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"DAMN MANNY WAS HOT…" The Bob's said in unison.

"Wait, you thought he was hot too?"

"Of course I did!"

"Me too!" Thus began another idiotic conversation.

"Erm…um…" Bobert scooted around Jaden so he could see Astera.

"Um…Astera…could I talk to you for a minute?" He seemed so very timid at the moment; seemingly shrinking down to his midget size. "It would really mean a lot to me if you would hear me out."

Aaron's look turned from one of strength to that of just some confused guy.

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?" He yelled. One of his eyebrows was raised, and he was giving Nena a baffled look.

3/18/2010 #661

"Should we get out of here?" Griff asked, confused.

Jaden got up and moved over to Arabella to give them some space. "What is going on?" Jaden asked Arabella, watching Bobert and Astera.

"Yes? What is it?" Astera asked, sitting up more and trying hard to be polite.

Nena flinched slightly, and she looked away quickly. Then she looked back at him, standing as straight as possible. "You just seem so perfect! Is that so wrong?" she asked, glancing away shyly, her cheeks turning pink.

3/18/2010 #662

The first Bob inched closer to Manny and Griff.

"Were you ever a 5 foot tall Mexican male by chance?"

"Uh Jaden…I've got something I need to tell you…" Arabella's eyes darted over to Bobert and she gestured that they should move away from him.

"Well…um…you're…well…you're very pretty…" Bobert finally managed to stutter out. "And I'm sure millions of people have told you that…but…"

"Um…okay…but that doesn't make any sense…if I'm so perfect then why can't you trust me?" Aaron continued to shoot Nena a weird look. If looks could speak, he would have been saying 'are you crazy or just stupid???'

3/18/2010 . Edited 3/18/2010 #663

Griff, still holding onto ZYxx who was still holding onto Manny, backed away slightly. Manny, crankily, set off a small fire next to Bob.

"Actually, no," Astera managed a small smile. "I don't go out to much, but thats very kind of you. So whats going on?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Whats up?" Jaden asked innocently, following her.

"Most people that are perfect can't really be trusted...." Nena put her hand on her head and looked deeply confused. "I know some people like that...they promise to help and next thing I know there they are, trying to kill my brother and...eep!" she stopped talking and covered her mouth quickly, tears forming in her eyes. "So many empty promises...I don't know who to trust!" She looked at Aaron a moment and said, "They all came from people who seem perfect! Thats why I don't know if I can trust you...prove it to me!" she said desperatly.

3/18/2010 #664

(Oh yeah, I forgot I still had Adam standing there. I couldn't figure out why your characters had asked Bob and Bob's opinions. :P)

Bob and Bob screamed and ran off into the forest.

Shooting an annoyed look at the Bob's as he took he few steps forward, Adam stepped over to Griff and Zyxx.

"Pardon me for intruding, but is there something going on…here?" Shooting a suspicious look from Zyxx to Griff, he let them know what he was hinting at.

"Well…um…you see. I…Ever since I met you you've seemed so perfect…and…well…" Bobert fidgeted nervously as he struggled to find the right words.

"Well, actually, it's something I need to show you…" Arabella stopped in front of Jaden, stared up at him, and took a deep breath. Leaning forward, she quickly kissed him. Within a minute, she pulled away, giggled and then ran off into the forest.

Glancing over his shoulder, Bobert saw Arabella kiss Jaden and it gave him the strength to do what he needed to do.

"Astera, there's only one way to show you how I feel!" Bobert stepped away from Astera and whipped out microphone. The moonlight cast through the forest trees at this moment, and seemed to light him up with a spotlight.

"I've been waiting, for a girl like you, to come into my life. I've been waiting for a girl like you, your loving will survive." Bobert began to sing in a perfect voice. "I've been waiting for someone new to make me feel alive. Yeah, waiting for a girl like you to come into my life."

"What is that suppose to mean???" Aaron asked in an exasperated tone. "We're not married…Why do we have to start to nonsense tests???"

(Haha Nena's good.)

3/20/2010 . Edited 3/20/2010 #665

(lol nice)

"I'm keeping them safe..." Griff said, looking completly clueless and innocent. He set ZYxx down, who was blushing madly. "I...uh...."

"He's like a stray dog." Zyxx put in, adjusting her grip on Manny. "You could say that...I....uh..." she shot Griff a confused look, and he shrugged in responce.

Astera looked completly blown away with surprise. "Oh.....uh...." she stammered.

Jaden's face turned bright red, and he just stood there for a moment, completly stunned. "Uh.....w-wait! Arabella!!" he yelled, chasing after her.

"No thats not what I meant!" Nena said a bit too loudly. "I....its....just, you kind of remind me of my father.....and he was an evil man! He promised to help me, like you did....and...and.....well, he tried to kill us! He did kill my brother! How do I know you won't be the same!?"

