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(play in this one now cuz we are stuck in the other (what a life))

Zyxx stood in front of the large building, shaking her head slowly with a disapointed and worried look spread on her tanish face. Her fingers twirled through her loosly braided hair as she waited for Fin to come back out. With a rough m***, she rolled her head back and began to pace around randomly.

11/19/2009 . Edited 11/25/2009 #1

(Okay then, just remember Bob is as tall as a three-year-old)

The wind was beginning to grow stronger, blowing steadily from the east. The clouds cast a shadow over the high buildings of the city; bring a chill into the air.

Bob screamed, jumping suddenly out of the large green dumpster he had been camping in. What a dumpster was doing in the middle of an alleyway one will never know. Bob hit the ground and began to roll away. He rolled for quite some distance until he finally hit a car. Stumbling to his feet, he glanced around.

He paused for a moment and then continued to walk on. He walked by Zyxx muttering something about the parked car.

11/21/2009 #2

Zyxx stopped and glanced over at Bob with a curious look, shrugged, and turned to the door, looking for Fin. She looked the building up n** down and read the sign above the door for the tenth time and shivvered. HOSPITAL was deffinetly one of her least favorite words and places.

11/21/2009 #3

“I know I parked that **’in car somewhere in this *** area under a **y half-** street light!” The ‘child’ screamed at a tree. “Now tell me where you put it or I’ll **’in tear your brains out!”

A few random people stopped on the sidewalk to gawk with open mouths at the child with hot pants. Completely horrify, they all seemed to be stuck in place.

11/21/2009 . Edited 11/21/2009 #4

Zyxx stared at him in bewilderment, and took a few steps towards him. "Um...are you ok?" she asked him, sounding nervous.

11/21/2009 #5

Bob swiveled around to face Zyxx. Immediately he stopped. And gawked at her.

“Oh look! A tree with ears!” Bob yelled pointing at Zyxx. “I’ve never seen someone like that before!”

“Someone call the cops! It’s a midget!” Someone from the crowd shouted in horror. “And midgets are evil!”

11/21/2009 #6

"um...excuse me?!" Zyxx grumbled at the guy, placing her hands on her hips and glared at him. She then turned to the crowed. "And not all midgets are evil!" she said to the person that shouted it.

11/21/2009 #7

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a super midget! Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The person in the crowd threw his hands in the air and ran; the rest of the crowd following after him.

“Super midget! Where??!?!!” Bob screamed while looking around franticly. Bob dropped down onto the ground and began to roll into the hospital.

11/21/2009 #8

"what the--" Zyxx stopped herself from swearing and replaced it by saying, "Frick...? Whats going on?" And against her will, went inside. Not particularly after Bob, but to go see what was taking Fin so long as well.

11/21/2009 #9

Screaming the whole way Bob made his way over to the front desk. Bob jumped onto the desk, his orange cape flowing behind him.

11/21/2009 #10

Zyxx rolled her shinning black eyes and walked over to a nurse. "Excuse me, have you seen my friend Fin McNill around here anywhere?"

"Fin...? Um, can you tell me what he looks like?"

11/21/2009 #11

“He’s a bunny! No, a fish! No! A…I dunno. Something.” Bob looked down at his nails and rolled his eyes.

11/21/2009 #12

Zyxx glanced over at him and snickered. Fin is a fish...that was just weird. " short black hair, blue-grey eyes and tannish skin. um...fifteen..."

"Oh yes, I believe I've seen him. Follow me." the nurse turned away and Zyxx followed uneasily. "He's here to see a little girl, right?"


11/21/2009 #13

"I'm not a little girl!" Bob screamed following after Zyxx.

11/21/2009 #14

Zyxx looked at him wildly. ", I meant Manny...and why are you following me?"

11/21/2009 #15

Bob’s cape swirled in the wind, flaunting his awesome purple hot pants.

“Bob Eohsyknih! Would be my name!” He yelled flamboyantly.

11/21/2009 #16

Bob’s cape swirled in the wind, flaunting his awesome purple hot pants.

“Bob Eohsyknih! Would be my name!” He yelled flamboyantly.

11/21/2009 #17

"um...nice you?" Zyxx shot him a curious look. "I'm Zyxx. Why are you following me? Do you even know FIn or Manny?" she turned the corner of the hall with the nurse as they headed to the child care center.

11/21/2009 #18

“Manny! Of course I know Manny! He used to be my pool boy!” Bob nodded his head furiously before narrowing his eyes. “A smexy one…”

11/21/2009 #19

"Manny is a seven year old girl." Zyxx said, giving him a cold stare.

"Here you go miss, I know the little girl you are talking about is in here, that Fin boy I'm not entirly sure of." the nurse stopped outside of a door and opened it for them

"Oh, thank you!" Zyxx said, and hurried into the room lined with beds and children laying in them, or playing with toys. And there was Manny, in the corner and Fin was sitting next to her.

"Sorry Zyxx, she wouldnt let me leave," FIn grimmaced when he looked over.

"Thats ok. How's she doing?" Zyxx walked over and saw the seven year old staring at the ceiling with her purte white eyes. Manny smiled and waved at her.

"Better." FIn said.

11/21/2009 #20

“No, I’m pretty sure I would hav-” Bob began to say as he followed after Zyxx.

“Oh look at that adorable child!” A nurse yelled as she scooped up Bob. “What’s your name little guy?”

“Your worst **’in nightmare if you don’t put me down!” Bob jumped out of her arms and ran after Zyxx.

"No, that's not Manny, Manny was tall...and a guy." He said as he pointed at Manny.

11/21/2009 #21

"She can have the same name, you know." Zyxx said sharply.

"WHos the kid?" Fin asked, staring at the boy. "And Why is he following you around?"

"I wish I knew. he won't tell me." Zyxx grumbled. "But his name is Bob."

11/21/2009 #22

Bob’s cape swirled in the wind, again, flaunting his awesome purple hot pants.

“Bob Eohsyknih! Would be my name!” He yelled flamboyantly, again.

11/21/2009 #23

Fin stepped back slightly and Manny stared at him. Zyxx just rolled her eyes and looked around. "The window is closed...where did that wind come from?"

11/21/2009 #24

“Myty awesomeness! Fear me mortal!” Bob lifted his arms in the air, causing the room to rain. “Mwaaaa haaa!!!”

11/21/2009 #25

Many of the children in the room shrieked, and Fin yelped in surprise as he got wet. "Dammit!" he yelled at the boy.

"Bob, stop!" Zyxx yelled, grabbing his arms.

11/21/2009 #26

“You’re mean!” Bob screamed before turning around and running in the opposite direction; the rain stopping.

(gtg Night! Don't let the terrors of the night steal your fright!)

11/21/2009 #27

(yeah, u to, night!)

Zyxx rolled her eyes and looked at FIn. He was already in his fish form, looking majorly dissapointed. "Well..." he said. "I'm screwed." he finished iwth a sigh.

11/21/2009 #28
Mr. Metamorphosis

Jon heard some voices in the room next door. 'Yeesh. Wonder what's his problem?'

11/22/2009 #29

"Great, I can't get out now..." Fin grumbled. But just as quickly as he transformed, he was dry. And in just a matter of minutes he would be looking like a normal person again. "What the...Manny, did you do that?" Fin looked at the seven year old.

"no..." she said, and pointed to the door. Fin and Zyxx looked over and saw Jaden grinning at them from the doorway, all bandaged up like he got in a big fight, and one hand sticking out pointing to Fin.

"Heeey, hows it going?" he asked, lowering his hand and walking over.

11/22/2009 #30
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