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Aaron sighed a deep, hearty sigh. He always did like a challenge, but Nena really was frustrating on him.

"Take what you know about Astera…or more likely Jaden and use it against him. Play with his head…confuse him and make him weak mentally…got it?"

4/15/2010 #691

Nena thought about it for a moment, and with a sad look she asked Aaron quietly, "Jaden died once....would that be something good?"

Jaden froze as he heard that. He bent down quickly and whispered to Astera, "Anyhting you can do to stop them? Do you see anything?" AStera remained quiet a moment as her eyes glazed over.

"blood....i see bloodshed, but I do not know when...." she said in a far away voice. "And I see you......its not good, Jaden..."

4/15/2010 #692

Aaron shot Nena an exasperated look that said, 'have you learned nothing???'.

Waving his arms above his head in a frantic matter, Aaron made an annoyed whine.

"Yes that's a good thing! That's the best type of thing! Use it! Use it!" He ordered franticly as he pointed at Jaden. "Now! Now! Now!"

Distantly in the forest, The Stuffed Monkey still sat on a tuffet. A few minutes ago he had finished up in curds and way and now he was just sitting there thinking.

"I suppose I should go back to find Farrah. I don't know why she'd be out here but she must." The Stuff Monkey thought to himself out loud. Rising to his feet, he started to fly towards the clearing with the arguing group.

"Farrah!" The Stuffed Monkey exclaimed upon seeing Nena. Apparently one of his many short comings was that he didn't have very good eye sight.

(Are they ever going to leave the clearing?)

4/16/2010 #693

(not a clue lol)

Nena nodded and stared - unblinking - at Jaden and held out her hand. After a moment, Jaden's eyes glazed over as he replayed moments of his past.

Astera, nervously, got back to her feet, grabbed Fin again, and started to pull him away quickly. She just wasn't planning on Manny running into her from behind. The child let out a shriek of surprise, scuttled around Astera and grabbed onto Fin in an odd hug, looking terrified.

4/16/2010 #694
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