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Griff's form retook the look of a wolf and snapped at the men's ankles, his hackles up as high as possible. ANy angrier and he would be foaming at the mouth. TObias held out his hand and pushed the Energy from his hand and into the closest man, sending him flying.

1/31/2010 #451

Three of the men jumped forward and pounced at Griff. Two of them getting on top of him and one of them grabbing Griff’s head.

Two more of the men were sent flying back by Jaden’s powers while two other men pulled out weapons, one of them shooting a knife at Jaden.

1/31/2010 #452

Griff whipped around wildly, letting out high pitched whines once in a while, but did manage to get a few good gashes out of the mens arms and legs before losing his balance and flopping to the floor, still fighting to get loose.

Without even turning to look, Jaden deflected the knife, sending it flying back at the man who shot it, and took a few jumps backwards, getting closer to the door. "Get out of here! GO!" he yelled into the room.

1/31/2010 #453

One of the men fell back in great pain as he clenched he torn and battered arm, but the other two took advantage of the situation and pushed Griff father down.

Aaron placed his hands on his forehead; trying to get into someone close by’s head. Immediately, Zyxx’s form appeared in his mind, her battered strength seeming very appealing.

The two men fell backwards, but the other two that had fallen over raced over to Jaden. One threw his large bawling fist at Jaden and the other tried to tackle him...but missed horribly.

"Oh...oh!! This is dreaful!!" Adam screamed all of the sudden.

1/31/2010 #454

Yelping, Griff thrashed around and bit down on one man's side, sinking his teeth down as far as he could and refused to let go.

Jaden ducked and slammed his palm into the man's gut, blasting strong Energy through him, sending him flying. That much Energy consentrated into one spot wasn't good...

ZYxx was watching from the doorway, suddenly feeling relieved that she had her own body back. WHy she was back she didn't know, but she had a funny feeling it wouldn't last long. "If its dreadful, then go help!" she yelled at Adam.

1/31/2010 #455

“I’m Eric the Red!!!” Adam yelled in a high pitched tone. “You pathetic excuse for a chip and dale!”

(I’ve got to go, night.)

1/31/2010 #456

(darn, ok...)

Rolling her eyes, Zyxx got up and ran to the fight.

1/31/2010 #457

Aaron tried for a minute longer to control Zyxx, but his deep thoughts were interrupted by a slight groan at his feet. Immediately he looked down at his feet. A small smile crept up the sides of his face as he saw Arabella stirring.

“Come along, darling.” Aaron bent down and with his sheer strength he lifted the groggy Arabella to her feet. “We have places to be…” With a sudden j***, he pulled Arabella closer to him. “People to FIND.”

“Ow…it’s useless…you pathetic.” Arabella started to murmur.

“You’ve been spending too much time with Eric the Red…now walk.” He shoved her forward, but kept his arm around her arm because she was so faint.

One of the men let out a shrill scream as a large spur of blood flew towards Griff’s face.

The man who had been hit teetered on his feet for a moment, then, he fell over dead. The stitches in his stomach from his recent surgery rupturing.

The other man attacking Jaden jumped to his feet and pulled out a gun, remembering Aaron’s orders: Get the child and Arabella, don’t’ kill Griff, and kill the rest.

2/2/2010 #458

(ack! does he want Manny?)

Yelping, Griff thrashed around harder, shaking the blood from his eyes. He managed to slither out from under the men tackeling him, chomped down on the hand holding the gun and tearing the gun out of it, then "tossed" it across the room and ran after Aaron, catching up in no time. He bit down on his foot and tugged like a dog playing tug-o-war. He refused to let go. Jaden looked surprised when he saw Griff get rid of the gun he failed to notice. He swung his leg up and kicked the man in the jaw, sending him flying.

He spun around and saw ZYxx rushing over. "GO BACK! GET OUT OF HERE!" he yelled, giving another man a good round-house kick.

2/2/2010 #459

(Well…yeah...would it be okay if Manny got taken with Arabella? I mean I won’t be mad if you say no, I just thought if would provide for a very interesting twist with Aaron’s. {jsk I was going to ask you first…})

"Eeek!" Still groggy, Arabella somhow thought Griff was going for her and ended up hitting him on the head.

More men came rushing around the corner and came with more weapons.

2/2/2010 #460

(ah, ok. tis fine, but if you do something i don't want happen to her, i'll let you know, k?)

Griff yelped as she hit his head, but still held on to Aaron's leg. He tugged back harder as if he were attempting to rip his leg off.

