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(new topic!! this is really fantasy!)

The land had a magical feel to it, with all the bright colors, plants and forests all over the place, villages built into mountains, or set up in the middle of valleys. The creatures were equally as magical, ranging from mermaids in the waters, to dragons in the sky.

4/13/2010 #1

Shadow stood on the top of a hill looking down into yet another humble valley town.

Maybe this was it. Maybe this was the town where she would find her old life. A life with parents, lots of siblings, and a warm home.

Shadow fidgeted nervously with her silver necklace; pulling it back and forth along it's chain.

Or many this town would be like the last one. A town where they'll mistake her powers for black magic and try to burn her at the stake again.

"Oh…" She quietly cried to herself. "Please don't let it be like the last couple times…"

She couldn't quite count how many times she had passed through no-name towns like this one in the last two months, but she had learned to never stay in one for very long.

Even though she was in Darkmoore territory –a place in this mysterious land where the sun doesn't shine day or night- the way the land grew colder and colder as she traveled on hinted she was heading north.

Shadow released her necklace and let her hands fall to her sides. Whispering a soft chant under her breath, she started down towards the valley.

4/14/2010 #2

"no no no! Bad dragon!!" Del screached as Rasha twisted and turned through the skies and right over the Darkmoore territory. Del wasn't allowed to go in there, and even Rasha wasn't allowed, but something was wrong. There was an odd force that seemed to be controlling Rasha's usual sense of understanding and instinct.

Del gripped tighter to the reigns she had fasioned earlier that month and pressed herself down to the dragon's long neck as she sat between the shoulderblads, just ahead of the wings. She let out a nervous shreik as the dragon dived down.

4/14/2010 #3

Shadow heard the swift noise of dragon wings and whirled around. Looking up towards the dark sky she gasped and stumbled backwards into the ground.

The townsmen! Had they already found her? Had they sensed her coming and sent a dragon to dispose of her? No, it couldn't be…it just couldn't.

At this moment, Adam shot through the portal and his wet body was bluntly crashed into a large tree.

Shadow's eyes darted back and forth between Adam and the dragon. What on earth was going on here?

4/14/2010 #4

A loud roar erupted from the dragon as it landed gracefully on the ground, but nonetheless, with a heavy thud that shook the hill. THe great red beast lowered itself and Del slid off, feeling dizzy and nausious. Once she regained balace, she hit the dragon hard on one large scale.

"You evil beast! You know we aren't supposed to be here!" Del yelled, pounding on it. Rasha didn't even seemed phazed by her tiny fists. The beast just blinked and stood up again. It turned its head and stared at Shadow with its big golden eyes. Del, adjusting her glasses, followed the beasts gaze and froze when she saw Shadow, clearly surpised.

4/14/2010 #5

Shadow's eyes grew wide at the sight. There she sat in silence. Her hand placed firmly behind her to keep her from falling backwards down the hill and her gaze darting around.

Adam's vision was blurry from the hit. Currently, he laid on the groan rubbing his eyes.

4/14/2010 #6

Rasha moved forward slightly, inching closer to Shadow for only a moment, sniffing the air around her. A low growl sounded, and Del quickly jabbed the dragon on the weakpoint of its scales on the base of its neck. The dragon reared to her, angrilly. "Be quiet." she hissed at it, and then moved over to Shadow as well.

"I'm sorry....about that," Del said, gesturing at Rasha, who looked insulted. "He didn't scare you too much, did he?"

4/14/2010 #7

"I…uh…who are you people?" Shadow managed to stutter out a few words as she stared pointedly at Del.

Before she could think of anything else to say, the portal opened up again. This time, Arabella shooting out and flying into Shadow.

4/14/2010 #8

"Oh? I am Delarose.....and this terrible beasty is Rasha...." Del said, looking over at the dragon only to see it glaring at the water. Delarose followed his gaze once more and saw Arabella shoot out of the water.

"Holy Spirits of Nature!" Del yelped in surprise.

4/14/2010 #9

(Huh? Arabella already flew out of the water. And she hit Shadow...)

4/15/2010 #10

(yeah, i wrote it from how she saw it. sorry for the confusion.)

4/15/2010 #11

(Oh, okay, just wondering.)

The two girls groaned in unison as they tried to figure out what had just happened.

"What the hell…?" Arabella muttered to herself. It was dark, that much she could tell. Dark and there was the faint scent of lavender in the air.

You've come back to me, Arabella… A small voice whispered to Arabella.

Shadow looked over at Arabella's unconscious body and pushed it away from her with her weak little arms.

Her pale eyes floated back over to Del once she was free of Arabella.