(haha is that a good thing?)

3/20/2010 #666

Adam chuckled and crossed his arms.

"Funny, one minute you are trying to kill me and Arabella, and the next you're super Fido? No, I don't think you'd do that for no apparent reason. Sure, I'm a psychic, but I would be able to tell that something was going on here no matter what…how long?" His face was dead serious as he spoke; all of their sweet actions was bring up past loving moments between him and a very young Arabella.

"I know! Isn't it!" Bob yelled as he threw the microphone over his shoulder and ran after her. "I could start a band and you could be in it! Do you play an instrument?"

Arabella ran through the woods, the Bob's ran through the woods, and they both pasted each other.

"Hi Bob's!" Arabella called as she pasted them.

"Hi Arabella!" The echoed. As soon as she was out of sight they turned to each other as they ran. "Let's go and find that sexy beast Jaden!"

"Wha? I'm prefect because I'm like your…father- hey! I'm not that old!" Aaron yelled back at her. "30 is the new 20 you know! But whatever…" Turning away, he placed his hand on a large book case and leaned towards it. "Suit yourself. You can get the child with out me or the spell if you like."

(lol What I mean is that she's really good at this 'I'm a poor damsel in distress…kiss me' thing. It's really fun to read. :P)

3/20/2010 #667

"Wolves are like dogs, they can be extremly faithful to those they consideer their pack." Griff said firmly, crossing his arms as well. "I've known her since I was.....uh...." His expression turned blank as he forgot just how long he had known her.

"since you were ten, Griff," ZYxx said. She gave him a slightly odd look and then added, "So eight years."

"Oh, I'm eighteen?" Griff asked, truely surprised.

"Oh...uh, Bob...." Astera shifted uncomfrotably where she sat. "'re very'm sworn to, uh, serve the gods and to be an eternal maiden....and..."

"Arabella!!" Jaden called, running faster than before, tracking her Energy as he made his way through the forest.

"I didn't mean you were old!" Nena said. "You.....oh God! I don't know what I'm doing anymore!!" she screamed, putting her face in her hands.

(haha i said before, shes really out of it.)

3/20/2010 #668

(You know...they wouldn't make a bad couple...)

"No." Adam shook his head firmly. "It's too drastic a change…I can see…I can see you love in your eyes Griff…"

Arabella shot through the trees at this moment. Adam shot Griff and Zyxx a look as she smiled at them.

"Howdy partners." She said in a cheery tone.

"No! Just think about it! Me on stage at the microphone…standing on a box…and you beside me play and synthesizer! It would be great!" Bobert shouted in glee. His big blue eyes stared deeply into Astera's. "We wouldn't have to be a couple…it would just be amazing to be around you." He offered her a sweet smile as he cocked his head to the side.

By now, Aaron was very, very, very confused. Somehow, Nena had managed to throw him off of his game like no one had before.

"Well…um…I don't…know…"

3/20/2010 #669

(Griff and Zyxx? yeah.)

Griff looked even more surprised, his cheeks turning bright red, as well as Zyxx. "W-well....I....uh...." Griff stammered. Zyxx brushed her hair out of her face and stared at Griff, a bit unsure. Griff perked up then, looking at Adam suspiciously. "You're not after her are you?" he asked with an accusing glare.

"Arabella!!" Jaden yelled as he ran past them, taking Zyxx and Griff by surprise.

"oh..." Astera muttered. "I.....I only know how to play....uh....the...flute..." she mumbled.

"Oh just ignore me, you know you want to," Nena moaned, sliding to the floor. She tucked her knees up to her chest and burried her face in her hands once more.

3/20/2010 #670

(No! Bobert and Astera!)

"Perfect! You can play the flute and I can sing! Do you know any Foreigner? "

"Yeah, I'm after some 17 year-old girl…I think I'm a little past that. If not, why don't I just start going after Manny?"

Arabella glanced over at Jaden and smiled sweetly.

"Oh hi Jaden." She placed her hand on her hip and leaned on one leg casually. "Is Astera okay?"

"Um…if you keep hiding your, uh face because you're afraid you look ugly…you don't…" Aaron tasted the nice words on his tongue and winced as though he had eaten a lemon. He turned around and looked down at her, trying to hide his wince at the same time. "Just so you…know…you look very pretty…"

3/20/2010 #671

(um...interesting lol)

"Any....what?" Astera asked. She suddenly flinched as a bright light flashed in her head. She saw an odd image, two people, one on the ground. She blinked a few times and it cleared. "oh....ow..." she muttered,rubbbing her temples slightly.

"He doesn't knwo any better, Adam," Zyxx grinned slightly. Griff nodded in agreement, looking a bit embarassed.