Jaden ducked and rolled to the side, held his hand out and sent a blast of Energy towards the men, knocking only a few down. He was looking tired, running out of...well, Energy.

2/3/2010 #461

(Okay! That works perfectly. Aaron doesn’t actually want to hurt Manny. Quite the opposite.)

“Oh! Sorry!” Arabella yelled in a squeaky voice.

“Down the damn mutt!” Aaron pulled the tazer back out of his suit pocket and pushed it into Griff’s side.

A few men pounced on Jaden, trying their best to pin him down.

2/3/2010 #462


Griff flinched, but just tightened his grip on his leg and tore harder, ripping the pant leg a bit.

Jaden, yelping in surprise slightly, ducked once more, moved away from the men. He pushed out both his hands and forced the Energy down on top of them, pressing them to the ground with crushing force.

"Oh just kill them all!" ZYxx yelled from the doorway. Jaden glanced at her, all the while crushing the men harder.

"I don't kill people! Thats Tobias's job!" he yelled back.

2/3/2010 #463

(Okay, you guessed it...he wants to eat her for supper!)

Aaron winced at the pain as he fought to hold the now struggling Arabella and control Griff at the same time.

“Don’t…make…me kill you!” He slammed his fist into Arabella’s face and struck Griff on the head with the weapon.

Arabella fell away from Aaron and into the floor with a shriek. She sat on the ground for a moment, shielding the place by her eye were she could feel a shiner developing.

The men going after Jaden crashed into the floor onto each other. Most of them stayed like that for a minute, but one of them jumped up immediately and pulled out a pair of nun chucks.

“You idiot! Who brings nun chucks to a spoon fight!” Adam shuddered and closed his eyes in disgust.

2/3/2010 #464


Griff finally let go with a yip, and jumped back, landing in front of Arabella and growling menacingly. His mouth was bloody now, and his mouth was open slightly to let it all drain out. Griff's legs were shaking slightly from exhaustion. He barked a bit and turned once more into the human figure he was born with. He wiped the blood from his mouth, glaring at Aaron.

"I already told you, this is MY turf, get out now!" he said sharply, taking a quick look around the room.

Jaden, grumbling to himself, swung his fist that was crushing the others and sent those men flying into the wall, nearly through it. He then ran at the man with the nunchucks and smacked the mans wrist, nearly breaking it with the help of the Energy he was manipulating.

2/3/2010 #465

Arabella gasped at Griff then slowly turned to Aaron.

“Just leave me alone.” She whispered, crawling backwards toward Zyxx. “Just leave me alone…”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Arabella, give me the child and this will all be over soon.” Aaron tuck and few steps toward Griff and jamped the Tazer towards Griff’s leg.

“I don’t have it!” Arabella replied loudly. “It’s not here!”

The man with the nun chucks cracked his wrists, the annoying trait of double joints allowing him to bend his wrist in ways that would harm others. He swung the nun chucks around in a fancy way then swung to hit Jaden.

2/3/2010 #466

Zyxx moved out of the room and knelt down next to Arabella. Griff lifted his leg before the tazer could touch him, swung upwards and kicked Aaron in the jaw. Smirking, as soon as his foot touched the ground he snapped it back up and hit him in the chest, pushing him back a few feet.

Jaden lost his balance and stumbled backwards. He punched the man in the face once he regained his balance and then knocked his legs out from underneath him. As the man fell, Jaden was about to stop on his chest when a surprised shreik rang in his ears. Spinning around, he saw Manny with Fin attempting to pull her back in the room.

"damn it Manny!" Fin muttered, finally picking her up and running out and making a break for the door.

2/3/2010 #467

“No! You can’t leave! Mummy is looking for you!” Adam dashed forward all of the sudden and wrapped Finn and Manny in a bear hug.

“Adam! Don’t!” Arabella screamed, distracted by Adam.

Two of the other men that attached Jaden jumped up. One lifted a small handgun out of his pocket and fired at Jaden’s stomach.

“Ah.” Aaron stumbled backwards into and fell onto the ground. This wasn’t going well for him. It was taking too damn long and he needed to get out- now. “Arabella, attack!”

Arabella felt her conscious begin to drain as though she was falling asleep. A few slow seconds pasted her by in this state, then she sprung forward, jumped onto Griff, and wrapped her hands around his throat.

2/3/2010 #468

Jaden fell to the ground as the bullet hit him. Though, luckily, he had some Energy acting as a sheild, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Fin struggled to get out of Adam's grasp, his grip on Manny loosening. He kicked Adam as hard as he could in the shin.

