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Please post in this order and wait for a MOD or myself to assign you to an apartment! And keep the chatting to a minimum level.








History: (optional)

Life Goal: (optional)

Other: (optional)

8/1/2009 . Edited 8/1/2009 #1

I'll bite. Here's my character.

Name: Lucrecia-Chloe Patrica [Patricia is her middle name] Jones.

Gender: Female.

Age: 25.

Birthday: 10/13/1983.

Appearance: 5'7", long brown hair with lime green highlights, red/brown eyes, deck of cards tattoo on the inside of her right arm, black angel's wings tattoo on her back, dragon tattoos around both ankles, pierced ears, an eyebrow pierce in her left eyebrow, and snakebites. Usually is seen in jeans, a t-shirt, a leather jacket, and boots/sneakers.

Personality: She's a bit of a jokster, but she's also a fighter, so she's not one to mess with.

Race: Caucasian.

History: She was born and raised in Louisiana, her father the chief of police while her mother was a school teacher. She had a normal life, but eventually moved away since she got sick and tired of small-town life.

Life Goal: To be happy.

Other: She works as an accoutant for the local police department.

I hope she's okay!

8/3/2009 #2

She's good to go! Apartment number : 101. xD

And I should make a character too..

Name: Jace Ken Taylors

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Birthday: January 14th, 1985

Appearance: Medium, lanky-ish build, 5'9". Medium length black hair, brown eyes and silver rectangular half-frame glasses. Usually wears faded jeans, a T-shirt and black All-Stars.

Personality: Nervous, anti-social type. Clueless when it comes to people but is a genius with computers. Doesn't really talk that much, a loner.

Race: Caucasian - Asian mix

Life Goal: To have more friends.

Other: Works at the local electronic store.

8/3/2009 #3
The Demonic Heiress

Can i join?

8/29/2009 #4

Hey! I'm here to join new RP forums with not too many posts... yours fits the bill, so I'm here!

Name: Lily Josef

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Birthday: November 12

Appearance: Wavy brown hair with red tips, green eyes, and a small tattoo on her shoulder of the Chinese character for luck. She has two piercings on each ear and a sun-bleached wish ankle bracelet that used to have shells on it, but they all came off and she just never bothered to get rid of it.

Personality: Friendly enough, but her humor can be dry sometimes and is sometimes mistaken for... well, not being so nice.

Race: Caucasian

History: Not much to tell. Pretty normal life and family, except that her cousin lived with her because her aunt and uncle were killed in an accident.

Life Goal: To have a decent job, a family... and to get reborn on the planet Krypton because, without a job, she sometimes feels like she needs to be Superwoman to handle paying rent and such.

Other: Her favorite food is ramen. It's cheap and she could, and literally does, live off it.

9/6/2009 . Edited 3/27/2010 #5
Katelyn Renee

Name: Dru Stevens

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Birthday: September 22

Appearance:Dru has soft, feminine features that most girls get jealous of. She has gray-green eyes that will catch any ones attention. Her plump lips have a natural pink tint, matching her cheeks. Dru has a small, but fit frame which attracts every guys eye.

Personality: Daredevil, curious, funny, trust-issues, hot-headed

Race: Caucasian

History: Dru doesn't talk about her past.

Life Goal: To break a world record.

11/18/2009 #6
Katelyn Renee

Name: Dru Stevens

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Birthday: September 22

Appearance:Dru has soft, feminine features that most girls get jealous of. She has gray-green eyes that will catch any ones attention. Her plump lips have a natural pink tint, matching her cheeks. Dru has a small, but fit frame which attracts every guys eye.

Personality: Daredevil, curious, funny, trust-issues, hot-headed

Race: Caucasian

History: Dru doesn't talk about her past.

Life Goal: To break a world record.

11/18/2009 #7

Accepted to all. Sorry for the delay!

11/18/2009 #8


11/18/2009 #9

Oh, sorry!!

102 for Dru and 103 for Lily. Please check in at the lobby. :]

11/18/2009 #10

Will do. But first, I will create my room... can't be without a setting.

11/18/2009 #11

Hey, can I create a couple?

Name: Jake/Karli

Gender: Male/Female

Age: 24/23

Birthday: December 4th/May 20th

Appearance: Jake has a light beard, mostly stubble, and he has light brown hair and eyes, a slightly crooked nose, and is in good shape. He's not a 'perfect' guy, but he is good looking.

