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Sarah Crowning

Name of Colony: Imeren

Location of Founding Colony (Latitude by Longitude and description): 7-16, on the Peninsula's coast.

Administration (how its run, what kind of government): Arun (high noble) Unaram Amith has been appointed the Governor of the colony by decree of the High Council, and has complete authority over it. Ikun (knight) Ikaram Undamal has been appointed commander of the new Imeren Company.

History of Expedition (how it got started): Unaram Anith was an influential and charismatic high noble among his homeland who saw the new world as an opportunity to establish a firm power base outside the Reaching Empire, away from the High Council. Gathering a collection of people willing to leave the ties of their homeland was difficult, but the Council has been quite willing to let Anith go off into the far reaches of the world, where he can't interfere in issues any more.

Population (remember that a food icon supplies enough food for 7500 people): 21,000 Ivisk

Composition of Expedition (What kinds of people were sent, How prepared are they?):

20 Arun, high nobles from the Empire mostly involved with administrative tasks.

2400 Ikun, minor noblemen. Many of them serve as cavalry or commanders.

18580 Commoners and colonists of various professions.

Equipment Upon Arrival (Anything out of the ordinary like ships, weapons, machinery):

Spears and breastplates for 2000 infantry.

Plows, seeds, and other colony equipment.

3 sloops, unarmed.

567 Uram- large tabby-colored cats that serve as mounts and work animals.

Technology Level: High Fantasy. Have a good knowledge of metalworking, masonry, and other such practices. No mass production.

-Important Technologies:

Magic as a manual power source for lights and simple machinery.

Magic System: Ivisk are naturally capable of using magic. Their bodies build up a "charge" of it over time, which they can use at their own digression.

-Capabilities: Simple actions such as moving objects, creating shields, hurling bolts of energy that can burn enemies, channeling magic through blades for extra penetration.

-Weaknesses: These effects, while effective, are not supremely powerful. A blast can sear and kill a man, but no amount of training will make it match an artillery shell.

-Effects on user: Using magic decreases the user's ability to perceive magic and results in weariness. After excessive use it usually takes a few days for the user to "recharge" before he can use magic easily again.

Basic Info:

The Ivisk are a somewhat strange race, being gray skinned and blue-blooded. Their hair and eyes are metallic in color, and females tend to stand around five feet, somewhat shorter than those of other races.

Ivisk society is divided into three castes: The Arun are the high nobles and rulers of the empire, entitled to vote on the Grand Council, they wear a red glove with an embroidered circle as a symbol of their status. The Ikun are the warrior and merchant caste, allowed to carry weapons outside of war and to own a mount, they wear a black glove with a crest as a symbol of status. Imperial society is also matrilineal, even though females cannot own property. Descent passes from uncle to nephew, following the female line.

8/11/2009 . Edited 8/12/2009 #1
Sarah Crowning

Imeren was finally reaching the point where it could be described as a city, rather than a glorified camp. To Governor Unaram Amith's eyes it was still a collection of unpleasant mud hovels and brick houses, bereft of many of the amenities he had at home. Of course his "mansion" had been one of the first buildings completed, but it was hardly worthy of the name, being more of a large wooden house.

Still, there was some satisfaction in looking out over the balcony and seeing houses spread down to the sea, and then to look across the channel at the plains beyond. Ships brought in fish daily, and homesteads were beginning to pop up in the plains. It wouldn't be long now before the first fresh food was brought back into the city. It was be long overdue: supplies were running low, and the people needed food. Still, Amith was certain he could overcome the challenges; his wife had even stopped complaining, which he took as a sign from Avisk herself.

8/11/2009 #2
Sarah Crowning

Governor Unaram was busy allocating supplies for homesteaders planning to move out into the fields northeast of the city when one of the fishing ships was sighted returning. He cut off his work immediately upon the news, knowing that one ship would not be returning early unless something was up.

Fifteen anxious minutes were spent pacing around the balconies before the ship arrived. The captain was whisked away to the palace as soon as he made land, and it didn't take long for Unaram to hear the entire story.

"Bring me a map!" Was the first thing the Governor said.

When they had landed Unaram had ordered a vague search of the coastline, which had come up negative. No ships had sailed by since then, so that meant the ships had been in the bay before the Ivisk's arrival, and his ships had missed them. This wasn't exactly a surprise, they hadn't been expecting to find anything and hadn't been very thorough, but it complicated things. Chances were there was some kind of settlement there, and Imeren was right between it and the ocean.

Calling off the fishing expeditions wasn't an option- Imeren needed to food badly, but he didn't know the temperament or capabilities of these new people. No, he'd have to make some kind of agreement with them, or fight if they insisted. Warfare wasn't his expertise, but it might come to that.

