mother loves her to the point where she's too scared to let her daughter leave the house. Apart from that she lived a normal life.

Personality: Happy, Cheerful, Caring, Angry when she wants to...

Likes: Strawberry flavored cake

Dislikes: People who are stuck up

Anything extra: She has pink flower ear piercings and a necklace with a white rose on it. Never missed handing any homework, never had detention and is called 'teacher's pet' by some of her classmates.

7/28/2009 #2
The Star Catcher

Hey, c

Name: Himeko Watanabe

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Eye colour: Black

Hair colour: Black

Background: Her and her brother were orphaned street urchins for a majority of their life, terrorizing both civilians and criminals. When she was fourteen, her brother was killed and she was put in an orphanage where she was adopted by a family she isn't very close with at the moment.

Personality: Used to be cheerful, overexcited and kind, but after her brother's death, she became bad tempered, vicious, violent, and snarky

Likes: heights, fights, adrenaline rushes, a firm punching bag, history, reading

Dislikes: People who are bossy or think themselves superior or are nosy.

Anything extra: Hates anything girly like dresses or make-up. Always wears a shell necklace and bracelet. Spends most of her time on top of roofs and in alleys

8/14/2009 #3
Whoa sorry tgat took so long. If you're still there then you're accepted.
10/17/2009 #4
Vermillion Serpent

Hi, can I join?

11/20/2009 #5

Sure. Just create a character ^^

11/23/2009 #6
Vermillion Serpent


Name: Takuya Coludo

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Eye colour: Bright turquoise/blue

Hair colour: Rough blonde, natural lighter highlights

Background: Had a reasonably normal life living with his parents and six year old cousin, Rainu. His mother suffers from extreme paranoia brought on after her sister (Rainu's mother) was found out to be a murderer. She is in need of constant attention by either Takuya or her husband.

Personality: Shy, Protective, Playful, Hard working, Generally happy.

Likes: Reading, Tennis, Horror films

Dislikes: Prying people, bullies (of anybody, not entirely of himself), Raspberries; they creep him out.

Anything extra: Quite feminate, wears glasses to read. Hasn't had the chance to get too close to anyone yet aside from his family so he is unsure of how to act around friends occasionally.

Is that ok?

11/25/2009 #7

Yeah sure. Go on and rp when you want.

12/2/2009 #8
Vermillion Serpent

Ok thanks^^

12/2/2009 #9
The Star Catcher

Sorry for disappearing suddenly. Kind of blanked out when it came to RPing.

12/2/2009 #10
Chika Hanabi

Name: Saiko Aizawa

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Eye colour: indigo

Hair colour: light blue

Background: she comes from a middle class family. Her life is pretty normal. She has two younger sisters who drive her nuts, a dad who is obsessed with her doing well at school, and a mom that works. She doesn't get to see her mom as much.

Personality:kind, smart, outgoing, freaks out sometimes for no reason, sometimes weird, goes quiet easily, stubborn and says what's on her mind (sometimes)

Likes: cookies, strawberries, cinnamon rolls, anything that has to do with sweets, oranges

Dislikes: mummies, seeing dead people, graveyards

Anything extra: she doesn't admit that she's scared of anything, but she will freak out. also, she can never say no to food, especially if its free. she loves food. oh, and she can't cook AT ALL.

5/1/2010 #11
Vermillion Serpent

Does this mean the RP is going to carry on??

5/1/2010 #12
Chika Hanabi

haha i guess if i'm accepted ^^

5/1/2010 #13
Vermillion Serpent

Yay! I was giving up on the rp. :D

5/2/2010 #14

Um... I was wondering if I could also add my character... if it's still open...

Name: Rui Kagene

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Eye colour: Amber

Hair colour: Dark Brown, Long and a bit curly and the end making her look younger than she is

Background: She lives with her grandmother and mother after her father died when she was 9. She still feels a deep hole.

Personality: Displays no emotion whatsoever and it's often hard to tell what she feels. She is quite smart and perceptive for her age. Even through she is quite emotionless when angered she is extremly violent and doesn't hold back from hurting anyone. She has habit of calling everyone around her an idiot. Has trouble opening to strangers.

Likes: Sweets, Small Animals, Fighting, Cute Things

Dislikes: Strangers, Big Animals, Her Mother's Cooking, School Uniforms

Anything extra: Rui is very skilled in martial arts and always seems to carry with her a bambo stick which she usually uses to whack others on the head. She is petite and very cute and is mistaken to be younger than she actually is.

6/11/2010 #15

Yeah,, anyone who posted here is allowed to join :P

6/15/2010 #16
Rei Sagara
Is it okay if I make twins and roleplay them both?
7/30/2010 #17
Rei Sagara
Is it okay if I make twins and roleplay them both?
7/30/2010 #18
Vermillion Serpent

I say it's alright but it's not really up to me

8/7/2010 #19

Is the rpg still open? If it is, can I join?

10/27/2010 #20

Can I join or is it too late?

Name: Haruka Yoshida

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Light Brown

Background: Haruka parents died when she was 7 years old, so she lived by herself in an old cabin.

Personality: Caring,sometimes Angry, kind, Playful

Likes: Muffins, Sweets, Candy, her family, and her friends

Dislikes: haters, veggies, fruits, cliques

Anything extra: She can be excited, or scared easily.