Griff gaged as Arabella's fingers tightened around his neck. He stuggled to change forms, this time into a hawk. Feathers sprouted everywhere, wings ripped from his back and started to push Arabella away. Zyxx leapt forward and tried to pry Arabella off of Griff.

2/3/2010 #469

(Sorry, my computer stopped working)

“Ow!” Adam cried out in pain. Sadly, Finn’s attack didn’t work as well as it should. Instead, Adam just slid down and had Finn in a tight grip at his waist. “Jaden! Help!” Adam suddenly yelled.

The man growled at Jaden, wishing he had brought a better gun.

Arabella elbowed Zyxx in the nose and grabbed Griff’s foot in one movement. She twisted her fingers tighter and tighter around his claws. Ignoring the pain as blood dripped from her hand.

2/3/2010 #470

(tis ok)

Fin stumbled over Adam and fell forward, crashing both him and manny face first into the hard tile flooring. Manny slipped free from his grasp and ran to the corner, cowering in fear.

Jaden just laid on the ground, his stomach oozing blood.

Zyxx ignored her now bleeding nose and changed her grip on Arabella. Griff, with his free foot, or rather his claw, scratched at Arabella, trying to get out of her grip. He was now full hawk form, flapping his large wings hard as he tried to pull free.

2/3/2010 #471

Bob swooped into the hall and out of one of the vents. He landed on the ground valiantly. Quickly he unsheathe a sword and held it up in the air as a sign to everyone.

“This is a day of great tragedy with much shedding of blood and deep dark death. But we will live on…we will fight…we will-” One of the various hench men accidentally kicked Bob and continued to fight.

Bob lay on the ground dying. Blood seeping out of his many harsh wounds and onto the hard tile floor.

“Goodbye cruel world.” Bob whispered into the coming darkness. “Sadly I shall never get to see one of your beautiful sunsets or sit by the flowing river deep it thought…goodbye…” Bob closed his eyes, his tongue falling out of his mouth. He laid their for a moment longer, one of his eyes seeming to twitch and then open. “Did I do it?!” Bob suddenly sat up. “Did I get on camera? Did I do it? Did I do it?”

Aaron came from the behind and smashed the tazer into Zyxx’s head and then turned to Arabella.

“Stop, Arabella.” Aaron commanded harshly.

The girl fell forward in a moments noticed. Completely pasted out.

2/3/2010 #472

Zyxx let out a blood curdling scream as she fell to the ground, shaking slightly as she barely stayed concious. The hawk let out a shrill sound and charged at Aaron, scratching at his face as he swooped past and landing gently in front of Zyxx, spreading out his wings and chirped again, sounding threatening.

(*facepalm* oh bob....)

2/3/2010 #473

(Oh, hahaha! Thanks! :D)

“I’ll kill her.” Aaron said in a cold voice. “You know I will, and I’ll do it the most merciless way. And I know the care about her.” He took a step towards Griff, gently taunting him. “So how about we make a deal: You let me walk out of here right now with the kid and Arabella, and in return I won’t harm your precious little Zyxx, you, or anyone else…AND, I’ll snap all these men out of their trances allowing them to go back to the way they were…I promise you the child will be okay.”

2/3/2010 #474

Griff let out the shrill cry again and tucked in his wings. He still looked like he wanted to kill Aaron, but didn't move. He just watched him.

"I'm not letting you take her!" Fin yelled, breaking free of Adam's grip and running to cover Manny.

2/4/2010 #475

Aaron growled in reply and tilted his head to the right.

“Listen little boy, I am taking the child whether you like it or not.” He stepped forward, his fists balling up, blue smoke falling from his hands.

2/4/2010 #476

"Get out of there Fish-Boy!" Griff said, sitting on the ground and back in human form. He was sitting cross legged and not even facing the others, though he was eyeing Jaden uneasily.

Fin spun around, picked up Manny and stared at Aaron like a scared child. "Why do you want her?!" he demanded.

2/4/2010 #477

Aaron’s smile grew wider as he took a step towards the two men.

“Because, she’s a new beginning. The start to a more just time. A new era of for you, for me, for everyone.” He spoke boldly, his look intense.

2/4/2010 #478

Gulping, Fin tightened his grip on Manny. Suddenly, though, he yelped in surprise as his arms burned, and he dropped Manny. She landed with a thud and got shakily to her feet, looking around nervously.

2/4/2010 #479

Aaron rushed forward, making sure he didn’t turn his back on Griff. He grabbed Manny’s arm and pulled her away from Finn.

(You do realize the smoke was dripping from Aaron’s arm?)

2/4/2010 #480
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