Karli has strawberry-blond hair, warm grey-violet eyes, and a great smile. She has a nice shape, but she has asthma so her exercise is limited. She's not a 'perfect' either, but she is sweet.

Personality: Jake has a somewhat agressive behavior towards guys that try to go after Karli, but if you aren't hitting on his girlfriend, he's a really nice guy. He loves to fish and hike, because he's a very nature-oriented person. The go-green type.

Karli is extremely sweet and caring, and she absolutely adores horseback riding when she gets the chance. She likes to go hiking with Jake sometimes, at least, when he's not doing the challenging trails. They both love to ski.

Race: Caucasian/Caucasian

History: They met while working at their previous office job in Chicago, got serious about their relationship, and decided to move out here. Jake served in the Navy, he was a guide. Karli grew up on a farm, which is why she loves horseback riding so much, but then her family's farm was taken over by a commercial corporation. Her, her mom, her brother, and dad all moved to Chicago.

Life Goal: Jake wants to make a difference in the world somehow, but in a way that is benificial to the environment. Karli really wants to get back her family's old farm someday, but she doubts it will ever happen.

Other: Karli is somewhat bisexual, though she prefers men. She wouldn't date a woman.

11/18/2009 #12

That's good, but why is Jake bolded?

104, by the way. :]

11/19/2009 #13

Just to distinguish between him and Karli.

11/19/2009 #14

Let's see!

Name: Hannah Murphy

Gender: F

Age: 19

Birthday: March 27th


Personality: She's outgoing and fun. Smart and mature. A born leader. She's a drama queen and loves to exaggerate the smallest of things. Is persistent and nosy as well. Motherly.

Race: American

Life Goal: To find a place where she is not well-known as a model. Fame is irritating.

Other: Used to be a famous model.

12/5/2009 #15

Name: Sora Hebikey

Gender: M

Age: 19

Birthday: March 29th



Personality: he's outgoing and fun. weird and silly. A born leader. he's a funny spaz and loves to hold people to thier word. Is persistent and nosy as well. loving.

Race: unknown

Life Goal: To find someone who likes him for him

Other: nothing

1/23/2010 #16

Ello mind if i join?

Name: Jose Pena

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Birthday: 11/2/1986

Appearance: Has deep brown eyes, short black hair, has stubble on his chin and cheeks, a scorpion tattoo on his right shoulder, mainly wears black jeans, black shirts and black Vans, is 6'4", black glasses.

Personality: Is kind, quiet, doesn't get mad easily but when he does he turns violent.

Race: Mexican-American

History: Grew up in the city in the bad part of town, had an abusive alcoholic father and a careless mother, he hated them both and the city and wanted to live in a small town.

Other: Has an addiction to sweets and cheesecake.

1/23/2010 #17

Hannah to Room 106, Sora to Room 107 and please keep in mind to post only AFTER you've been assigned a room. Jose to Room 108. :]

1/24/2010 #18

thank ya

1/24/2010 #19

hey is it too late to join?


2/16/2010 #20

Name: Hope Takick

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Birthday: 15/6/92

Appearance: Bum length wavy blonde hair, big blue eyes, pale skin, hourglass figure, 5"5. Very Pretty but hides her face with her fringe to ward off male attention.

Personality: Very quiet when you first meet her, loud when you're friends. Short temper. mysterious. Likes to feel vulnerable in a relationship. Doesnt trust anyone except her black cat, Milo.

Race: English.

History: Left home (and alcoholic parents) at 15 to live with her boyfriend, after 12 months of physical and mental abuse she left him and moved to wherever this is set to build a new life and go to uni.

Life Goal: To set a nice, loving home with a husband and two kids. Be a vet.

Other: Has a hidden tattoo of her ex's name. Doesnt want to meet another guy until she is 25.

Hope she is okay :) xx

2/16/2010 #21

Floor One and Room 109! Welcome!

2/16/2010 #22

Name: Blaire Rautenburg

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Birthday: 23/5/90


Personality: He's the patient type of guy. The 'ideal' one, if you will. Raised by a strict family, he has his morals. Deathly honest, he refuses to lie. He's a bit of the dare devil, very observant. He trusts people way too easily for his own good, keeps his promise until it is fulfilled. He will do, pretty much anything, for whatever it is that he wants.

