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Describe how your apartment looks like! Let your imagination run wild.

This room has:

1 Guest Room

1 Master with Ensuite (Soaker tub, stand up shower, two sinks, walk in closet, big mirror and a toilet bowl.)

1 Bathroom (Bathtub shower, sink, mirror and a toilet bowl.)

1 Kitchen

1 Living Area

1 Dining Area

Occupant Name: Lily Joef

11/18/2009 #1

Yes! Sweet. Here we go:

1 Guest Room: Small room which she usually calls the blue room. It has a large, but not unattractive, floral print of blue flowers on a pale yellow backround as wallpaper, and the twin bed has the same color scheme for its bedspread. There's a small, bamboo-imitation sidetable with enough room for a book and a lamp. The lampshade is -- not surprisingly -- pale yellow with blue around the top and bottom rims, the base of it being plain white metal. There's wall-to-wall blue carpeting.

1 Master with Ensuite (Soaker tub, stand up shower, two sinks, walk in closet, big mirror and a toilet bowl.): You pretty much covered the ensuite, but the bedroom's theme is black and gold, with a soft, white, wall-to-wall carpet. There's a black gloss vanity in the corner of her room, mostly for decoration. The lighting is mostly a ceiling fan, although there are a couple black floor lights in the far corners of the room.

1 Bathroom (Bathtub shower, sink, mirror and a toilet bowl.) Not much to add except color scheme... that will be blue-green and white.

1 Kitchen: It wasn't big in her last place, but here it's much better, with a microwave, blender, toaster oven, and full-sized refrigerator -- they're not exactly brand-new, but they work well.

1 Living Area: It's quite small, with a colorful carpet, a dark wood table holding a blue and red spotted vase of silk flowers, and an inviting couch with a couple blankets. There's various-sized tables scattered around, but she doesn't have a TV -- just a large bookshelf on the opposite side of the room.

1 Dining Area: Nothing too impressive, just a round table with a couple of candlesticks in the center. The chairs have a red cushion on the seat.


I appear to be finished. Check-in time!

11/18/2009 . Edited 11/18/2009 #2

Lily walked into her new apartment and closed the door, setting her box down on the kitchen counter. "New beginnings, new apartment," she muttered to herself while surveying the small but sufficient kitchen.

11/19/2009 #3

Lily opened the door and shut it behind her, trying to remember if she'd already taken her bag into her bedroom. Indeed she had, and it was on top of the bed. She rummaged through it and found a manila folder which she pulled out triumphantly. "There you are," she said. She sat on the bed, opened the folder and removed the papers inside, looked through them and returned them to their rightful place. She sighed and looked around at her new living space. It was comfortable enough, but it was a bit difficult to escape the loneliness. Standing once more, Lily picked up the folder, her pocketbook, and left the apartment and building.

3/28/2010 #4
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