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Sarah Crowning


1) Colonies may have no meaningful contact or assistance from their homelands. The only exception to this rule will be when I and any other moderators agree that a player requires some assistance to be able to set up a colony without being immediately dominated by a player whose colony is already set up.

2) A colony may bring tools and equipment that would fit on the boat, but those tools are irreplaceable until more resources are acquired, and in the case of machinery and firearms, will be running low on supplies when a colony begins.

3) Most of the fleet is assumed to have departed after dropping off the expedition and resupplying. You can keep a few ships for shipping and fishing, but no one starts with a fleet.


1) Each player starts with their principle colony city established at their chosen point.

2) You may RP as many characters from your ethnic group or state as you wish.

3) You cannot determine what other players RPed characters, nation, or ethnic group will do. Nor can you determine any meaningful consequences that affect other players.

4) This is an RP. As such no actions taken are personal. Do not take it personally if your nation is invaded or insulted. Have fun, play true.

5) I and any Moderators I appoint have the right to edit or remove whatever we deem necessary.

6) Characters do not know everything their authors do. Keep track of who knows what and DO NOT USE out-of-character knowledge. If your leaders need to know something about the enemy they need to send out spies, scouts, or learn some other way.

7) Each player is responsible for keeping the logistics of their nation realistic. However, should that realism come into question the player should be able to explain, or may suffer penalties.

8) Keep content on the forum to a PG-13 level. Some swearing is allowable, but only in character.

9) A player will always retain control of their people. Even if their colony is conquered they may still dissent, rebel, interact, and possibly even assimilate into the conquering society and enjoy the advantages.

10) All posts should be in character. If you must make out of character comments then use ((double brackets)).

11) When starting a major event, create a post or two in preparation where it will start. This makes it more realistic by giving opponents time to spy or prepare, Armies take time to be mustered. This rule only pertains to major events such as invasions or large expeditions.

12) A player may have no more then two Nations. This is to prevent players from abusing relations between two states they own.

13) Technology can go up to civil-war era capabilities. Steampunk is allowed, as are ironclads and airships, but no semiautomatic weapons, and machine guns are limited to gatling guns (i.e. bulky and requiring a crew to move and service).


13) The map is divided into sectors based on geography. Each square on the grid represents one sector.

14) Whenever major expeditions such as armies or caravans are sent out, designate which sector their destination is.

15) Control of a sector affects travel. A player cannot send expeditions through an enemy controlled sector unless they can somehow sneak or run through.

16) Sectors are controlled by the presence of a colony's people within it.


16) There are resource icons spread around the map. These icons represent harvestable resources on the map.

17) While resource icons do not represent a set amount of resources, as a general rule of thumb, one icon will supply a modest colony, while two or three are necessary for excessive use and export.

18) The only exception to the above is food, which can be obtained via crops, fish or game, which will supply enough food for 7500 colonists per icon, give or take 2500 depending on farming practices.

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Sarah Crowning

The Principle of Roleplaying Return

The Principle of Roleplaying Return is my fancy way of saying that the more effort and concessions you make while roleplaying, the more you will be allowed to get away with. This is my means of solving two problems: First, It is always tempting to have one's soldiers be brave enough to face the terrifying threat, or the people docile enough to be oppressed, The Principle of Roleplaying Return provides a counterweight for that. Second, sometimes crazy awesome or heroic things do happen, and this principle allows them to happen without being unfair.

Any kind of beyond-average roleplaying or concessions will trigger this principle. For example, having one's soldiers panic and flee from a battle they're losing is realistic and will work towards this principle, as will things like having a ship's boiler break down unexpectedly, or a particularly well done bit of flavor roleplaying that really helps people see how your colony's society or characters work. Note however that this is subjective and does not go into the realm of absurdity: Survaekom soldiers, for example, are better trained and will face down greater threats than, say, a drafted Ivisk soldier. Good roleplaying and concessions can be made with both, but the Survaekom soldier already has built-in penalties (in the form of long training time and expense) and can be realistically expected to do more.

The more of these concessions a player makes, the more lenient I will be on them in the cases where he or she wants to do something awesome, or have something turn in his or her favor. Things like heroic last stands, miraculous escapes, surviving a near-fatal assassination wound and the like are all things which will be allowed or disallowed based upon how well you can integrate losses, weaknesses, and disadvantages realistically. The more you put in, the more you can get out.

This principle should not be taken as a hard and fast rule. I don't keep a scorecard with me, and it's not required. You can run your nation as normal and never bother doing either a heroic last man stand or a peasant rebellion if you like. However, I do read everything posted on the forum, and I will remember. So when a dispute comes along or someone wants to have one of their draftee soldiers charge an enemy knight out of sheer bravado, I'll consider this principle before making a decision.

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