Jaden stopped, stared at her blankly, then cursed. "Oh s***!" he groaned. "Why did you run?!" he asked, waiting for her to answer before running back to his friends' side.

Nena looked up, looking a bit annoyed at first. Her cheeks were smeared with tears.. Then, once her expression softened, she said, "Thank you....I guess..." she whiped her cheeks roughly and sighed deeply.

3/20/2010 #672


"OMG!" Bobert cried in shook. "How can you not know any Foreigner!?! That's…that's just hor-" All of the sudden he noticed something seemed off about her. "Hey? Are you okay?" He asked, greatly concerned.

Arabella tipped her head in confusion.

"Yeah, I guess so." Adam mumbled under his breath.

"Your welcome…I guess…" Aaron looked around awkwardly. Bad! Two nice comments in just a few minutes? It was so unlike him.

(Wait, so Jaden just ran off to Astera's side or to Zyxx's?)

3/20/2010 #673

(Astera's side, but he didn't run off yet.)

Astera flinched again as yet another flash burst in her mind. This time is was an empty warehouse like building filled with old artifacts, and a young man with white hair grabbing something off a wall...

Griff huffed, rolled his eyes and leaned against a tree.

Jaden sighed. "What are you doing Arabella? This isn't like you!"

Nena stared at him for a moment. "You know nothing of women, do you?" she asked innocently.

(oh that thing about a warehouse...i dunno, i just imagined a way for Griff to get a weapon.*shrugs*)

3/20/2010 #674

"Well," Bobert said, ignoring everything. "I'm off to go sing bad remakes of Foreigner songs." He placed a piece of paper with a phone number scribbled on it next to Astera. Turning away, he shot Astera one small smile over his shoulder then disappeared into the woods.

Meanwhile, Bob and Robert (the other Bob) ran aimlessly though the woods in search of Jaden!

"Jaden! Jaden!" Then called out into the forest. Little did they know, they were actually running away from him, not towards him.

The Stuffed Monkey sat on a tumfret eating his curbs and way. Where on earth had Farrah gone? Who was he? And where the hell was he? He didn't know the answers to any of those questions, but soon he would…that is if he didn't forget what he had remembered to remember he had forgotten.

"I beg your pardon! I know plenty about women!" Aaron balled his hands into fists as he shouted back at Nena. "In fact, I-"

A sudden wave of nausea over came Aaron. With a low groan, he fell back against the book case and placed his head in his hands. Somewhere, a portal was opening…he could feel it.

Arabella narrowed her eyes at Jaden. It was true, she wasn't acting like herself. Right after she touched that pedestal she had felt all weird and light headed. There were only a few times in her life she had felt like this: when a portable was opening.

Adam shook his head at the group.

"I'm going to go and find the Bob's" he muttered and slipped into the forest.

4/13/2010 #675

Astera sighed, fingering the paper in her hand that she would never be able to read.

"Something is wrong..." Nena said in an eery sing-songy voice that sounded a bit like a question, but was more stating a fact than anything.

Jaden stiffened slightly and did a quick 360 of the area, his senses blaring. "Whats that? Whats going on, Arabella?" he asked a bit nervously.

Zyxx suddenly dropped Manny as she started to squirm, and as soon as Manny's feet touched the ground she bolted back to where Fin was.

4/13/2010 #676

"Stay here. Watch Astera." Arabella ordered in a raspy tone. She turned away from Jaden, took a few quick steps forward, then stopped. Turning around to face Jaden, a small smile crept up her face.

"You always did love pirates." With that, she ran off.

Adam slipped through the woods. Where on earth could those demon brats have gone? He made it a little ways though the forest a soon found him self by a small, blue pond. In the center, he could see the reflection of a crescent moon. He looked down at the center as though nothing was wrong until it hit him: it was a full moon tonight. Adam looked up quickly and saw he was right…it was a full moon indeed.

Realizing what this meant, he turned around and attempted to run away, but before he could take more then a step, a long rotting hand reached out of the pond and pulled him in. Adam quickly plunged farther and farther into the seemingly endless water. Losing consciousness within a few minutes.

"Yeah, I can tell." I a swift movement, Aaron rushed forward and grabbed Nena's arm. "Ready to jump?"

4/13/2010 #677

(rofl! i can't believ you remembered Jaden loved pirates! even i didn't remember that!!)

Jaden was about to turn and run back to Astera, but froze as Arabella said that. He turned back to face her, but she was gone. "How did you know that?!" he yelled in her direction, and then ran to find Astera.

"h-hey...!" Zyxx gasped, but lost sight of Manny. But she knew Manny would have gone to Fin, so she, instead, ran after Arabella. Griff, obviously, followed her lead.

"Jumping....? I excell at jumping," Nena said whistfully.

(me must go to bed now.)