"I'm…I'm not a witch…I'm not!" Shadow jumped to her feet, glancing around for the perfect place to run off.

4/15/2010 #12

Del looked at Shadow curiously. "I never said you were a witch...did I?" she glanced back at Rasha, who was still staring at the water intensly. "Witches live in this area, but I honestly didn't asume you were one. But I do know people who can use spells...." Del thought for a moment, then smiled. "Right, so who are you?"

suddenly, right out of the water, came Zyxx flying - or more like gliding - overhead and almost right onto the dragon. Folowing shortly behind was Griff, in human form but now with white hair and wolf ears and a tail instead of looking perfectly normal.

(the portal changed Griff, obviously. just to clear things up)

4/15/2010 #13

"There's more of you……………………….?" Shadow gaped at the other to almost breathless. "What are you people doing here…and where do you keep coming from."

A small m*** could be heard from a nearby tree. Rising to his feet, Adam steadied himself on the tree with alight sigh.

"A portal…the crescent portal to be exact." His eyes scanned over the nearby scenery noting the steep snow capped mountains and glowing village in the distance. "A I haven't seen on this powerful in a long time." Adam's voice seemed very far away as he said this, almost sounding as though he was here but some place else.

Arabella's eyes slowly drifted open as she heard the voice. First everything was a blurry mess of light green blurs, but within a moment everything became clear…

(Oh, I was wondering)

4/15/2010 #14

"Ow my head...." Zyxx groaned sitting up. The dragon was staring at her, almost directly in her face, and as Zyxx's vision cleared she shreiked in surprise and backed away. Rasha didn't seem to mind and just stood up and looked around.

"oh, no, no, don't be scared!" Del said, rushing over to Zyxx's frightened form.

Griff propped himself up shakily, groaning.


4/15/2010 #15

Adam smiled as he glanced over at Zyxx and Del.

"Ah, just like home." His gaze suddenly shifting, he looked over to Shadow. "Witch is a subjective term…do you really see the difference?"

4/15/2010 #16

Del glanced at Adam, and then turned to Rasha. "Go stretch your wings, if you must silly beast. You know how to find me..." she turned back to Zyxx and assured her that she wasn't in any danger. Rasha let out a greatful roar and stretched out his wings, lifting off. A great gust of wind nearly knocked Del over, but the beast seemed to be happy, so she was fine.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Griff suddenly yelled, sitting cross-legged on the ground and holding his new found ears on his human head with one hand, and his new tail in the other.

(lol griff's reaction....)

4/15/2010 #17

Shadow's young face turned to a pout as she placed her hands on her hip and glared at Adam.

"Yes, I do see the difference…somehow…I think…but would someone please answer my question! Who are you people!"

(Haha Yeah…that must look weird to Shadow and Del)

4/15/2010 #18

Zyxx ran over to Griff, shocked. But after a moment, she started to laugh. Griff glared at her, and then looked at Shadow. "WHo are you?" he asked suspiciously. "where are we?"

"I'm Delarose..." Del said, a bit surprised at how he looked. "And you are in the Darkmoore Territory, the dark side of this land."

"I'm Zyxx," Zyxx said as she stopped laughing. "This is Griff." she giggled.

"Shut up," Griff grumbled, fingering his new ears.

4/15/2010 #19

Meanwhile, what was happening to Arabella.

Arabella slowly sat up. She couldn't quite tell where she was because there was grass blocking her view. High, light green grass that was slowly blowing in a light breeze. The sky above was a perfect bright blue, with not a cloud in sight or a bird flying in it's vast land.

"Where the hell am I?" Arabella muttered to herself. This place seemed familiar to her; almost as though she had been here a long time ago. Was this where the portal had taken her? An area with thick grass and a clear sky? Maybe…

With a sigh, Arabella stretched her legs out and tried to stand up. To her surprise, she couldn't even move. A feeling a dread swept over her. How on earth was she suppose to go anywhere if she felt like she was bolted down to the ground. In hopes that she would be wearing something different, she looked down at her clothes.

"Dear God!" Arabella cried upon seeing the long white dress she was wearing.

In that moment, she was whipped from her memoryand back to Darkmoore.

With a long gasp, she sat up and gripped her neck. Shadow looked over at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You people are weird." Shadow stated with teen 'subtly'. "I'm leaving now."

Shadow rose to her feet. Receiving a smug look from Adam, she glared back at him.

"And you stop look-" Before she could finish her sentence, a small, musical ringing cute her off.

4/16/2010 #20

"Not any weirder than a flying lizard," Zyxx said. Del frowned and looked at her.

"Dragons are all over the place," she said.