10/30/2010 #21
Vermillion Serpent

I know I don't manage this RP but I would say it is open... I'm still here anyway. XD

11/1/2010 #22
Rei Sagara
I'm not sure if Tsukimomo-san's still here but since at least one other person's here, I'll join. Oh, and since I'm not that good at making characters, I'll use one of my favorite characters from Negima. (It's just another shonen harem manga. XD) Name: Evangeline A.K. McDowell Age: Appears around 10 but is actually over hundreds of years old. Gender: Female Eye color: Dark Blue Hair Color: Blonde Background: Many years ago when she just turned 10, an evil mage turned Evangeline into a vampire with dark magic. Angry at him for making her this way, she tracked him down over the years and killed him out of vengeance. Afterwards, since she couldn't hide the fact that her body never aged, she traveled across the world trying to find somewhere to live in peace. A few years ago, a powerful mage named Nagi Springfield saved her when she almost fell off a cliff near the ocean. She stayed by his side for months and fell in love with him. However, he did not feel the same and they parted ways. Very recently, she met up with him again and after trying to be with him again, he used a spell on her to force her to stay at a high school for a while, also sealing her vamparic powers. He promised that he'd come back for her and break the curse after graduation. (Yeah, that's actually what happens in the original manga. ^^) Personality: Rude, selfish, hateful, pissy (According to what one of her classmates said. ^^") Likes: Black, loli dresses, tea, Japanese culture, Nagi, blood, full moons Dislikes: Happy, cheerful people, garlic, school, ect. Anything Extra: She gains all her powers back every full moon, she's both a mage and a vampire, when her powers are restored, she transforms into a adult version of herself. She always ditches class and sleeps on the roof. She is called "Eva" for short. She's British and even has the accent. (Everything here comes from the manga. If you need anything else, just look her name up in the Negima Wikia. XP) Also, I'm using my phone for this and I can't space the information apart. Sorry!
11/1/2010 #23
Hectic Systematic

Is this still open?

Name: Ryuichi Saito

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Physical Description: He has short, spiky black hair with a blonde streak at the front. Has blue eyes, wears glasses for reading. His face is thin and angular. Arms are slightly thin and is 5"7' tall. His skin is also a bit tanned. He isn't very muscular, but isn't a wimp either; he can stand up for himself in fights pretty well.

Outfit: Wears a long-sleeved red-and-white baseball-style raglan shirt with a broken record logo in the middle. On his legs are grey skinny-jeans with a black belt. He also wears dark blue All Star high-top trainers.

Personality: Ryuichi is a fun, nice boy. He's good to talk to and easy to get along with after a short amount of time. Likes to crack lame jokes about serious things. He isn't easily angered; Ryuichi stays calm in situations worthy of panic. Ryuichi likes a lot of really stupid, childish TV shows.

Additional Info: Not at all.

8/18/2011 #24
Name: born Amour Fournier, changed to Ai Hirachi. Goes by A most of the time to keep it simple. Age: 16 Gender: female Eye colour: naturally a light lavender, wears brown contacts. Hair colour: natural golden, sunshine blonde with a hazel tint, dyed jet black. It's naturally lightly curled, with the occasional spiral or ringlet, and messy in-her-face bangs, but straightens it each morning and pins her bangs back. Background: Born in France, moved to Japan at 7 years old. Lost both her parents shortly after (her mom to cancer and her dad to a drunk driver), and was handed over to a string of foster families who haven't been the best, to put it lightly. Her newest foster mom adopted her over summer break and changed everything she possibly could about A: her appearance, her name, her school, even her clothing style and her job (from an old record store to a frozen yogurt place down the street from school). Personality: On the outside she's every parent's dream: sweet, caring, levelheaded, obedient, and respectful. On the inside: a complete mess (to put it lightly) mixed with your average tomboy/prankster/somewhat artistic hipster. Likes: French culture, volleyball, music, art, the countless charity events her 'mother' drags her to, and actually being included at school, which is rare because she's super quiet and withdrawn at school. Dislikes: herself, chocolate, stereotypes, judgement, and her 'mother'. Anything extra: A prides herself in being bilingual and a (according to the people on the Internet) talented singer.
2/8/2012 #25

Name:Rei Anakisa



Eye colour:Sky Blue

Hair colour:Midnight black

Background:Rei was abandoned when she was one,but the Anakisas,A rich family, kindly took me in and raised me,She works part time in our cafe.Her father,Jounochi Anakisa is a dojo manager while her mother,Mai Anakisa is a tea ceromony master, Her Older brothers,Sho and Kenzan,are helpers at the cafe,they like to tease her,but she doesn't mind,both of them are family.

Personality:Rei a shy, kind and caring girl who loves to sing and do her best. She'll often blush bright pink when someone compliments her, this often leads to some people thinking she has a fever. Rei hides the fact that she is a half-yanki and her family ties because she doesn't want to attract too much attention

Likes:teriyaki meat, my friends, singing, cooking, working hard, street fighting as a half-yanki

Dislikes/fears:blood(although she doesn't show it),thunder and lightning, rejection

Anything extra:Rei has a heart condition,but it will only act up If she over-works herself(which she always does)

5/29/2012 #26

Name: Hikari Takahashi

Age: 16

Gender: female

Eye colour: silver

Hair colour: black

Background: escaped an abusive home and is now living with foster family

Personality: quiet, distant, blunt, mature, seemingly cold

Likes: rainstorms, the moon, fireflies, music

Dislikes: physical contact, confined spaces

Anything extra: has a pet cat named Hibiki

9/27/2013 #27

Is this still on?

3/22/2014 #28
Rosalynne Stone

Hello! Is this forum active? And if so, how often?

11/27/2014 #29
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