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The stuffed monkey stood outside of the large, ominous gray building watching a girl with long red hair land on the ground. First, he tilted his head from one side to the other confused by the girl, and then he ran forward to give her a funny look.

“Okay, good enough for me…let’s get out of here.” Arabella turned on her heel and abruptly hurried out the door and through the lab.

1/19/2010 #361

Nodding, Zyxx adjusted Jaden's weight on her again and shuffled after her. "Arabella...I don't mean to be rude..." Zyxx mumbled. "But he's really heavy..." Jaden was much bigger than her, made sence that she couldn't carry him very long no matter how strong she was. Fin gave one final sweeping look at the room, and made his way to the door quickly.

1/19/2010 #362

Arabella nodded solemnly and rushed to Zyxx’s side, throwing one of Jaden’s arms over her shoulders to steady his weight.

"Zyxx, you know this place better then anyone that's...making much do you know if there's a back door." Arabella grunted slightly as she tried to take a step forward. "My God he's more heavy then I thought he would be."

1/19/2010 #363

'uh....nope. Only one door..." Zyxx grumbled. "Fin?" Fin looked over quickly, looking tense.

"eh?" he asked, blinking.

"Can you lead the way? please?" ZYxx asked. Fin nodded, and dodged out into the hall and kept an ear open for any sign of footsteps.

"Its really quiet here..." Fin pointed out, waiting for them. Zyxx nodded in agreement and started out the door.

1/19/2010 #364

“Great…just great.” Arabella mumbled as she moved forward, sharing Jaden’s weight evenly.

Upon seeing Fin Adam rose to his feet.

“Where are we going?”

1/19/2010 #365

"We're getting out of here before anybody notices whats going on," Fin said, adjusting Manny's weight as well. "Grab Nena." He sulked down a hallway and looked around each corner.

"Hey...Jaden," Zyxx said, moving his arm slightly. Jaden's eyes flickered and he turned his head slightly to look at her. "Are you ok?" he managed a weak smile.

"Getting...better...." he mumbled.

1/19/2010 #366

Adam nodded and then swooped down to Nena.

“Don’t worry Nena, everything’s going to be okay.” He whispered before picked her up and darting after Finn.

"HEY! You people! Stop!" A loud, booming voice barked from the hallthey originally came from.

1/19/2010 #367

Fin stopped for just a short second upon hearing the voice, surprised, and accidentally tripped at his next step. He crash landed on top of Manny, who yelled out in surprise, and Zyxx took a quick glance behind them.

"C'mon, lets go!" she said, picking up the pace.

1/19/2010 #368

“Hey…Hey! Stop!” The man yelled for them to stop for a minute longer in vain. Suddenly he reached for his gun and slowly raised it at them.

1/19/2010 #369

Zyxx let out a muffled scream when she glanced back and saw the gun. "hurry!" she said, putting her foot on Fin and giving him a slight push forward as he got up. Grumbling, Fin ducked down a corner and into another hallway. Zyxx followed, tugging Jadena nd Arabella with her.

1/19/2010 #370

Farah jumped away from the monkey, ''eh! What are you?"

1/19/2010 #371

“Honestly, if I knew I wouldn’t be here.” The stuffed monkey said in falsetto voice.

Silently, Arabella dropped Jaden off of her shoulder and in a moments notice pulled out her pistol and shot the man in between the eyes.

The man’s body wavered mid air for a moment, and then he collapsed…dead.

“Now see, who said violence doesn’t solve anything?” Arabella said with a smug smile tucking her gun away and turning back to Zyxx.

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, a shrill alarm began to sound.

1/19/2010 #372

Jaden lurched forward and fell to the ground, unconcious. Nena also fell unconcious. Zyxx fell to the floor with Jaden, since his heavy weight pulled her down. She slammed face first into the hard ground and nearly broke her nose.

"Arabella!" Zyxx yelled suddenly, pushing Jaden off her so she could get up. She covered her ears a moment as the alarm sounded, and then stared at Jaden with a frown. "this is getting complicated..." she said, looking at her hands.

1/19/2010 #373

“Yeah! Ya think!” Arabella shouted over the sirens.

“Blood…blood…everywhere!” Adam muttered as he tipped back and forth as though he was going to collapse.

“Oh hell no, Adam! You’re a doctor! Don’t pass out!” Arabella shouted to him. “Given you’re a psychiatrist but still.”

“Blood…” He muttered one last word then fell to the ground too; Nena still in his arms.

