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Talk, talk, talk, talk.

Keep topics rated T please!

8/1/2009 #1

May I post in the RP, please?

8/18/2009 #2

Go ahead. Did you create a character?

11/18/2009 #3

Okay, so my mom has three rules about soap operas. Let's see if we can avoid them, or if we want to make some of this follow these rules to have it be somewhat cheesy:

1. Anyone can have a long-lost sibling or evil twin.

2. Anyone, no matter how bad of a crime they have comitted at any time, may become police comissioner.

3. No one who is dead is ever actually dead.

11/18/2009 #4
Katelyn Renee

Hope you don't mind that I made a main street. :/ Haha.

1/23/2010 #5

No, it's fine.

Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry for completely disappearing for so long! D: Thanks knock, for keeping the forum together. Somewhat dead, but still.

4/26/2010 #6

Ah, no. It's fine. :] Your welcome, anyway. How's it going for you?

4/26/2010 #7

Good...Busy as heck, but good.

Hey, do you want to RP? I have a character I've never even used, his name's Jace.

4/26/2010 #8

Sure! :] I also have a character I've never used. Hannah. We could pair them up, if you want.

4/26/2010 #9

Great! We could do that.

Where do you want to meet?

4/26/2010 #10

How about the Cafe? Since your guy's there anyway.

4/26/2010 #11

Nah, he's already left the Cafe. Main street is where he's heading.


4/26/2010 #12


4/26/2010 #13
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