8/12/2009 #3
Sarah Crowning

The discovery of another colony changed plans somewhat. The Governor immediately ordered two survey teams to explore the peninsula Imeren was situated upon. They were unable to do more than a cursory examination of the moutains without a serious expedition, but did report that there was a pass to the east, beyond which the land was dry, but good around the river flowing through. The mountains were uninhabited. They also brought news that near the pass the soil got noticeably more rocky, and that there was good quarry stone there.

Drills for the local regiment were resumed and upped to once a week, so that in the event of an attack the soldiers would be up to the task of defending.

Work was immediately started on a rough palisade around the city, but primarily along the water edge. For now it would be of brick and earth, and only about a man's height, with a ditch in front, but cursory plans had been drawn up for a stone wall using quarried stone.

Homesteads and farms continued to spread out, farming the good, arable land along the peninsula. The Governor's chief worry was how to defend the widely spread homes should hostilities begin. The passage of time had soothed his fears somewhat, but until he made contact and had some kind of agreement with the newcomers he wouldn't take any chances.

8/13/2009 #4

The clear morning the Sea Wasp and Haerk's Wind had left on was already turning foggier, to the annoyance of all involved. Engines were put to full power as the captains sought to outrace the forming mist, hoping to reach the foreign colony before their line of sight was reduced to null. The end result was mixed. The mist asserted its hold over the horizon long before the steamers could have been hoped to reach viewing distance of the Imeren colony. However, the fog was not as thick as had been predicted and allowed for some vicibility. Thus, the foreign settlement was found, but only after a near-disastrous course towards rocky shoals, narrowly avoided, and a greater length of travel than would be needed under clear conditions.

At about one o' clock in the afternoon, five hours after leaving port, a tower entered the view of a watchman's telescope, and good news reached crews bordering on hopeless frustration. A flare was promptly shot into the air from the Sea Wasp, which began to approach the settlement, while the Haerk's Wind stayed behind in case of trouble.

((By the way, MW, there are a few issues I need to sort out, which I am about to post on the map topic.))

8/21/2009 #5
Sarah Crowning

In the week or so that had gone by while the scouts were away the governor had been hard at work with various precautions for Imeren. There was now a large ditch and earthen wall around the city. It was admittedly primitive, but would prove difficult to surmount while defended. The coastline was thus the most vulnerable point, having only been shored up by a brick seawall. If an enemy could take the piers they could march right into the city, and it was for that reason that the main body of the Imeren Company was stationed along the coast.

The governor had bowed to the growing need for food and allowed the continued founding and spreading of homesteads within the peninsula, but he sent out four hundred infantry along with their families and several Uram to establish an outpost along the mountain pass, which would protect the homesteaders from any major land-based assault.

The flare was spotted by guardsmen along Imeren's port, along with the blurry, ominous shape of an ironclad. His response was to immediately sound the alarm and send a runner up to the governor's mansion, although he needn't have bothered. The governor was already on his way down as soldiers donned their armor and assembled along the seawall. At the governor's orders a magic flare was sent up, indicating that the city acknowledged the ship's approach.

8/21/2009 #6

The sight of the return flare alleviated any anxiety the crew of the Sea Wasp had as the engine was cut, allowing the steamer to coast gracefully into port, where it stopped with the drop of its anchor.

The captain, a Byrnian interpreter, and six carbine-armed sailors stepped off the Wasp's deck and onto the pier. However, wary of the possibility of provoking a dangerous level of fear, the party silently agreed not to move any further until met by the foreigners, who were clearly in a state of alarm.

8/21/2009 #7
Sarah Crowning

Heavily armored infantry lined the seawall on either side, complete in steel armor and each carrying a long spear. They watched the foreigners land on the pier, but made no action. Instead, an Ikun selected for his language skills stepped across the pier to meet them. He too was in armor, although it was the more elaborate designs associated with a commander. As was custom he wore a black embroidered glove over his right hand as a mark of his status, as did many of the commanders.

"Welcome to Imeren, colony of the Reaching Empire." He tried in one of the human languages he knew. "What is your purpose here?"

8/22/2009 #8

The captain and sailors were confounded by the foreigner's speech, but the Byrnian recoginized and understood it as none other than his own native tongue.

"Firstly, let me impart to you the warmest greetings of the Survaek Empire and the great Emperor Yvor the Enlightened," he began. "I am Ambassador Gaunu, and beside me is Captain Ijjuk. Do know that it brings me joy to hear a foreigner speak Byrnian, but let us not dwell much on that point. Our purpose here is to extend Survaek's hand of benign relations, should you so wish."

