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It's vengeance disguised as justice. Oh wait...since when did we have real justice anyway?
3/31/2008 #31
Hopeless Romantic90

I’m not sure where I stand with the death penalty. God created everyone, I don’t believe that people are born evil; I think everyone has a good side to them. People like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein deserve the death penalty, but even then what gives us the right to play God. Who gave us the right to choose who lives or who dies? The government doesn’t because there not God, and in the end it will be God who says who goes to heaven or hell. Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein will pay for their sins and the crimes they have committed, but by giving them lethal injections, your no better then they are, because in the end your committing murder. Yes, they deserve it but does that mean we should kill them? Letting them live in solitary confined meant for the rest of there life, without parole and them knowing that they will never see another sun rise again is a better punishment.

4/20/2008 #32

I can agree with that to some point. Do you have clinical depression? If you do, you know how s*** you feel when you look into the future and realize there is nothing there for you. The way I see it, with some sentences, the death penalty is more humane, at least more than permanent solitary confinement.

4/22/2008 #33
Hopeless Romantic90

I don't give a flying F*** if its more humane! They lost the right to be treated as humans when they r***, murdered, and/or caused mass genocide. Death penalty gives you an easy way out. Permanent solitary confinement make's them SUFFER and the should! For all the pain and suffering they've cause. Why should we give them an easy why out? I'm not depressed. I just don't believe in the Death Penalty. But I do believe people should PAY for the PAIN they've caused others!

4/23/2008 . Edited 4/23/2008 #34

What do you say we lock them all up in solitary confinment and forget to give them nourishment? Afterall, according to some people, it's a very humane way to go. Ok, let us put our money where our mouth is and starve all those on Death Row. It'll save us money too.

4/24/2008 #35
Hopeless Romantic90
I'm saying that we lock them up for life. I never said about not giving them any food to eat. We lock them up for life BUT we give them food, bathroom brakes, (cause who wants to deal with people who have s*** on themselves? I mean really!) and of course let them have there showers (cause who wants to deal with BO?). But other then that, no other human contact. No going outside for exercise. NO NOTHING! PERIOD!
4/24/2008 #36

Nah, I say dehydrate them. Afterall, it's apparently such a painless way to go says many people. Plus, we wouldn't have to spend any money on them.

4/24/2008 #37
Hopeless Romantic90

Ok, are you being sarcastic or are you being serious?

4/24/2008 #38

Sort of a combination of the two.

4/24/2008 #39
Hopeless Romantic90

ok, which part are you being sarcastic about?

4/24/2008 #40

Neither specifically. My comments are both sarcastic and serious at the same time.

4/24/2008 #41
Hopeless Romantic90

Ok, but don't you think dehydrating them on purpose would be considered cruel and unusual punishment? They would be protected under the 8th Amendment in the United States Constitution. You have some conservatives already fighting the death penalty. But now you would have liberals fighting for human rights.

4/24/2008 #42

Well, according to some people, dehydration is not cruel and unusual punishment. So, if that is so, why not use it?

4/24/2008 #43
Hopeless Romantic90

Yeah to some it may not be, but it would never fly in the courts. You and I both know that, but also majority of the American people would be in an uproar so that would be a no go. If it were ever made into a law, you would only need one person to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Courts for it to be over turned. Like I said they would be protected under the 8th Amendment. Just because people you know would approve it doesn't mean others would.

4/24/2008 #44

I dunno, just go in there and declare that they are in a PVS and the courts will not only support that we starve them, but they may just mandate it! There, NOW you know what I'm talking about. Maybe now you can get where I'm coming from.

4/24/2008 #45
Hopeless Romantic90

PVS? As in Persistent Vegetative State? Yeah, not likely. They'd probably charge you with cruel and unusual punishment for starving them. Solitary confinement is NOT a cruel and unusual punishment, if it was they would have gotten rid of it a long time ago. I think I missed your point, and if I did would you please clarify it to me?

4/24/2008 #46

Don't you pay attention to the news? It's not only allowed, but it is HUMANE to starve to death people in a PVS!

4/24/2008 #47
Hopeless Romantic90

Sorry, but I rarely have the time to watch the news and when I do have the time I don't listen to the news. I'm in US/VA Government that's all I need where politics are concerned. Damn, that's f*cked up to starve people to death. Where I'm from you don't deny food to people, it doesn't matter what they've done.

4/24/2008 #48

The US starves people in a PVS to death on a regular basis. It's part of the "right to die". It's apparently humane. I even heard a doctor on Good Morning America say that although starving to death is painful, you'll die of dehydration first and that isn't painful. So according to the right to die movement, dehydrationg isn't a painful way to go. If it's good enough for those in a PVS, I'd say it's good enough for people who've ruthlessly and cold heartedly taken the innocent life of another.

4/24/2008 #49
Hopeless Romantic90

I did not know that. What's PVS? It may work for PVS but it would never fly here on American Soil. There's just to many Liberals and Conservatives that would be pissed off if it were ever made into a law. Besides the courts wouldn't go for it because again they would just say its "unconstitutional" and I would have to agree with them. Its some s***, I didn't know it was aloud.

