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Describe how your apartment looks like! Let your imagination run wild.

This room has:

1 Guest Room

1 Master with Ensuite (Soaker tub, stand up shower, two sinks, walk in closet, big mirror and a toilet bowl.)

1 Bathroom (Bathtub shower, sink, mirror and a toilet bowl.)

1 Kitchen

1 Living Area

1 Dining Area

Occupant Name: Jace Ken Taylors


1 Guestroom: Nothing much. The walls are a deep beige color with the dark hardwood floor that pretty much covers the whole apartment. There's a single bed with neatly tucked in pale green sheets. A desk is pushed up against the window. There's a wardrobe and a couple of pictures on the wall. Mostly black and white macro pictures of the most random-est things.

1 Master with Ensuite: The walls are white, except for one wall which is painted a soothing baby blue. A queen-size bed is pushed up against the colored wall. There's a desk with the most high-tech computer and equipment sitting proudly on it. There's a pretty modern looking dark wood closet and a dresser. There is pictures everywhere. In fact, the empty wall above the bed is full of them. The pictures vary in genres. There's abstract, graffiti, oil paints, photography...Even the bathroom has one or two pictures..

1 Bathroom: The same deep beige color with dark tiles. The shower curtain is white with green bamboo like patterns on it.

1 Living Area: Not much, one wall is top-to-bottom windows. There's a white fuzzy rug in the middle. A wood and glass coffee table in the middle. The couches are black and leather. The TV, not so impressive. Just a regular TV.

1 Kitchen: Dark wooden cabinets. Gas stove with a hood fan. Some granite imitation for the top. Not much to look at..

1 Dining Area: A small, expendable table with four chairs. It's an open floor plan so the dining area is between the kitchen and the living room.

11/19/2009 #1

Jace pushed the key into the keyhole and turned. Nothing. "You'd think that they would be updated enough to actually use cards now-a-days?" He muttered and opened the door with a jerk. The door opened and he strode in, not bothering to close the door. He looked around than headed into his room. A wide smile spread on his face as he saw his gleaming new gear. He left his luggage at the door and walked in. Setting his laptop bag gently of the black leather swivel chair, he opened it and brought out his brand new, aluminum, great-for-the-environment, Macbook Pro. Oh it felt so good to be updated. He set it on the table and plugged it in. He was using the thing on the plane and the batteries were nearly dead.

He lifted his shirt and gave it a whiff. He made a face. Ew. He smelled like smelly socks and some other person's body odor. Opening his closet, he found that the movers had neatly hung up his clothes. He grabbed himself another pair of jeans and a white button-up. Pushing his glasses up, he headed out the door. First thing he did was close the front door and make sure it was locked before heading into the shower.

11/19/2009 #2

After his shower, he walked out dressed in a pair of black jeans and a blue T-shirt. He went into his room and threw his dirty laundry into the laundry basket. Deciding that he would go and get something to eat, than stop by the Supermarket for some groceries, Jace grabbed his car keys and headed out.

((To The Cafe))

11/24/2009 #3
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