Griff's ears twitched when he heard ringing and looked around, trying to find where it came from. Zyxx finally noticed it and looked around as well. Del, on the other hand, hardly seemed to notice, but she tilted her head slightly to show that she heard it.

4/16/2010 #21

Shadow's eyes grew wide with fear.

"Oh no…Run!!!" She glanced over her shoulder to see the simple town. Taking a small breath, she bolted away in the direction of it.

"Uh…" Adam raised an eyebrow as he started off after her. "Since she seems to know what that is, do you think we should…follow her?"

4/16/2010 #22

"If you were smart....yes," Del said, running down after her. Zyxx and Griff looked at each other and followed her.

4/16/2010 #23
Jackie the Giant

"If you had just taken a right when I told you to, then we wouldn't be here!" Suzy snarled at her companion, a Keljidor named Poko. "I keep telling you, let me do the steering when we're in a portal. Maybe then we might actually get where we want to go!"

Poko turned on her with a snarl, his long, pointed ears quivering in rage. "Now, you listen here - look out!" He broke off as he had to pull Suzy back by her belt as a strange girl almost bowled her over. Several more people, one sporting pointed ears and a dog tail, followed behind her. "Either they're running a race, or we should be concerned." He noted, his previous anger forgotten.

"Looks liek they're heading towards that town. Might not be a bad idea to follow them." Suzy said, as if commenting on the wheather.

"Right." The two of them followed after the group at a brisk trot.

6/3/2011 . Edited 6/3/2011 #24

Zyria frowned as she heard a large group moving nearby.

Moving as quiet as possible she stopped, eyes sweeping across the group taking in the incredibly loud beings.

She was moving before she realised and then stopped abruptly shaking her head sharply.

She took a wary step backwards and almost punched the nearest tree when she stepped on a branch causing a loud cracking sound.

She looked up at the group nervously - hoping they hadn't heard.

(Not sure what's going on so... whatever.)

8/13/2011 #25
Jackie the Giant

(That's okay. I didn't know what was going on when I popped in either.)

Poko's ear's twitched slightly at the sound of a cracking twig nearby. "Woah! Hold it Suzy." He said, catching his human friend by the belt and forcing her to stop.

"Oof!" Suzy grunted at the sudden halt. "What?"

"I heard something." Poko said, his long ears quivering as he tried to pick up another noise.

"Well, if it's the thing those people were running from, then we shouldn't be stopping." Suzy pointed out dryly.

"It's not what they're running from!" The Keljidor snapped. "It's off to the side. The thing they're running from would have to be pretty darn quick to have gotten ahead of us."

"Let me guess. You want to check it out?" Suzy asked mockingly.

"Watch it Chicky." Poko growled at her. "And yes. Yes I do."

8/13/2011 #26

Zyria reached for daggers automatically - they had heard and they were curious.

She sighed before turning tail and bolting, not caring much about noise at the moment. Escape was the priority, she could not risk a fight - not that she'd ever lost. Much...

If Xian could see me now, she thought wincing at the bitterness she heard. Xian did not matter now. Nothing mattered now, except finding Serahi.

8/13/2011 #27
Jackie the Giant

Poko bolted after the person in the bushs and Suzy rolled her eyes before following. Her Keljidor friend could be so much like a dog sometimes in that he would impulsively chase whatever ran away from him.

"Oi! Poko, wait for me!" She shouted after his retreating form. "Darn you for being faster than me!" She snarled under her breath as she continued to run.

8/13/2011 #28

For the Creators Sake, Zyria snarled to herself. Why were they giving chase?

She ran steadily, her dark hair catching in low branches while her face was scratched open several times.

Still she could hear her pursuers.

Just pull out your knives and kill them, whispered a familiar dark voice.

"No." Growled Zyria "I won't - oh!" She gave a startled yelp as her foot caught on an exposed root and sent her flying, head smacking against a tree trunk.

8/13/2011 #29
Jackie the Giant

Poko skidded to a halt in front of the girl, who had smacked head-first into a tree, and waited for Suzy to catch up.

"Oi! Are you all right kid?" He asked, as he pulled her as gently as he could into a sitting position. "What did you run for?"

"If I saw a reprobate like you walking about, I'd run too." Suzy said dryly.

"Hey! I'm no reprobate, Chicky." Poko said angrily; leaping up to glare down at his human friend.

"Keep calling me 'Chicky' and I'll give you a fat lip, Pookie." Suzy growled back, waving her fist under the Keljidor's nose.

"Yeah, well, keep callin' me Pookie and I'll think up an even worse nickname!" Poko threatened.

"Oooh! I'm so scared!" Suzy said sarcastically, pretending to quiver timidly.

8/13/2011 #30
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