4/24/2008 #50

Simply put, I would support the Death Penalty if and only if you could prove that every person being given that punishment is completely innocent. I beleive crazy serial killers should be put to death. But one innocent life is one too many. It's the same as abortion. Why kill an innocent baby when it has no say in it's future and could very well live a happy life? If one person is given the Death Penalty for a crime they didn't do, it's completely unjust, morally wrong, and against our constitution.

4/24/2008 . Edited 4/24/2008 #51

I have to agree. That is actually only one of two problems I have with the death penalty (The other being the fact that the prisoners have to wait in their cells while they know death is coming). Once the punishment's been carried out, there's no taking it back. I especially have problems with it in cases like Scott Peterson's. He's screwed, and there was no real damning evidence (from my POV)

4/25/2008 #52
Midnight In Eden


I'd suggest watching The Life of David Gale. The basic premise is enough to raise doubts about the death penalty for me.

4/26/2008 #53

I don't need doubts. I think what we need to do is ask ourselves why we are so concerned with protecting the rights of killers. You can't assume that every person on Death Row is innocent and therefore do away with it altogether, what's next, letting people get away with murder cause we can't be 100% sure they did it?

I think people need to start being more concerned with protecting the people in SOCIETY instead of killers. We say executions are inhumane. So raping and murdering people IS humane? Ok then, send somebody in to do to this perp the same thing he did to his victims. I think we forget that these people were convicted of murder. Yet we go out of our way to defend them. Yet, we ignore the helpless ones in our society. They're on their own. Apparently, they just don't deserve our help. Some people seem to think that banning a specific weapon helps the people. That's just dumb. We shouldn't be going after weapons. We should be cracking down on CRIMINALS! Yet, we're trying to protect the lives of criminals, meanwhile, more and more innocent victims are killed, and again, more and more criminals get away with it because we just don't give a damn about the rights of victims. In America, the dirty little truth is that we only give a damn about securing the rights of criminals.

4/27/2008 #54
Hopeless Romantic90

I don't support the death penalty because we have no right to say on who lives or dies. Who the hell gave us the right to play God? I have never and will never protect the rights of bustards that hurt innocent people. I live in VA, 10 min. away from Washington, DC. When 9/11 happened and when that plain hit the Pentagon I was in the 6th grade. I remember it like it was yesterday, from some rooftops you could see the smoke coming from the Pentagon. I remember how terrified I was because majority of my family either live and/or work there. The VA Tech shooting, I not only have friends there but family too when it happened. I am a survivor of child molestation. So don't even give me s*** about protecting the rights of murders and r***. I've been through hell and back because of bustards but that does not mean I will support the death penalty. I'm the LAST person who would EVER protect there RIGHTS. Like I said who gives us the right to play God, in the end it won't be us the decides on who goes to heaven or hell. Answer me that and I'll leave it alone.

4/27/2008 . Edited 4/27/2008 #55

Well, who gave them the right to play God? Who gave them the right to take away the lives or innocence of others? They didn't play fair, why should we?

And I thought we're supposed to separate church and state? If we're separating church and state, then playing God isn't a factor. We have every right to execute somebody who shows zero regard for the rights of others. It's not about saying who lives and who dies. It's about getting people WHO DO THAT out of this world. You are concerned with their rights. You just don't know it.

BTW, who the hell gave us the right to "play God"? Well, in this context, God gave us those very rights, and in fact, in certain extreme cases, obligation, to execute certain criminals.

4/27/2008 #56
Hopeless Romantic90
Just because they didn't play fair doesn't mean we have to stoop to there level. Were better then that. I take back what I said about separating church and state. Its wishful thinking on my part for them to stay separate. Religion and Politics will always play hand in hand because of peoples faiths and what they believe what is right and what is wrong. I believe the Death Penalty is wrong because your taking someone's life, but you think its all right because they are being "put down" for the crimes they've committed. But have you ever considered that just maybe some of those who are on death row might be innocent? We would be damning a men/women to a fate that we willing sent them to. I don't know about you but I do NOT want the on my conscious that I just executed someone who was innocent of all crimes. It's happened before what's to say it won't happen again? Like I said I could give a flying F*** about there rights. God gave us a life to Live, and He gave us the right of free Will. In the Christian faith (I'm Muslim) it says that Jesus died for our sins. So this is how we thank him, by killing people? God didn't give us life to kill people, He gave it so we could live it to its fullest. Besides what's wrong with permanent solitary confinement? There the bustards would never be able to hurt anyone ever again.
4/27/2008 #57

Permanent solitary confinement is too expensive.

4/28/2008 #58
Hopeless Romantic90

You say its too expensive. Then where the hell did we get the money for Iraq? Because to me it seems we do have money, we just don't spend it where its needed and where its not being needed its being spent.

4/28/2008 #59

Money isnt really an issue when your country rules the world.

4/28/2008 #60
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