1/19/2010 #374

Farah stared at the monkey, she was about to speak when an annoyin alarm sounded, ''okay then...what is that?!"

1/19/2010 #375

Fin suddenly let out a loud yell, nearly letting go of Manny as his eyes went wide. He collapsed, a dart sticking out of his leg. Zyxx looked up from her hands and over at the scientist standing at the end of the hall, holding in his shaky hands a dart gun. Fin was shaking with both pain and anger as he struggled to wrap his long fingers around the dart and pull it from his leg. Manny looked over at the man and he suddenly burst into flame, and ran screaming down the other end of the hall, dropping the dart gun as he fled.

"Uh...Arabella?" Zyxx asked, looking over at her. "WHat am I doing in Zyxx's body?"

(lol weird twist! my turn to have something weird...)

1/19/2010 #376

“My…you people keep getting stupider and stupider…” The Stuffed Monkey muttered with a shake of his head. “That’s an alarm- hey! Wait! I remember something now! People are stupid!” The Stuffed Monkey rushed forward and hugged Farah’s leg. “Thank…thank you so much!”

1/19/2010 #377

(Thanks! I try my best to be interesting like you.)

Arabella let her hands fall to her sides and gave Zyxx a look that said, ‘wtf’.

“Um…What?!” She asked in total bewilderment. "You are Zyxx...Zyxx..."

(lmao! What the hell!)

1/19/2010 #378

(lol spur of the moment idea to keep things interesting.)

Zyxx gazed around quickly, then pointed at Jaden's limp body. "No...thats me. I have no idea why I'm in Zyxx's body..." her...uh, his...Zyxx's face turned red as a thought struck. "Oh this ought to be interesting...."

1/19/2010 #379

(A damn good one)

Arabella’s eyes got huge and her scowl turned into a look of shock. Even though the alarm kept ringing in her ears she barely even noticed.

“I’ve never seen someone switch because of a…gun…”

1/19/2010 #380

"Gah, what are you- I know that's an alarm but why is it going off?" She asked the strange creature.

1/19/2010 #381

“Because of your beauty…magnificent one.” Stuff monkey said with a cheesy grin as he looked up at Farah. “Now were are my manners.” The Stuff Monkey took a step back and knelt on one knee. “I, behold, am your humble servant going by the name The Stuffed Monkey because I have no clue who I am…”

1/19/2010 #382

(lol thanks)

Zyxx perked up and looked aroudn the corner. "holy crap...thats why my head felt like it was going to split open!" she said, sounding slightly inpressed. "I'm just glad to get out of that body. But we should keep going, right?" Manny, who was staring at Zyxx, hurried over to Fin and helped him up. Fin was pretty much frozen, paralyzed by the stuff in the dart. Zyxx moved over and grabbed him, lifting FIn up as best she could before turning back to Arabella for further instructions.

1/19/2010 #383

Farah resisted the urge to kick it, ''hello, i'm Farah, why would an alarm go off because of me?"

1/19/2010 #384

Arabella snapped back into the real world to glare at Zyxx.

“Um…well, ‘Jaden’ incase you haven’t noticed we’re in a hall with bad guys coming any minute with two pasted out males, one past out female, a child and an injured teen. Now incase you haven’t noticed, you’re in a 17-year-old girls body! How the hell are we going to carry all of these people?!?” She lectured him like an overwhelmed mother by placing her hands on hips and tapping her foot. “So unless you have a better idea, I think we have to leave them here and come back later!”

1/19/2010 #385

The Stuff Monkey gave Farah an annoyed look as he stepped away.

“I just told you! Your beauty!”

1/19/2010 #386

Jaden hadn't thought of that. He bit his lip as he thought, placinghis hands on his newly found rounder hips. "Ah...well theres...damn." he looked regretfully at his discarded body. "Uh...I have an idea..." he moved over, bent down and adjusted his position quickly, remembering that he was in a girl's body, wearing a hospital gown.

"Tobias is still in here...We might have to wake him up and get him to help..." Zyxx's black eyes looked up at Arabella, but all flashes of familiarity found in Jaden's eyes flared throughout them.

1/19/2010 #387

Farah blinked, ''but why would it go off because of that.''

1/19/2010 #388

"Come on lady! Work with me here! I can't be the brains and the brawn!" The Stuffed Monkey yelled angrily at her.

1/19/2010 #389

''Gah I'm trying! Okay so the alarm went off because I'm pretty?" She said.

1/19/2010 #390
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