4/13/2010 #678

(Haha Yeah, I thought it would be cute to add in that old tidbit about Jaden. :P)

"What?" Aaron pulled away from Nena and gave her a confused look. "I never said anything about you being good at jumping…I mean jumping as in transporting…what the hell is wrong with you?"

His brow furrowed as he looked over her face. If he didn't need her help catching that dreaded child then he would have sent her to hell by now.

"You're as crazy as a loon." He stated simply.

Arabella ran through the forest swiftly in search of the portal. It was strong, that much she could feel. It could lead to an alternate universe, another planet, or even hell. Nevertheless, she knew the fire pedestal and this portal were somehow connected. Both of them possessed the same pull.

Arabella ducked to the side around a think berry bush and found herself around the same pond Adam had been pulled into a few minutes ago. Was this the place she was looking for? Was it this pond that held the portal? Yes. Yes it was. She knew it, and the eerie pond knew she knew it. Taking a step forward, a small shiny thing sparkled in the mid-night light. Arabella took a few steps towards the object. Leaning down and picking it up, she saw it was Adam's watch.

"I'm here now. Come a get me."

Arabella stood dead still in the strangely silent forest. Looking down at the pond with deep concentration, she took a deep breath.

"Fine, if you won't come to me, I'll come to you."

She closed her eyes and extend one leg so that it touched the water. She was about to move forward, when all of the sudden a pale rotting hand grabbed her ankle and whipped her in the pond. A small scream escaped Arabella's lips, then, she two disappeared beneath the surface of the water.

4/14/2010 #679

(yes, twas very cute :3 oh, btw, is the portal in the pond?)

Nena rolled her head back in annoyance. "I know what you meant. I can teleport using Energy," she said, glaring at him sharply. "And, yes....I am aware that I am crazy....I have been for a while." she added with a slightly disturbing grin.

Zyxx snapped out her wings and took to the sky. She glided over the trees as Griff ran down on the ground. SHe dived down as she saw/heard Arabella, and dived down after her.

4/14/2010 #680

(Yep, you've got to get pulled in or swim until you pass out to travel to the other side though.)

"Uh…huh…" Aaron stood there awkwardly for a few more moments. "Yeah, um, let's get out of here." Quickly, he whispered a spell under his breath and disappeared from the library.

4/14/2010 #681

(ah, ok then)

Zyxx dived into the water after Arabella, and as Griff came up he saw her go in, and dived in after her.

4/14/2010 #682

Aaron appeared in the forest. Coincidently, he found himself standing close to Astera. A small smile quickly spread across his lips.

"Hello there." His deep voice said ominously.

4/14/2010 #683

Astera flinched ever-so-slightly, then blinked, turning her head slightly in his direction. "......where did you come from?" she asked quietly, getting to her feet slowly. SHe turned her head in the direction of Fin when he suddenly let out a m***, and Nena looked over as well, her attention all on him. She groaned in annoyance to see him still alive, yet also somewhat relieved that she didn't really kill him.

4/14/2010 #684

(Where are Z and G?)

"From the ever eternal light…Hell…" Aaron smiled down at Astera, a sister air lingering around him. Then, in classic creepy guy fashion, he leaned down to grab her.

4/15/2010 #685

(in the portal. they'll be in the otherone soon)

Astera slapped his hand away, a lucky hit, and hurried away fromhim and over to Fin. She grabbed his arms and attempted to pull him away but instantly froze as Nena held out her hand, an eerie grin spread on her face.

4/15/2010 #686

(Okay doke)

Happy at the challenge Astera was presenting, Aaron's smile grew wider.

"There's no need to be afraid…Astera…we won't hurt you unless you resist…." Aaron lurked closer to Astera and Finn, glancing over at Nena every so often to see what she was doing.

4/15/2010 #687

Astera suddenly shreiked as the Energy around her closed in one her. Nena was clenching his fingers together, the grin widening. But then, all together, Astera fell to the ground, released from the spell.

"Astera!!" Jaden yelled, running into the clearing. He glared at Aaron, but froze in surprise as his eyes laid on Nena. Nena looked equally as surprised.

4/15/2010 #688

Aaron looked at Astera. No comment. Aaron looked at Jaden. No comment. Aaron looked at Nena and a look like he had just sucked on a lemon crossed his face.

"What the hell are you doing, Nena?!?! We slowly torture them and THEN make them feel psychical pain!" Aaron sighed angrily and placed his hand on his forehead. "Man do I have my work cut out with you…"

4/15/2010 #689

"Nena, what are you doing with him?" Jaden asked, stunned.

Nena slowly looked away from him and over to Aaron, frowning deeply. She blinked a few times. "How do I torture without hurting them...?" she asked, truely not know what he ment, or how to do so.

4/15/2010 #690
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