8/22/2009 #9
Sarah Crowning

The Ikun glanced behind himself, at the governor who stood, calm and composed in intricately embroidered clothes of gold and silk, not five paces past the end of the pier. A subtle nod was given. Having received his instructions, the translator gastured towards the city, leading the Survaekom party twenty or so paces to the edge of the pier. With a word of instruction the guardsmen stood in rank upon either side, and the governor was left with only his bodyguard beside him.

"I am Arun Unaram Anith, Governor of Imeren." Introductions began, surprisingly, in passable Byrnian. "Of what form is Survaek, and what does it wish to say?"

8/22/2009 #10

"If by 'form' you mean political characteristics, then let me inform you that we are an Empire of grand proportions, headed by the noblest of monarchs, Emperor Yvor the Enlightened," explained Ambassador Gaunu. "As for what we wish to say, we desire first and foremost for mutual recognition of each other's states. Second, we wish to know if your settlement here is a colony or part of a larger nation on this very continent. If the former, we would much appreciate a treaty to divide up the lands we both seem to have laid claim to. If the latter, we would wish to know your standing borders, so that we may not infringe upon them."

8/26/2009 #11
Sarah Crowning

The reply made the governor smile slightly. He wasn't sure he believed the man yet, but diplomacy was always preferable to warfare. "Imeren is a colony formed under the authority of the High Council of the Empire. I am pleased to see that you are a reasonable people, seeing as neither of our peoples will be able to avoid the other an agreement is entirely necessary before we begin tripping over one another. But there are better places to discuss this than standing on a pier- would you like to join me at my home? It is not far." He gestured to his "palace" overlooking the harbor.

8/27/2009 #12

Ambassador Gaunu then decided to take the opportunity to translate the conversation that had passed to his captain. Of course, this was more a formality than a requirement, for it had been twenty years since the Emperor had established the authority of diplomats and ambassadors, above that of mere captains. The ambassador had already decided on accepting the gracious foreigner's offer, whether or not the captain would agree, which he did nonetheless.

"We would indeed love to join you, and give you the utmost thanks for your invitation, which we accept," replied the Byrnian. "Lead the way, noble governor."

8/27/2009 #13
Sarah Crowning

The governor called forward one of his men and spoke to him in their native language, at which the Ivisk ran ahead to the governor's palace. "It is this way." He said, directing them up the long, brick street to his home overlooking the city. While not suitable as a palace it was still a large building, and the governor had decorated it with woven rugs, chandeliers and tapestries brought from the Empire. The Survaekom found appetizers and beverages waiting for them in the main council-room where the governor had lead them. More importantly, the servants had cleared away the logistics papers and materials, leaving only the governor's maps and writing materials on the center table.

"I apologize for the rough accommodations, they are a product of necessity, sadly." Although by the looks of it these Survaekom were hardly fine men themselves. "My people were quite astonished to spot your vessels when we first men. We did a Survey of the coastline before we set down here, obviously one of my captains was lax in his job. Seeing as your ships cap northwards it would seem your colony is somewhere in this area, correct?" indicated along the southern coastline of the strait.

8/28/2009 #14

"Any accomodation deserves thanks, good governor," replied Gaunu, "and yours are by no means 'rough' in the first place." As the ambassador spoke, the rest of the Survaekom party, including the captain, tentatively accepted the appetizers and drinks set before them.

"In fact, we had our own survey as well, which mapped the coast and declared it uninhabited. Though it would seem highly improbable, it appears as though we have set both our colonies at nearly the same time! And yes, you are correct as to the general area of our colony. That is all each of us seem to have, general areas. Thus, let us without delay, despite the potential cost of rushing to quickly, proceed to set formal boundaries to our lands. Would this be acceptable?"

8/28/2009 #15
Sarah Crowning

"Indeed, I would rather not have any more territorial misunderstandings." The governor said. "The simplest solution would be a dividing line between our two colonies" He said, jotting the said line down (it would go right through the middle of rank 8 if you're wondering). "everything above the line would belong to us, everything below the line would belong to you, let luck be what it may."

8/31/2009 #16

"Alas," replied the ambassador, "I am afraid that this arrangement will not be acceptable. We already have an outpost just before this line, and an exploratory group which continues to press Northward through the mountains. Could we instead draw the line higher for the mountain range but keep it the same for all other lands over five miles from it in any direction?"

9/1/2009 #17
Sarah Crowning

"That may be acceptable." The governor said, looking at the map. "But then the allocations are uneven. What compensation does Imeren garner for this concession?"

