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Describe how your apartment looks like! Let your imagination run wild.

This room has:

1 Guest Room

1 Master with Ensuite (Soaker tub, stand up shower, two sinks, walk in closet, big mirror and a toilet bowl.)

1 Bathroom (Bathtub shower, sink, mirror and a toilet bowl.)

1 Kitchen

1 Living Area

1 Dining Area

Occupant Name: Reilly Teresia Haraldr

6/3/2010 #1
Jade Lin Zheng

The entire apartment seemed as if it were split in half. Nothing was untouched except for the guest room. Starting with when you walked in the door, the first thing you see is the living room to your left and the kitchen to your right. The kitchen seemed semi-normal, with stainless steel implements and dark mahogany wood cupboards and a fridge. It was the way the walls, floor, and ceiling were painted that made it seem so weird. Half the the room was painted in a dark teal, while the other half was a burnt orange. Feminine decorations took the side of one area of the kitchen and masculine decor took the other side. It was the same with the living room, same color same set pattern of materials. Down the hall was the bathroom, this time with colors of split acidic purple and crimson red. Next was the room, untouched by split paint and signs of anyone. All that was in it was a bed, an end table with a vase of tulips, a dresser, and a small desk. Lastly was the master bedroom, in colors of midnight blue and copper. Two large beds, both at the farthest corners of the room, with bedsheets and pillows that matched their walls. It was as if someone had stuck a mirror in the middle of the room and simply colored it differently. Two dressers, though different styles, and two desks with two computers. Their shared master bathroom was exactly the same with colors and everything.

Simply put it was rather obvious that two people lived together. Twins to be exact.

6/5/2010 #2
Jade Lin Zheng

"Vladimir Milan Haraldr, you come out here right this second!" Cringing, Vladimir slowly came out from his room, into the living room where his sister was currently standing with her hands on her hips, and a paper scrunched in one hand. "What do you think you're doing accepting hack jobs without running them by me first? You didn't even tell me we had a meeting with the client today!" "... I assumed you would find the note..." Vladimir attempted to defend himself with a weak smile, "besides, the meeting's just going to be on Main Street, so it won't be far." Smirking wickedly, Reilly grabbed Vlad's sleeve, "Then you're coming with me as punishment for taking an unauthorized job!"

((To Main Street.))

6/6/2010 #3
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