Race: Caucasian

History: His parents are very, very, very strict. He was adopted by a pair of asian parents who let him keep his surname. He loves them very much and is an only child.

Life Goal: To never, ever, ever lie. Perhaps find somebody would doesn't just uses him to their advantage.

Other: N/A

:] I'm putting him in Floor One - Room 110

2/16/2010 . Edited 3/28/2010 #23

Name: Zeo

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: 08/07/91

Appearance: Tall, muscular, tanned, scruffy brown hair, big green eyes, surfer style, fit, gorgeous

Personality: Myterious and introverted, caring but doesn't talk much, pushes offers of friendship away

Race: Russian

History: (optional)

Life Goal: (optional)

Other: (optional)

3/20/2010 #24

Give him a last name and he's good to go! :D

Room 111!

3/21/2010 #25
Awkward Situation

Hey, this sounds like fun! Can I join?

Name: Himawari Seito

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Birthday: 31st December 1988

Appearance: Average height, quite thin, waist-length platinum hair, chocolate eyes but loves multicolour contacts, pale skin, always smiling

Personality: Bubbly and cheerful, loves maths yet hates history, random, quite feminine, energetic, irritating and annoying

Race: Japanese

Other: He is openly gay

4/26/2010 #26

Accepted! Room 112.

4/26/2010 #27

Hi! Can I still join?

Name: Gypsy Indra Odovacar

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Birthday: May 1st, 1990

Apperance/ Personality: 5'9", slender and lanky. Curley black hair about shoulder length, large dark brown eyes, very down-to-earth and friendly, the type of girl who always liked throwing mud balls with the guys but cleans up nice. Usually wears boot-cut jeans with off the shoulder peasent tops. Both ears have peircings from lobe to top of the cartilage ( gold hoops of diffrent sizes) and bangles and both arms. She's always smiling.

Race: Romanian/ Native American

History: Moved to America with her mom after her dad died at the age of 13, grew up in Wisconsin and left for collage in Boston. After discovering her life was headed in the wrong direction she left collage, her mom, her boyfriend and her job as an intern at her bosses (secret lovers! *gasp*) counceling center.

Life Goal: To be at peace with the world around her and to find someone to share that with.

Other: Heiress to the Odovacar legacy but still doesn't know if she should take over the family name or leave it all behind.

5/9/2010 #28
Twilight Fan 200

Name:Angel Marie Funfetti


Age: 16

Birthday:June 21, 1994

Appearance:She looks like Avril Lavigne

Personality:Bubbly, popular, cheerleader


History: (optional)

Life Goal: (optional)

Other: (optional)

6/2/2010 #29
Jade Lin Zheng

May I join?

Name: Reilly Teresia Haraldr

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Birthday: August 22

Appearance: Shoulder-length layered black hair with purple and white streaks. Her shorter layers spike out randomly, and halfway covered her multi-pierced ears. Her face is elegant and ends in a softly pointed chin and prominent cheekbones. She has a tongue ring, and a nose piercing, but that's all. She has only two tats, one of her brother's initials with a weasel and the other of japanese kanji for 'Courage'. She normally wears a paint-splatter design tee with sleeves that stopped at the shoulders and elbow-length gloves with no fingers, and metal covering over her knuckles and the back of her hand. Covering her legs are slightly baggy cargo jeans held up by two studded belts and ending over black and teal combat boots.

Personality: Crude and blunt, and despite her looks she's highly intelligent, looking to finish her degree in anthropology. She loves music, and has great memory. She is the older twin and usually loves to tease her younger brother. She's not very social, and isn't sure how to interact with other people, but she is great with a computer. And she prides loyalty above all else.

Race: Swede/Italian

History: She was a troublemaker in her youth and, when their mother died and their father left them at an adoption center, she became the protector of her little brother. During her teen years she spent some time in juvie for hacking. Nowadays, she just makes sure she isn't caught.

Life Goal: To see her little brother settled down with a girl that won't stab him in the back.

Other: She dislikes preppy people, feeling like they take their fortunate situations for granted.

If she is approved, I'll make her twin brother.

6/3/2010 . Edited 6/3/2010 #30
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