9/1/2009 #18

"This is not an issue of fairness, but an issue of the plain fact that our survey team has likely already planted the Survaekom flag at multiple points above the line you first marked out," explained Gaunu. "However, recompense can still be managed to some degree. We are willing to sign a non-aggression treaty and free trade pact with your colony to ensure smooth, peaceful and profitable relations. In addition, we are willing to pay a small fee of three pounds of gold in coins. Will these measures be sufficient?"

9/1/2009 . Edited 9/2/2009 #19
Sarah Crowning

((You realize that much gold is worth more than 300,000 dollars at current prices? Furthermore, your nation doesn't actually have a real source of income, so the only gold they have with them is what they brought. If they pay it out, it's gone for good and they can't get more quickly. Come to think of it I don't remember them carrying along a pile of gold bullion, so they'd only have whatever funds they brought in change or to pay basic expenses.))

9/2/2009 #20

((Okay then, I'll reduce the weight. I am not an expert on mineral values.))

9/2/2009 #21
Sarah Crowning

((I'm not either, I just googled "current gold price" and clicked the first link, which put the value at more than $900 dollars an ounce. That's probably trojan ounces, but still a lot of money. Truthfully I'm more concerned about the other aspect. This isn't going to be like the scifi RP where one can throw around sums of money without batting an eyelid. Colonies have a finite supply of precious metals, so if survaek did "buy" land they are taking money out of their treasury, and it would cause financial issues. No one has more than a token amount of spare gold unless they brought bars along with them.))

"There may well be resources we need on that land." Unaram Imith pointed out. "and it is near a possible strategic location. It seems to me that if Survaek is going to claim some of the mountains north of the line, Imeren should receive much of the peninsula across the strait." (the slightly hilly one with lots of good cropland.)

9/3/2009 #22

((Oh, they have gold. When about ninety nobles go on a voyage, they bring plenty of money with them, each one vying to outdo the other. Handy thing when an ambassador's imperial mandate overrides a noble's wishes! Of course, I won't overdo it. All the nobles plus the governor and high military officers together probably brought no more than fifty pounds in total, and a large portion of this will probably be ordered into a permanent emergency treasury.))

"I am afraid that I cannot accept this proposal. Do remember that you have the mountains to your North and the river plains to your East to exploit," the Ambassador Gaunu reminded Imith. "These offer, no doubt, a whole range of resources along with two entire bays. Given our agreed recompense, is this not sufficient?"

9/3/2009 #23
Sarah Crowning

((Indeed, but they can only bring so much on a trip, which means every pound of gold is so much less coal, iron, people, food, etc. and you have to convince them to part with it. Just remember, if you spend it, it's gone.))

"And I suppose you absolutely need the fields on that peninsula? Or have you already claimed that too?" The Governor asked.

9/8/2009 #24


"I am under orders from my sovereign not to give up that land in any treaty," replied the ambassador definitively. "And, in fact, we do have plans for that peninsula, although I am not at liberty to elaborate. Forgive me for my inability to negotiate this point."

9/8/2009 #25
Sarah Crowning

((And just as a rule of thumb, an ounce of gold is roughly $900 US, that's roughly $15,000 for a pound. Likely off, but it gives you an idea what kind of sums we're dealing with. Most coins aren't pure gold.))

The governor considered the map again, weighing the pros and cons of disagreement. "Very well." He said at last. "This shall be the dividing line between our territories, but for six pounds worth of gold we will cede the territory within the mountains that you desire. Will that satisfy you?"

9/8/2009 #26

((Okay. By the way, just for you to know, I gave my sappers repeating rifles. Since lever-action repeating carbines were employed by Union cavalry, I assume that this is acceptable, especially since the Survaekom have no magic whatsoever.))

"Let us make the payment four and a half pounds, and we will be in agreement," countered Gaunu. "Is this acceptable?"

9/8/2009 #27
Sarah Crowning

"Five pounds even." The governor countered.

((They have enough rifles to give even their sappers lever-action guns?))

9/8/2009 #28

((No, only their sappers. Survaekom sappers are considered elite troops, much like Napoleon's sapper units, but perhaps even more so. Regular troops have breech-loading single-shot rifles.))

"Agreed," declared the ambassador. "Now, do you have a scribe who may write up this treaty, or should we ourselves fulfill this duty?"

9/8/2009 #29
Sarah Crowning

((Anything but semi-automatic. And don't expect your sappers to take ten times their number here. :P Not unless they're in a really good spot anyway.))

"I have a scribe, luckily one who understands your language. I will have the document ready by tomorrow morning. You have my offer of hospitality until then, you can stay here, or go back to your ship." Anith offered.

9/9/2009 #30
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